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12-17-2007, 04:28 PM
Chapter 1:The Prehystoric Class

It was the last day of classes and the director (Mr.Marcelino) wanted to make an special class of ancient Pokemon, but most of the students didn't come to school so it was just a short class explaining of Pokemon like Kabutops and Aerodactyl's of ancient time.

Jos really wanted to learn more about those class of Pokemons ,and his friends Rene and Enrique wanted to learn to so they decided to go to the library the last day of school to learn more ,even if it was borrying they wanted to learn of those class of Pokemon, as they keeped searching they found more Pokemons of prehystoric time as an Omanite and they discovered that Prehyustoric Pokemons were really valious and more if you found a fossil but Jos and his friends didn't want the fossil or money they wanted the Pokemon because he thought they were really special and more because they were of prehystoric times!

When they finished searching they asked Mrs.Field that if she could explain them more about those extradonary Pokemon's and Mr's Field accepted knowing it will be more than grate for the students to learn about long time Pokemon's ,and as that she gave them an complete guide about those extraodinary and Prehystoric Pokemon's.

When the class finished all were discussing of the best Prehystoric Pokemons except Jos and his friends because they thaught all the prehystoric Pokemons were extraodinary just for living long ago ,as all people were going out the bell rang and all people shouted "Vacations!!!".

As they were going out of school and coming up to the busses Jos ,Rene and Enrique were reading they're books of the prehystoric Pokemons so they could learn even more even if they knew a lot now!Jos really wanted a Kabutops and as that they went to they're home and started thinking.

Chapter 2:The Nightmare

As Jos was thinking he got inconcent and felled asleep but in his dream he was thinking of an underground cave with million and million of Fossilsof every tipe of prehystoric Pokemon, and then they were taking life "What fantastic!!!"Jos shouted and all the prehystoric Pokemons put all they're attention on Jos because tehy were hungry, Jos began to run but he remembered Ralts! and he taked him out as Jos was very smart he remembered that almost all of them were rock and water tipe so he ordered Ralts to use Magical Leafs and hurt them all but they were to fast and they avoided the attack and then they used Hydro Pump and sent out Ralts flying and it took Jos to!They crashed with a wall and the wall had an hole from Jos body but then they remembered that they won't surrender and they keep fighting bu t all the time was the same because of the Hydro Bump of all the Pokemon Jos become really hurted from the back and he almost couldn't move but it wasn't the worst an Kabutops was charging an Hyper Beam that was directly to Jos!Then the Kabutops realised it and it hited Jos!

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh"Jos shouted turning off of the bed and as that Jos was woked up by the bads as they say!But the worst thing was that he had woked with the left foot and that means problems to Jos because he was very superticious.At that moment his mom went up´runnign and shouted "Jos are u ok?""You have just falled form the bed.Jos replied that yes and he stept up and went out to have breakfast.Her mom asked why he shouted and he told her that he got an Nightmare with Prehystoric Pokemons not very funny for me I would say.But her mom told her that whenever he is scared just go with her mom and hug her so he doesn't have more Nightmares and her mom will hug him too but Jos was a little owrried because of his back it was hurting him as if he really was in the dream.

When Jos finished having breakfast he got the fun and called Rene and Enrique to tell them what happened but Enrique and Rene had the same dream but with there own Pokes not with Ralts so they decided to stop thinking of that and go to take a walk.

Chapter 3:The Underground Cave

As Jos and his friends were making accords to say where they will meet Jos mom asked Jos to wash the dishes but Jos declined and told her that he was going to go to the park to go with they're friends and as that he went to the park until it was time they meet and they were happy about school had finished.

As they were talking they talked about the strange dream and how does the 3 had it and they got to the conclusion that they were so obsessed of Prehystoric Pokemons that they're minds incharge from all the stuff until they had that Nightmare.

Then Jos asked that if they wanted to walk a little around trhe park and play some basketball but Rene and Enrique wanted to play soccer so they played soccer it was Enrique and Jos vs Rene that is the best playter of Football of school and the finnal score was 2-3 Rene won with a very good technique and the Pokemons maked an soccer game too and this time won eevee and Ralts for good luck of Jo and Enrique of not getting so bad even if Rene was the best player of the school but then Rene said that now was time to play basket and as thaty were walking Jos hited a rock and falled down and as that Jos opened an underground t unel that even from the top there were 3 very big fosils and they decided to go down to investigate them but now for precuations they sent out they're Pokemons so they odn't have the same problem as in the nightmare when Jos went down he was touching his back because he had the problem of the nightmare and playing with Rene maked him hurt more.

When they were down in the cave the picked up some fossils and put them in they're school bags and later they went up.They examined the fossils and one was about 6000 years old and had some strange marks and as a coral inside the rock, making it look like an omanite.

But they went to the resusitacion program to revive the fossil and it was an Kabuto!The Kabuto went out running and go to an battle field.

Chapter 4:The Prehystoric Battle

Jos knew what Kabuto wanted to do.He wanted a battle and if he won Kabuto will join the team so Jos wanted to catch the Kabuto and Enrique and Rene were cheering Jos so he could have an Kabuto.

The Battle Begins!
Fist Kabuto starts with an Aqua Jet oh an hit to Ralts Ralts stand up and used Magical Leaf that almost hited the Kabuto but Kabuto was too little to have a good hit.Then Kabuto used dig and he was hidding under the ground but Ralts used Psyquick and maked him go up from the whole he dug and then he used Magical Leaf oh an perfect hit!But Kabuto wasn't ready to surrender and used ancient power and leave out of conscious Ralts but Ralts doesn't want to surrender and went up and now had an agressive look and he reactioned without Jos telling him anything and maked an storm from Magical Leafs and was directly to Kabuto and it was just a bad notice for Kabuto he was blown away and was in the field KO'ed then Jos threw an Pokeball and as a Red Light absorve him Jos was waiting to be sure...

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