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12-26-2007, 02:26 AM
Name: Kiya

Instant messenger: None

Money: 4500

Win/lose/draw record: 2/1/0


Current position: Trainer


items: None

List of pokemon:
Pidgey (Female, Keen eye, Nicknamed Silver)
win/loss/draw: 0/1/0


Doduo (Female, Early bird, Nicknamed Kindi)
Win/loss/draw: 2/0/0
obtainded in: On the Road to Solaceon


Electrike (Male, Static, Nicknamed Storm)
Win/loss/draw : 0/0/0
Obtained in : How NOT to Bargain With a Dragon ch. 1


Magikarp (female, swift swim, nicknamed Aqua)
win/loss/draw: 0/1/0
Obtained in : How NOT to Bargain With a Dragon ch. 2


Current story(s):

How NOT to Bargain With a Dragon ( chapter 2 of 4 done)
Aiming for 4 captures (ch1: Electrike, ch2:Magikarp ch3:Cubone ch4:Salamence)

Summery- When Drake, a wealthy and powerful man, decides to become king of his homeland,Constanal, he decides to take what he belives to be the easy route, making a bargain with a powerful dragon, which legend claimed could give you anything you desired, in exchange for something it wants.Drake ends up only insulting the dragon, causing it to drop him off in a strange and deseted land. Now Drake must fend off wild Pokemon while he trys to find a way to return home, and get revenge on the dragon that he belives ruined his life.


battles note: I am willing to battle with anyone, just drop me a PM, please note I do not have any IM's, so I'm limited to forum battles ^^;