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Ralts Upon a Time
Chapter One: A Hero Comes Along

The small, tan bill fell to the ground, making a startling sound. The golden Pokémon fell down to the ground as well, as it came down with a slam. Its small torso fell down on the cold snow of the winter, as the Pokémon was full of glee. The Pokémon gave out a large shriek, loud as a distance much far could hear. The strong winds threw the Pokémon further from its current place; landing its torso now hitting a park bench close to the small Pokémon. The Pokémon muttered, helping itself up with several hopeless attempts. The female Pokémon quit as its owner came closer to it. The Pokémon smiled at its trainer, who was bent down beside the Pokémon.

The trainer was now holding the small Pokémon; as it came up to sit down on the bench the Pokémon had just hit. It laughed along with the Pokémon, as he put it down to the seat beside himself. His laugh was superior; but as he knew it was, he didn’t care. He was having a lot of fun with the Pokémon; and as he didn’t have much a long time with the Pokémon so far, the Pokémon was like a best friend to him in a small amount of time. This Pokémon was special to him, so it was rather normal to be best friends so fast.

The Pokémon was from the trainer’s father, a trainer who was retired. His father had a Golduck, which was Calvin’s dream Pokémon. That morning, the Golduck laid more Pokémon, small, little babies that Calvin adored. Since it was Calvin’s graduation the last week, his wish was granted. He earned his first Pokémon; and he was too excited that morning. His first Pokémon was received; and all Calvin could do with it as soon as he got it was to have fun outside with it. Calvin knew he would have fun with the Pokémon; and his moment was the current moment. He loved his Psyduck; even though it was not his for too long.

Both of them knew they were going to be best friends as soon as they saw each other. The two of them stared once; and Calvin loved the Pokémon. It just appealed so much. Along with his Psyduck, he also received three other Pokémon, which Calvin also liked. The others were less of friends than his Psyduck, but he still also loved the Pokémon. He knew he was going to be a great trainer with each Pokémon, because they all appealed so much to him. He owned four Pokémon, but he was afraid he would be a bad Pokémon Trainer. With his four Pokémon, though, he was trying to believe he was the best already. It worked… for a few seconds each.

His first and foremost favorite, of course was his Psyduck. The Pokémon was known to be the smartest of the few, directed from his father, and the Psyduck was also not so great at battling, but as told from his father that he got traits of its mom, that it was a loyal Pokémon. This made Calvin the happiest person, as if his Pokémon was loyal, the duo would be one of the greatest. Now, with his first Pokémon an awesome one, all Calvin could see in the future was perfection. Calvin couldn’t wait for his Pokémon to get into battling; he wanted to see how good he was, with his new Pokémon under his belt.

The second Pokémon he owned was a small, outgoing Meowth. Once given to by his father, the Pokémon ran and tackled Psyduck and Calvin. Calvin took a few hours to maintain the Pokémon, but those hours were hopeless, and he needed to try once again soon, but with working only with one Pokémon would make him lose his focus in making the other three Pokémon perfect Pokémon. Meowth was going to be trouble for Calvin, but he could keep this Pokémon to become one of the greatest, like his father’s Pokémon has been.

The other Pokémon received was a Sandshrew, which much unlike Calvin’s Meowth, was a very shy Pokémon. When Calvin received this Pokémon, it didn’t bother to even go to Calvin, and hid under a table. But his father told him that the father of the Sandshrew was also shy, which was normal for the whole family to be quiet and scared of its owners. Another few hours of Calvin’s time was to make the Sandshrew better, but it failed. He then tried to maintain his next Pokémon, unlike the other three Pokémon Calvin owned.

It was a small, little Spheal. The Spheal was so confused with everything Calvin and his other Pokémon did, it didn’t know whether he wanted to try to battle, or not. It didn’t know much of its attacks, and cried a lot when Calvin told him to do it again. The Pokémon was frustrated, and once again, Calvin helped the Pokémon. But the Pokémon was a good learner, and learned how to be like the other Pokémon, but now… the Pokémon is trying to beat all the others and be Calvin’s favorite.

Trouble in Calvin’s team of Pokémon was brewing. His Pokémon had all a personality, and Calvin couldn’t help them. He tried his best; all he wanted to do was make his Pokémon to fulfill their bad genes, and wanted the Pokémon to try to be good at what they were lacking. He couldn’t help it, but he tried restless hours of making them better, and none of them would stop. Spheal began taking Psyduck’s practice time, Psyduck was trying to hit a tree for aim practice, but Meowth was trying his best and running before Psyduck could hit it, and Sandslash wouldn’t even listening.