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04-13-2005, 05:35 PM
This is my second story, my first one got denied so i tried again.
One Icy Tale (part 1)

It was a snowy winter day in Mossdeep City today, weather that is average around this time of the year. Today Matt woke up to the snow pummeling against the window as usual. Matt is a short average sized boy with spiky yellow hair and a headband with a thunderbolt on it whos someday dream is to become a pokemon master.He then rubbed his eyes making sure to get all the sand out so he could go outside and shovel the walk. He started to get up out of his bed when he slips on a puddle of water next to his bed.

Matt then shouted, “Oh my gosh is the freaking roof leaking again!”

As Matt was screaming and yelling and throwing a fit, he looks over to his side to see Electrike, his first pokemon, scared stiff with his leg up in the air. Matt looks down at the puddle and start screaming in disgust. He got up to his feet clenching his feet when he realizes that Electrike was his best friend, how can he get mad at him. So then Matt rushed Electrike outside so he can finish his business, and matt then closed the heavy door.

Matt got dressed and then put on his snow gear to go outside and shovel the walk. He then walks outside, closes the door then looks for the shovel.

“Hmmmm…… it’s not on the porch must be in the shed,” Matt said silently to himself.
Matt starts walking over to the shed when he notices that Electrike is not in the yard.

Matt then walks around holding his hands up to his mouth so he can echo his voice screaming, “Electrike, where are you!”

After walking around for a while, he sees the little bratty kid hitting Electrike with a stick saying, “You dumb pokemon, you cant do anything,”

Well I have taught Electrike to never attack a human, but in this case I think he has to.

I see the kid pick up Electrike about ready to thrust his arm out at eElectrike when I yell, “Hey you kid, knock that off or Electrike will attack you!”

The bratty neighborhood kid responds, “Oh yeah like this pokemon can do anything to me,”

I then scream, “Electrike use BITE!”

Electrike then opened his wide jaw and snapped right on the kid’s leg.

“Yow!!!!!” the kid said as Electrike was locked down on the kid’s leg still.

I then asked the kid if he has had enough.

The kid then screamed back, “Yes, Yes just sick your pokemon off me!”
TO BE CONTINUED - when i feel like it

04-13-2005, 05:38 PM
Question:In all of your stories,why is there always an electrike or manectric?

The Sceptile
04-13-2005, 06:01 PM
A good story!

04-13-2005, 09:46 PM
A good story!
Thanks im going to try to get the rest typed tonight but i probably cant because of freakin homework, but probably tomorrow ill work on it for sure.

04-20-2005, 01:33 AM
this part is continueing from part 2
sorry i havent done this for a long time but ive been piled with major homework!
Matt just ended up leaving Mossdeep City in hope to do some exploring and finding out mysteries. Matt then started paddling off into the hazy waters and the mysterious fog toward Shoal Cave.

Matt kept on paddling until his arms felt like they were going to fall off. Matt then gets so exhausted that he ends up having to take a nice long break. He leans back in the boat, relaxes his arms, and then looks up at the sky trying not to doze off.

Matt started to gently close his eyes when the boat started to shake. Matt looks around trying to see what’s going on when he sees blue and yellow fins sticking up out of the water. Matt then sees red glowing eyes coming from under the hazy water. Then all of the suddon a red and blue fish pops out of the water biting toward Matt’s arm. Matt luckily moved his arm out of the way of Carvana just missing it’s gaping jaw. Matt then looked around the boat and noticed that there was about thirty Carvanas’ surrounding the boat. Matt, not knowing what to do, called out his Electrike in panic. The green and yellow dog popped out of the spherical ball in a beaming red light with a big yelp! Matt then commanded to the happy dog, “ Electrike, use a thunder on all these Carvanas’!” Electrike then huddles down and gave a big yellow glow from his body. Then with one blast, lighting came crashing down on the Carvanas’. You could here the Carvanas’ giving out cries when the all started floating on the top of the water. They came back to consciousness and looked at Matt and Electrike Diabolically and then swam off in utterly defeat.

After the Carvanas’ swam off Matt called Electrike back to his pokeball. He then felt some powdery white stuff coming from the sky. Matt stuck out his tongue and tasted the stuff, “Of coarse!” Matt shouted, its just snow.

As matt was hitting himself in the head for not knowing that the powdery white stuff is snow, he looks up and notices a rock formation coming out of the fog. “Shoal Cave at last!” Matt said excitedly as he was wondering what new mysteries he can solve in this vast cave. Matt kept on paddling strongly to hurry up to get to Shoal Cave when his boat hits the shore. Matt eagerly stepped out of his boat as he made his way to the entrance to shoal cave.

As Matt started to walk in the cave he noticed that it began to get very very chilly, he was getting goosebumps then he thinks to himself, “Jeez, I should’ve brought a coat,”. Matt began walking around inside Shoal Cave when he notices a pack of Spheals playing near the sea shore inside the cave. Now Matt has always liked Spheals ever since his dad had one, Matt remembers when him and his dad’s Spheal would roll around in the backyard together and go swimming. But after his Spheal evolved into a Sealeo, Matt’s dad left to become a bigger and better trainer. Matt then gets back from his day dreaming and realizes that all but one Spheal was gone. Matt looked out in the sea shore and saw all the other Spheals’ playing in the water. Matt then thinks to himself maybe this is my chance, maybe this is when I can catch a Spheal.

Matt reaches on his belt loop and grabs a pokeball, he then throws the red and white ball at the ground hitting a rock. Matt then screamed, “Electrike go, use a Thunder on that lone Spheal!”

The Spheal looks at the thunder as it was coming right at him in fear with big googly eyes as the pokemon was about to be struck.
2 be continured

04-23-2005, 05:28 AM
continued again and please people stop posting in this thread!!! :rolleyes:

The thunder was heading right for the loan Spheal when all of the sudden, the Spheal rolled out of the way of it. He rolled back up and was ready to fight.

Matt told his Electrike, “ This isn’t going to be an easy battle, you can tell,”

Matt commanded Electrike, “Use another Thunder!!!!”

The powerful bolts of lightning were soaring through the air and then struck the Spheal good and clean. Spheal then got up weezing a bit and started to shoot a rainbowish beam out of its mouth at Electrike. Electrike jumped out of the way but got hit on the right foot and you could tell that that was a very powerful hit.

Matt then yelled at Electrike, “Electrike, use a Bite!!!”

Electrike opened his jaw and attempted to snap down on the Spheal. The Spheal then moved and Electrike nose dived into the rocky ground. Matt ran over to Electrike hoping he was ok but he was hurt pretty bad.

Matt lifts up Electrike and calls out, “Electrike, Electrike, whats the matter boy,”

Matt kept shouting, “Electrike, Electrike, are you Ok!”

Electrike then opened his eyes and gave out a little bark. Matt reached in his backpack and grabbed a super potion. He quickly sprayed the super potion on Electrike and before you knew it, Electrike was ready to battle again. Electrike then rose to his feet growling and looking for the Spheal.

They spent a few minutes looking for it when they notice on the other side of the body of water, the group of Spheals were swimming away.

Matt started to scream and throw a tantrum cause he wanted it bad. While Matt was screaming and throwing his headband on the ground, Electrike sees a triangular shadow wondering in a corner. Electrike started barking at the shadow rapidly and ferociously. Matt then notices the shadow too and starts to walk towards it.

Matt crept closer and closer and closer when little balls of white snow started to come from the dark corner. Matt then notices that that shadow was none other than a Snorunt.

Matt was examining the Snorunt when it started to hop away from him. Matt started running after it asking Electrike, “Do you think you can handle another battle?”

Electrike gave back a quick bark in response and then Matt and Electrike knew that their next target will be that Snorunt.

2 be continued