View Full Version : EVE-Online (My battlecruiser)

12-30-2007, 03:33 AM
Alright so theres a game called EVE-Online.

Anyways you spend your time getting bigger and better ships, but its not easy, its a very complicated in depth game.

Its all online, all people. People make the decisions in the game, it is quite dynamic.

Anyways, a guy took some video footage with the latest game engine of my Battlecruiser in a fight with some computer enemies.

Its pretty cool, a better video will be posted in a few hours once my friend gets that recording done.

The second one will have sound, this one does not.


The game website is www.eve-online.com check it out, fun game. Monthly fee but worth it I think.

And if you endup playing it on trial and liking it, join the corporation/guild/clan im in called Mining Munitions and Mayhem.

My ingame name is Riken Vorkovin.

Tell me how you liked the video.