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The Beginning
*Roosters crow* "Huh?!" Bek sat up in her bed. Her brown hair was messy and knotted, but was out of her face. Today she started her Pokemon journey, but she was late! "Great! Just, great! I was surposed to be at the lab 10 minutes ago!" Bek sighed. She jumped of her bed and ran over to her closet. She opened the doors. Bek looked at the choices and sighed again. This would take awhile, but Bek soon chose a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Quickly, she pulled of her pyjamas and changed into the pair jeans and T-shirt. "Mum, I'm going to the lab!" She shouted as she ran down-stairs of her mum's house. "Ok. I'll c'ya later!" Replyed her mum. Bek's mum was very caring towards her daughter and did the best to make her happy, yet safe.

I've got to get to the lab fast!Bek ran down the street towards the lab. It was a big wind-mill-like house painted with a fine white coat.

Bek reached the lab to find that Pro. Oak had only handed out two of the three starter Pokemon. Proffesor Oak was a Pokemon researcher who studied Pokemon to learns more about them. He captured three Pokemon for starters each year. But this year he was giving out Hoenn Starters.

One of the Hoenn starters was a Grass type called Treecko. Treecko looked like a green gecko that stood on two legs with a tail that looked kind-of like a leaf. It's belly was red and it's eyes were a bright yellow. Another starter was the Fire Pokemon, Torchic. Torchic looked a bit like an orange chicken with yellow wings and three yellow feathers on the top of it's head. Even though Torchic was small, it had soon amazing attacks. Last but not least, was the water Pokemon, Mudkip. Mudkip look a bit like a shellfish with legs. It had orange, spikey gills on its cheeks, a light blue belly and a darker blue fin on the top of it's head.

Bek ran up to the Proffesor. "Are there any Pokemon left?" She asked. If she missed out this time she would have to wait another year to get one. Oak nodded cheerfully.

"There is only one left. You came here just in time!" Oak answered. He picked up a Pokeball from a table next to him. The Proffesor handed the Pokeball to Bek. The Pokeball was a red and white ball about the size of her fist. It had a silver button on the front. Inside a Pokeball were thousands of mirrors that help to keep a pokemon inside the ball. Bek couldn't believe her eyes. She finally had a Pokemon! The Pokeball opened itself. A red light filled the room as a Pokemon appeared onto the table where the Pokeball had been sitting. As the light quickly died down, Bek could see the out line of a blue and orange Pokemon. Bek gazed in amazment. "It's name is Mudkip. It's a Water Pokemon." The Proffesor said. He took six Pokeballs from a table, aswell as a Pokedex. He handed the to Bek. "What's this?" Bek asked. She was staring at the the Pokedex. The Pokedex looked like a metal notepad with a blue light and red all over.

"It's a Pokedex. It's like a Pokemon encyclopedia." Oak answered. "Now go and start your journey!".

"Ok. C'ya Pro. Oak! I'll phone you when i get to the first city!" Bek said as she ran out of the lab, carrying Mudkip in her arms.

15 minutes later in the forest between Pallet and Viridian........

"Ahh! It's good to be out and enjoying the sun shine!" Bek said, smiling. She had just started her journey with Mudkip, a Water Pokemon. "Mudddkip!" Mudkip chirped. It ran through the long grass they were passing. "Hey, get back here!" Bek yelled. Mudkip's going to hurt himself if he's not carefull. Mudkip ran and ran. Bek reliesed that Mudkip wasn't running away; He wanted her to follow him.

"Wait up!" Bek yelled again. Mudkip ran untill it came to a clearing. The little Pokemon was puffing and panting but was interested in what was going on. Bek's eyes followed Mudkip's gaze towards two fighting Pokemon. "Why are they fighting?" Bek was confused. One looked like a pony with a flaming mane and tail. The other looked a bit like a dog yet not so much. It stood on it's hind legs which were black; like it's chest and a mask-like patch on it's face. The rest of it's body was blue but a bit of each arm was white. She took out her Pokedex and pointed it at the pony. The small blue light flash. "Ponyta, the Fire Horse Pokemon. When Ponyta is born, it is weak, but as it tries to keep up with it's parents, it becomes stronger and faster." Dexter replied. Bek looked at Ponyta. It could hardly stand. She pointed the mechine to the dog. "Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon. Riolu can find others of it's kind by sending out pulses from it's body." Bek looked at Riolu. It kept on attacking Ponyta and each hit was weakening it.

"Mudkip, let's do it! Watergun!" Bek squealed.
Mudkip shot a blast of water from it's mouth at Riolu.
The attack hit Riolu's side; and it didn't look like it liked surprises.

"Rio! Riiiiiiiioooo!" Riolu yelled as it did a Quick Attack. Riolu slam into Mudkip quickly, knocking Mudkip over.

"Mudkip! Use Mud slap to slow down Riolu, then use Watergun." Bek commanded. Mudkip slapped mud at Riolu's feet quickly.

Riolu went in for a Quick Attack but tripped over. Riolu was knee-deep in mud, meaning Riolu couldn't move.

"Do it, Mudkip! Watergun!" Bek said. Mudkip shot an even bigger blast of water at Riolu, which hit hard on it's chest, but not doing much damage. Mudkip didn't want to give up; so it didn't stop the attack. The small stream of water soon turned into a huge blast as Mudkip didn't give up. Blast after blast, Riolu became weak and annoyed. As Mudkip stopped the attack, Riolu quickly got to it's hands and knees, panting, it started quickly crowling away.

" Go, Pokeball!" Bek yelled sternly. She threw a Pokeball strait at Riolu. Riolu saw the Pokeball coming at it but was to bothered to care. It had been beaten by a pipsqueak and was tierd. The Pokeball flew threw the air and hit Riolu on the head. A red light flashed as Riolu dissapeared into the Pokeball and for a split second, there was silence. Mudkip suddenly flinged itself into Bek's arms. It shivered with fear. Something's wrong. Bek thought. She remembered about Ponyta and looked at were it layed. Or should we say, once layed. Ponyta was walking quietly towards the other end of the clearing, it's tail held high in the air. "Mudkip!" Mudkip chirped happily. It smiled as it snuggled into Bek's arms. "Mudkip. What about Riolu? The Pokeball is still rocking." She said. Mudkip and Bek stared at the Pokeball.

The Pokeball suddenly jumped into the air and Riolu appeared once again. Bek's face turned red, her eyes quickly filled with flames and even Mudkip's faced turned red with rage!

Riolu jumped into the air, it's paw-like hands glowed a bright white. Riolu shot down punching Mudkip with it's paws, it smiled as each poweful punch touched the blue pokemon.

As Riolu went in for the finish, Mudkip shot a giant blast of water at Riolu, knocking it into a tree, which slammed it into another tree.

"Mudkip, finish it!" Bek yelled. Mudkip aimed another blast of water, but Riolu swiftly jumped out of the way, running away deeper into the forest.

"Oh well... we'll get it next time!" Bek said shrugging off the dissapointment (sp?) from her mind and started walking away. Mudkip jumped up to her shoulder, to tierd to walk. "You did well, Mudkip. I'm impressed that you could handle an enemy with such power like that Riolu." "Mudkip..." Replied Mudkip softly as it fell asleep.

The next day...

It seems as Bek and Mudkip have found a split road, and they don't know which way to go! An old wooden sign in between says nothing and that means the two friends are going to have to trust their map - which they should have remembered to pack! Fields of long wavy grass and pretty flowers to their left, and a river to their right, and to make things out of the ordinary, someone is following them. "Hmm....."Bek mumbled as she stared at the sign. She knew they were lost; and being followed. Sitting on her shoulder was Mudkip, a Water Pokemon. Mudkip jumped from her shoulder and started running around in the lush, long grass. It's blue skin gleamed in the sun as it ran to the river on their right.

"Mudkip, stay close. I don't have time right now to watch you. There's a chance that we'll get lost if we don't think." Complained Bek as she stared at the sign. She looked closely at it, just making out "Viridian City ahead" with an arrow pointing left. Now that she knew which way to go, they had to get there before dark. "Come on, Mudkip! We're going to Viridian city!" Bek cheared. Mudkip stoped running around and jogged up to Bek. It leaped quickly, onto her shoulder and started pulling itself up so it could sit. As it grabbed her shoulder with it's front legs, Mudkip heared a bush behind them rustle. "Mud!" Mudkip shouted as a boy about 10 to 13 years old stepped behind them. He wore a purple T-shirt with the words "Worlds #1 trainer!" Written with a aqua blue color. His Dark blue shorts were stained with grass stains and his short red hair was knotted.

"Confused? Hahahahahaha!" The boy said, laughing sheepishly.

"Who are you and what do you you want?" Bek shouted. This boy was a complete loonatic!

"I'm Matt! And I've come for a 1 on 1 Pokemon match." Said Matt, laughing again.

"Alright. If you want a match, you'll get it!" Bek said. Mudkip jumped from Bek's shoulder and faced Matt.

"This will be a sinch!" He said, releasing a wierd Pokemon! It looked like a orangy-red dog with a white, bushy tail.

Bek took her Pokedex out of one of her pockets and pointed it at the creature. The small mechine switched on and the small blue light flash as it spoke.

"Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. Once this Pokemon smells something, it wont forget it; no matter what! This Pokemon is of the Fire element." Spoke Dexter. "Carefull, Mudkip! That Growlithe has been trained pretty well, I can see it! Use a Watergun!" Bek said. She didn't know if Mudkip could beat Growlithe but she knew in her heart that it had to trie.

"Mudkip!" Mudkip shot a blast of water from it's mouth at Growlithe. "Growl!" Growlithe yelled as it ran out of the way. Mudkip was stunned that it's Watergun had failed! This had never happened before! Mudkip gave the Growlithe an angry look. Bek was stunned too.

"Mudkip, Use your Leer attack!" Bek shouted. Mudkip didn't listed; instead, it faced the ground, shot a blast of water at the ground and flew swiftly through the air! "Mudkip, what are doing?!" Bek yelled again. What was her Mudkip thinking?! Mudkip faced Growlithe as he shot through the sky and suddenly blasted Growlithe with water. Mudkip landed on the grass on all fours and with a thump, looking pleased with itself. Growlithe was soaking wet, weak; And angry!

"Growlithe, Ember!" Matt said, his face was red with rage. Growlithe opened it's mouth wide, releasing a powerful blast of fire. The flames hit Mudkip, but not much happened.

Bek burst out laughing! "Hahaha! You've got to go back to Poke-School! Fire attacks don't do much to Water Pokemon!" Bek laughed out loud. "Mudkip, Watergun!" Bek Giggled.

"Mudkip! Mudddddddkip!" Shouted Mudkip as it released the biggest Watergun attack it had ever done. The Growlithe was to tierd to run from the attack, like the Riolu Mudkip fought the other day. The blast hit Growlithe, shooting it across the field of flowers and into a boulder. Growlithe didn't get up or move.

"Growlithe, hang in there!" Matt yelled "You've got to get up and fight!" Growlithe didn't get up; but instead, it fainted.

Matt took out a Pokeball and held it up to Growlithe. A red light took Growlithe's place as the Pokeball absorbed it's body. "That was a good battle." Matt said walking up to Bek and Mudkip. "I hope we battle again."

"I'm sure we will." Bek said cheerfully. "Mudkip!" Replied the blue Pokemon, jumping onto Bek's shoulder. "We'd better go. We still have to get to Viridian before it gets dark." Bek protested as she looked at the sign."OK. Well, c'ya." Matt said. "C'ya." Bek replied as she walk down the road with Mudkip on her shoulder........

Mudkip gazed around at the buildings as Bek and Mudkip arrived in Viridian City. "Ok Mudkip, time to go to the Pokemon Center. You're still tierd from that battle." Bek said. Mudkip knodded slowly. As they turned left the Pokemon Center towered above them. The giant red "P" stood on the very top, making it look even bigger. They enter through the big white doors, finding a very large room half - filled with trainers. A desk with a computer was sitting at the back of the room. A nurse was working at the back of the desk, typing on the computer, before catching sight of the trainer and her Pokemon who had just walked in. Bek walked up to the desk, eager to ask.
Hello. You must be Bek." The nurse said speaking before Bek could think. "I'm Nurse Joy.".

"How'd you know my name?" Bek asked confused.

"Professor Oak told me about you and the other new trainers. So, do you want me to heal your Pokemon?" Joy replied "You'd better stay the night while they are healed." Joy confirmed.

Bek knodded at the nurse's words. A good night's sleep is what Mudkip and Bek needed.

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How's that? Man, I've been waiting for ages!

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You need to try and catch a Pokemon if you want it to be graded. Keep going a bit farther into the story. And if you're looking for feedback, people won't post in your thread here, only graders. Try going to the stickied Feedback thread and ask people what they think.

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You need to try and catch a Pokemon if you want it to be graded. Keep going a bit farther into the story. And if you're looking for feedback, people won't post in your thread here, only graders. Try going to the stickied Feedback thread and ask people what they think.
Thankyou. I'll try to keep this in mind.