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OK, this is a story that is written from a pokemon's point of view. I hope It's good.

Chapter 1

Wave popped his head out of the little pool in Berry Forest. Wave was a Blastoise, who had grown up in Berry Forest. He turned to his left and saw Blaze. Blaze was an Archanine who had been orphaned as a Growlithe, and had been put in a circus troop. He had evolved using the firestone when he was at level 33. He escaped from the troop, and met up with Wave (who had been a Wartortle at that time). Blaze was sitting down under a tree. To Wave’s right, was Sparky. Sparky was a Raichu. Sparky had belonged to an idiot of a trainer, who had evolved Sparky from Pikachu to Raichu almost immediately. Sitting next to Sparky was Nature Princess. A Bellossom. She had also grown up in Berry Forest like Wave. Evolving with the Sunstone that she found in a tree as weird as it may seem. All four of them were extremely good friends. This was unusual because different types hardly hung out with each other. But…these four were special

Blaze got up and stretched out. A bit of sun seeped through the trees. Blaze welcomed the warmth. Wave turned to Blaze.
“Where are you going?” asked Wave as he clambered out of the pool.
Blaze took a step away from Wave’s dripping body, “For a quick run. Oh, and don’t you dare wet me with the water.”
Wave smiled as he remembered what had happened when he splashed Blaze. The yelp that emitted from Blaze’s mouth was so loud, that at least fifty Spearows flew out of the trees.
“It was only as a joke,” said Wave.
Blaze nodded sarcastically. With a flash of crimson, Blaze set off for his run.
Wave shook himself free of the droplets of the water and snuck up inside his shell for a quick sleep.

Sparky was staring up at a berry tree. His mouth watered at the thought of a berry. He curled up in a ball the let out a jolt of powerful electricity with a yell of:
The attack hit the tree and a couple of berries fell down. And rolled towards Sparky. He outstretched his hands, and managed to get two before Nature Princess swooped down on them.
“What?!” yelled Sparky in disbelief.
Nature Princess smiled at him, “I need them for some medicinal paste.”
Nature Princess was a master of herbal medicines, and healed Sparky, Wave and Blaze when they were hurt. She wasn’t very good when it came to battling though.
Sparky muttered something under his breath. Nature Princess decided to ignore him.

Blaze ran, weaving in and out of trees with amazing speed. Wind whipped past his face, causing his red and black fur to flap about. Blaze was just nearing the place that his friends were when a huge purple shape loomed up in front of him. Skidding to a halt, Blaze recognized the pokemon. A Nidoking.
“Damn,” muttered Blaze. A Nidoking could knock an Archanine out with a single Earthquake attack.
Blaze crouched, preparing to pounce, when, the huge purple rhino lashed out with its tail. The tail struck Blaze in the side. Pain seared through Blaze’s body. Blaze then began to run faster than ever. Without warning, he smashed into Nidoking’s stomach.
“Ouch,” came the Nidoking’s gruff voice.
Blaze smiled, “Thank you.”
Nidoking growled, “Don’t get cocky, I haven’t even started.”
He scraped away at the ground until he could get under. Then the large purple blob (as Blaze called it) disappeared under the ground.
Dig attack thought Blaze, looking around frantically for something that would give him the upper hand. Too late. Nidoking smashed through the ground beneath Blaze and flew up. His horn pierced into Blaze,s stomach. Red blood flowed gently down into Nidoking’s eyes.
“AAARGH!” roared Nidoking as the blood blinded him.
Blaze struggled to his feet.
Nidoking’s eyes opened wide at the strength of Blaze, and ran off into the forest, still desperately trying to wipe the blood from his eyes.
Blaze managed to drag himself within sight of his friends, before he fell to the ground overcome by the pain, and blood loss. Nature Princess screamed, and ran up to him. She immediately began to rub some yellowish ream on his wound.

Will Blaze survive? Find out in the next Chapter.

To be continued…

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Deathspector, as you are not part of the URPG, this is the wrong board for you to be posting your story on. Although it seems interesting, this board is for URPG Capture Stories, not Pokemon Fan Fiction in general.

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Good luck to you either way, neat story :happy:

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Hey...thanks a billion. I think i'll join.

I will continue it on this chain. OH, and I owe you one


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listen syas, how do u get those pokemon on the bottom?

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You must at first have a banner, image or something.

Go to User CP ----> Edit Signature ----> Use the IMG tag and use the URL of the image you want, and it will show =D

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1) This isn't the right thread or the right place.
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As everyone has kindly mentioned, you first have to join the URPG. Once you do, post your story in this forum. Be sure to read the rules. If you have questions, use the URPG-Related Chat Thread. Hope to see you around!