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04-09-2005, 07:06 PM
OOC: I know it's a dumb title, but wait until I'm finished to make fun of it.

A Performer's Dream
By Mysterio

"Another day, another performance..." 11 year old Silver Cooper yawned as he took off his cape and folded it up. The Celadon City park was quiet now, giving it a creepy feeling. The darkness that was settling in didn't help, either. With his cape folded and put in his "Bag of Tricks", Silver headed for his home.

"On the bright side, it's my birthday today, and I think there's a party waiting for me at my house...Mom always gives too many clues." Silver exited the park and turned towards the main road. Shops were closing up, and there were Pokemon roaming the alleays, searching for scraps.

A Ratatta ran up to Silver and sniffed his shoes. It turned to the shadows near the Sealeo Cafe and shook it's head. Silver squinted to see what was in there, but it was too dark to tell. The Ratatta sprinted to the darkness, where it had come from. Silver stopped to watch as little outlines began moving further back.

Silver turned on to Cherrydale Avenue, where his house was located just a block down. All of the houses had their lights on, and Silver counted the glows until he got to his house. There was no light on inside, which made it a little weird.

"I sense a surprise party...Hey, Sparky. How's life been treating you?" The Cooper family's Manectric ran around from behind the house and jumped at Silver. Silver knew Sparky too well to not have seen this coming. He stepped to the side and Sparky hit the ground.

"Sparky, you know that rips my uniform. This is my last one, too. I need this to perform. I need to perform to get money. See how that works?" Sparky got right back up and turned to Silver. It slowly walked over to him, then began sniffing his pockets.

"Alright, you caught me. Nothing gets passed your nose. Here." Silver opened the pack of crackers that had been in his pocket and tossed them up in the air. Sparky pounced and caught one in it's mouth, then went back for the other. Silver took this oppertunity to head inside his house. He climbed the steps and slowly unlocked the door. He turned the knob, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and opened the door.

"Wow! What a surprise!" Silver opened his eyes and looked around his living room for a sign of life. Nothing but dark and silence. When he turned the light on, everything was normal except for a small package on the table. When Silver opened it, there was something round wrapped in bubble wrap. Silver took off the rest of the packaging and gasped.

"It's...no, it can't be...a POKEBALL!!!" Silver examined the red and white sphere closely. It was really a Pokeball! Silver ran to the sofa and got ready to open it.

"Just in case I screw this up...Pokeball, go!" Silver threw the Pokeball in to the sofa, but it didn't open. Silver picked it up again and took another close look at it. He noticed the button, and pressed it.

"Oops, forgot to activate it. Let's try this again..." Silver got ready and faced the sofa again. "Pokeball, go!"

The Pokeball hit the sofa, anf there was a flash of bright light. When it vanished, there was a Grovyle sitting on the sofa and the Pokeball was next to it. "Cool! A Grovyle! Hi, I'm Silver."

Grovyle looked at Silver and sighed. This is the 4th new trainer fic this month...And I STILL need to get that raise from Nintendo, they promised it to me in January..., it thought as it hopped off of the sofa and shook Silver's outstretched hand.

04-09-2005, 09:12 PM

Silver head off towards Cycling Road with only his Pokeball, his bag, and his bike. When he got to the edge of town, he stopped and looked at the scenery.

"It feels so good to finally be going on an adventure...Maybe people in other cities give more money to street performers like me..." Silver looked over the land one last time before turning around to wave good-bye to his family.

"You know, this hill doesn't look too dangerous...I could walk down there." Grovyle popped out of it's Pokeball and smacked Silver in the back of the head.

"What was that for?!" Grovyle pointed the other way, back at Celadon City, then to a sign that said 'Cycling Road: through Celadon City'. Silver blushed and turned his bike around. "Oops..."

At the Cycling Road entrance building, there were rows of metal detectors, lots of law enforcement, and an Arcanine, no doubt used for sniffing bombs. Grovyle decided to come out again, just to look around. When it was Silver's turn at the metal detector, he got really nervous and began to sweat.

"If you find anything, I didn't put it there!" Silver walked through one of the metal detectors while his bag was searched. An officer handed it back to him and gave him a sticker saying the bag was checked.

Silver walked through the next door and stared down the hill. He turned to his precious Pokemon and detached the Pokeball from his belt. "THIS is steep. Grovyle, I don't want you to get hurt, so return!"

With Grovyle safely in it's Pokeball, Silver began the ride down Cycling Road. After 15 minutes of riding, Silver's bike was being circled by a gang of Pokemon theives. Silver slammed on the brakes, but he was still going. One of the theives stopped his bike and grabbed Silver's.

"This is a nice bike...Looks expensive. If you can afford an expensive bike like this, you MUST be able to afford a Pokemon." The theif's stare went from Silver's face to his belt.

"Yep, just as I thought. A Pokemon. So, kid, what is it? A Dratini? A Larvitar? A Milotic?" Silver shook his head at all of these Pokemon names. This only enraged the thug that was holding his bike even more. "LIAR! Skullface, get the Pokemon."

A skinny, tall guy with a red beard and a bald head snatched Grovyle's Pokeball and activated it. Grovyle's outline appeared in a flash of light, ready to attack with both arms ready. The gang started to grin as the light faded. When they saw what it was, their smiles faded.

"Boss, it's a stupid little Grovyle. Do you still want it?" Silver got off of his bike before the Boss could answer and took a couple of steps back. The gang's leader, however, had a pained expression on his face.

"Are...are you o...okay?" Silver could barely speak. The leader snapped out of his pained state and looked at Silver. Then, he got off his dirt bike and walked over to him. The size difference was at least one foot, and Silver was pretty tall for his age. 5 foot 5 to be exact, but that's off topic.

"A Grovyle, huh? That's pretty normal for a beginner. Then again, I've seen some pretty strong Sceptiles in my lifetime. Let's see if it will obey you. If it does, then I will let you keep it and come to fight you for it another day. If not, then we get to take it off of your hands for you right here. Go, Tiny, and get ready to rumble!" The gang leader threw a Pokeball in to the air, and there was another flash of white light. When it cleared, there was a Machamp standing three feet away from Grovyle, all four arms ready to grab it.

"Tiny, don't attack Grovyle. Go for..." The boss looked down the road a little and pointed to a big gray lump walking across. "Attack that Rhyhorn. Don't do too much damage. Just enough to send it in to a raging state of mind."

Tiny charged towards the Rock-type rhino and flicked it. This sent the Rhyhorn in to a complete frenzy. The gang leader recalled his Machamp and stepped back a little, leaving a wide path for the rampaging Rhyhorn to flatten Silver and Grovyle.

04-09-2005, 11:46 PM
"A...a Rhyhorn?! Are you trying to get me killed?!" The gang leader chuckled, then got a serious look on his face.

"Some may say that, yeah. We just want to see how strong your Grovyle is before we take it. If you win, you keep it, if you don't...Well, you can figure the rest out from here." Silver turned to his Grovyle, who looked ready to battle.

"Come on, Grovyle! Use your...What do you know again?" Silver pulled a peice of paper out of it's pocket. This had Grovyle's moves on it. Silver looked at it while Grovyle was fighting the tank-on-legs known as Rhyhorn.

(The battle scene finally) While Silver looked at the move list and thought about the moves, Grovyle was doing it's best to fight the armored rhino. Grovyle tried to use a Slam attack, but it just bounced off of it like berries on a Snorlax. Rhyhorn countered with a mean Horn Attack, followed up by a Take Down that threw Grovyle in to the lake.

Grovyle jumped out, it's face red with anger. Then, it closed it's eyes and started to glow green. Rhyhorn turned and began to run at Grovyle, but fell on it's side. When it forced it's way back up, Grovyle was running at it with a Leaf Blade attack. Rhyhorn flipped Grovyle over it's back with it's horn, then turned and used an Earthquake attack. Grovyle was half way up when it got hit with the full force of the attack, knocking it back in to a tree. Silver looked over the sheet of paper to see his Pokemon laying against a tree.

"Grovyle! What--What--?" Silver dropped the paper and ran to his Pokemon's side as Rhyhorn focused on the gang. They all left their bikes and ran up the hill. Rhyhorn, being just plain lazy, turned back to Grovyle. Silver was digging through his bag the Rhyhorn blew right passed him and rammed Grovyle through the tree and in to the solid steel fence that surrounds the path. Grovyle tried to get up again, but Rhyhorn Body Slammed it back down. Silver went back to frantically digging through his bag.

"Antidote, Awakening, Pokeball, Anti--Huh?" Silver picked up the Pokeball and activated it. Out came a little Electric sheep with an orb on it's tail. "A Mareep? This must be my lucky day."

Silver dug through his bag some more to look for any other Pokemon, but there were only items and paper. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was that one sheet was crumpled up, like it was just thrown in there at the last minute. Silver pulled it out and read it as Grovyle continued to get Body Slammed by Rhyhorn. It read:

"Dear Silver,

I snuck a Mareep in your bag as the other half of your birthday present. It would have been with Grovyle, but your father was too lazy to go up to the attic again to get it. Take care of this Pokemon, it's quite cute. AND DON'T COME HOME WITHOUT A NEW POKEMON!!!

Love, Mom"

Silver quickly stuffed the paper back in his bag and looked at the Electric sheep, which was watching Grovyle getting rammed in to the fence again by Rhyhorn. Grovyle swung at it with a Leaf Blade attack, only making it's enemy
ram the overgrown lizard harder.

"Mareep, use Thundershock on Rhyhorn!" Mareep got up, stretched it's legs, and emitted a tiny static bolt that froze Rhyhorn, not from paralysis, but from the surprise of being attacked by a little electric sheep. The enraged rhino slowly turned to Mareep, and charged at it. Mareep did the smartest thing to do and ran to the path, then in a circle. Rhyhorn, being consumed by nothing but fury, followed.

Silver rushed over to Grovyle and used his entire stock of Potions on him. Grovyle sprang up as the wounds disappeared, gave Silver a little hug, and began to run towards Rhyhorn, who was still chasing Mareep. After three feet of running, Grovyle stopped and turned back to Silver, it's eyes full of love, new-found respect, and anger towards Rhyhorn. Silver's eyes widened as it started to glow.

"Are you...sick or something? Is this Potion expired?" Silver checked the experation date on the Potion. There was a light tap on his shoulder, and he looked up. There, right beside him, was a fully-grown Sceptile, grinning and waiting for an attack command. Silver couldn't believe his eyes.

"Wha--? H--? Wh--? G--" Silver swallowed and looked back at Sceptile. "Gi--Giga Drain that Rock rhino so we can get out of here. Mareep, fall back!"

Sceptile nodded and began to glow a deep, forest green color. Rhyhorn was inches away from Mareep's tail when it noticed Sceptile. As soon as it turned it's attention, it fell again. Sceptile took the time to try a Quick Attack. It hit Rhyhorn, moving it a few inches. Rhyhorn pushed itself back up, but got caught off guard by Sceptile's Slam attack that knocked it a couple of inches towards the lake. Sceptile rubbed it's tail as it got ready for a Leaf Blade attack. Silver blinked, and Sceptile was already at Rhyhorn's other side. Rhyhorn turned around and jumped at Sceptile, no doubt going to use
Stomp. Sceptile's arms flew up, and Rhyhorn only knocked it down. Sceptile got up, unharmed. Another Leaf Blade attack at the speed of a bullet followed a lightning-quick Slam attack that knocked Rhyhorn down yet again. The green blur known as Sceptile hit Rhyhorn a few more times as it rose to it's feet, causing it to it fall over for ANOTHER time. Sceptile waited for it to get up, but there was no movement from it's rock-hard foe.

Silver rushed over and tried to take an empty Pokeball from his belt. He kept dropping it due to his excitement, and Mareep kept pushing it back to him when it rolled away. When he finally got a firm grip on it, he activated it, then tossed it at the Pokemon that lay at Sceptile's feet. Rhyhorn disappeared in a red light, and Silver waited to see if it was a successful capture, or a failure that would haunt his dreams.

OOC: I was writing this during the Free-For-All battle, and the loss gave Grovyle 10 battles, meaning an evolution. This was the only way I could fit it in at the time.

Jack of Clovers
04-16-2005, 09:34 PM
interesting character and writing style. though, i think the story moves too fast.

not much. you need to describe Silver to the reader. how old is he? what about his hair? also, describe the surroundings a bit more. details make the story better and flow easier. fill in those gaps. i think you should have introduced the family more.

"Silver headed off toward Cycling Road... "
"A...a Rhyhorn?! Are you trying to get me killed?!" The gang leader chuckled, then got a serious look on his face.
Silver said that line so the next sentence "the gang leader chuckled.." should not be in that paragraph.
toward/towards- sometimes proper grammer requires the use of toward w/o the 's' on the end. no big deal.

was much fighting but i did like how it went. adequate length.

the theif won't steal Grovyle if it wins? the theif doesn't make sense. also, the evolution into Sceptile wasn't needed. stories don't have to be exactly up to date with to your stats.

detail, longer battles. this is fine for now but future stories need to be better.

Outcome- Rhyhorn Captured!


04-16-2005, 09:48 PM
I see what you mean...I will remember those tips for my next story.

Thanks for grading! *tries to hug Rhyhorn*