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{-Critical Advanced Battles-}
Made For The PE2K: URPG Pokemon Story Capture System
{-Chap.1: The Doduo Crusading Battle-}
While Tony continues his journey throughout Kanto, he comes across a Pokemon Preservatory Zone, where all of the rare pokemon are kept for welcoming trainers to capture. Tony is now in the preserve area, trying to find his two-headed bird...
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Tony, with his Charmeleon by his side, walked down the wild route of the Pokemon Preservatory Zone. The P.P.Z. was filled with green, growing Pine trees, with Pecha Berries growing on them. The tall grass hid wild Zangoose, while bushes hid Furret and Sentret. The wild, green bushes grew wile Cheri Berries. The Cheri Berries were pure red, in shape of actual cherries. On the top of these berries were three long, brown stems for the juice to flow inside of the berry better to make the berries jucier.

Tony continued walking in the path of the eastern path of the Pokemon Preservatory Zone, wondering where his beloved Doduo was hiding. He always wanted one, and went to this place just for it. His Charmeleon began growling, indicating to Tony that a pokemon was near. "Charmeleon, lead the way," Tony commented as Charmeleon began running towards the pokemon.

Tony knew it wasn't a Doduo...because when Charmeleon stopped, he stopped near a river. There, Tony saw a black pokemon, with sharp claws. One ear was extended longer than the other, and was hot pink. This pokemon also had a gold dot on its head, and its tail was split into three parts, colored pink. The pokemon looked to be a cat as it began to drink the water from the pure, clean river that held tons of water pokemon in them. Tony took out his red mini-computer, known as the pokedex. It opened and scanned the black cat pokemon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs357.gif{:Sneasel, the sharp claw pokemon. Sneasel is very rare and can be very destructive. Sneasel are captured by few people, since many can't seem to find it, due to its fast speed whenever it flees from battle. Sneasel can't evolve, though is one of the most dependable pokemon there is. Its hide in the cover of darkness, awaiting to attack its foe.}

The wild Sneasel looked very peaceful, drinking its water. "Charmeleon, maybe we shouldn't bother this pokemon," Tony said. "It isn't bothering us, and besides...it will probably run away from us anyway." As soon as Tony and his Charmeleon turned around, heading back into the forest part, they heard a sound. "Snea! Snea! Sneasel!" cried out Sneasel angrily. Charmeleon quickly turned around, noticing that the wild Sneasel wasn't drinking water from the cold river anymore. It was now alert that him and Tony were near it...and unfortunately, Tony didn't know that this was Sneasel's territory.

"Charmeleon, don't bother that Sneasel!" Tony yelled out as he slowly turned around. He shook his head...he also noticed that the Sneasel was in alert that they were near. "Charmeleon, let's get away while we can," Tony said, about to turn around. "Char! Char!" Charmeleon said back to Tony, not following his orders. It had something to prove to Sneasel first...

"Alright...but remember...we are here to get a Doduo, not some scared Sneasel," Tony replied. As the winds were catching speed, the pine trees let loose their red and yellow leafs. White clouds began clearing away as Altaria and Swablu were flying gracefully through the skies. Charmeleon and Sneasel stared into each other's eyes, both determined to win their battle. As Charmeleon balled his red fists up, ready to deliver a punch straight to Sneasel's face...after hearing the remarks it said to it.

"Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!" Tony ordered. At once, Charmeleon proceded with its attack, blasting out a hot, red and yellow, dazzling Flamethrower straight towards Sneasel. But, Sneasel jumped into the air to dodge the incredible attack. Then, Sneasel's sharp, white claws glowed silver as it landed back onto the green, healthy grass. As Sneasel headed towards Charmeleon, it arose its arm, making its fist shine from the reflections of the bright, hot sun. "That must be its Metal Claw," Tony said, seeing Sneasel coming closer and closer to Charmeleon. "Charmeleon, counter with Dragon Rage!" Charmeleon opened its mouth wide quickly, creating a fiery, small ball in it, spinning rapidly. Just as Sneasel swiped Charmeleon with its Metal Claw, Charmeleon released its Dragon Rage attack. The huge, red and orange, spinning Dragon Rage blasted straight into Sneasel's entire body, making Sneasel fall to the ground, hurt. "Charmeleon, time for a Slash attack!" Tony instructed, pointing straight at Sneasel. Charmeleon quickly raced towards it and swiped its sharp nails on its body, hurting Sneasel more. "Snea! Snea! Snea!" Sneasel said as it arose from its fall and proceded again towards Charmeleon with another Metal Claw attack. "Use Flamethrower!" Charmeleon quickly blasted out another hot, temptering and raging Flamethrower attack at the wild, swift Sneasel.

Sneasel surprisingly jumped into the air, blocking the sun. Then, it fell down towards Charmeleon, swiping it very dangerously. Charmeleon scratched its face, recovering from the harsh attack. "Charmeleon, use Fire Spin!" Charmeleon quickly shot out a spinning twister, full of red, fiery fire! The fiery tornado twirled straight into Sneasel. Being lifted off the ground, Sneasel began taking damage, being hurled around in the Fire Spin. As the terrorizing Fire Spin attack went away...Sneasel hit the ground roughly, very tired. "This battle is over," Tony said. "Charmeleon, end this with Ember!" "Char! Charmeleon!" Charmeleon said as it blasted out a series of oval, sharp, fiery, red missiles. They had stricken Sneasel, finally ending the match! As Sneasel tried its best to get up...Tony and Charmeleon left it alone. But, before leaving, Tony left out Hyper Potion Food so that when Sneasel would eat it, it could get better fast. "Sneasel...when you get up, go ahead and eat this," Tony happily said. "This will help you." As Sneasel happilu smiled, it and Tony shook hands.....

Scorch Ry
03-21-2004, 12:58 AM
After battling with a tough and offensive Sneasel, Tony and his Charmeleon continued their search for the pokemon known as Dodou. It was a brown bird with a set of two heads. Each head had its own black neck, and had long, brown legs. Doduo was very strong and competitive, seeing that it could dodge electric attacks. It also had two long beaks, one on each head, to perform attacks like Drill Peck and Peck. That made Doduo a very great pokemon to have...

Tony came across his second pokemon, which was sitting in a tree. It was a small, purple pokemon that looked like a baby monkey. It had a long tail, with the shape of a human hand at the end of its beige tail. Its small paws had a great grip on the bananas it was eating. As it sat in the Pine tree, it looked at Charmeleon and happily waved, saying, "Aipom!" Tony began getting interest in this pokemon...it was very cute. But, first...he took out his red, highly-advanced pokedex to scan this pokemon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs335.gif:{Aipom, the playful monkey pokemon. Aipom is of the normal pokemon group, and can use defensive attacks to protect its young. Aipom aren't used in battles much, due to the face that Aipom don't learn much offensive attacks. Though, Aipom are used in Pokemon Contest to win the contests for ribbons. Aipm love to eat bananas, so they usually inhabit pine tree areas. Aipom also love eating Pecha Berries.}

"This pokemon isn't for me," Tony commented. "It seems to not have power...maybe I should capture one later." With him saying that, Tony and Charmeleon continued walking.

Next...Tony entered the second part of the area: The short grasslands. There, he saw a new variety of pokemon, racing down the fields. The sunny skies were now taking effect into afternoon times, making the blue skies fading away into purple, pink, and orange skies. Tony knew that this area has to have his Doduo he was looking for! But, before he could continue walking, he came across another pokemon. This time, the pokemon looked like a horse. It was light, light yellow, with its mane made up of flames. It also had flames bursting from its leg area. This pokemon also had a horn on its head, making it look like a Unicorn. Once again, Tony took out his pokedex, which scanned this horse pokemon

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg078.png:{Rapidash, the mystical horse pokemon. Rapidash is the evolved form of Ponyta. Rapidash can be found in herds, and they all race down meadows, in search for another happy home to stay. This pokemon can be very terrorizing and can emit dazzling fire attacks. This pokemon is very, very hard to capture, due to the face that it can run away in just a second. Rapidash enjoy eating Oran Berries, as for it gives them energy to run faster and longer!}

The wild Rapidash looked straight into the eyes of Tony, and galloped away swiftly. "That was pretty odd," said Tony. "Maybe it was scared." Charmeleon look at its trainer, and suddenly looked at a bird pokemon, pointing happily. "Char! Char!" Charmeleon cried out, seeing the wild bird pokemon. "What's wrong?" Tony asked. He followed Charmeleon's actions, seeing why it was happy. Finally...Tony saw his wild Doduo, just standing there in the open! "YES! YES! YES! I found a DODUO!" Tony happily said, taking out his pokedex to scan the twin-headed pokemon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg084.png:{Doduo, the twin-headed pokemon. Doduo are very content, which makes them very powerful. Doduo can be very quick to respond to attack, so make sure to attack this pokemon with power, not style. Dodou's two heads may have seperate brains, but never argue. This is Doduo's challenge...to keep maintain with itself.}

Tony and his Charmeleon quickly ran towards the Doduo, making Doduo back up. "Charmeleon, hurry and use Flamethrower! Get Doduo's attention!" Charmeleon ran ahead of Tony, blasting a fierce, crimson Flamethrower attack at the Doduo. Doduo suddenly looked and jumped up the dodge, making the Flamethrower blast into the grass. As Doduo landed...both brown, fierce heads stared into the eyes of Charmeleon, ready to fight back. "Good work, Charmeleon," Tony complimented. "Now, use Slash!" Charmeleon ran up to Doduo, and quickly slashed its body area, weakening it. But, Doduo hit the ground and quickly arose. Then, its two beaks began spinning at they darted them towards Charmeleon. "That must be Doduo's Drill Peck attack," Tony said, watching Charmeleon get struck by this attack. As the sun began to set, Charmeleon could feel the heat rising. It arose, and countered with another Slash attack, only this time, it was more effective and stronger.

"Great work, Charmeleon!" Tony said. "Now, use your Dragon Rage!" Charmeleon nodded, taking orders from its trainer. It opened its mouth, creating a spinning, fiery fireball in its mouth. Doduo quickly opened its mouth, creating a white triangle in the middle. As Charmeleon blasted its fierce Dragon Rage attack, the wild Doduo blasted its attack, known as Tri-Attack. Both attacks collided, but with the Dragon Rage overpowering the Tri-Attack. As it struck Doduo harshly, Charmeleon looked at Doduo...and began to use Leer. Its eyes shined green, making Doduo glow green, also. Doduo yelled in awe, being drained its defensive power, making it less offensive and more vulnerable to attacks.

"Charmeleon, we have to wrap things up! Use your Flamethrower attack!" Charmeleon opened its mouth, shooting out its rampaging, ruthless Flamethrower attack, striking Doduo once again. Taking one attack and another, and still able to battle made Tony very impressed with Doduo. But, Doduo wasn't giving up! It raced down the meadow fields, towards Charmeleon. It began glowing getting angrier, running straight into Charmeleon. "Uh oh," worried Tony. "This must be Doduo's Rage attack! Charmeleon, time for your Fire Spin!" "Char! Char!" Charmeleon said as it began blasting a spinning, fiery, red and yellow, heating Fire Spin twister. As it twirled around on the grass, Doduo ran straight into it, but surprisingly, ran out to the other side! Doduo tackled Charmeleon harded, indicating to Tony that this attack was getting stronger and stronger.

"Charmeleon, use Smokescreen!" Charmeleon emitted a dark, tempting and dangerous cloud of smoke. It filtered the area, blinding Doduo with its sight of Charmeleon. And with the Fire Spin still in effect, Doduo's battle was winding down. "Now, use Flamethrower!" Tony yelled out. Immediately, Charmeleon blasted another rampaging, threatening Flamethrower attack. As it attacked Doduo, Doduo soared right into the Fire Spin, this time...it was trapped inside! As the smoke cleared, Tony watched as the wild, brown bird was getting hurt more and more. Finally...the Fire Spin twister cleared away, with Doduo falling to the ground, defeated!

As Charmeleon ran back to Tony, Tony immediately took out his pokeball. "Let Doduo be mine!" He said, throwing the white and red device at Doduo. The pokeball hit Doduo, opening and sucking Doduo in. As it closed, the pokeball began moving around furiously.

As the moonlight skies were taking over, you could see Rapidash and Ponyta sleeping peacefully. Tons of Noctowl and Hoothoot were in the skies flying. Even ghost pokemon like Gengar were out, just floating around the area. Tony wasn't looking at the graceful, peaceful pokemon...he was worried about catching his Doduo.................
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My story is now ready for a grade! I hope I get a capture...this story seems good. ^__^

Scorch Ry
03-21-2004, 02:52 AM
Sorry For Another Post PokemonElite2000 and Mods ^__^;;;
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This story is now ready for a grade. I shall wait to see what my score is....to see if I get the Doduo or not....

Jack of Clovers
03-21-2004, 11:04 PM
this is the very basic requirement type story. all it's about is trying to find a Pokemon. however, you go through a lot of detail and time to find it while others see the Pokemon on the first try. good. it would be more helpful to know who the character is and more about him since it's the first chapter. first chapters of stories are mainly introduction of the main character.

some odd placements of commas but nothing else.

like i said, good detail on searching.

quite interesting and nicely detailed. i could see enough of the battle to understand.

since the reader doens't know much about Tony, we don't really know if this could happen to him or not.

go for more story and plot line in future stories and introduce Tony more.

Outcome- Doduo Caught!


Scorch Ry
03-21-2004, 11:52 PM
Thank You! ^__^. I shall continue to make stories to make captures/improvements. Thank You Once Again ^__^! *Bows In Happiness*

Scorch Ry
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{-Chap.2: The Horsea Rage-}
Tony, with Charmeleon still with him, was now in the shores east of Slateport City, now with a new dream. After successfully capturing his Doduo in the Pokemon Preservatory, Tony now wanted to catch a water pokemon known as Horsea. Horsea was of the water group, taking characteristics of a miniature dragon. Its mouth was like a tube, so it could spit out Acid and use attacks like Water Gun and Ice Beam. With its baby-blue skin and the dragon wings set upon its back, Horsea was really the pokemon Tony needed...

Riding on a small, orange sailboat, Tony returned his Charmeleon inside of its pokeball and began to start searching for his future Horsea. The reason he actually wanted Horsea was because they evolved into Kingdra, with the help of a King's Rock. Tony loved dragon pokemon, and Horsea would definately be a great one to have.

Ever since he left for his journey in Littleroot Town, Tony's dream was to become a dragon elite trainer. Through his glorious dreams, Professor Birch secretly caught him his Charmander, his best friend as this very moment. Surprised by this action, Tony happily took Charmander and began his journey. Since the league requirements were different, Tony went out to travel and capture his pokemon before beginning to compete in the Hoenn League. Happily, Tony caught his first pokemon...the electric pokemon known as Mareep. During that battle, Charmander even happened to evolve...which made Tony's dream nearly real.

The sunny skies were brightly shining on the long ocean. Underneath Tony were a class of Wailmer and Wailord, traveling on their migration. They were happily swimming underwater, just like feathers. A crowd of Wingull and Pelipper happily soared above the ocean, awaiting for the Goldeen to come so they could nab them. This made Tony so comfortable, seeing all of these pokemon happily live in peace and happiness...but, it wasn't time to enjoy these things right now. Tony had to fulfill his goal. That goal was to capture the elegant Horsea he dearly awaited to capture one day!

Scorch Ry
04-04-2004, 08:13 PM
Tony, still waiting for a tug from his Super Rod, sat back and relaxed near the fishing rod. He began thinking about his future life, hoping that he would finally get the chance to become just like his idol, Lance. He even admired his clothing, wearing a red shirt with those saggy blue jeans. But, something gave Lance his ‘personally’, which was in fact a red cape that brightly matched his fire red hair color. That made Lance different from everybody else, which what Tony really liked about Lance. Then, his other idol was Claire. Tony basically liked her because she was very beautiful and she had a Kingdra, Dragonair and Gyarados, which happened to be a very powerful collection of dragon pokemon.

As the Wingull happily cheered above Tony’s sailboat, Tony noticed a movement of his orange and black Super Rod. “It’s a tug!” Tony barked. He immediately jumped up from his brown summer chair and grabbed the pole. Tony gave full force and pulled the Super Rod back, pulling out his capture. But, it wasn’t time to celebrate…Tony had not only fail to get a Horsea on his line, but the pokemon was in fact a shark!

Well, this pokemon was dark blue with black stripes coming from the back of its body. With its gaping, wide-open mouth, this pokemon most likely knew the attacks Bite and Crunch. In its mouth were a clean slate of white, sharp teeth that gave this pokemon its characteristics as a shark. Also, on the top and bottom parts of its body were a fin, so it could glide underwater faster and a lot better. With its mean, red eyes, it glared straight at Tony. Tony began to back up, but then stopped. He had to face anything that came in his path…that’s what a trainer was all about. Tony quickly took out his pokedex, which scanned this shark pokemon. Its picture was shown on the screen and the pokedex began uploading its data.

{Sharpedo, the riveting shark pokemon. Sharpedo is of the water clan, evolving from Carvanha. Sharpedo can easily glide and sail underwater by using its two fins it has on its body. Sharpedo can be very hostile and they react very quickly to any unsuspecting movement. Sharpedo should definitely be approached with caution. Though, Sharpedo may be a water pokemon, but does not learn any water techniques. Its special ability is Rough Skin, which slightly damages the opponent if they use physical attacks like Take Down or Double-Edge.}

This should be interesting,” Tony said, taking out Charmeleon’s pokeball. He knew that by battling this Sharpedo, it could have a chance of evolving into Charizard. Since Flaaffy had evolved before Charmeleon, Tony wouldn’t be fair to use Ampharos. Plus, Charmeleon had to get used to defeating water pokemon, since it was weak against it. Tony was the kind of trainer to help his pokemon defeat their weaknesses by overcoming their fears of defeat and changing them into goals of winning.

As Tony grinned at the wild Sharpedo, a wild Horsea appeared from the back of the boat, waiting to watch the battle. “I choose you, Charmeleon!” Tony said, throwing Charmeleon’s pokeball into the air. As it spun rapidly, it began shining after reflecting the bright sunlight. It then opened, releasing out Tony’s Charmeleon. Charmeleon safely landed on the boat, right in front of Tony. “Charmeleon, get that Sharpedo!” Tony commanded. Charmeleon stood on the edge of the boat’s end, watching the Sharpedo float still. Then, Charmeleon took action!

“Charmeleon, get Sharpedo’s attention! Use Ember!” Tony suddenly commanded. Charmeleon took action and immediately began shooting out a series of red, oval, fiery ember missiles. They came in contact with Sharpedo, hitting it directly. Sharpedo glared at Charmeleon and suddenly disappeared! It then reappeared and tackled Charmeleon into Tony. Tony managed to catch Charmeleon. “Charmeleon, take must be Faint Attack,” Tony began. “Use your Ember attack again.”

Charmeleon leaped back into action! With its lizard traits, Charmeleon swiftly ran and jumped onto the sledge. It suddenly shot out another series of Ember missiles, striking Sharpedo once again. Behind the boat, the wild Horsea slowly swam closer to watch the battle better. It was definitely rooting for Charmeleon! After being struck by the attack, Sharpedo realized this Charmeleon was a lot harder than it suspected. It disappeared again and suddenly reappeared in front of Charmeleon! “Charmeleon, use Slash!” Tony quickly commanded. Before Sharpedo could use its Faint Attack again, Charmeleon slashed Sharpedo three times with its sharp claws. Sharpedo took the attack, soaring towards the ocean. “End this with Ember!” Tony barked. Charmeleon suddenly shot out hot, red ovals at the wild Sharpedo, hitting it directly!

Sadly, the wild Sharpedo fled from the battle! Charmeleon happily growled. Tony could tell Charmeleon had gotten stronger…its Ember attack was more effective. The wild Horsea began cheering, suddenly taking Tony’s attention. Curious, Tony went to the right side of the boat, seeing the Horsea! “YAY! A HORSEA!” Horsea suddenly looked at Tony and cheerfully smiled. “Aww…it’s too cute,” Tony said. “Let me capture it!” Charmeleon, who was now resting near the end of the dock, looked into the sky, hoping its dream would come true soon. “Let’s go, Ampharos!” Tony said. He released his electrical light pokemon, which immediately looked into the eyes of the wild water dragon. Horsea began getting scared and began to swim away! “Ampharos, go after that Horsea!”

“Amphar Ampharos Amphar!” Ampharos yelped out. It immediately jumped into the water and swam after Horsea. “Ampharos, use Thunder!” Tony said. Ampharos began conducting electricity around its entire body. Ampharos then struck the ocean with its electrifying Thunder attack, attacking Horsea as well. “Great work, Ampharos!” Ampharos happily cheered, but somehow, Horsea managed to survive the attack! From its tube-like mouth, Horsea shout out a blue, spinning stream of water at Ampharos! The attack hit directly, sending Ampharos into the sailboat! As it hit the sailboat, it began to rock above the ocean. The orange sailboat finally became balanced, and Ampharos quickly recovered from the attack. “This Horsea really has power,” Tony began. “Ampharos, go after it! Use Thunderpunch!”

Ampharos’ right paw was soon covered with electricity. Swiftly, the electric light pokemon swam towards the wild Horsea once again! But, this time, through its tube mouth, Horsea began filtering the area with thick, black smoke. Ampharos quickly stopped, though still ready to use Thunderpunch. “Ampharos, stay alert!” Tony said, hoping that Horsea wouldn’t do another sneak attack! Ampharos waited for the smoke to clear up so it could proceed with its attack.

Finally, the black smoke cleared the area…and to Tony’s surprise, Horsea was gone! Tony began getting disappointed, since Horsea had escaped the battle! “Ampharos, it’s gone…c’mon back.” Ampharos’ built-up electricity on its right paw went back into its body. As Ampharos safely swam back to the sailboat, Horsea suddenly appeared! “THERE IT IS!” Tony yelled out. Horsea shot another Hydro Pump at Ampharos, hitting it directly on its back.

Ampharos went underwater this time, seeing a wonderful site. A class of Wailord passed it by, but a pokemon came towards it. Through communications, Ampharos went back up for air, making things worse. It was right in front of Horsea! Horsea began chuckling, shooting speedy bubbles straight in Ampharos’ face! Ampharos was being blown out from these attacks and couldn’t take it anymore! “Ampharos, get that Horsea!” Tony said. Ampharos quickly swam towards Horsea.

But, it jumped out of the water and stomped Horsea’s head, angered by this foolish pokemon’s actions. Being stomped in its head, Horsea shot out another series of bubbles towards Ampharos. “Ampharos, use Thunder! Blow those bubbles away!” Tony commanded. Ampharos’ body began sparking little electric bolts. Then, Ampharos shot out its Thunder attack! The wild Pelipper and Wingull stopped soaring around and stared at the battle. Even Charmeleon managed to get up, very interested. The catastrophic, yellow, electrical Thunder attack struck past all of the bubbles and easily struck Horsea. Struck by this attack two times, Horsea laid on its back in the ocean, defeated!

As Ampharos fell back into the air, it began swimming towards Tony, carrying Horsea. “Great work, Ampharos.” Tony said, returning it to its pokeball. Tony was very surprised when Ampharos stomped Horsea in its face. He guessed it was angered with Horsea for using such great attacks on it repeatedly. “Now, go, pokeball!” Tony barked out. He threw his pokeball, which hit Horsea afterwards. It opened, sucking Horsea into it. As it closed, it floated in the water, flashing red. Tony just hoped now that he would capture Horsea…
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*This Story Is Now Ready For A Grade*

Scorch Ry
04-04-2004, 09:47 PM
I shall await for this chapter's grade before I continue to Chapter 3. I hope it is a capture.

Next Pokemon To Catch: Scyther
Next Chapter: {-Chapter.3: The Scyther's Power-}

Jack of Clovers
04-13-2004, 07:22 AM
sorry for late delay, i got pushed back with busy work 'round house.

Carvanha... should be Carvahna
“Charmeleon, take must be Faint Attack,” Tony began. {should be that}
some others, but minor.

the story wasn't all that interesting but it was nicely detailed, just like the battle. this is barely qualified for Horsea. try to add a lot more length to any story. however, the battle was interesting and not simple with the advantage electric vs water.

tips- longer, more story. and always improve everything.

Outcome- Horsea Caught!


Scorch Ry
04-17-2004, 02:39 PM
Thank You. I Shall Start On Chapter 3 Right Now!

Scorch Ry
04-17-2004, 03:00 PM
Chap.3: Route 32 - Scyther
The shine of the endearing, orange sunlight mysteriously beamed upon Tony, making the trainer have any revelation of Route thirty-two. Tony blinked his eyes, however, and both him and his Larvitar were able to witness the wonders of this route. Freshly mowed green grass patched the brown dirt of the long, harsh route.

Conversely, uncut, tall dark green grass grew in their state of wilderness. These patches of tall grass concealed wild pokemon, protecting them from upcoming trainers whom would stagger past. The wild pokemon also had special privileges of sleeping peacefully without having to look upon their right and left side of their shoulders, making sure poachers weren’t attacking them.

Elevated pine trees littered around the entire route, continuously growing higher and higher. These trees were perfectly planted around the route, creating a chic diamond design. Their fallen leaves tumbled down their rough, brown truck.

The leaves twirled throughout the calm winds, creating an insubstantial, whispering munificent sound. The trainer’s brown hair was blown to his right side, being pushed by the trivial breezes roaming past the two young trainers. The burning sun was in its joyfulness pride, glowing a deep orange color across the entire route.

Tony lightly breathed, tasting the clean, fresh atmosphere of this route. There were also flowerbeds that sophisticatedly grew glistening white roses. The roses had developed a pleasing aroma, attracting the wild Hoppip nearby. Tony inhaled this scent, the aroma white roses trapped deep within its simplicity. Also, leveled hills were magically scattered throughout route thirty-two, standing tall with such a clean atmosphere above it.

The surface was smooth, gleaming in simple pride. Piles of black stones were speckled on the leveled mountains, suspecting to be wild Geodude that inhabited the hills. Along the sides of the mountains, thicker, darker and potholed edges made the mountains had such unique popularity among both hikers and trainers. Altogether, route thirty-two had a remarkable, alluring appeal to all people and pokemon alike.

“This place seems very peaceful, yet enjoyable,” Tony thought. Tony looked towards the tall grass. A tranquil movement rattled into the peaceful area. Quietly, a tribe of wild Treecko galloped in front of the two trainers, scampering away toward the wild tall grass. The male trainer noticed these green geckoes, with their lean body that reflected a light green shade.

With their heavy, long tails with a sudden curl at the end, the wild grass pokemon stopped near the white rose flowerbeds, sniffling the attractive aroma. Abruptly, another wild gecko followed the smaller Treecko toward the flowerbeds. This grass pokemon was of the family of Treecko; it was the evolved form of the small wood gecko. Its slender body had a wonderful figure that dazzled Mia upon her spirit.

This reptile had developed long glass blades that stretched out from up under its arms. Also, an extended blade grew in the midpoint of the top of its bumpy head, extending down its slim back. Its feet were larger and appeared to look more dangerous that the feet of the Treecko. The wild reptile stopped in front of the trainers, gazing upon its pack of Treecko. The grass pokemon sadly sighed, seeing that babysitting active pokemon like this wasn’t in her future. As the Treecko happily played around in the flowerbeds, Tony turned to see this action.

“Wow, this pokemon seems stronger than those wild Treecko,” Tony thought. The male trainer settled his hazel eyes on the green reptile. The wild green reptile exhaled a tiny sigh once again, noticing its younger siblings were playing around in the flowerbeds that gave route thirty-two an even better fantastic glow in such magnificence. The wild grass pokemon hurriedly scampered off to make its younger brothers and sisters stop playing around.

Tony smiled in awe as the young Treecko stopped fooling around, having a sudden misery face upon their green faces. With their big yellow eyes, they stared into the eyes of their older peer. The wild reptile stared in utter amazement, noticing that they wanted to play around for a short period of time. Being such a nice grass pokemon, the wild reptile nodded its green lizard head, bringing tons of smiles to the wild Treecko’s faces.

The male trainer looked in sheer astonishment, seeing that this wild reptile pokemon was being nice to its younger siblings. “Ah, that was nice of it,” Kevin said. “Now, let’s check out the data of these two pokemon.” Silently, Kevin pulled out his red mechanical device from out of his red jeans pocket. The pokedex opened, revealing its many buttons and its black screen.

The trainer steadily placed the oval, clear scan screen upon both the wild reptile that was happily watching its younger siblings run around the flowerbeds, and the wood geckoes that were playing around peacefully. The pokedex scanned the wild reptile, saved its natural data, placed an image of the pokemon on its black screen, and finally uploaded the data to its hard-drive system. Having an electronic voice, it began repeating the data about this pokemon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs001.gif{Treecko, the wood gecko pokemon. Treecko loves to swing from tree braches by using its long, strong tail. Treecko’s tail is also used to perform its Pound attack. Treecko are usually peaceful and love to help plants to survive if help is needed for them. Be warned, however, that it mistreated, they will automatically evolve into a disobeying Grovyle. Treecko evolve into Grovyle, and finally Sceptile.}

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs002.gif{Grovyle, the reptile pokemon. Grovyle is the evolved form of Treecko. It usually jumps from tree to tree, gaining strengths and to also enjoy itself. Grovyle can be content, so treat this pokemon with natural respect and love. Grovyle develops long grass blades on its arms and on its forehead. This helps the pokemon perform its Pound attack and a new attack known as Leaf Blade. Grovyle’s next and final evolution stage is Sceptile.}

Scorch Ry
06-06-2004, 02:38 AM
The male trainer listened to the glorious pokemon information of the two wild pokemon, notifying their clarifications. Soon enough, Tony continued their way down the well-designed path of route thirty-two. He continued gazing upon his views of the route, witnessing more passion and delightfulness. The rivers flowed superbly, glowing a darkblue tint as the rough waves flowed throughout the hefty, long water. Moving peacefully, a crowd of wild Feebas and Barboach jumped from up under the amazing water that seemed to also have peacefulness.

Moving their strong fins and holding their breath, they crashed back into the water, going into the depths of the sea. A brown bridge structure formed above the bridge, creating an alluring layout design that formed across the intact darkblue sea. The burning sun beamed upon the sea, giving it a mysterious sea green glow. The bridge was refined gorgeously, having a sheer excel.

The bridge was made of strong, pure brown wood that had proven to have to strength to hold humans and pokemon alike above the peaceful sea. This structure has somehow linked to the mowed green grass upon the plains, having a pure entrance to the walkway. Tony gazed at the bridge, seeing a group of strategic fisherman about to fish. Since it was summer, the Hoenn water pokemon like Barboach, Feebas and Whishcash, would migrate over to the wonder waters of the Johto region.

“Well, let me continue my way onto the Union Cave, since I do need to be heading towards Azalea Town,” Tony murmured. As the sun beamed upon route thirty-two in its single state of pride, the young trainer made his way onto the brunette bridge. With its magnificent, polished brunette color, the bridge was structured above the delighting sea that gleamed a sea green in color. A low caw filled the air’s melody as a flock of Wingull began soaring away from the tall green grass that grew proud in its state of wilderness.

“Why don’t I let my Larvitar enjoy this scenery? It has been working very hard on my team lately,” Tony convinced. He reached for the orb that was equipped on his red, leather belt that was made by a very well-known company known as “?Guess?”. Soon, Tony pulled his arm in front of him, holding the red and white orb securely. He pressed the gray button that was centered on the pokeball, causing the orb to expand. Showing its true characteristics, the pokeball glittered in the orange sun amazingly.

“Come on out, Larvitar!” Tony yelled out. Soon enough, the male trainer tossed up his red and white pokeball, causing it to spin furiously in the atmosphere. As the air carried such a soothing, whistling sound and a heavenly aroma, the pokeball shot open with the blink of an eye. Tony safely caught the pokeball while he witnessed a white form landing on the brunette bridge exterior. The white figure had such an attractive, luminous appeal. As the gleaming figure began shifting around its form, Tony just stood quiet. He watched this reaction in sheer astonishment, seeing that this was truly remarkable about pokemon.

Abruptly, the figure’s shining appearances began fading away. Tony continued witnessing this as the white faded and ended altogether, making the trainer’s rocky thrash pokemon appear. With its true characteristics and color, Larvitar gave Tony such a warming smile. The trainer bent down and picked up his rocky thrash pokemon, noticing the happy mode they were both in at that very moment. “How are you, Larvitar?” Tony asked. Larvitar smiled in sheer amazement and began moving its small little arms and hands. “Larvitar, Larvitar, Larv!” Larvitar cheered.

“Well, here’s your usual hug! I want to show you all of my love!” Tony yelped. He gave his Larvitar such a warming hug, showing its love and respect for it. Larvitar closed its eyes, enjoying the embracement it was now roped it. As it shot back open its red eyes, it suddenly looked in the tall grass that grew wildly. It began noticing a sudden movement within the tall grass, taking away the attention from the hug and bringing it upon this movement. Hastily, a figure got out of the grass and stood there angrily. “Larvitar!!!” Larvitar screamed. Tony stopped hugging his Larvitar and held it out in front of him. “Larvitar, what’s wrong?” The trainer asked. Larvitar suddenly pointed behind Tony, making the trainer a bit frightened. He turned around and right behind him, standing on the brunette bridge exterior, was a pokemon that he would of never thought to encounter in my entire life…

Scorch Ry
06-09-2004, 02:19 PM
The shadow figure stood there like a complete statue. Larvitar and his trainer, Tony, looked in such confusion since they didn’t know what that strange-shaped figure was. “Larvitar, I think I have an idea of what this pokemon may be,” Tony whispered to Larvitar. As the great figure stood there in no movement whatsoever, the male trainer reached for his pokedex. As the red mechanical device glittered in such brightness, Tony clicked a blue button that was located on the eastern side of the device. Suddenly, a red door opened on the pokedex, revealing the buttons and the black screen that would hold an image of the pokemon in scanned.

Anxiously, the male trainer directed his pokedex towards the shadowy structure and just like he suspected, this figure was a pokemon. Soon, the pokemon’s image appeared on the black screen of the pokedex. The pokemon appeared to be of the bug-type group, having such strong white wings and two slashing sword-like arms. Its body was scaly as it gleamed in the state of its light green color.

This mantis-like pokemon looked liked its body was made of light green armor, since there were a few sections of its body that didn’t contain this light green structure. Its feet looked superior, having such nasty claws about. The pokemon’s head looked exactly like a head of a mantis, having sharp edges located on the top of its head. As Tony stared in the black screen, he began listening to the data of this mantis pokemon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs281.gif{Scyther, the mantis pokemon. This pokemon is of the bug-type group, taking the advantage against psychic-type pokemon like Alakazam or Espeon. Scyther has many ninja-like abilities and dazzling speed rates, causing its opponent to visualize more than one Scyther in the battle. Scyther can now evolve into a pokemon known as Scizor, if equipped with an item known as a Metal Coat. If this pokemon happens to hide in the grass, be warned that it will not be easy to find this pokemon since its color will camouflage it.}

Tony’s eyes suddenly looked up as the Scyther came closer and closer, moving like a robot. “Larvitar…this pokemon is a Scyther. It’s a rare kind and we need to get it before anyone else. Ready for a tough battle?” Tony questioned. The green tough pokemon stared as the mantis came closer and closer. It knew that it could win become the time was approaching today. As Tony stared down at his little Larvitar, he also wondered if it was time yet. But, he didn’t care at the moment. He was more concerned with capturing this rare, powerful, speedy Scyther.

Finally, the wild Scyther came in close contact. Tony could see the full details of this pokemon, noticing the same details that the pokedex had shown. “Scyyyther!” Scyther screamed, moving its sword arms up. As it shot up its powerful colorless wings, Tony stared down at his Larvitar once more. “You ready?” Tony asked. Larvitar nodded and angrily gazed upon the huge mantis.

“Larvitar, let’s get this started! Use Earthquake!” Tony commanded. His small green tough pokemon stood in front of him, growling with such anger. Suddenly, it jumped into the air with such power and slammed back down on the strong brunette exterior. Abruptly, the brunette exterior was torn straight in the center, being damaged from the force Larvitar sent through it. As the boards of the bridge flew around in the ocean, the magnificent force sailed away towards the mantis pokemon. As the wild Scyther stared in judgment, to Tony’s surprise, it barely flew away from the force of Larvitar’s Earthquake. As it flew angrily in the clean, whispering air, Tony and Larvitar stared down this pokemon in such horror.

“Larvitar, this battle will be a lot harder than I thought. But, you can do it,” Tony encouraged. Larvitar focused its mind upon the mantis pokemon as it began soaring back down towards it. Soon, the mantis pokemon suddenly soared down hastily, striking Larvitar with such sheer power. The green tough pokemon was stricken back next to Tony, with Tony witnessing the threats of this pokemon.

Scorch Ry
06-09-2004, 03:24 PM
The green tough pokemon was in little pain, quickly arising from its terrible fall. As the wild Scyther flew vigorously around in the air, it stared upon this pokemon and its trainer. Tony, however, had to think of something for Larvitar to do so it could defeat this pokemon. “Larvitar, let’s try a Screech attack,” Tony commanded.

Larvitar nodded and exhaled such a horrible, noisy, loud screech that could even shatter glass. As the Screech attack began moving towards the wild Scyther, the mantis already began hearing the pain of this cry. It closed its eyes and began leveling down towards the brunette exterior just like Tony wanted for it to do. Even Tony couldn’t stand this cry, so he covered his ears with his hands.

“Larvitar, time for a Rock Slide!” Tony ordered immediately. “Larvvv!” Larvitar said, immediately walking up towards the mantis pokemon. Magically, the green tough pokemon’s red scaly stomach began gleaming a brown color. Soon enough, a herd of black, big stones shot out from its stomach, soaring straight towards the mantis pokemon in such speed.

Scyther still had the screech in its mind, but heard the command Tony gave to his pokemon. It quickly shot its eyes open, being struck with the boulders massively. Tony smiled as the wild Scyther was slammed onto the grass, cringing in massive pain from that horrible Rock Slide attack. Larvitar felt a sudden jolt in its body and it knew that it was time right now. Tony happily looked down at his Larvitar, gazing among such a luminous white figure.

Larvitar’s entire body was enveloped in a gleaming white color that shined amazingly. The entire glow even brought out the fantastic colors of route thirty-two. Still cringing in such pain, Scyther happened to gaze up, witnessing this sheer performance. Suddenly, Larvitar’s gleaming white body began morphing into an all-new figure.

The white figure began growing taller, but took the form of some cocoon-like pokemon. Tony suspected that his Larvitar would evolve soon, since he was training it hard against all of its opponents. Finally, the luminous shine began fading away from Tony’s new pokemon. The color continued fading away and finally stopped altogether, revealing the true details of this new pokemon.

This pokemon was just liked Tony suspected; it took the form of a cocoon-like pokemon. Its body was a faded blue color, having such a hard, scaly armor body. This pokemon appeared to have a mask as it head, having sharp edges around its entire rocky head. Three rock thorns sprouted on the top of its head, indicating that it was growing stronger each and every day. There were also two small sharp edges on the bottom section of its body. Its eyes were medium-sized and had such a nasty, mean appearance altogether. “Pupitar!” This pokemon roared, catching the wild Scyther’s attention.

Tony took out his pokedex and pressed the blue button in the center of its device, causing a red door to open once more. He positioned the pokedex down to his Pupitar, making the red mechanical device scan this new pokemon, upload a personal image of it and record its natural data. Tony quietly listened to the data.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs382.gif{Pupitar, the rock pokemon. Pupitar is the evolved form of Larvitar, having more power than its pre-evolved form. Pupitar’s body is as hard as a sheet rock; making it stronger in each and every battle it takes part in. Pupitar’s move, known as Thrash, can even toggle a mountain and can disturb the wild pokemon that inhabit the area. Pupitar gets stronger each and every day, growing inside of its hard cocoon body. Pupitar can be very dangerous to handle, so treat with care. Pupitar evolves into its final form, a Tyranitar.}

Tony put up his pokedex and smiled in such happiness. Pupitar angrily hopped onto the grass area, with its trainer following abruptly. Scyther managed to get back on its feet, ready to take down this new pokemon. “Pupitar, we must get this Scyther,” Tony explained. “Let’s use Sandstorm!” Pupitar magically floated into the sky, making the wild mantis pokemon wonder with such confusion. Suddenly, a brown ‘X’ symbol appeared on Pupitar’s back and without notice, the entire area burst into a hidden sandstorm…

Scorch Ry
06-09-2004, 03:38 PM
As the sandstorm brewed around route thirty-two vigorously, Tony placed on his Go-Goggles so he could see the action in the battle without having to cover his eyes. Scyther fluttered its wings, flying right in the sandstorm. It couldn’t see Pupitar since this rock cocoon pokemon was used to using Sandstorm attacks. Scyther flew around confusingly, not even noticing that Pupitar was right below it.

“Pupitar, use Rock Slide!” Tony commanded. Pupitar took the command and located the flying Scyther that was soaring slowly through the sandstorm. The rock cocoon began glowing a faded black color, releasing such terrible, huge black boulders. The wild Scyther happened to look, noticing the rocks coming its way. It happened to dodge, finally seeing the Pupitar.

Angrily, the wild Scyther landed in the center of the sandstorm, focusing its mind upon its next attack. Viciously, the mantis pokemon lowered its sword arms and began spinning around furiously. Tony and Pupitar watched as Scyther spun around faster and faster, making the sandstorm blow off everywhere! Soon, the sandstorm had deceased, making Scyther have full revelation of this rock cocoon pokemon.

“Pupitar, stand there. Focus your mind on using your Thrash attack,” Tony ordered. Pupitar closed its eyes, gaining as much power as it could to deliver such horrible blows towards the mantis pokemon. The wild Scyther charged away towards the Pupitar and slashed it angrily. However, the Slash attack did nothing to Pupitar, since this pokemon was part rock-type. “Scyther…the ends now!” Tony yelped. Pupitar was enveloped in a passionate red glow, shining with sheer magnificence.

Pupitar stood there and quickly charged back into Scyther, striking it with exclusive force. Scyther was slammed on the grass, cringing in more pain than ever. Continuously, Pupitar repeated this Thrash attack, making Scyther weaker and weaker. One last slam came from Pupitar, making Scyther completely exhausted.

Tony quickly reached for his one of his empty pokeballs on his belt. He managed to grab one of his red and white orbs. He pressed the gray button, causing it to expand. “Go, pokeball!” Tony said, throwing the pokeball towards the wild mantis. The pokeball struck Scyther and opened, sucking the mantis pokemon into it. As the orb closed, it landed on the ground, rocking back and forth…

06-09-2004, 04:08 PM
((Grading. I'll edit my grade into this post.))

It was nice. A tad pointless up at the Treeckos but still nice. Sure, Scyther didn't attack much and maybe just finding this hard to find Pokemon was a tad out there... But it was reasonable.


Oooh! I like, I like! ^_^ I actually felt like I was on the route ^_^ Yaay! Yaaay! This is the detail we want in most stories!!! Except I have no idea what the trainers look like o_O;


Part 1, Paragraph 2"whom would stagger past" That should be passed, I do believe. Past referrs to time and I don't think 'whom would stagger past tense' makes any sense o_O;

Part 5, Paragraph 4 "“Scyther…the ends now!”" I won't count off, but shouldn't that be "End's"? ^_^

Number of Spelling Errors: o_O; Spell check went iffy but there weren't many except Pokemon names, which it always says are wrong ^_^;


5 parts is nice to look at ^_^
Character Count: 21236
Word Count: 3577
Yush... I think that's good ^_^ I think the battle could've been longer since Scyther shouldn't gotten a few more attacks...


Waaah... How one sided in your favor :( Sorry, but I can't give much in this area. It was beautifully written but I didn't see much in Scyther's favor...

40/50 = 080/100
{CAUGHT} only just barely. Next time have the wild Pokemon inflict a bit more damage on your Pokemon. It'll help alot, trust me.

To Jack

Uh... Don't kill me if you were supposed to grade this... I was asked to ^_^;;

Scorch Ry
06-28-2004, 09:36 PM
New Trainer Begins: Kevin
Kevin was eating breakfast down in the Lobby of the Pokemon Center. After getting in the Pokemon Center of Cherrygrove City last night, Kevin and his Trapinch had a great peaceful, cool sleep.

Kevin had changed into the same outfit he was wearing only it was red. He was still wearing his all-white AirForceOnes while his hat was made of white jeans material.

Evidentially, Kevin’s outfits consisted of the exact same outfits, except they were different in color, style, fitting, and design layouts.

The Pokemon Center was one of the best places to eat breakfast in. The floor tiles were nicely polished that sparkled a silver marble in color. These tiles that were on the floor were also on the ceiling, only a dazzling hot flame red color that glittered throughout the entire place.

The walls were beautifully, specifically painted white and red, with such elegant wall paintings of pokeballs. There were many photos that were hanging from the walls throughout the Pokemon Center, like for example, a Johto League photo.

There were a Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard battling against each other. These three pokemon were in some golden arena, with a crimson burner emitting such a hot, flammable white and red fire that appeared to burn massively.

The caption was:
<Come one trainer, come all trainers! Come and battle here with your impressive skills, strategic defense, quick attacks and ending special attacks! Enter the Johto League’s new division: The Golden Conference!>

So, many trainers and other people viewed this large photo and began to get excited that the Johto League had made a new division called the Golden Conference that would lead strong-enough trainers to the Victory Tournament, Challenge Cup and X-Terminator Finals.

There were other photos, though they weren’t as interesting as the one that attracted many trainers and other viewers.

The Pokemon Center was also great when it came to healing hurt pokemon, fainted pokemon or pokemon with side-effects like a burn, or pokemon that have been poisoned by an attack like Poison Tail or Poison Fang.

The front desk was very professional, having a black stone countertop and the bottom of the counter consisting of brown, polished wood. There were regular fanlights that were twirling on the roof, releasing cool air around the entire Pokemon Center.

On the counters, there were about two HP-Pavilion Computers that had flat-screen monitors. These two computers were basically for typing in the pokemon’s data, problems and possible, correct solutions that take the fewest amounts of days to make the pokemon heal.

At the front desk standing there was Nurse Joy, standing there with her long, pink ponytails that were nicely wrapped up with hot pink colored scrunches. Wearing her nurse outfit and with her determinative attitude for help healing pokemon, Nurse Joy was one of the best pokemon nurses to have in a Pokemon Center, even though that all Pokemon Centers had a Nurse Joy.

Also, Nurse Joy’s assistants of the Pokemon Center happened to be pokemon known as Chansey and Blissey. This really showed how people and pokemon could work together for the good of all.

Kevin began to clean up his plate that once consisted of his breakfast. Kevin ate scrambled eggs, 2 slices of toast and small pancakes that were neatly cut into smaller unit segments.

The booth was made of red leather, having a rectangular tabletop to the booth. He neatly left his plate on the booth table and being considerate and thoughtful, left a $4.92 tip for the Pokemon Center Donation Organization to help get the Pokemon Center new machines that can heal pokemon with severe problems like early dehydration.

“Trapinch Trapinch.” Trapinch yelped out nicely, having an early-morning voice tone.

Kevin looked down at his pokemon, seeing that he needed to heal it before it could engage into another battle. So, he took Trapinch to the front desk of the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy arose from her computer chair and smiled with her sweet face.

“Welcome to the Pokemon Center’s front desk! How may I help you?” Nurse Joy asked.

“Um, I was wondering if you could heal my Trapinch for me.” Kevin replied nicely.

“Sure, we’d love to do so!” Nurse Joy responded, taking Trapinch away from Kevin’s possession.

She placed in on a tray and put it on some machine. Kevin watched as white electricity shocked Trapinch and began flowing it healing power to give it its full strength back. Finally, the healing was done, and Trapinch was fully healed!

Nurse Joy picked up the tray, with Trapinch sitting on it, and placed it back on the front desk black stone counter.

“Trap Trap Trapinch!” Trapinch said happily, letting Kevin know that it was 100% better.

Kevin picked up Trapinch and began holding it to his strong chest. Nurse Joy smiled and began speaking in her sweet, young voice.

“Your Trapinch is fully healed! Thank you for your patience and please come again!” Nurse Joy announced.

“Thanks and I will, Nurse Joy! Bye!” Kevin replied, waving back at Nurse Joy.

Trapinch happily looked around, seeing the beauties of its world. Seeing Chansey and Blissey walking around made it comfortable with its surroundings now. Kevin and his Trapinch went through the automatic-open glass doors, exiting the Pokemon Center…

Kevin loved his view when he left out of the Pokemon Center. The day was actually a warm one, meaning that Kevin was enjoying this day already! Kevin loved warm days because it would feel a lot better rather than walking in the hot, blazing temperatures during the summertime.

The sun was out, beaming brightly among the entire city. A flock of Ledyba began buzzing around, flying over Cherrygrove City. There were mobile homes, having a green roof, rectangular shape and a green door to match. Even though these were mobile homes, they were pretty expensive and looked their prices as well.

Kevin also noticed the majestic view of the river with leaping Magikarp coming from under the water. As the river flowed nicely, a fisherman was sleep, having his fishing line in the river.

The river sparkled dark blue, having one of the most interesting views ever. And finally, there were many Royal Highness roses, blooming wonderfully around the mobile homes, near Route 30 and around the Pokemon Center.

Thanks for the small rain showers that came in throughout the night, that helped brought the almost-to-die roses to new life of blooming wonderfully with style and prettiness. Kevin seemed like he would enjoy this day, but as soon as he took a few steps away from the Pokemon Center, he heard a voice that seemed more familiar than ever.

“So it’s the chomp again, the one who apparently took a Trapinch, the weak ground pokemon…” a voice said.

Kevin lowered his head, closed his eyes and began to smirk. Meanwhile, Trapinch heard this insult and began to get angry, growling angrily at the shady character.

“Oh hush up, you small little rat thing!” the voice said meanly, upsetting Trapinch even more!

“Trappppp Trapppp!” Trapinch roared out, seeing that this character had went too far!

Trapinch was on the verge of leaping out of Kevin’s arms, ready to use a Bite attack on this person when Kevin released a few laughs.

“Trapinch,” Kevin began. “Don’t let Jason’s words get to you…his words are meaningless and just nothing to be worried about.”

Trapinch gazed up, hearing its trainer’s thoughts, and it appeared to calm down easily rather than taking action and risking itself to danger. Then, Kevin opened his eyes and looked up, seeing that he was right.

Kevin was staring into the eyes of a person that he always had a debate with; a person that shared some similarities with Kevin, only different in many actions and strategies.

Wearing a red ‘Fubu’ shirt with his baggy blue jeans, and with his backwards all-blue cap with matching red-on-blue low-top AirForceOnes, this person was known other than Jason Trias, a person with attitude and talking back abilities.

Jason Trias wasn’t a person to mess with; only people with enough bravery dared to give Jason a challenge. Luckily, Kevin wasn’t scared of Jason at all. In fact, he was never scared because he knew what Jason’s weakness was…this weakness was called fear.

Though Jason was tough on the outside, beating up little kids and attempting to go after young adults, on the inside, Kevin knew that Jason was a scared little boy, trying to fit in when there’s nothing to fit in with.

Jason was the kind of person to talk back whenever in an argument conversation with an adult. He was a troubled child though his parents knew that one day, he would stop.

Luckily, Jason had pulled his act together, though not losing the same attitude with kids under the age of eighteen. This meant that even though he wouldn’t talk back to adults, he would talk back to kids under the age of eighteen to pick an easy-defeating fight.

So Kevin saw that this shady character was his upsetting associate, known as Jason Trias. Jason grinned as he made his announcement...

Scorch Ry
06-29-2004, 05:40 AM
Well, looks like Kevin actually became a trainer! Looks like dreams do come true for losers like him!” Jason announced, trying to embarrass Kevin.

Trapinch was getting angrier and angrier, trying its best to hold back all of its power on Jason.

Kevin smirked and replied, “Kevin, your words don’t hurt me at all! But, at least I became a trainer and have an occupation as an official pokemon trainer!”

Jason then smirked and began laughing out loud.

“What’s so funny? You finally saw how stupid your face looks and you are now laughing?” Kevin said, seeing that he didn’t find anything funny with what he said to make Jason laugh.

But, Kevin gasped as he saw a pokeball in Jason’s palm of his hand.

“What’s wrong? I proved you wrong again? Or is it the fact that I have a pokemon myself?” Jason asked angrily, seeing that Kevin thought that he wouldn’t become a trainer himself.

But, Kevin was beginning to get an idea…even though they were rivals, they could actually settle their eight-year argument with a battle!

So, Kevin looked down at his angry Trapinch, seeing that his brown sand dig pokemon was highly angry about what his rival said to his trainer.

“Trapinch, are you ready for another battle?” Kevin asked.

With its angry face, Trapinch nodded, ready to beat down whatever pokemon Jason had in his possession.

Then, Kevin looked up at Jason and said, “How about we settle all of this over a battle? I’ll show you what being a trainer is all about!”

Jason smirked once again and said, “Fine. I’ll wipe you out as quickly as an Arcanine’s Extremespeed attack! You’ve been messing with the wrong person, Kevin. And now’s your time to pay for it!”

Kevin and Jason stood there on the cement of the city that was beige in color. Suddenly, a flock of Pidgey began flying over the place known as Cherrygrove City, passing over this city to get to Violet City a lot faster.

“Pidgggg!” Pidgey chirped out loud, creating a musical, dazzling tone of their voices combined together.

“Alright, you ready?” Kevin asked, seeing that Trapinch was already ready for battle.

Trapinch was on the ground, growling furiously at Jason.

“I’m ready…let’s go, Cyndaquil!” Jason said, suddenly tossing up his pokeball.

It opened, releasing a shining-white pokemon from inside. This color began fading away, adding the true colors of this pokemon. Kevin noticed that this pokemon was a bit odd to be a fire-type pokemon.

Its small body was yellow that shined brightly in the sunlight. There was a long, black stripe that was from the tip of its nose to the very back of its body. Its head was similar to an aardvark’s, only the nose wasn’t as along as the nose of this specific animal.

It had little hands with one dull nail on its feet that were nicely polished. But, what made this pokemon even more interesting was the fact that fire emitted from the entire area of its back, making trainers know that this was a fire-type pokemon!

Trapinch growled at this Cyndaquil, seeing that it was a pokemon of Jason’s.

“Cyndaquil Cyndaaa!” Cyndaquil yelled out, sensing that something was wrong with Trapinch.

But, since it knew that it was better than Trapinch, then it had nothing to worry about in this battle. As the red and yellow flames burned strongly on Cyndaquil’s back, Kevin looked in astonishment at this unusual fire-type pokemon.

“Wow…so this is Cyndaquil…” Kevin thought to himself.

To find out more information, he took out his pokedex. The red, highly advanced technology scanned the data of Cyndaquil, saved it and repeated the data through a mechanical voice.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs310.gif{Cyndaquil, the flame pokemon. Cyndaquil is of the fire-type pokemon and can intimidate its foes by blasting the flames from out of its back. Cyndaquil’s attacks are Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen and Ember. Grass pokemon should never try to challenge a Cyndaquil, unless they are ready for a burn.}

Kevin understood this and knew that Trapinch could win against a Cyndaquil, since ground took the advantage over fire. Then, as the winds began to lose wind speed, their battle had begun!

“Cyndaquil, use your Tackle attack!” Jason ordered determinedly.

“Cyndaaaa…quilllll!” Cyndaquil screeched out angrily.

Suddenly, Cyndaquil began running on its heads and legs, leading its Tackle attack straight for the brown sand dig pokemon. Running with magnificent speed, Cyndaquil was ready to take down this Trapinch!

“Trapinch, use Sand-Attack!” Kevin commanded immediately.

To stop Cyndaquil, Trapinch took command and turned around, now facing the Pokemon Market. Calmly, Trapinch began kicking its back legs repeatedly, kicking up piles of dirt.

As they soared across towards the fire mouse pokemon, Cyndaquil had no choice but to stop its attack and to counter the Sand-Attack coming from Trapinch.

Cyndaquil covered its thin eyes to block the Sand-Attack from coming in contact with its eyes. Now this was both Trapinch and Kevin’s chance!

“Trapinch, try your Pursuit attack!” Kevin barked out.

Trapinch took command and immediately proceeded with the Pursuit attack Kevin told it to use. The brown sand dig pokemon suddenly evaporated into the atmosphere, collecting dark powers to use this attack.

Noticing that the Sand-Attack was over, Cyndaquil lowered its small arms from its eyes, seeing its entire atmosphere. But, the core of the situation was gone!

“Cynda?” Cyndaquil said, confused about where Trapinch went.

But, something really surprised it when Trapinch suddenly reappeared right in front of it, having a black veil around its brown body.

“Tra…pinch!” Trapinch roared out, tackling Cyndaquil with all of its might.

Cyndaquil fell on its back pretty hard, screeching out its name angrily. Kevin began getting excited, since his Trapinch was taking the lead of the battle! But, he had to stop this now that Cyndaquil was back on its feet!

“Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen!” Jason yelled out.

Cyndaquil opened its mouth, releasing a thick, black smoke around their entire battle area. This made the battle even more interesting…

As the thick black smoke began invading their battle area, Trapinch’s black body veil disappeared from around its body. Looking around in confusion, Trapinch didn’t know what to do in this situation!

Blinking its star pupil eyes in confusion, Kevin had to deal with this situation. But, Kevin knew that Trapinch could do something even though the thick, black smoke had crowded the area.

Meanwhile, Jason was very happy with this attack decision. He knew that Kevin wouldn’t have anything to do to stop this attack, so by using it, it would determine to outcome of the battle.

“Cyndaquil, use Ember!” Kevin commanded immediately.

Heating up the burning, dazzling flames on its back, Cyndaquil began to open its mouth. Abruptly, a series of orange, hot ember missiles came flying out of Cyndaquil’s mouth, leading straight into the smoke where Trapinch was.

Kevin couldn’t see anything much, but he heard a sound that didn’t sound too good.

“Trappp!” Trapinch yelped out, being stricken with the Ember attack harshly.

But, things began lighting up when Kevin developed a plan!

“Trapinch, use Pursuit again!” Kevin commanded.

Trapinch began to emit a black shield around its body as it evaporated into the atmosphere once again. Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t hear the command so he didn’t know what to prepare for. But, as the smoke cleared, Jason knew that Trapinch was gone again!

“Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen again!” Jason hollered out.

But, it was too late. Trapinch reappeared, tackling straight into Cyndaquil with great power. Cyndaquil crashed on the ground on its back, aching in pain.

“Now, use Bite!” Kevin yelled.

Trapinch scampered away towards Cyndaquil, opening its large mouth. Too weak to get up, Cyndaquil was bitten furiously by Trapinch, being thrown back on the ground. Unable to get up, Cyndaquil was defeated!

Angrily, Jason returned his Cyndaquil back into its pokeball. He began getting upset, and ran out of the small city.

Kevin looked back and said, “This isn’t the end…I know it isn’t.”

Then, he walked over towards Trapinch, who was now feeling like he was a king! Kevin picked Trapinch up and hugged it, happy that it won its second battle!

“Trapinch, you are the greatest!” Kevin complimented.

As the sunny skies beamed on the city, with the Royal Highness Roses blooming beautifully and with the lake having a class of Poliwag dancing around underwater, Trapinch was feeling the new love that its trainer was developing for it…but as always...one battle leaves, yet another one takes place...

Scorch Ry
06-29-2004, 05:43 AM
Kevin, now walking with his new Charmander, continued down the Route, now crossing over to Route 31. After capturing his very first pokemon, Charmander, Kevin was now determined to battle more since he would have two pokemon instead of depending on just one.

And, he knew that his Trapinch needed to get some rest, so he decided to let Charmander stay outside of its pokeball with Kevin while Trapinch would peacefully sleep in its pokeball, dreaming about one day, having a large green set of wings to help it fly around.

Also, Kevin needed to discover some of Charmander’s attack besides its Ember and Iron Tail technique. So, there was only one way to figure this out!

Route 31 looked exactly like Route 30, only there were more grassland than pine trees. On the pine trees were Seedot and Pineco, hanging from the branches softly. Seedot did this to get fluids from the tree bark to help it maintain power.

When a Seedot was fully done drinking fluids, it would immediately evolve into Nuzleaf that were at least 10 times more powerful than its pre-evolution Seedot. The wild Pineco were tree lovers and it was part of their nature to hang from strong tree branches. The pine trees having wonderful, dark green leaves that were very big for their size!

With their wavy shape, these leaves just had to hold something magical about them. There was the same beige concrete path that would lead Kevin and his pokemon to Violet City, where the first Gym Leader would be awaiting them.

The grass was uncut, however; that is what made the difference between Route 30 and Route 31. The grass was several inches tall, nearly over half the height of Kevin! With their sharp, pointy tips and their tall, itchy sensations, Kevin didn’t bother to try to walk into such mess like that!

As the Bellossom began dancing along the concrete road, Kevin noticed this and stopped to watch the little performance. With their small, green bodies and with the two-bloomed yellow roses as their listening structures, the wild Bellossom were actually very unique!

Waving their small arms to the right of them, they began moving from side to side, elegantly saying their name in their sweet little voices.

“Bellossom, Bellossom Bell!” The Bellossom sung together, singing like a sensational singing group.

With their voices combining together, Kevin could see that his Charmander was beginning to get drowsy. Its eyes were halfway closed as its head was slightly moving from left to right in a silent, gazing rhythm that was moving along with the tone.

Seeing that, Kevin thought, “These Bellossom must be using Grasswhistle or Sing because Charmander was wide awoke a minute ago.”

Seeing this, he didn’t want to let Charmander fall asleep while he was trying to find a challenge!

He got up from under one of the tall pine trees and said, “Let’s go. That’s enough of listening to these Bellossom! I don’t need you to fall asleep around this time because we need to find you an opponent to battle.”

Without hesitation, Kevin walked away from the performing Bellossom since Charmander was beginning to become sleepy. Charmander released a long yawn, making Kevin notice that it must have been sleepy already.

“Charrrrr.” Charmander growled out while releasing another yawn.

Kevin just had to let Charmander take a short nap since it was very tired-looking.

Kevin sat down on a smooth rock that was sparkling silver magnificently. The top surface was very smooth while cracks were all around this silver rock.

Kevin lied Charmander down on the surface next to him, seeing that it fell asleep already. Kevin looked at his cute little orange lizard, sleeping peacefully and calmly. As the flame on its tail burned brightly, Kevin rubbed his hand along Charmander’s orange back.

“Just sleep away, my friend.” Kevin said to his Charmander, deciding not the bother it until it would wake up again.

Then, Kevin reached for his pokeball on his thin, black necklass around his neck. He pulled it off, pressed the button to enlarge the pokeball and opened it. Suddenly, Kevin’s Trapinch appeared right in front of him, blinking its wonderful star pupil eyes at him.

“Good afternoon, Trapinch.” Kevin said to Trapinch.

Trapinch nodded its head, seeing that it was the afternoon times. The lightblue skies’ color had deepened into a darker blue color that matched the entire Route 31 astonishingly.

Kevin picked up Trapinch and pulled out his pokedex, wondering what attack Trapinch would learn next. Kevin was seeing that his Trapinch was getting stronger since it learned two moves called Pursuit and Beat Up.

But, he knew that the better moves would come soon, but how soon? Kevin wanted to find out so he went to his pokedex for the answer. The red, small device pulled up Trapinch’s data and began repeating Trapinch’s attack data.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs116.gif{Trapinch learns ground-type moves along with dark-type moves like Pursuit. Trapinch learns its moves in the following order: Bite, Sand-Attack, Pursuit, Beat Up, Faint Attack, Magnitude, Sand Tomb, Crunch, Dig, Sandstorm, Earthquake, and finally Hyper Beam. So, after Trapinch learns Beat Up, its next upcoming move to learn is Faint Attack. However, this roster will change around if Trapinch evolves into a Vibrava, meaning that dragon moves will be added to the roster.}

Kevin nodded his head and figured out that his Trapinch would learn Faint Attack next.

“That move sounds very appealing,” Kevin announced. “I wonder how that move works…”

Then, Kevin also decided to look up Charmander’s attack data since he didn’t know some of Charmander’s attacks.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs206.gif{Charmander learns fire-type moves, normal-type moves and a few dragon-type moves like Dragon Rage. Charmander learns its move in the following order: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Iron Tail, Smokescreen, Metal Claw, Rage, Flamethrower, Slash, Dragon Rage, Fire Spin and the finally Fire Blast. So, if your Charmander’s last move was Smokescreen, then the next move for it to learn would be called Metal Claw. Take note that Charmander’s attack roster will change dramatically if it manages to evolve into a Charmeleon, meaning more dragon-type moves and more fire-type moves would be added to its move roster.}

Now Kevin had ran into a problem; he didn’t know what Charmander’s last move was! Since Charmander had used Iron Tail before, it was up to learning Smokescreen. But, Kevin didn’t see Charmander use Smokescreen, so he assumed that Smokescreen would be Charmander’s next move to learn.

So, obviously, Charmander did not learn Smokescreen since it didn’t use it when it was battling against Kevin’s Charmander. So, now that he knew what moves his pokemon knew, Kevin had his mind together!

As Kevin began to gently stroke Trapinch’s back, he began hearing a sudden movement in the nearby bushes. With their noisy shaking sound, Kevin turned back to see if he saw anything or anything.

Fortunately, he saw nothing, so he assumed that it was the wind blowing the bushes around the create sound an anonymous noise like that. As Trapinch began purring like a cat, Kevin suddenly heard a movement right behind him.

Kevin briskly turned around, seeing that there was one person standing there. Kevin got up, noticing that this person looked to be very angry. This person was a male, having his long brown hair in a stylish ponytail.

This man was very, very muscular, which made Kevin assume that this man had a very good attitude about fitness. Wearing black sunglasses, these concealed his hazel eyes. He was wearing a striped lightblue and white muscle shirt with the dark blue jogging pants to match.

But, some things that were a bit odd really made Kevin suspicious. For one, this man was wearing a lightblue and white bandana that was safely secured on his head. Second were these little symbols Kevin detected on the sides of this man’s pants legs and in the center of the man’s muscle shirt.

The symbol looked like a cross bone, excluding the ‘X’ symbol. It appeared to be a set of legs on the outline of the bone picture with two twigs on each side of the leg. The bone symbol was in the shape, but hallowed darkblue.

There was also a little horn on the tip of the bonehead, making this symbol look to have legs, but were actually wings. So all together, Kevin has suspected that this man was apart of a gang or alliance!

Kevin took a firm grip on his Trapinch, who was now figuring out that Kevin was developing suspicious thoughts of this man standing behind him.

“Anything wrong?” Kevin asked aggressively, desperately wanting the man to leave him alone.

Scorch Ry
06-29-2004, 05:45 AM
This man folded his arms, smirking with his mouth.

“Kid, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you know who I am?” The man asked, seeing that his kid had no idea to whom this man was.

Kevin looked in confusion, wondering why the man asked such a stupid question like that.

“Um, no I don’t know you. If I did, I would know, wouldn’t I?” Kevin asked.

The man grew an angry face, seeing that this kid was talking mess to the wrong person.

“Well let me introduce myself,” the man began. “My name is Thomas, one of the executives of Team Aqua! Team Aqua soars in the ocean, hoping to one day, capture the greatest of water pokemon alike! We hope to help rise the water bodies throughout the world so that people can always go swimming, live in floating homes and to have a wonderful, submerged world! This plan will also give water pokemon a great place to live and to multiply! But, we will need one pokemon to do this!” Thomas explained, thinking that his introduction that he gave Kevin Earth was very mysterious and wonderful.

Kevin gasped, seeing that this team had come to Johto like everyone expected!

Trapinch looked in confusion, seeing that after the other human announced something, his trainer and best friend was in horror.

“Trappp?” Trapinch said, still wanting to know what was going on here.

It silently watched and listened as Kevin was about to speak.

“So, you’re the team who has tried to resurrect that Kyogre from the Cave Of Origin!” Kevin barked out, getting serious about this situation.

Thomas laughed, seeing that this kid did learn about them.

“Yep, that was us,” Thomas explained. “We tried to, but somehow, Kyogre had awoken and sent out flying right out of the Cave Of Origin. Since we disturbed it, we witnessed its awesome power, which was relentless. Our mightiest pokemon weren’t suitable for the job, but after hearing that the three legendary dogs were on the loose in Johto, we decided to go after the one that could defeat Kyogre: Suicune and Raikou. They will both be hard to beat, but with our two master balls, we will definitely succeed!”

Kevin couldn’t believe it! Team Aqua was planning to capture the graceful legendary dogs that awoke from their sleep two weeks ago from the Ecruteak Golden Palace.

No one planned to bother them so that they could live their new lives, but now Kevin knew that Team Aqua was here to take Suicune, the water wind spirit and Raikou, the thunderstorm spirit. And now that Kevin knew their plans, he had no choice but to stop them.

As Charmander began moving, it slowly opened its eyes. Charmander began to stretch its legs, happy that it took a nice, long and comforting nap. Charmander released a yawn but quickly stopped as it saw its trainer debating with some other human wearing blue.

Charmander darted to its trainer, hoping that it wasn’t missing a battle or anything like that. Kevin was beginning to get angered by this Thomas man and wanted to stop this team before it would get serious.

“Thomas, your team is nothing but people who want to take innocent pokemon to get what you want, and that’s not fair for the pokemon!” Kevin yelled out.

“Well, doesn’t this look wonderful,” Thomas replied. “A starter trainer who actually thinks that he will actually stop Team Aqua! Oh, give me a break…you won’t be able to mess with Team Aqua!”

“Well, I bet I can beat you.” Kevin responded, hoping for a battle from this so-called ‘executive’ of Team Aqua.

Thomas unfolded his arms and shook his head.

“I would be wasting my time trying to battle you. You won’t win,” Thomas yelped out, seeing that this trainer was trying to challenge him. “I have better things to do right now.”

As Thomas walked away, Kevin released a small laugh.

“I thought you would back away…just like what cowards do! If you were a real executive, then you would immediately challenge me to a battle rather than making some sick excuse like you just did!” Kevin replied.

The trainer noticed that this Team Aqua member was trying to escape from his battle opportunity. But, Thomas had turned around, seeing that this little trainer and his Trapinch were asking for it.

Thomas approached Kevin, noticing a Charmander standing next to him.

“So, it looks like you have two pokemon instead of one. At least something impresses me,” Thomas said. “But, we can have a two-on-two battle if you know what that is!”

Scorch Ry
06-29-2004, 05:51 AM
Kevin began to get excited inside; he would have his first two-on-two battle, plus he would be battling a Team Aqua Executive.

“Sure, I know what that is…let’s get down!” Kevin announced.

He was ready to teach this executive a lesson about messing around with a future master trainer!

Thomas grabbed two of his pokeballs from his belt and said, “Let’s go, Poochyena and Surskit!”

Thomas tossed up his two pokeballs and they opened, releasing two white figures from within. As the figures began taking in their colors, Kevin was amazed with what two pokemon Thomas had in his possession.

Thomas’s first pokemon had some of the characteristics of a wolf. Its fur was the dazzling gray color, while it had a long, bushy tail that was fluffy and just amazing. The pokemon had yellow eyes that sparkled in the sunlight wonderfully.

Its nose was red, while its face happened to be the color of black. This color was also noticed on the pokemon’s paws, which were developing sharp nails.

As this pokemon growled angrily, Kevin noticed that this wolf pokemon had sharp, white teeth that looked very dangerous to touch and vicious enough to tear through flesh.

Now, the other pokemon didn’t have this appeal; it appeared to be a bug-type pokemon. Its entire, shiny body was lightblue that could conceal it underwater. Its head had an oval shape that looked like an egg that tipped over on a countertop.

Its shiny, little four legs were lightblue that were very easy for this pokemon to walk on. It had pink cheeks that were directly under its two eyes that were so cute. And to top things off, there was such sort of golden fur on the top of its head with a point to it.

As both of these pokemon growled, Kevin had to take out his pokedex, due to the fact that he had never saw these pokemon before.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs010.gif{Poochyena, the howling pokemon. Poochyena may seem very vicious, but many compliments are above its astounding record. If Poochyena is being attacked, it may turn its tail around to scare to enemy away. Poochyena is an omnivore and will eat anything that seems appropriate for it. Some of Poochyena’s attacks are Bite, Howl, Sand-Attack and Tackle.}

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs032.gif{Surskit, the water bug pokemon. Surskit can appear to be skating on water since its legs are very thin. Surskit can magically use water attacks after inheriting the water-type. Surskit was born underwater so that’s how it inherited the water-type. Some of Surskit’s attacks are Bubble, Quick Attack and Water Sport.}

“Surskit Sur!” Surskit screeched out, seeing that it was about to be in a challenge.

“Poocheeee!” Poochyena hollered out, ready to beat up that Trapinch.

Kevin looked down at his two pokemon, seeing that Surskit took the advantage over both Charmander and Trapinch. But, he knew that they could win against them.

“Let’s go Charmander and Trapinch! Let’s show these two what power is all about!”

Trapinch jumped out of the trainer’s arms, while Charmander ran up right next to Trapinch. Then, as the pink petals blew past the pokemon, the match had begun!

“Surskit, use Bubble on Charmander! Poochyena, use Tackle on Trapinch!” Thomas strictly ordered.

Surskit began blowing out blue, water bubbles towards the lizard pokemon, while Poochyena darted away towards the brown sand dig pokemon.

“Charmander, dodge! Trapinch, use Sand-Attack!” Kevin ordered.

Charmander jumped back to dodge the Bubble attack while Trapinch turned its body around, ready to use its attack. Abruptly, Trapinch began kicking up its back legs, kicking up piles of soft, brown dirt.

As the dirt was kicked across the field, it happened to hit Poochyena straight in its eyes! Poochyena paused and began wiping away the dirt from its eyes so it could see that little sand dig pokemon.

“Charmander, use Ember! Trapinch, use your Pursuit!” Kevin commanded immediately.

Charmander opened its mouth, releasing orange ember missiles that were fiery and hot! They were all shot towards Surskit, blasting it back with such power! Surskit closed its eyes, taking the attack fiercely.

Meanwhile, Trapinch began to develop a black shield that enveloped its delicate body. Then, it reappeared, tackling Poochyena with good power. However, Poochyena didn’t take much damage since it was a pure dark-type, and taking its own type attack is nothing.

Finally, Poochyena was able to wipe away the dirt from its eyes, getting angry about the sudden attack that Trapinch gave it to them. Meanwhile, Surskit took the Ember attack roughly, but it managed to recover. Surskit screeched out its name loudly, angry that that lizard had attacked it!

“Surskit, use Water Sport! Poochyena, retaliate with another Tackle attack!” Thomas commanded fiercely.

Surskit began shooting out drops of water in a beautiful pattern around their surroundings. Meanwhile, Poochyena darted away to go and use Tackle on Trapinch, but Charmander stepped in!

“Charmander, use Iron Tail!” Kevin ordered.

Charmander’s fiery orange end of its tail began glowing white all over with such outstanding brightness. Charmander immediately turned around, slamming its tail right into Poochyena to protect Trapinch.

Now working together, Kevin’s team had just reached a new level! As Poochyena was struck with the sudden Iron Tail attack from Charmander, it was blown back from the ruthlessly strong attack. Poochyena fell onto the ground, hurt from that attack. This was beginning to make Thomas angry.

“Surskit, use Quick Attack on Charmander! Poochyena, use Howl!”

Poochyena was hurt from that attack, but began howling out loud to increase its own attack. Meanwhile, Surskit scampered off towards the orange lizard, tackling it away into a nearby tree. Charmander slowly slid down, hurt from that attack. Kevin couldn’t believe it!

“Trapinch, use Beat-Up! Charmander, use Ember! Get those two pokemon!” Kevin yelled out.

Trapinch began growing a dark look on his face, with the anger increasing in its body. Suddenly, Trapinch darted away towards Poochyena, tackling it repeatedly until Poochyena would be unable to battle.

Meanwhile, Charmander got back up on its feet and began shooting out orange, fiery ember missiles towards the water bug pokemon. Disdainfully, Surskit took the Ember attack, being knocked out immediately.

Then, Trapinch tackled Surskit, with Surskit landing on the beaten Poochyena. Trapinch and Charmander stood next to each other, winning their two-on-two battle!

“Return, Poochyena and Surskit.” Thomas said, returning his two pokemon into their pokeballs.

After doing so, he looked up and saw the trainer, hugging both of his pokemon. Seeing that this trainer was indeed a handful, he smirked.

“This won’t be the last time we meet, Kevin. I’ll see you again.” Thomas yelled out to Kevin.

Kevin and his two pokemon looked, noticing that Thomas wasn't joking one bit. Then, Thomas walked away, suffering defeat…

“I’m so proud of you two!” Kevin said, hugging his two pokemon.

But, he knew that Thomas would run into him again. And when he would, Kevin would be ready for his full assault!

Scorch Ry
06-29-2004, 06:43 PM
As the breezes whispered by Kevin, the male trainer confusingly woke up. He smiled, knowing that he had only went through his dreams like he would usually. The male trainer was of the Latino race, having such remarkable caramel skin tone.

His eyes were a greenish color that would usually scare a few of his friends every now and then. Many Latinos wouldn’t have green eyes, but Kevin thought that with him being one with then, that made him very unique from the rest.

Kevin had grown, now becoming the sweet age of seventeen. He was very, very muscular, having such buff arms. The teen also had abs, that really impressed all of the girls that would gaze at him from top to bottom.

Also, male trainer had about four tattoos on his body; two were on his arm, one was on his right chest, and the other was a little below his stomach. He had curly hair that would be brushed on a regular basis.

The teen would wear sheer muscle shirts, since he wanted to become a model. However, his dreams changed once he got into pokemon battling and befriending all pokemon. But, he would still wear muscle shirts with his red jeans shorts. Topping the outfit off with his new red and white gymshoes, Kevin was one of the popular trainers of today.

So, four years had pasted his he started, now having an evolved team. But, even though he had a Flygon, Charizard, Espeon, Dodrio and Lapras, he still needed two more pokemon so he could make the most strategic, yet most powerful team he could make.

Kevin got up and looked around, looking for the two pokemon he needed. The two pokemon were Onix and Ralts. The reason he wanted these pokemon were because Onix was one of the most underused pokemon out there.

Many people wouldn’t use it, or couldn’t even find one. Ralts, on the other hand, was very difficult to capture, since it would easily use Teleport to escape the battle scene. But, after studying about these two pokemon, the teen knew exactly what to do to get these pokemon in his pure hands.

The teen began walking on the high mountains of the Glacefair area. Nothing but mountains were in the area, howling with a whispering sensation. Tall pine trees littered the area, sweet in aroma and proximity. The grass was growing wildly, though it wasn’t tall enough to hide wild pokemon from upcoming humans.

The mountains were littered with grass and tall pine trees, making this place very simple. As Kevin continued walking down the eastern mountain, he heard the trees create such a laughing noise.

“That’s odd,” Kevin announced. “Who would be sitting on a mountains, laughing like that?”

To find out, the teen slowly snuck behind the tree. Kevin was still the adventurous type, taking as many chances as he could in different kinds of situations. Kevin began feeling a bit happy, since the Glacefair area were only inhabited with the pokemon known as Onix and Ralts. So, he hoped that these were pokemon laughing, not humans.

As he looked, a smirk grew on his face as he saw a wide, open space with nothing but grass there. The tall pine trees circled around this evenly cut grass, acting like a shield that was protecting the pokemon from outside predators.

Kevin watched as he saw a wild Onix and Ralts, laughing together in sheer harmony. The wild Ralts was sitting on Onix’s long, rocky body, speaking to it in pokemon language. Kevin just loved it when pokemon would communicate with one another, sharing jokes and laughing together.

“Great…I found exactly what I’m looking for,” Kevin announced.

The teen took out his pokedex and pressed the blue button on the door. The red door opened, revealing all of the buttons and the black screen. The teen easily steadied the pokedex on both pokemon, making the red mechanical device store the image, save and then upload the data.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs265.gif{Onix, the rock pokemon. Onix are becoming more difficult to battle ever since they found out a way to evolve it into a Steelix. Onix usually inhabit mountain areas, since they really love open spaces. Onix can learn a variety of attacks, making this pokemon very interesting to possess. Onix evolves into a Steelix with the help of a Metal Coat}

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs029.gif{Ralts, the mind pokemon. Ralts love to use Teleport to escape any battle, allowing more and more to become free. Even though Ralts love humans, they hate becoming the trainer’s pokemon since they don’t like battling much. Ralts can magically feel what any person is feeling at the moment, making them one of the most useful psychic fortune tellers. Ralts evolves into Kirlia, then evolves into its final form, Gardevoir.}

Kevin placed his pokedex up, and quickly pulled out two pokeballs. Since he researched about these two pokemon, he had decided upon the best two pokemon to use against these two wild pokemon.

“Onix and Ralts, you’re mine!” Kevin screamed out.

He pressed the gray buttons in the center of the orbs, causing them to expand greatly. He then tossed the two pokeballs up into the clean air, with Ralts and Onix noticing this. Ralts floated right off of Onix’s body, while Onix positioned to attack. Ralts grew such an angry face, staring right into the eyes of Kevin.

Suddenly, the pokeball opened, releasing two white figures. However, one landed on the ground while the other white figure began flapping such large wings. The luminous white color immediately faded away from the two pokemon, showing their true characteristics. Kevin had strategically chose Flygon and Espeon; Espeon would battle against Ralts, while Flygon would take on the wild Onix.

“Espeon and Flygon…it’s time for you two to battle!” Kevin hollered.

Flygon nodded, flapping its magnificent wings with such elegance. Espeon, on the other hand, angrily stared into the eyes of Ralts, ready to take on this pokemon.

Flygon then grew an angry expression, leveling its body to match the height of Onix’s head. As the winds began to calm down, the sweet aromas began breezing through the area. Then, before Kevin knew it, Ralts and Onix proceeded into their battle!

The psychic type pokemon floating in the sky while Onix quickly slithered on the grass, heading for Flygon. Espeon looked up, seeing that the wild Ralts began glowing a rainbow color. Before Kevin could command an attack, he watched as Espeon was enveloped in a rainbow color also. Then, hastily, the psychic cat pokemon was lift off of the ground, having Kevin in sheer shock.

Meanwhile, Onix proceeded towards Flygon, closing in for a Take Down attack. Luckily, Flygon was a lot faster than this rock snake pokemon, so dodging this attack was fairly easy. The dragon type pokemon soared above Onix, dodging the Take Down attack easily.

“Espeon, use Psybeam! Flygon, use your Faint Attack!” Kevin ordered.

Espeon tried its best to break free from Ralts’ Psychic, but this mystery psychic pokemon just wouldn’t give up not one bit! Still in complete control, Ralts threw its arms to the right, causing the psychic cat to be thrown right onto the ground roughly.

“Ralts!!” Ralts screamed loudly, enjoying the control festivity it was having with this Espeon.

Flygon, on the other hand, was enjoying battling this wild Onix. Black fog enveloped the dragon type’s body, sparkling with such dazzling white and black colors.

Soon enough, Flygon evaporated into the atmosphere, confusing the wild Onix greatly. But, it was stunned at Flygon reappeared, striking the rock snake pokemon right into its face. The rock type pokemon crashed into the ground, taking the Faint Attack harder than what Kevin had suspected.

As Onix laid on the ground, cringing in pain, Ralts managed to lose control over its Psychic attack on Espeon. The psychic cat got up and angrily hissed at Ralts, making the wild mystery psychic pokemon mouth filled with laughter. Meanwhile, Onix also managed to get up from its fall, shaking its head from the dizziness of the Faint Attack it took.

Onix began bellowing around, charging again towards the mystical dragon pokemon. But, Onix’s body began glowing a red in color, showing the true anger it was building up. Kevin couldn’t detect this attack until the Onix tricked Flygon and threw its tail straight in its body. Flygon soared down toward the ground, hurt from this attack. Then, the teen had detected that attack!

“Flygon, that was Onix’s Rage attack,” Kevin explained. “Use Sand Tomb! Espeon, fight back with Psybeam!”

The psychic cat’s red ruby began sparkling a rainbow color. Soon enough, a blast came from the ruby, acting like its Psybeam attack. The attack was glittering a rainbow color as it struck Ralts, weakening it a little. The mystery psychic pokemon began spinning uncontrollably, about to become confused from the Psybeam attack.

Meanwhile, Flygon managed to hear the command and began spinning rapidly towards the ground. Before landing, the dragon type pokemon struck the ground with its green dragon fist, causing sand rocks to trap Onix. The sand rocks squeezed Onix’s body, weakening it more and more.

Since this was a ground attack, and Onix was weak against ground, this attack would be perfect to use to make Onix not attack as much. But, just like every two pokemon, these two wild pokemon had developed plans to use in case this would happen to them.

Flygon headed over to help Espeon with that wild Ralts. They both watched as Ralts spun uncontrollably. But, Kevin watched as the sand rocks began loosening away from Onix’s body, making him realize that Ralts was pulling off its Psychic attack again!

Espeon also detected this and began speaking with Flygon. The dragon type flew over and noticed that the tall beige sand rocks weren’t close enough to trap the rock snake. Meanwhile, Espeon had to focus upon stopping this Ralts from using its Psychic attack so effectively like it was.

Scorch Ry
06-29-2004, 07:48 PM
The wild Ralts began glowing a rainbow color, crying out a horribly angry voice. Onix slithered right past Flygon, sliding right next to the mystery psychic pokemon. Kevin knew that these two pokemon would work to help one another from being captured. But, the teen wouldn’t have suspected this attack combo that was coming.

Onix’s rocks began spinning furiously, glowing a brownish tint. Soon, the entire area was now in a sandstorm, with the sand brewing around vigorously.

Ralts was still spinning in the sandstorm, but what really made it interesting was when the mystery psychic pokemon spun twice as fast. Raging with such psychic powers, Ralts managed to create a vicious sand tornado that would work perfectly for the battle.

Kevin couldn’t see any of the battle, but knew that Espeon and Flygon would work together on their own to show how much they wanted to win the battle. Espeon jumped on Flygon’s back as the dragon type lead them into the high skies.

Onix was still using Sandstorm, but Ralts knew that something was wrong. Flygon also knew how to use Sandstorm, so why didn’t it attack? The psychic type traveled around in the sandstorm, trying to find these two pokemon.

Kevin, on the other hand, had saw that Flygon helped Espeon off of the ground and it flapped its magnificent wings above the sandstorm. As the tornado softened a little, the teen knew that this was his chance!

“Flygon and Espeon, use Hyper Beam and Psybeam right in the tornado!” Kevin commanded.

Flygon and Espeon listened upon their trainer’s command and acted as fast as they could. Flygon opened its mouth, building up as much power as it could. A yellow sphere formed its mouth as the dragon type shot out the beam. The yellow and white colors were mixed together in this beam as it soared down towards the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Espeon managed to get out another Psybeam attack from the red ruby on its forehead. As the beam sparkled red, purple, blue and white, things began to change a little.

Fortunately, Kevin and his two pokemon watched as both the Hyper Beam and Psybeam attack collided, fusing its one incredible strong attack. Glowing with mystical colors, the fused beam headed right into the center of the funnel.

Onix began getting a little tired from using its Sandstorm attack so it stopped immediately. Ralts, on the other hand, couldn’t see in the sandstorm very well. As Ralts floated towards the funnel, the fused beam traveled straight down the funnel. Soon enough, the beam struck the beam, erupting the entire area. Ralts and Onix took the attack much harder, flying right into the trees behind them.

Smoke clouded the area, but soon evaporated. Now, the battlefield was visible, and Flygon proceeded towards regular grass grounds. With Espeon on its back, Flygon had to fly faster, but more steadily. Soon, they landed and the psychic cat jumped off of Flygon’s back, growling angrily at the hurt Ralts. Flygon flew towards Onix, ready to take any attack that would come at it.

Ralts opened its eyes, witnessing the Espeon again. Soon, it came to the conclusion that the attack came from both pokemon, which made the attack more devastating that normal. The mystery psychic pokemon began glowing white, making Kevin wondered if it was evolving or not. Soon, tons of Ralts circled around Espeon, trapping it in their ring.

Meanwhile, Flygon proceeded towards Onix. Even though it was hurt from the attack, Onix began glowing a red color once more. Once again, it got up and struck Flygon repeatedly, weakening Kevin’s dragon pokemon slowly.

“Espeon, use Swift! Flygon, Dragonbreath!” Kevin instructed.

While the copies surrounded Espeon, the psychic cat began shooting small yellow stars. However, Ralts suddenly sent hypnotic waves towards Espeon, making the psychic cat fall straight asleep. Kevin gasped, knowing that Ralts was trying to use some attack to weaken Espeon quickly.

Meanwhile, Flygon hit the ground roughly as Onix wrapped its long body around the mystical dragon. Squeezing Flygon roughly, the dragon type was now trapped within Onix’s body. “FLYGON!!” Flygon screamed, trying its best to get loose.

The male trainer had to think of something fast! His Flygon was trapped in Onix’s long, rocky body while Espeon was peacefully sleeping on the grass. He horribly watched as both wild pokemon took advantage of this situation.

The mystery psychic pokemon held out its small white hands, which were glowing a deep purple color. Soon, Espeon began glowing this color also, but its energy was transferring into Ralts’ body! Ralts began sucking up Espeon’s energy, eating its dreams of energy. Kevin detected that this move was called Dream Eater and could only work if the defending pokemon was asleep.

Meanwhile, Onix managed to jump off of the ground a little, slamming Flygon into the ground below. Flygon took the attack very roughly, cringing in such pain. Kevin knew that this battle would be hard, but not this hard to catch two pokemon!

“Espeon…WAKE UP!!!” Kevin yelled.

Espeon was still sound asleep, becoming weaker and weaker. Meanwhile, Ralts was becoming stronger and stronger, since it was taking more and more of Espeon’s energy. Flygon saw this also and yelled angrily and as loud as it could. Espeon angrily shot its eyes wide open, feeling a lot weaker than it did.

“Great, Flygon! Now, Espeon, use Morning Sun! Flygon, use Dragonbreath!” Kevin yelled happily.

Espeon began soaking in the sun’s rays, gaining its full energy back. The copies of Ralts magically disappeared, since Ralts didn’t need them anymore. Soon enough, the psychic cat had soaked in enough rays to gain back all of its power.

Meanwhile, Flygon flapped its wings angrily and shot out teal flames. The sparkled in the sun wonderfully, striking Onix straight in the midpoint of its body. Since that was Onix’s weak point, it took the attack more effectively than it would.

“Now, use Shadow Ball and Dragon Claw!” Kevin hollered.

Espeon built up ghostly powers and ghost electricity as they formed into a small sphere in its mouth. Soon, Espeon shot out the Shadow Ball attack, making it hit Ralts head-on. The mystery psychic pokemon took the attack harshly, being knocked out instantly.

Meanwhile, Flygon’s claws were glowing with red and green colors. It flew up and struck Onix with both claws, finishing the rock snake off as well. Onix fell right on top of Ralts, hurting Ralts even more.

Quickly, Kevin threw out two pokeballs. They opened and sucked both pokemon in as they fell on the grass and began rocking back and forth…

Jack of Clovers
06-30-2004, 06:56 AM
im holding this orange story for DP to grade for his grader test. his grade is not official until i post with my own grade after his. thanks, have a nice day.


Scorch Ry
06-30-2004, 12:16 PM
Alright. I'll be waiting for DP's grade. ^_^. I wish good luck to him and hopes he does his best.

Agent Orange
06-30-2004, 04:44 PM
Story: Whew! It was very nice. I liked the plot, although following a rather basic idea, I enjoyed it. The many battles added intrest.

Grammar and Spelling: Oh, this was bad.
Sleep = Sleeping
Lied = Laid
Were = Was
Awoke = Awake
Necklass = Necklace
pokedex = Pokedex
pokemon = Pokemon
pokeball = Pokeball
Water Sport = Water Spurt
“A starter trainer who actually thinks that he will actually stop Team Aqua!" =
the second actually was not needed.

Detail: Oh, wow! I felt like I was watching this from the side. Amazing description! I felt like I could see it all happening.

Length: Amazing. This was very long, and far surpasses what is needed for the capture. Good job!

Reality: Okay, but what and where is Glacefair?

Battle: Perfect. Nice length, nice attack balance, gorgeous detail.

Tips: Always spell out letters. 2 becomes two. Putting the number makes your story look unproffesional.

Outcome: I think that despite the bad Grammar and Spelling grade, considering the length and desription...

Onix + Ralts = Captured!

Scorch Ry
07-01-2004, 03:53 AM
^_^; I had to make Glacefair up, since I wanted to make a place for only wild Ralts and Onix. Glacefair is located right above Blackthorn City, when exiting the Dragon Cave from the left exit.

Agent Orange
07-01-2004, 02:16 PM
Ok then, Reality is perfect.

Gosh...that was LONG.

Scorch Ry
07-01-2004, 02:23 PM
Well, I really want these two pokemon and I didn't want not one thing to lose in my grade. But, since my Spelling/Grammar grade was okay/horrible, I really need to work on that part. Other than that, I wish you the best luck for your grader test.

Agent Orange
07-01-2004, 02:26 PM
Ok. I wont count off for the Not Capitalized, but The grammar was kinda bad.

Thanks BTW :happy:

Scorch Ry
07-01-2004, 02:32 PM
I know, I know...the grammar was very bad. I will try my best next time to check for grammar/spelling errors. And just to let any grader know, from now on, I'll try to make double-battles. My next installment should be the same length as this, or maybe longer for Swablu and Skarmory. Thanks. Consider you all warned so be ready for a true reading period.

Jack of Clovers
07-03-2004, 07:34 AM
{ya, my family hogs the comp, so i was delayed at getting this review in. sorry.}

wow. i've never seen someone detail a Pokemon Center like that before. even though people know what they look like, you really did a number describing it. nice job, very impressive.

yea, it was off. you used different wording at time.
ex. "Kevin was beginning to get angered by...." --> Kevin was beginning to get angry from...
there are other complicated sentence errors, but they don't affect the overall story too much.

nice. great detail.

great detail and length to match.

Outcome- Onix and Ralts Captured!

as for DP, you can pass. welcome aboard.


Scorch Ry
07-03-2004, 04:50 PM
YAY! I now have an Onix and Ralts! Thanks, Lil_Lep for grading and congratulations Dark Pikachu for passing your grader test. Aboard our ship and became an official staff member! Chao! Chao! Chao!

Scorch Ry
07-21-2004, 07:28 PM
Chapter 4: Psychic Fighters
“C’mon, Dragonite,” Kevin hollered, “If we want to capture these two pokemon, then you must climb faster! Come on, we have no time to waste!”

Kevin was now on Route forty four of the Johto Region on another pokemon-searching spree. After this resounding success with capturing both an Onix and Ralts, he managed to train them enough to make them evolve into their final forms, Gardevoir and Steelix.

Now, he was now searching for two psychic-types that he desperately needed to have on his team. Those two pokemon were Alakazam and Medicham.

The male teen was wearing a green Polo t-shirt with matching beige pants. Since he was beginning to grow older, he began noticing that outfits were too much, plus he would grow out of them eventually. Still having those hazel eyes with his black hair, the teen was taking his life into a new mature, destined perspective.

Dragonite, one of Kevin’s strongest pokemon, steadily climbed up the mountain. The gigantic hills laid in the center of Route forty two, connecting that route with route forty three. However, route forty four lied on the flat surface on top of the mountain, which really gave its uniqueness out.

The mountain was dangerous. The brunette color gleamed mysteriously as the sun beamed upon it. Rocks tumbled down every now and then, but to counter this, Kevin would just jump on the dragon’s back and they would fly up, then continue climbing.

The teen knew that he could just use Dragonite to fly, but he wanted to experience the hard way of doing things, just in case a time like it came around in his life in the future.

So, the dragon-type pokemon complained while it slowly climbed up the hill. Meanwhile, Kevin was reaching route forty four vigorously, taking his time in a more faster pace.

“Dragonite, you are suppose to be stronger than me, yet you can’t climb a hill fast,” Kevin announced. “Maybe you should just climb mountains until you can prove to me that you don’t need to use your wings to cheat.”

Dragonite gave a harsh look to its trainer, taking that comment offensively. But, it knew that its trainer was only telling it the truth, so it tried to climb the mountain a tad bit faster. On the other hand, the teen had finally made it on the flat surface on top of this mountain, gazing wonderfully at the mysterious scenery. Beginning to get disturbed by the mysterious scenery, he backed away a little and called for his mystic dragon.

“Dragonite, come here now! I don’t care how you get up here now, but just get up here as fast as you can!” Kevin hollered, his voice at a high level.

Dragonite heard its command and quickly flew up to where it could visually see its trainer. The dragon-type Pokemon could tell that its trainer was in complete fear of the route. As its lightblue eyes studied the route, he now knew why it the teen was frightened.

Route forty four was surrounded by a ring of thick, gray fog. As it floated mysteriously around the route, it brought an abnormal smell that wasn’t pleasant to Kevin’s nose. As he sniffled the air, the aroma immediately made him stop smelling the air. Unfortunately, the air began to blow, carrying the scent around the route, making Kevin have no choice but to breathe through his mouth until the stench would go away.

The fog enveloped the route. The grass was cut to a normal length, mowed with a professional lawnmower. Black roses grew wildly, though having a sweet, delicate aroma. The fog circled the black roses, making their dark color brighten strangely.

“Come on, Dragonite…let’s go and walk carefully. If we find these two pokemon quickly, we can just battle them and get off of this route, win or lose. Got it?” Kevin informed. Dragonite nodded obediently, taking its trainer’s command like a respective Pokemon.

The teen steadily creeped towards into the thick fog and noticed two forms moving. He began to get Goosebumps, since he couldn’t detect what kind of things these forms were. As he creeped closer, with Dragonite right behind him, Kevin grew a grin on his face as he noticed that the two forms were actually Pokemon…the Pokemon we was looking for.

Kadabra and Medicham were battling, putting their strength into the their arms as they were trying their best to push one another. “Medi…cham!” Medicham cried, losing control. Kevin watched from his distance, noticing that there was a large crimson platform that was made of stone and was spray painted. Silently, the teen and his Dragonite watched the two Pokemon battle.

Medicham had lost complete control, but used the strength in its strong red legs to gain control. “Ka…dab…” Kadabra murmured. Soon, Medicham had overcome Kadabra’s strength and pushed it to the ground harshly. Kevin smiled with impressiveness, seeing that this Medicham was pretty strong to be only a psychic-type pokemon.

Steadily, the teen took out his red contraption and focused the glass upon both Medicham and Kadabra. The screen first pulled up Medicham’s picture, saved its data and began repeating it now in a mechanical voice.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs077.gif{Medicham, the moon fighter pokemon. Medicham love to fight in moonlight, since the moonlight increase their psychic attacks. This Pokemon had gained so much power, that it developed the second type of fighting. Now with this new type, Medicham also now becoming harder to find. Medicham is the evolved form of Meditite, and can be a real trouble if trying to capture it.}

“Wow! Medicham is a psychic and fighting-type Pokemon! This battle is definitely going to be hard to fight,” Kevin said in a low voice.

Next, he focused the Pokedex on Kadabra, and its picture immediately replaced Medicham’s. Its data was recorded and saved, then the Pokedex’s mechanical voice repeated out the data of it.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg064.png{Kadabra, the teleport pokemon. Once Abra evolves into Kadabra, this psychic-type pokemon doesn’t sleep for eighteen hours. Instead, it can go without sleep for about a full month, but afterwards, it will sleep for a couple of days to regain its strength. Kadabra can be very difficult to battle against, especially if it manages to evolve into an Alakazam. If capturing one, treat it well to let both minds come together.}

He placed his Pokedex in his pocket, and then took out Dragonite’s respective Pokeball. “Dragonite…you won’t be able to handle this Medicham. I’ll leave Medicham for a special Pokemon. Return,” Kevin said lightly. The orb shot out a sparkling red light that enveloped Dragonite’s body and magically sucked in into the Pokeball.

Hastily, the teen ran towards Medicham and Kadabra, with both pokemon noticing the human nearing them. They backed away, siding with one another. “Medicham!” Medicham hollered. “Kadabra, bra!” Kadabra bellowed. Kevin took out two Pokeballs, pressing their gray buttons to enlarge them.

“Kadabra, Medicham…prove your power to me! It’s time for a true battle! Let’s go Espeon and Sandslash!” Kevin called out.

He tossed up both Pokeballs, their shining images brightening the route. Soon, the two Pokeballs opened, with two white figures landing on the ground. The Pokeballs closed and they fell down towards Kevin like the orbs would.

The luminous figures were soon visible of their true details, surprising both Medicham and Kadabra. Like usual, Kevin chose Espeon for his double-battle, but he had recently transferred Sandslash from Professor Elm’s laboratory.

He transferred Sandslash for Gardevoir, so he could train the sand dig Pokemon, plus Professor Elm wanted to research about Gardevoir.. Espeon and Sandslash smiled at each other, then glared at the two opposing psychic-type pokemon. Soon enough, the male began to start up the battle.

“Espeon, use Quick Attack on Medicham! Sandslash, use Swift on Kadabra!” Kevin ordered immediately.

Espeon and Sandslash quickly took action and performed their attacks. The psychic cat raced down the platforum and immediately tackled Medicham with impressive power. As Medicham fell to the ground harshly, it took this position to its advantage.

The moon fighter pokemon grabbed Espeon’s legs and slammed it behind it on the ground, making it take the same damage as it did from its Quick Attack. Soon, the fighting-type pokemon arose from its fall and got ready for another attack.

Meanwhile, Sandslash rolled its way onto Kadabra. Then, with such power, the sand dig pokemon bounced, flying into the air with good speed. Soon, it began spinning furiously, releasing bright yellow stars. The Swift attack was being used from Sandslash, which Kevin loved it to do. The yellow stars were bright, casting light in the route.

Scorch Ry
07-21-2004, 07:59 PM
They darted down and nearly struck Kadabra when the teleport pokemon suddenly vanished…then reappeared in the exact same spot. Continuing to use this power in its advantage, Kevin had realized that Medicham has performed Reverse, while Kadabra had used its Teleport attack so it could dodge the Swift attack Sandslash was using.

“Espeon, use Psybeam! Sandslash, time for a Scratch attack!” Kevin instructed.

Rising from its fall, Espeon positioned itself to use its attack. While Sandslash unballed itself and landed perfectly on the ground, both of Kevin’s Pokemon attacked at the exact same time. The ground-type Pokemon raced down the red platform and scratched Kadabra with quite power, catching the teleport Pokemon off guard.

Espeon, on the other hand, was having trouble with focusing its attack on the moon fighter Pokemon. Medicham began moving constantly so it wouldn’t be attacked by the psychic cat Pokemon. With this continuous movement, the male teen had to think of another attack to catch this pokemon off guard.

“Espeon, use Take Down! Sandslash, use Fury Swipes!” Kevin ordered abruptly.

The psychic-type Pokemon ran extremely fast, striking Medicham as soon as it moved to another spot. The fighting-type Pokemon flew down the large platform and crashed to the ground, hurt from the attack.

Meanwhile, the ground-type Pokemon began scratching the teleport Pokemon continuously using its sharp white claws. Taking the Fury Swipes easily, the wild Kadabra was about to unleash its attack.

Kadabra opened its mouth, making Kevin had suspicions. Before he could counter the move, the teleport Pokemon shot out a mysterious, rainbow-colored beam that took the shape of a lightning strike. It zapped its way and struck Sandslash, making it fly back and hit the surface roughly.

Medicham, on the other hand, jumped high into the air with impressive speed. Espeon looked up and watched as the moon fighter Pokemon began spinning, with one leg stretched out farther than the other. Kevin never noticed this attack, but he horribly watched as Medicham struck Espeon in the face with its leg, making Espeon fly and crash into Sandslash.

“Espeon, Sandslash…you two okay?” Kevin asked worriedly.

The psychic cat Pokemon and the sand dig Pokemon arose from their falls, and were ready for more attacks! Espeon growled at Medicham angrily, while Sandslash gave Kadabra a nasty, angry glance. The teleport pokemon began teleporting around, nearing the ground-type Pokemon more and more. The fighting-type Pokemon took off, running down the platform to attack Espeon.

“Espeon, use Psybeam! Sandslash, time for a Slash!” The teen ordered.

Espeon’s red jewel in its head began glowing a rainbow color as a rainbow-colored beam shot out from it. Forming like a lightning strike, the Psybeam attack immediately struck Medicham. Even though it didn’t do much damage, Medicham still took the attack roughly.

Meanwhile, Sandslash waited for Kadabra to come near it. The teleport pokemon soon saw Sandslash waiting, so decided to move to the right. Kadabra moved to the right, and Sandslash did a very clever thing.

The ground-type Pokemon acted as though it was attacking Kadabra from the left, but immediately turned around and slashed Kadabra with such power. Kadabra fell back, making it the perfect time for the teen to call out an attack for both of his Pokemon.

“Espeon, use Quick Attack! Sandslash, use Poison Sting!” Kevin hollered out.

Espeon darted away towards Medicham and tackled it using its intelligence and speed. Sandslash, on the other hand, opened its mouth and shot of hordes of white needles that contained a poisonous substance.

They darted away towards Kadabra, but Kadabra used its clever Teleport attack to dodge the Poison Sting attack. It reappeared, then pointed its spoon straight towards Sandslash. Confused, the teen had to figure out what the teleport psychic Pokemon was about to perform.

Kadabra was enveloped in a sparkling, sensational lightblue color. Before Kevin knew it, Sandslash was entrapped in the same color, but slowly began to get carried off of the earth. The sand dig Pokemon tried to get down back on the ground, but Kadabra was controlling its every move!

Kevin had now realized that the teleport Pokemon was using Psychic, to where it could wear down the defending Pokemon, plus control its move until it broke free from the possession. He watched as Kadabra moved the spoon up and down. Sandslash suddenly was slammed into the ground, then risen back up into the air.

Repeatingly doing this, Sandslash was beginning to get hurt from the Psychic attack. Kevin was worried, but since Medicham was still a little unfocused from the Psybeam attack, he knew that Espeon could attack Kadabra so the teleport Pokemon could use its focus.

“Espeon, use Tackle on Kadabra!” Kevin hollered.

Espeon turned around and began to run down the red stoned surface, heading towards Kadabra. Just like Kevin hoped, the psychic cat Pokemon charged straight into Kadabra, making the psychic teleport Pokemon lose complete control over Sandslash.

Kadabra fell back, taking the Tackle attack roughly. Sandslash fell back on the ground, but managed to get back up safely. Then, it glanced back and noticed that Medicham was charging towards Espeon. Kevin knew that it would be a perfect time for Sandslash to handle Medicham, while Espeon could attack Kadabra.

“Sandslash, use Swift! Espeon, use Swift!” Kevin yelled.

Sandslash balled itself into a spiky brown ball as it bounced into the air. Soon, it began spinning, shooting out a series of bright yellow stars. They darted down towards Medicham, but the moon fighter Pokemon jumped into the air, dodging all of the yellow stars.

Meanwhike, Espeon opened its mouth, shooting out clans of glistening golden stars. However, Kadabra snapped its fingers, and a glass wall appeared in front of air, blocking the Swift attack.

Kadabra stood there, focusing its mind on using its next attack. Kevin then noticed that a big breeze came upon the place, but magically stopped. Worried, he decided to make sure that he could catch these two wild Pokemon before anything horrible happened.

The fighting-type pokemon grabbed hold of Sandslash, actually taking the Swift attack very well. The teen watched as Medicham threw the sand pit Pokemon down towards the ground. Kevin knew that Sandslash was more tired than Espeon, since it took that Psychic attack badly.

“Sandslash, spin back up and continue with Swift!” Kevin hurried.

The ground-type pokemon spun back up and shot out a series of bright yellow stars. They struck Medicham harder than before, but the moon fighter Pokemon punched Sandslash, making the sand pit Pokemon unball itself and hit the ground roughly. Medicham soon followed and hit the ground as well.

Espeon continued with its Swift attack, but the Reflect attack with blocking it. Kadabra was move clever than Medicham, using great defensive moves. Kadabra safely helf the shield wonderfully, making it block every single star that neared it. Noticing this, the teen had soon developed a good plan to get Kadabra’s Reflect attack gone.

“Espeon, use Psybeam now!” Kevin screamed.

Espeon stopped using its Swift attack, but then shot out a stream of rainbow-colored psychic power. It struck the screen and managed to be so strong to break it, causing smoke to filter the area. However, it quickly went away, with Kadabra lying on the ground hurt.

“Espeon, go in for a Take Down now!” Kevin hollered.

The psychic cat Pokemon raced over and tackled Kadabra roughly, making it hard for Kadabra to get it. Meanwhile, Kevin glanced over and noticed that Medicham was pinning Sandslash in a headlock!

“Sandslash, use Scratch on its arms!” Kevin commanded immediately.
Sandslash used its sharp claws and scratched the fighting-type Pokemon’s hand, releasing the ground-type Pokemon from its headlock. Then, Sandslash began scratching Medicham more and more, performing a slower version of Fury Swipes.

Scorch Ry
07-21-2004, 08:29 PM
“Now, use Fury Swipes!” Kevin screamed.

The ground-type Pokemon continuously slashed Medicham, damaging the Pokemon steadily. Medicham, however, punched Sandslash straight in its face, stopping Sandslash’s attack. Then, the moon fighter Pokemon jumped into the air, ready to perform another High Jump Kick attack.

Kadabra managed to focus and get back up on its feet, beginning to get tired. But, once again, the wings began to blow in. Kadabra then shot a Psybeam attack into Espeon’s face, blowing it back. Then, Kevin looked around and saw something coming swiftly.

A large sphere that glistened the seven colors of the rainbow flew straight towards the psychic cat creature. Espeon tried to get up, but the large attack was nearing it. Kevin now understood that earlier, Kadabra used Future Sight.

“Espeon, use Quick Attack now!” Kevin screamed.

Before the Future Sight attack struck Espeon, Kevin’s psychic type Pokemon quickly got up and jumped behind it. Espeon ran towards Kadabra, since the wild teleport Pokemon couldn’t dodge the Future Sight in time.

Kadabra took its own attack, falling to the ground once more. Espeon’s Quick Attack followed straight after the Future Sight, tackling Kadabra with such amazing power and speed.

Meanwhile, Medicham soared down and kicked Sandslash roughly, knocking the sand pit Pokemon over towards Espeon. Sandslash looked, and noticed that Medicham was charging towards it. Kevin knew it was time for Sandslash and Espeon to switch opponents.

“Espeon, strike Medicham with your Shadow Ball attack! Sandslash, use Slash!” Kevin instructed.

Espeon’s red jewel on its head began glowing a deep purple color as it steadily focused its mind upon attacking Medicham. Medicham continued towards Espeon, but Espeon’s mouth soon opened. The psychic cat Pokemon began forming a dark purple sphere in its mouth, with it expanding more and more.

Soon, Espeon released the cloudy ball and it struck Medicham with intense power. Medicham fell straight to the ground, completely out of energy. After a tough battle with both Espeon and Sandslash, Medicham was now defeated.

Kevin grew a smirk, now with both of his Pokemon to handle Kadabra. But, Espeon could finish it off, since Kadabra was breating heavily. Since it took both the Future Sight attack and Espeon’s Quick Attack, it couldn’t take much more damage from neither Pokemon. With this, Kevin had secured his battling and ended Kadabra off easily

“Espeon, use Psybeam!” Kevin ordered.

Espeon shot out the Psybeam attack and it struck Kadabra, ending that Pokemon off as well. Kevin quickly got out two orbs. He pressed the gray button, which expanded them both. Then, the teen threw both pokeballs; one towards Medicham and the other towards Kadabra.

Both red and white orbs struck the Pokemon and they opened. Soon, Kadabra and Medicham were enveloped in a gleaming red color. They were immediately sucked into the Pokeballs, with the following action of both orbs closing. They rocked on the ground, the red button flashing. After this hard work, Kevin had hoped that Sandslash and Kadabra would be his.

Agent Orange
07-21-2004, 08:43 PM
Detail: Very nice. Good work.

Length: Not as good as last time, but still good.

Grammer and Spelling: Fine, only one real mistake, which I pointed out over AIM.

Battle: Very nice.

Plot: Not as great as last time...

Reality: Its a little hard to believe that you found the exact two pokemon you wanted together, but its ok.

Outcome: Medicham & Kadabra = Captured!

Nice! :razz:

Scorch Ry
08-14-2004, 12:45 AM
Thanks, and just to let Jack know, for my third capture series, I'll be making the revision version of the first post of Chapter I here, where Tony encountered Sneasel. But this time, he's going to capture it, then explore around and try his luck of finding a Vulpix. I hope that is allowed...

Jack of Clovers
08-14-2004, 10:47 PM
actually, it would probably be better just to write a whole new story. that's what i suggest.


Scorch Ry
08-14-2004, 11:13 PM
Alrighty...what I did was made a capture for Sneasel, but I will have my character from this series explore around the Safari place, battle trainers and wild Pokemon, then encounter the mons they need. Now, since I won't be posting here anymore, Lep, I'm asking that you close this.