View Full Version : The Family Guy League (5 Spots Open) SIGN UP NOW

12-19-2007, 07:42 PM
Welcome this is my first league so go easy on me.
This will be done in order of who wants who.
there will be 5 Charictors from the Tv show.
There will be scores and you can use any pokemon you want the higher your score
the better the rank.

(1)No hacks - like pokemon with max Iv's in every stat.
(2)No poke-save pokemon - like pokemon with every stats maxed out with EV's.
(3)Follow the Pe2k Rules - like no double posting, and triple posting.
(4)No spamming - like hi what up and other things.
(5)No flaming.

Peter: open
Meg: open
Stewie: Yughi
Chris: open
Lois: open
Qugmier: open

Battle rules
6 Vs 6, Lv100 Singles
1 Non-uber Legend Per team.
No ubers
No hacks
If you have an uber or a hack you will be temporally baned from the league

Open means they are unoccupied or taken by another trainer

12-19-2007, 07:50 PM


The higher your rank the more points yo get and at the end of the league the person with the highest score will be put in the hall of fame and there will be 3 hall of framers

starts when we get wall the member spots filled