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01-11-2008, 02:44 AM
A School Trip Mishap
School can be fun, while mishaps can happen at the same time. The group of Noah, Alexander, and Samantha learn that when they find Pokémon all around the school, interfering around their studies, and bringing fun to the school. But as Noah, Alexander, and Samantha are hit by a Ralts, Whismur, and Surkuit, they fight over who gets to catch which and the Pokémon flee. On their school trip to the Pokémon Museum, the three of them find the Pokémon and try their best to catch the Pokémon. This time, the Pokémon are duplicated, and the three of them are off to catch them. Noah and Alexander incidentally throw two Pokéballs at the one Ralts, but no one knows which Pokéball failed and which of them was the one who was still dinging.
Story Under Construction