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Delusion’s Remembrance

Introduction: This is a sequel to my Winter Writing Competition story, NecroFear. The idea of making a sequel struck me a while back, and I decided to follow through on it ^^.

Nearly a year after the events in NecroFear, a small group of Pokemon have suddenly remembered their horrible deaths. These memories, repressed in all those who had been returned to life after being slain by hordes of the undead, are driving them to madness.

Aruseusu, the Pokemon God, comes to Sora, the only human to have survived the massacre of Hoenn unleashed by the Raised. He once again needs her help, this time in helping him help the tormented Pokemon.

Sora must travel Sinnoh, capturing the haunted Pokemon and taking them to a special lab where they can be cared for. In the meantime, Aruseusu goes on a search for the mystical Mind Plate, an item that will help him completely erase the awful memories and free the Pokemon from their waking nightmares...

Pokemon Going For: Rhyperior



“...that’s quite a tale. It’s hard to imagine anything like that could have actually happened.”

“I know, and I know it all sounds crazy, believe me. But everything I’ve told you is true, and all you have to do to find that out is go to Hoenn and ask anyone you see. They can tell you, I’m not making any of this up.”

“We’ll be sure to go to Hoenn and ask for interviews from some of those who experienced this terror. No doubt they’ll be more than glad to share their story, to share with the world the fear, to open up and tell of their deaths, striving to connect with all our viewers to show how fragile life is...”

“Ah, well, there’s a problem there.”

“What problem would that be?”

“See, before everyone was brought back to life, the humans and the Pokemon, they had their memories of how they died locked away. To protect them emotionally and stuff, because I think it would be a horrible thing to remember your death, especially if it were like that.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more on that, Sora-“

The scene froze suddenly, and small lines of static danced across the screen as the man pulled his finger away from the Pause button on the remote. He then straightened, folding his arms across his thin chest as he stared hard at the picture. How many times had he watched this recording, trying to gleam some hidden meaning that didn’t exist from its contents? For nearly a year, how may hours had he spent listening to these words, so many times that they chased him even in his sleep? And still, after so long, there were no results.

Giving a wordless snarl of anger, the man whirled away from the screen and the image plastered across it. The sharp motion sent his short, pitch-black hair whipping behind him, and he ran a hand through it as his hazel eyes fell upon the sight now before him.

The room he currently stood in was wide and long, and taking up most of the space were dozens of large, complicated computers and devices, as well as smaller technological do-dads. They were all hooked up to each other by means of countless wires, each one measuring at least fifty feet long and several inches in diameter. The rest of the dimly-lit, dull-colored room was taken up by about forty cots of varying sizes. Upon each cot there was a Pokemon, all of them lying on their bellies and anchored down firmly by large metal clamps. Many also had wire-mesh muzzles holding their jaws shut.

Beside every cot there were small computers spitting out long sheets of paper with jagged vertical lines printed on them. These computers, besides being connected to everything else in the room, were also attached to the Pokemon they were situated next to via hundreds of tiny wires. These ended in small plastic suction cups, which were stuck to the Pokemons’ heads. The Pokemon themselves seemed to be in a deep daze: their eyes wide open, but heavily glazed and unseeing even as they darted from side to side. Not one of them made a sound, and the only noise in the room was the constant hum of electricity and running machinery.

“All this time, all this research...and still nothing!” the man muttered angrily as he pulled his long white lab coat tighter around his tall, wiry frame. “Wasted, all of it. I’m sick of it! I couldn’t find anything before, and I can’t find anything now!” Hands clenching into fists, he remembered that day when his “tests” had been uncovered, and his ire grew.

The man had once been a well-known and well-respected scientist and Pokemon researcher. His work had been focused on how Pokemon store and recall information: basically, how they remembered things. He had made no real discoveries in all his years, but some of his work had led to other findings related to Pokemon. Justly, he received most of the credit for such things, but it wasn’t good enough. The recognition hadn’t been given to him for breakthroughs in Pokemon memory, hadn’t been given to him fully as it should have been.

Then, everything had changed when a nosy colleague had come to his private lab one night. The woman was always poking her nose in other peoples’ business, and she’d taken a keen interest in some of his newer work. By a series of horribly-timed happenings, she had discovered that he’d been doing unfunded, as well as quite illegal, experiments on a few Pokemon he’d captured. Of course she’d exposed him for it, and his career, his life, had fallen to shattered fragments.

Then, almost a year ago, something strange had happened in Hoenn. No one could go into the region, and no one came out. Until around three months later, that was. A single girl, barley turned twelve, had come to Sinnoh and told a tale of horror, death, and madness. She told the world what had happened in Hoenn, that zombies had been created by a Pokemon who loathed humans. She had told of how she bested this Pokemon, and how all those who’d died had been returned to life. And, of course, she had made the passing comment of how those reborn had had the memories of their deaths suppressed in order to protect their fragile minds.

It had been that comment that had made him decide to try his work again, something he hadn’t done in years. He had traveled to Hoenn and gone about gathering a large number of Trainer Pokemon. Most were stolen, some were given, and yet others left with him of their own will. He ignored the wild Pokemon, for the girl who’d survived, Sora, had mentioned that only the Pokemon who’d sided with the humans had been killed.

After getting his subjects, he’d returned to Sinnoh and started his tests. His goal was to unlock the “hidden memories” the Pokemon held, and in the process of doing that he hoped to discover something, anything, about how Pokemon remembered things. It had all been in vain, though. Over half of the Pokemon had died from the tests, and it was a grueling task of disposing of the bodies. The frigid clime and harsh locale of Lake Acuity made it difficult to get rid of such incriminating evidence.

Now, the time had come to end it. He was tired of failure, tired of grabbing at phantom straws. His eyes slowly slid across the prone creatures before him, and then he turned and walked to a computer resting on a near-by pedestal. He tapped a key, and instantly the black screen lit up with a brilliant blue light. A security prompt box popped up seconds later, and he entered in the series of codes that controlled the computers attached to the Pokemon. After entering and submitting them, he tapped the Enter key and sighed.

A second ticked by, and then a loud ding rang out from the computer. Another minute passed, and then a warning chime sounded. After it ended, the computers next to the Pokemon simultaneously shut off. Instantly, the electrical pulses being pounded through their heads was cut off, and they began stirring from their coma-like state. The metal clamps holding them down unlocked, as did the muzzles on those who wore them.

He watched them as they uncertainly moved off the cots, shaking their heads as if trying to banish the strangling dregs of deep slumber. He watched as they drunkenly shambled about, moving much like the zombies that had supposedly killed them. After a few moments, though, they seemed to come to their senses. They began rushing towards the only door leading into and out of the room, which he’d left open purposefully, and soon they had all fled.

Moments slipped by, and finally he left as well, heading outside to see how the Pokemon were faring in the cold. Some of them would certainly freeze to death in the piercing chill, and he wanted to make get rid of any resulting carcasses so as not to risk being exposed. However, when he stepped outside moments later, a sight greeted him that he had been completely unprepared for.

The Pokemon were writhing on the ground, all of them thrashing about madly. Their jaws were gaping open in silent shrieks: whatever was gripping them in its throes was doing it with a choking agony of some kind. Some of them eventually managed to rise, casting about in obvious terror as they shivered and convulsed. Then, without warning, they began attacking one another.

Here an Arcanine let out a wheezing, tinny howl of raw fear and unleashed a massive Fire Blast at a Cherrim standing beside it. The red, man-shaped flames washed over the small pink Pokemon, killing it in a heartbeat. The Arcanine seemed completely unaware of this, though, as it whined pathetically and ran off into the snow-covered woods. Over there, a Riolu smashed one of its paws into the face of a screeching Purugly, breaking its nose and sending shards of skull into the cat’s brain. As the thing collapsed in a dead heap, the Riolu moaned loudly before fleeing as the Arcanine had.

The madness, the violence, the complete unexpectedness of it all rooted the man to the icy ground. He gaped in absolute and all-encompassing shock as the insanity played out, and continued to stare even as the last of the Pokemon, an injured Wooper, limped away from the scene. All that was left now were the mangled remains of a few unlucky Pokemon.

After what seemed like eternity times infinity, the man snapped back to the present and shook his head. He couldn’t understand what had just happened, why the Pokemon had suddenly gone mad as they had. He absently ran a hand through his hair as a frosty breeze blew, snatching at his lab coat and snapping the edges about. He seemed to ignore the cold, though, as something more pressing caught his attention.

A strange sort of glow was emanating from Lake Acuity, and slowly he moved forward to investigate. He picked his way around the bodies of several Pokemon, reaching the lake’s shore a moment later and bending over. He peered hard into the clear blue water, finding that there was no source of the purplish glow. It seemed to be coming from the water itself...

Realization hit him then, and a smile as cold as the air around him spread itself over his lips. Laughing softly, he stood abruptly and marched back into the building he’d come from, moving with renewed purpose as the glow from the lake cast its eerie light upon the blood-drenched snow...


+Chapter One+

Dai woke suddenly.

The ice-weasel blinked a few times to throw off the last clinging strands of his sleep, his crimson eyes staring up at the hundreds of tiny, fragile golden leaves above him. After a few moments he sat up, his long, wicked claws brushing away imaginary dirt and debris from his black pelt. He glanced around, spotting nothing except the enormous white tree he’d been napping under. There was nothing around that could have caused instinct to wake him. That wasn’t a surprise, seeing as there were only three other beings other than himself that lived here.

A soundless, warm breeze began to gently whisper by. Above him, the many leaves of the Dimension Tree gently brushed against one another, producing a strange yet calming musical rustling. The lush, teal grass beneath the Pokemon’s clawed feet bent and swayed, rippling for miles like an ocean. His fur, as well as the dark red feather that made up his crown, mane, and tail, ruffled slightly as the soft wind tugged at it.

As the breeze died down, Dai’s two ear feathers twitched. The wind had distracted him from his search of whatever had woken him. Scowling, the young Weavile tilted his head back to look at the small leaves that adorned the tree behind him. As he did, he caught a glimpse of the sky through some of the leaves and let out a sigh, having found the cause of his waking.

The sky, which had been the late-morning color of dark pink when the Pokemon had fallen asleep, was now the brilliant, shimmering jade of early afternoon. The sun, too, had changed to reflect the time of day: it had turned from its previous color of light orange to a breath-taking shade of crystal blue. In the distance floated a puffy bronze cloud.

Despite having lived in the Beginning Dimension for nearly a year, the ice-weasel still hadn’t gotten used to how the strength of daylight changed so suddenly. One moment it would the murky red of twilight, with a pulsing maroon sun, the next it would be the deep, velvety purple of night with a shining ivory moon. Then, in the blink of an eye, the night would give way to the cheery yellow of morning, which would be accompanied by a lime-green sun. Dai was often stirred from his sleep, be it light or deep, when the day changed so abruptly.

Now, he stared at the sun, marveling for the millionth time how enthralling it became after a few moments. Unlike the sun of Earth, this one was safe to look at directly: in fact, it was not only safe, but extremely relaxing. Dai could feel himself beginning to feel drowsy again when a deep, powerful voice spoke from behind hi, making him start.

“Dai, after all this time, you still haven’t grown accustomed to our home?” it asked as Dai whirled around in surprise to face the one speaking. He knew before turning who it was, the voice belonging to one of the only two other males who resided in this strange place. He simply hated it when the God was suddenly there.

“Diaruga!” the Weavile snapped, his feathers ruffled in his surprise. “Don’t sneak up on me like that! How can something as big as you move without making any noise?”

“Very varefully,” the large Dragon replied with a smile, and Dai snorted loudly. Before he could say anything. There was a shimmering in the air beside the mighty God. Seconds later the air seemed to expand into a whirling mass of pulsing pink light, from which stepped the only female habitant of the Beginning Dimension. Parukia, Goddess of Space, emerged fully and gave Diaruga, the God of Time, a look.

“You and your jokes,” she said, her voice slightly higher-pitched and softer than her fellow God’s, but no less powerful. She then turned to Dai and smiled. “Most likely, you’ll never get used to my Brother’s unfortunate sense of humor.”

Dai’s face scrunched up at the second Goddess’s comment. The two Dragons looked less like siblings than a Persian and a Delcatty. He found himself studying them as the rift in space Parukia had come through closed without a sound.

On the right was Diaruga. Towering at nearly eighteen feet, he was an intimidating sight to behold. His large, lean body was covered in navy blue, steel-hard scales, and stripes of lighter-blue scales ran along his neck, sides, legs, and tail. At the base of his tail was a set of spines that ran from side-to-side, instead of along his back. Sweeping from the back of his head was a massive crest, along which ran the same light-blue stripes as the other places on his body. His eyes were deep red and surrounded by black, which made it look as if he were wearing a mask or helmet of some kind. From each side of his face grew a large gray spike, and three more shorter ones in the rough shapes of diamonds grew along the curve where his neck and body joined. His broad chest was covered in a large, thick plate the same color as his spines, and set in the middle of it was a deep cerulean diamond. The God’s bulk was supported by four sturdy, pillar-like legs.

To the left was Parukia. Despite standing on her powerful hind legs, she stood only around fourteen feet. Her body, just as lean and strong as Diaruga’s, was covered in soft, supple scales that were a striking hue of pink. Similar to the Time God, she had stripes of scales adorning her body that were a different shade as the rest of her, though they were much more elegant than Diaruga’s stripes. They were a deep magenta and placed down her neck, around her chest, her lower belly, under and one the sides of her tail, around her claws, and on the heel of each foot, from which sprouted three massive white claws. Her paws ended in five short digits that were tipped with small talons Ridged plates covered the tops of her lower arms, and between her shoulder blades were short wings that somewhat resembled triangles. On the shoulders themselves were round plates, one per shoulder, and set within them were baby-pink pearls. Like Diaruga, her eyes were a blazing ruby, around which were the same black scales that gave her the appearance of wearing something over her face.

“Dai, you look at us as a blind human seeing for the first time. Why do you seem so taken by our appearances all of a sudden?” Parukia questioned, and Dai shook his head as he snorted again.

“Geez. You guys don’t look like brother and sister at all. I never understood why you call each other that.”

“Dai, we refer to one another as such not because of blood relation, but out of respect and alikeness that has nothing to do with how we look,” Diaruga replied as he folded his legs beneath him and laid down. “We are Gods, or rather, a God and a Goddess. We rule over aspects beyond mortal comprehension. We are kin not in flesh and blood, but in spirit and ability. Aruseusu, too, is our Brother since he’s a God, but because he created us, he is also our Father.”

“Eeehhhh...” Dai drawled, lifting an eye as Parukia chuckled softly.

“Never you mind Diaruga, he’s trying to sound largely more impressive than he is,” she said, and the Time God let out a grumble at her words. Dai made another face as he reached up to scratch the yellow gem embedded in his forehead.

“Oh, whatever. Anyways, shouldn’t you guys be squabbling and all that stuff? I always heard you guys hated each other, but you seem pretty friendly and respectful.”

“We now find other, more constructive ways of solving our issues than coming to blows,,” Parukia said, her smile fading. “We learned that our power is far too capable of destroying when it clashes as it did those years ago...”

“If not for those young humans who helped calm us, our disagreement might have ended in the death of thousands,” Diaruga added somberly. Parukia nodded in silent agreement.

“At any rate, we most certainly don’t hate one another. We simply have our differences in opinion, which can be rather extreme as both of our domains contain aspects of the other.”

“Wha...?” Dai asked, lost. Diaruga laughed at his confusion and explained.

“Time and Space are as interconnected as life and death. Without one, there cannot exist the other. Time forever marches on, existing within Space. Space grows and expands as Time passes through it-“

Dog of Hellsing
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Chap One con't

“Dear Brother, I fear you’re causing further confusion to befall our young friend,” Parukia interrupted, and indeed Dai’s expression had been growing blanker as Diaruga talked. “Basically, Time and Space affect one another, both subtlety and bluntly. This is why we have our differences of opinion, because an action on the part of one of us can cause reaction in the domain of the other. For example, if Diaruga were to stop Time, Space would also freeze, as it cannot move if Time has come to a stand-still. That, of course, would stir my ire. In the past, we would have fought with our claws, fangs, and powers over such a matter. Now we come to agreements, make plans, discuss other possible solutions.”

“Space...moves?” Dai asked, so thoroughly confused that he had to sit down. Both Dragons before him sighed and exchanged glances.

“I suppose it would be hard for you to understand,” Diaruga said apologetically, and Dai gave him a look.

“Well, you know, you did mention a few minutes ago that this stuff was “beyond mortal comprehension” and all,” the Weavile said, and both the mighty Pokemon before him nodded. Before any of them could say anything more, though, a powerful sensation filled the field. It was like someone had thrown millions of lightening bolts overhead all at once: a charge that was much like electricity spread through the air in a fraction of a second. The mass of energy caused Dai’s fur to stand on end and his feathers to bristle, making him look quite comical. Neither Parukia nor Diaruga commented, though, as they were too busy bowing their heads humbly to something behind the ice-weasel.

Turning to look over his shoulder, Dai saw the majestic form of Aruseusu, the God of Pokemon, the Great Father, stepping from a mass of shimmering air. As soon as he entered the Beginning Dimension fully, the rift behind him vanished silently and the air ceased its dancing. As soon as the gate was closed, most of the energy disappeared, though a great deal of it continued radiating from Aruseusu himself. As Dai set to grooming his fur and feathers back into place, the God spoke in a telepathic voice that was darkly troubled..

/~Brother, Sister, Dai,~/ he greeted them, and as he did Parukia and Diaruga lifted their heads. Alarm was clear in their eyes at the tone of Aruseusu’s words, and Dai’s attention shifted from grooming to the Alpha Pokemon. The intricate golden wheel around the God’s waist was rotating erratically, which Dai hadn’t noticed before. He’d never seen it do that before, and decided it was because of how distraught the God was. Indeed, his shocking emerald eyes were full of anxiety and strain.

“Father, what troubles you?” Diaruga asked as he stood, his massive bulk suddenly seeming much more imposing that it had before. Dai leaned away from him slightly without realizing, the mounting stress of the others making him jumpy and nervous.

/~Diaruga...oh, how blind I have been to their plight!~/ Aruseusu cried, grief now adding to his tension. /~How can this have happened, I do not know, because I have been blind to them!~/

“What do you mean?” Parukia urged, her tail twitching madly as she struggled to keep her own emotions from getting the best of her. Aruseusu turned his troubled gaze on her and shook his head, causing his long mane to gently swish.

/~A group of Trainer Pokemon that had died in Hoenn have remembered their deaths!~/ he answered, his tone grief-stricken. /~I cannot figure out how, for I am ashamed to admit I have been paying less attention to my Children as of late. I have been busy, so busy, with seeing to Dai, with helping restore the population of wild Pokemon where the ones who sided with humans were killed and then refused to return to life...~/

“Do not blame yourself so harshly,” Diaruga protested hotly, and Dai found himself suddenly feeling horribly guilty. Over the several months he’d been living in the Beginning Dimension, Aruseusu had spent a great deal of time with him, talking, listening, teaching. He had helped Dai see how awful using the Raised against the humans and their Pokemon of Hoenn had been, how warped his dream of helping his fellow Pokemon had become with the power of creating armies of undead soldiers. As time had gone by, he had seen what a terrible thing he had done, and come to regret it. In a few ways, the cause of what was now going on was his fault. He had been the one that had ordered the zombies he’d made to kill humans and any Pokemon that sided with them. It was he who had taken so much of Aruseusu’s time in order to heal that the God had spent less of it helping other Pokemon.

As if reading Dai’s thoughts, or maybe just sensing his feeling of guilt, Aruseusu turned to him now and shook his head.

/~Do not take any part of this fault,~/ he said softly, and Dai didn’t respond. Instead, he lowered his gaze to the blue-green grass beneath his feet and rubbed his claws together, unable to take comfort from the fact that Aruseusu was willing to take all the blame for what was happening, as if he himself had killed the suffering Pokemon, as if he himself had forced them to remember those horrible last moments after sealing them away. Aruseusu watched the young Pokemon, and when he spoke, his voice was so soft Dai had to strain to hear him. /~Dai...would you like to return to Earth, to travel with Sora and her Pokemon? I believe your repentance to be sufficient, for I know how deeply you regret your actions and choices that drove you to do what you did in Hoenn. I know this because in this place, no lie can be spoken, no facade can be kept. If you did not feel the grief, the guilt, and the regret that I know you do, you could not act as if you did. T/he Beginning Dimension would not allow it.~/

“I...will you really let me do that?” Dai asked, eyes widening in surprise. Over the months, he had gotten over his deep hatred of humans, especially Sora. He’d been surprised when one day, Parukia had offered to show him Sora, via a special one-way warp in space that would allow them to see her, but not her them. After he’d accepted the offer and Parukia had opened the “viewing portal,” Dai had been treated to his first look at the young girl that had been the only survivor of his massacre. She had looked so different, maybe because the first time he’d seen her, she had been dirty, painfully thin, and clad in ruined clothes, and the second time she was clean, filled-out, and wearing new garb.

Whatever had happened, whatever had changed, when Dai had seen her it had been a strange thing. He had expected to feel anger towards her, or something as equally negative. An odd sort of liking had risen in him instead, short of fondness and affection but quickly making its way to becoming both of those. He couldn’t understand why he felt that, and none of the Gods bothered explaining it to him.

Now, the thought of being able to return to Earth to be with her, to be a true Trainer Pokemon who could grow and become stronger, filled his entire being with hope. He quickly gained his paws and turned to face Aruseusu fully, his feathers quivering in his excitement. “Can I really go back and be with them?”

/~I must go to her and ask her help in undoing whatever foulness has caused my Children to remember these horrid things. I shall also ask her and her Pokemon if they would like for you to join them,~/ the God replied softly, and Dai felt some of his hope evaporate. If Sora or her Pokemon refused to have anything to do with them, he wouldn’t force his company on them. Still, most of his hope remained, for Sora was the kind of human who was capable of infinite love and forgiveness. He had seen it in their first encounter: even though she had been scared and angry for the things he’d done, she still felt pity for him, still felt sorry that his parents had ben killed when he was just a baby.

“All right,” he replied a moment later with a nod. Aruseusu smiled gently.

/~Worry not, little one. Things have a way of always working out, and Sora, I think, is one of the few who understands everyone truly does deserve a second opportunity to make right in the world.~/ He then lifted his gaze the other two Gods in front of him. /~Brother, Sister, could you look after things for me? I must be away on a journey once I speak with Sora, for there is only one way for me to help my tormented Children.~/
“We shall do whatever you need us to do,” Parukia responded, her voice and words holding a heavy promise that no spoken one could ever match. It was as if what she had just said had formed some sort of pact, a bond, which could not be broken or revoked, and would end only when the promise had been fully carried out. Aruseusu bowed his head once at her unspoken vow, then turned his attention back to Dai. /~If you are going to unite with Sora and her Pokemon, you must realize that this will be dangerous. I cannot tell you whether you will or will not perish, but I must stress the possibility. Do you still wish to return, if they will have you?~/

“Yes,” Dai answered quickly, and Aruseusu smiled proudly at his lack of hesitation.

/~There is the one I created, the one willing to help, no matter the danger. You and Sora were destined to become partners, I think.~/

Dai could barely restrain his excitement. He said nothing in response to the stronger Pokemon’s words, too wound up by the chance of going back to Earth. Instead, he and the other Gods watched as the wheel around Aruseusu’s waist began spinning faster and faster, becoming a whirling blur of color. As it spun, it started generating a massive amount of celestial energy, which caused the air in front of Aruseusu set to shimmering as it had done before. After giving the gate out of the Beginning Dimension to open fully, Aruseusu moved forward as the wheel began to slow its rotations. Lifting a slender leg and stepping into the gate, the Alpha Pokemon glanced back at Dai before nodding at the Beginning Tree.

/~Take a leaf of the Beginning Tree, little one. It will be a great asset to you and the others on this task, for it has been steeping the power and the holiness of this place for time out of imagination. The things it would be able to do on Earth are many.~/ As he spoke and unnoticed by any of the other three Pokemon, a single, fragile leaf of the white tree detached itself from the tiny stem it had adorned. As silently as the breaking dawn it fell, swaying side-to-side as it went. Seconds later it landed upon the silky teal grass, and with its landing, Aruseusu was gone into the gate...


“Risa, Charge! Cii, Protect!”

“Break through that shield with a Take-Down, Juggernaut! Don’t let that wimpy ice-fox repel you! Knux, when the shield is down, get in there with a Mach Punch!”

The battle had been raging for a good ten minutes now, and there still seemed to be no end in sight. The two-against-two match had drawn a decent number of curious spectators in the form of Bidoof. The tan beaver Pokemon watched the battle playing out near their pond with rapt fascination, and each seemed to have chosen a side to root for. Most of them were cheering on the younger Trainer and her smaller Pokemon, who were putting up an awfully strong fight.

Sora shoved stray locks of fiery red hair from her emerald eyes as she and the Bidoof watched her opponent’s Pokemon warily. The Rhydon Juggernaut was easily one of the toughest foes her Pokemon had ever faced, his brute strength driven by insane determination and loyalty to his Trainer. The rocky-hided, bipedal rhino let out a bellow as his command was ordered and charged forward, while his battle partner, a speedy Hitmonchan, hung back.

As Juggernaut came tearing towards Sora’s Pokemon, she turned her eyes to them and smiled as she saw Cii crouched in front of Risa, the beginnings of a Protect flickering to life before her. The Glaceon’s crystal-blue fur was tussled and covered in dirt and debris, and her long ears were twitching madly as her bright black eyes followed her foe’s movements. At the same time Cii was readying her Protect, Risa, Sora’s Pachirisu, began Charging the power of her next electrical move.

The blue-and-gray EleSquirrel lifted her bushy tail straight into the air, using it as a conduit for static electricity in the air around her. As it flowed into her little body, Risa began letting sparks loose from her yellow whiskers. This was drawn to her short, plush fur and stored within it, allowing her to make more room in her internal electric pouches for the power she was drawing from the air.

Just as Risa finished Charging, Juggernaut cleared the remaining few feet between he and Cii. The large gray Pokemon threw himself recklessly at the ice-fox, the speed of his charge not allowing him to be at all graceful about it. As he came at her, a glowing white shield snapped to life in front of the Glaceon. Juggernaut rammed into it full force and was sent sprawling to the ground, where he lie stunned for a moment. Sora grinned as her opponent ran his hands angrily through his short brown hair. Irritation danced in his blue eyes and seemed to drip from his lanky frame.

“Aargh, Juggernaut! Get up, come on, that stupid Protect can’t have been THAT strong!” he hollered, and the Rhydon let out a grumble as he tried to get back up. He was still somewhat dazed, though, and was having a hard time of it. Shaking his head, his Trainer focused on Knux. “Knux, that shield won’t have enough power left in it to deflect an all-out attack from you! Shatter it with a Mach Punch!”

“Chan!” the humanoid Pokemon replied, nodding one and punching his gloved fists together. He then tore forward, moving as a streaking blur as he came down upon Cii. Within seconds he’d closed the space between his target and himself, and as he reached Cii’s shield he came to a stop and pulled back a fist. He then punched it forward with the speed of a bullet, only to have it vanish just as he would have struck it. The momentum of his failed attacked carried him forward as Cii danced out of the way, allowing Risa to take over.

“Hit him with a Thunder, Risa!” Sora called out, and Risa nodded her acknowledgment as she leapt at the Hitmonchan, who was preoccupied with trying to keep his balance and stay on his feet. She landed on the Fighter’s arm, wrapped her tail around his wrist, and contracted the electric pouches within her cheeks. Crackling yellow electricity flowed out of her body an instant later, mixing with what was stored in her fur and doubling in strength as it surrounded her foe. The giant blast of the Thunder attack sent Knux to the ground, paralyzed and nearly knocked out. Nimbly, Risa jumped from the Pokemon’s arm as he collapsed and landed beside Cii. From where they watched, the Bidoof in favor of Sora cheered and clapped their small paws together.

“Now Cii, finish them off with a Blizzard!” Sora urged, sensing the moment was ripe to deliver the knock-out move. Cii instantly jumped into action, standing stiff as she concentrated. Slowly, the heat in the air began to vanish, cooled by Cii as she released the chill hld within her body. Her fur stiffened and rose in sharp points all over her body, releasing more cold into the air as it did. Ice crystals started forming, and Cii added to it by opening her jaws and spewing a glob of steaming ice. Now the air was chilling more rapidly, and Cii shot out more balls of ice. Within moments, she had caused the temperature to drop so much and had accumulated so much ice in the air that a mini blizzard was raging around Juggernaut and Knux. The frigid move died down a few seconds later, revealing both Pokemon to be fainted.

“No!” the Pokemons’ Trainer groaned, staring dumbfounded at the knocked-out last members of his team as most of the gathered Bidoof let out noisy approval of Sora’s win. After several seconds, which Sora spent happily congratulating her Pokemon, he pulled out two PokeBalls and recalled his Pokemon. He then grudgingly tromped over and produced Sora’s prize money, which she took with a polite, “Thank you, and good game! Your Juggernaut is one tough Pokemon.”

“Yeah, well, I guess your Pokemon are pretty tough themselves. I’ve never seen a Pachirisu let off a Thunder attack that strong before, even after Charging up first. You must do a lot of intense training or something,” the older teen replied with a frown. He absently wiped at his black tee-shirt as he placed the PokeBalls containing his fainted Pokemon in a pocket of his brown jeans. Sora grinned and shook her head at his comment.

“Nope, we don’t have some severe training regimen or anything. We just have good strategy.”

“Uh, yeah, whatever.” With that, the boy turned and walked off, most likely heading to the nearest Pokemon center in order to get his Pokemon healed. Sora watched him go, smiled at the Bidoof as the continued their cheering, then walked to a near-by tree and sat beneath it. She leaned her back against the rough, black-brown bark of the towering plant and sighed softly. She kicked off her white walking shoes and shrugged out of her black vest, revealing a white sleeveless cotton shirt beneath her. She rubbed her hands on her dark blue khakis, then shrugged a small red bag off her right shoulder. Around her waist was a belt specially designed for Pokemon Trainers; four of the six compartments that PokeBalls could be held in were closed. Sora opened two of them and drew out a PokeBall from each. She tossed the red-and-white orbs into the air, where they popped open with cracking noises and twin flares of bright white light.

Seconds later, the light faded and revealed the Pokemon that had been held with the Balls, which closed in midair and fell back towards the ground. Sora caught them and placed them back in their compartments, shutting them before looking up at her team.

“All right guys, we’ve been traveling and battling for a couple days straight now. I say it’s time we take a random break from all the “toughing-it-out” stuff and relax for a while,” she said, waving a hand to indicate their surroundings. A few yards away sat a large, sparkling blue pond. To the left, front, and rear of it grew a thick copse of trees, and it was one of these against trees Sora was currently leaning. On the right of the pond stretched a wide, grassy field, which went on for about a mile in all directions before merging with the playground of a local elementary school. Small boulders lay strewn about, most covered in moss and tiny pink flowers. Dead, hollowed out logs that served as shelter for the numerous Bidoof of the area were everywhere, and the green grass was beneath them was deep and soft. The shade from the many trees made the air pleasantly cool, considering the temperature of the mid-summer afternoon was currently around ninety degrees. The scent of clean water and fresh earth mingled with the gentle fragrance of various flowers that grew in small clumps here and there. All in all, it was a very nice place to rest and unwind for a bit.

Dog of Hellsing
01-16-2008, 06:36 PM
Chap One con't

Sora’s Pokemon grinned, approving of their Trainer’s idea as they joined her. Cii crawled into her la and Risa jumped up onto the youth’s shoulder, her favorite perch. Her other two Pokemon, a Gabite and an Espeon, moved to sit together by Sora’s left side. The two had been traveling together when Sora had captured them, apparently having been close friends for quite some time. The Gabite, a female named Nusab, was special, being that she was shiny. Instead of having dull navy-blue scales covering her lean, small body, she had dark sapphire scales. She had bright orange scales covering her lower jaw, chest and upper stomach, and light blue scales on her lower belly. Stripes of scales the same light-blue also ran vertically on the torpedo-like extensions on either side of her head. A fin grew out of her back and from the tip of her stubby tail, as well as from her lower arms. Her paws ended in a single, long sharp claw, and her squat but strong legs had two small spikes each growing from them. Her fierce yellow eyes slid half-closed as she leaned against Sora, giving a soft sigh of contentment.

Her ever-constant companion, the female Espeon named Lavender, was also shiny. Her soft pelt, instead of being the light purple of a normal Espeon, was a shocking lime-green. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue-purple, and a red gem between her eyes pulsed with a gentle light, The Psychic cat flicked her tail, which split in the middle into two, as she lay down beside Nusab and yawned lazily. Sora smiled a little, marveling at how close the two Pokemon were. She had once tried having Nusab out while Lavender was still in her PokeBall, but the young land-shark had nearly gone into a fit. The two could barely stand being separated by being in different PokeBalls, and they always went to one another when they were out. She then leaned her head back as a cool breeze blew by, closing her eyes and slipping into a relaxed doze.

It seemed she had just nodded off, however, when a powerful presence filled the area. Instantly, the young girl was jolted awake, not just by the energy pulsing through the air, but also by the startled cries of her Pokemon and the groups of Bidoof. Her eyes flew open, and she expected to be set upon by some malevolent Pokemon or another. However, what she saw before her was even more shocking than if an army of Aggron had been charging at her.

Aruseusu stood before her, looking both amused and troubled. Sora scrambled to her feet and her Pokemon pressed around her, their eyes wide in shock. Silence fell upon the area, and finally Sora managed to clear her throat.

“Ar…Aruseusu! What are you doing here?” she asked, unable to understand why she was acting like this was the first time they’d met. Maybe it was because she hadn’t thought the God would ever bother with an insignificant mortal girl, that the first meeting was going to be the last one as well. Aruseusu bowed his head at her and her Pokemon, then answered.

/~Greetings Sora. It has been a time, has it not? How have you and your Pokemon been faring these past months?~/

“Er, great actually. We’ve been great.” She paused for a moment, then asked softly, “How is Dai?”

/~He is doing very well, and there is something I wish to ask you in regards to him in a moment. First, though, I have something I must beg your help with, little one. Will you hear my plea?~/

“Of course!” Sora replied, and her Pokemon nodded silently in agreement. “I’ll do what I can to help, whatever it is you need me to do.” Aruseusu bowed his head at her words, inhaled, and began.

/~As you know, the humans and the Pokemon that were returned to life nearly a year ago had the memories of their deaths repressed before they were reborn, while still in spirit form. However...this is a group of Trainer Pokemon that have somehow had these memories unlocked.~/

Sora let out a little gasp of surprise at the God’s words, eyes widening. Risa let out a shocked squeak, electricity sparking from her whiskers as her tail jerked behind her, and Cii growled softly as her ice-blue fur stood on end. Lavender and Nusab exchanged a look, knowing that their teammates had been among the Pokemon who had died in the slaughtering of Hoenn. While they understood that this must be something horrible, they hadn’t experienced any of the horror themselves, and therefore couldn’t grasp the severity of the problem.

“Wha...when? How?!” Sora asked, barely able to form her words, and Aruseusu shook his head sadly.

/~Oh, my little friend, I am shamed to admit I do not know when or how it happened. Most of my time has been spent on Dai, and much more of it on restoring the population of wild Pokemon in Hoenn...~/

The mighty Pokemon trailed off, and Sora felt her heart breaking for the God. He was so upset, so sad. She walked over and placed a hand on the side of his neck, smiling.

“You shouldn’t blame yourself like this,” she said gently, looking into Aruseusu’s pain-filled emerald eyes. The Pokemon sighed a little, closing those brilliant orbs and lowering his head a few inches.

/~Diaruga said the same thing not long ago, but it is my duty to watch over my Children and keep things such as these from happening to them.~/

=Responsibility is a troublesome and heavy burden,= Lavender replied in her soft, far-away voice. She blinked serenely and stretched her tails. =Few are those strong enough to carry such distress. You are truly are our God, Great Father Aruseusu.=

Aruseusu smiled at the little Espeon as he lifted his head and opened his eyes. The Psychic Pokemon always seemed to know just what to say and when to say it. Lavender smiled back lazily, then seemed to become preoccupied with a tiny white flower growing near her right front paw. She batted at it gently, her head tilting as she studied it. Aruseusu gave a soft laugh, then turned his attention back to Sora.

/~Shall I tell you what I need you to do?~/ he asked, and Sora nodded once in acknowledgment. Lavender looked up from the little flower she was inspecting, and Sora’s other Pokemon grew more attentive as well. /~Very well then. These Pokemon that have remembered their deaths have times when the memories grow so strong that they seem to relive them. Every time this happens, they go berserk with terror, attacking anyone and thing around them. What I need you and your Pokemon to do is go after these Pokemon and capture them, then take them to a place where they will be safe.~/

“Where will I take them after I catch them?”

/~There is one other human I know personally. When we met, many years ago, our encounter inspired him to become a Pokemon scientist. He owns a laboratory near Sunnyshore City, located about a mile north, where he takes care of Pokemon that are ill or have been orphaned, and also does his research there. I shall go to him and explain that we will need to use some of the space of his establishment.

/~As you capture the Pokemon, I will contact you and let you know where the next closest Pokemon is. While you’re doing that, I must go out and seek a special item known as the Mind Plate. This item will allow me to remove the physical memories of these Pokemon, and is the only way I can help my Children now.~/ The God sighed softly and raised his eyes to the sky above them. /~I simply wish I knew what happened to them...~/

“We’ll figure it out eventually,” Sora said. “Right now we just have to focus on helping these poor Pokemon out.”

/~Indeed, little Sora,~/ Aruseusu replied as he lowered his gaze back to the thirteen-year-old. /~And now, before I depart, the matter of Dai. I shall not draw this out, for time is now of the utmost essence. Dai wishes to rejoin you, to truly be your Pokemon, and to travel with you. However, I told him that I would have to ask you and your Pokemon before allowing him to leave the Beginning Dimension to be with you.~/

“Dai...Dai wants to...what? I thought...I thought he hated humans, I thought he hated me, you know, for stopping his plan and catching him...”

/~He did, but he has come to regret what he did, to see how wrong he was. When he first realized it, when he became aware of how much death and destruction he had caused because of his misled dreams, he broke down. He cried so very much...At any rate, I know his remorse is sincere, as there can be no lie told, no farce kept, in the Beginning Dimension. He truly is sorry for the things he did, and desperately wants to be with you. I believe he wants to prove to you that he has changed, and wants your forgiveness for Basun’s death, for everything.~/

“I...wow,” Sora muttered, taken aback. The last thing she had ever expected to hear was that Dai sought her pardon and actually wanted to be her Pokemon. She glanced at her Pokemon, unsure of what to do or say. “What do you guys think?”

=Everyone deserves a second chance, I guess...= Risa muttered uncertainly, glancing at Cii. Th Glaceon said nothing, and a glazed look had come into her eyes. After a moment it cleared, and the ice-fox sighed heavily.

=Yeah, I guess. I mean...he was just confused, angry...bad things happen when you let your emotions get the better of you like he did.=

=Nusab says she doesn’t know the Weavile, and all we know about the whole incident is what you three have told us,= Lavender informed everyone. Sora glanced at the shiny Espeon, then at Nusab. The Gabite, besides being shiny, was also mute. Sora wondered if it was simply coincidence that she had met Lavender, a Psychic Pokemon, or if it had been by design.

Nusab nodded at her young Trainer as Lavender continued speaking for her, voicing the Pokemon’s thoughts for the others.

=Nusab also says that we really don’t have a say in the matter, and I am inclined to agree. We do not know enough about this to say yes or no to him joining us. The decision rests with you all.=

“Well, I’m fine with it, and Cii and Risa are fine with it...I guess it’s okay for him to come with us,” Sora said slowly, and Aruseusu inclined his head at the youth.

/~Very well then.~/ With those words, the same intense feeling that had descended upon the area upon Aruseusu’s arrival returned, and this time Sora noticed a strange, colorless sort of glimmering in the air. She stared hard at it, but found the more she tried to focus on it, the more indiscernible it became. She was preparing to ignore it, dismissing it as a fragment of her imagination, when a small, black-furred form suddenly stepped from the mass of writhing air.

Within seconds, Dai had crossed through the strange portal and was standing before Sora, looking uncertain and nervous. His ear feathers were twitching madly, his eyes everywhere but on Sora, his claws anxiously clicking together. Finally, Sora stepped towards him and knelt down. She grinned when the little Weavile raised his eyes to meet hers, then wrapped him in a warm embrace.

“Welcome home, Dai,” she said softly, and the Bidoof on their logs started clapped their chubby little paws together to show their approval of such a welcome. Cii and the others crowded around to greet Dai as Sora moved away, then blinked in surprise. The Weavile had tears in his eyes and looked ready to spill them at any moment. Then, without warning, he threw himself at his Trainer, burying his face in her stomach. A second later he pulled back, sniffing loudly and holding out a paw to her.

“Aruseusu told me to bring one of these,” he said, indicating a small golden leaf held in his wicked claws. Sora took it carefully and inspected it, instantly enraptured by it. The texture was so unlike anything she’d ever felt: it was what she would imagine a cloud to feel like, soft and somewhat fluffy, looking substantial but having no real mass to it. She knew, somehow, that if she were to hold it in the sunlight it would shine brilliantly. The thin veins running through it seemed to carry some sort of substance, a bronze liquid power, even though the leaf was technically dead. It gave off a vaguely almondy scent that Sora found unusually pleasing and relaxing. “You don’t have to worry about it tearing or anything, it’s really strong. It’s a leaf from the Beginning Tree, you know.”

“The Beginning Tree?” Sora asked, looking to Aruseusu. The God nodded as Sora stood, holding the leaf tightly as if afraid it would fly away.

/~The Beginning Tree. The first one ever made, both in the Beginning Dimension and on Earth. From it was created all other trees. It is older than time out of mind, and because it has been absorbing the energy and essence of the Beginning Dimension for so long, the tree has many special properties. So, too, do the bark, leaves, and roots. In the Beginning Dimension, none of it seems very impressive or unusual, but here on Earth, the powers this leaf possess will help you greatly. It has the ability to calm and relax, to clarify one’s thought and let one think without fear or distraction. It will, I believe, also help somewhat pacify the Pokemon you have to catch. There are other things the leaf can do, but I think some fun should remain and that you should find out on your own what it is capable of.

/~Before I tell you where the first of these Pokemon is, I must stress the most important matter of this entire thing. This is going to be extremely dangerous, for when the Pokemon are seized the tighest by their memories, when they seem to be reliving their last moments, they strike at anything or one near them, thinking them to be a threat. This maddened fear will give them strength they normally would not possess, and it may also mean you will have to chase down more than one Pokemon as it tries to flee. I beg you all be careful and not be careless.

/~And now I shall tell you what Pokemon is the closest to us. He is a Rhyperior named Chuka, relatively old and battle-experienced, and therefore one of the strongest of the haunted Pokemon. He is currently resting near Florama, as he has spent nearly two days straight fleeing from imagined pursuers. He will most likely be fully rested when you come upon him, so be ready to battle him at full strength.~/ Sora and the others bobbed their heads in acknowledgment, and Aruseusu stepped towards the portal Dai had come through. She’d been so distracted by everything else that she hadn’t even noticed it was still there. She and the others watched the God lift a leg and prepare to pass through when he glanced back at them.

/~Thank you, Sora. I knew I could rely on you. Good luck to you all.~/ Then he turned, walked through the portal, and was gone.


Dog of Hellsing
01-21-2008, 08:18 PM
Chap One con't

Florama Town was, thankfully, not very far away from where Sora and her Pokemon had been resting. After a short discussion in which they planned what they would do upon meeting the Rhyperior, Sora recalled her Pokemon except for Dai. Aruseusu hadn’t given her the Weavile’s PokeBall, and at any rate, she wanted to take the time to talk with him and begin forming a bond with the little ice-weasel. Dai was more than happy to oblige, and the two became engaged in deep conversation as they headed for Florama.

“What’s the Beginning Dimension like?” she asked, and Dai waved his claws around as he answered.

“Weird. The sky and the sun turn all sorts of different colors depending on what time of day it is, and it changes real quick. Like...imagine it suddenly becoming dusk, right now, without watching the sun set at all.” Sora’s face twisted into a peculiar expression at this description, and Dai continued. “You can stare at the sun without hurting your eyes, the moon is always full, the scenery...it can be a forest one second, and a field the next. No matter what the surroundings are, though, it’s always warm. It’s really strange when you’re suddenly in a tundra and there’s a warm breeze blowing. And then there’s the Beginning Tree, which is always there, no matter what. You can walk and walk and walk away from it, only to turn and see it right behind you. It’s like it follows you.”

“That does sound weird,” Sora commented, and Dai shrugged.

“It was kinda nice though. I had all sorts of time to think about stuff, and sometimes the scenery changed to look like my old home, the caves near Snowpoint City. It helped clear my head, I guess.” Dai fell silent after this, and Sora shot the Weavile a glance. His gaze was lowered to the grassy path the two were traversing, clicking his claws together. After a second, the young girl lifted his gaze from the Pokemon, scanning the well-kept field on either side of the path. There were no flowers or trees here, nothing to mar the sea of emerald grass. In the distance, she could see some of the buildings of Florama rising into thy sky. Since they were coming from the north, the road was relatively straight-forward, with no forks or distractions. If they kept up their current pace, they would reach the city within a half an hour.

After several moments of silence, Sora cleared her throat and began speaking, keeping her eyes on the trail before her.

“It was crazy when I got home. I’d traveled to Hoenn to challenge the Gyms of that region, and Mom and Dad were worried about me leaving Sinnoh. Well...Aruseusu brought me home and dropped me off, along with Cii and Risa. When I went inside my house, Mom and Dad freaked out. Turns out they’d been watching the news ever since hearing that something weird was going on in Hoenn. They made me tell them what had happened, and then suggested I go to the media to share the story with the world. Man, those interviews were harsh None one really believed what I said, I know it. I could tell by the looks they gave me. My parents were the only ones who I know trusted my words. Everyone else, I dunno. They probably think it was all some government conspiracy or something like that. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone interviewed who, you know...anyways, no one has come forward to back me up on anything. I guess they don’t want to be prodded and poked and wrung out like I was.”

“What’s with that Gabite and Espeon?” Dai asked suddenly, and it was clear that he didn’t want to discuss anything about what he had done in Hoenn. Sora sighed softly, deciding not to press the issue at the moment. Dai would talk about it all when he was ready.

“Nusab and Lavender? I ran across those two about four months ago. I was on my way to Canalave City, to battle the Gym Leader again. I mean, I already have the Badges of Sinnoh, though I haven’t taken on the Elite Four yet. I wanna get all the Badges from the regions, then come back home and start spreading my glory by beating the Ee-Four and becoming the new Champion of Sinnoh. Then I’ll go to the other regions and beat the Ee-Four and Champions, and become the first Trainer ever to do so ” Dai looked over at his Trainer as Sora grinned at her dream, then blinked a few times. “Oh, I completely went off-track there, huh? Sorry about that. Back to the story...so there I was, heading to Canalave to challenge the Gym again, because it has a new Leader now, and as I was heading there I found this Gabite just sitting by the trail. She looked kind of lost, and I felt sorry for her. I went over to ask if she’d gotten separated from someone or whatever, when this voice starts talking in my head. It told me to leave, and then an Espeon came out of some bushes behind the Gabite. She seemed extremely happy to see the other Pokemon, and I got curious.

“I asked why they were there, and the Espeon told me they were traveling the world, seeing the sights and all that stuff. I asked her about the Gabite, and she explained that the land-shark was mute, and that they had been together for a long time. It was obvious that they’re close, even then. Well, I asked them if they would like to travel with me, since I was doing the whole “wanderlust” thing myself, and the two Pokemon agreed to go with me if I could capture them. Needless to say, I did.” Sora paused, looking up at the bright, midday sky stretching on endlessly above them. “I always wondered if they came together just by luck, or if somehow they were brought together. It’s surprising, even now, that those two are such great friends...”

“Nusab is mute huh? So that’s why Lavender was speaking for her back there.”

“Yep. She does it all the time, since Nusab can’t exactly speak for herself.”

“Hey, how is it that you understand Pokemon speech?” Dai asked, and Sora smiled a little.

“Actually, I didn’t understand Cii or Risa at first. As we grew closer, though, I found I could understand some of the things they were saying. I guess, depending on how tight a bond a Trainer has with their Pokemon, they learn to understand that Pokemon’s words. With Lavender, she speaks telepathically, which must be automatically translated for whoever she’s talking to because other people understand her as well.”

“Huh,” Dai grunted, and Sora stretched as they walked in silence once again. This time it lasted longer, up until the point where they came upon the Florama Meadow.

It happened suddenly, since the trail went up a rather steep hill before reaching the meadow. It was only clearly visible after gaining the top of the hill, and was a sight to behold. For nearly a mile in all directions there were flowers. Hundreds of them, all laid out in a neat little grid of large patches. Directly in front of them, growing at the base of the hill, was a patch of giant black flowers. The seven petals of each flower were elaborately shaped, looking like eight-pointed stars with wiggly edges and sharp points. Each petal had a streak of red down its center, which stemmed out faintly into each of the many veins that fed the leaf its water and nutrients. The stems were about ten inches long and dark green, with flowing black leaves growing all around them. They gave off a strong odor, something like cinnamon and eucalyptus combined. It was difficult to discern the exact fragrance of the flowers, though, since the air was heavy with the mingled scents of the many other types growing.

The explosion of color and smell caught Dai off guard, and he reeled back for a few seconds before getting over his initial shock. Hs eyes greedily took in the breath-taking vision before him, as if he’d never seen anything so wonderful in his life. Sora smiled at his reaction as she returned her gaze to the flowers, and then absently studied the neat lines of trees to the left. Only when her eyes roved over something that didn’t quite fit in did she actually pay attention, her grin fading into a scowl. She scanned the area of the trees again, spotting the flaw within seconds.

Lying between the second and third rows of towering plants was a large form, half-hidden by a tree to its right. Sora felt her stomach clench painfully as she reached for her belt and pulled free Lavender’s PokeBall. Dai noticed the movement and followed Sora’s gaze, then let out a surprised hiss when he saw the form lying amongst the trees.

“It’s him ” the ice-weasel said softly, and Sora nodded soundlessly. She held the PokeBall towards the ground and pressed the lock button in the middle twice: once to enlarge the Ball to it maximum size, again to release Lavender manually. There was a simple flare of red light, which poured from the lock button and formed itself in Lavender seconds later. Letting everyone out of their Balls in this manner had been part of the plan, in case Chuka didn’t spot Sora before she spotted him. The relative silence to this method was to ensure Chuka’s attention wasn’t brought to them before they were ready for it.

Now Lavender stood in front of Sora, looking alert and expectant. Sora motioned to where Chuka was lying, and within seconds Lavender had found him. She cocked her head once, then glanced at Dai and Sora.

=Are we ready?= she asked, and the other two nodded. Lavender said nothing as she, Dai, and Sora slowly picked their way down the hill, then started making their way towards the Rhyperior.

Seconds turned to minutes, which slipped by agonizingly slowly as the little group inched their way closer and closer to the Rhyperior, doing everything they could to avoid detection. Finally, they were less then five yards away when they halted. They were behind Chuka, who was curled into a massive brown-and-tan ball and apparently asleep. His bulky, rocky-hided body was accented by multiple tan plates of varying sizes on his head, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, legs, and arms. There were tiny tan plates above his eyes as well, and a large horn grew outwards from between the closed orbs. A smaller horn about one-third the size of the main one grew about an inch highed, this one at around a thirty degree angle. His arms were thick, which a huge spike growing from each shoulder and heavy paws that ended in three digits, each tipped with a large, blunt-tipped claw. His smaller back legs didn’t appear large or strong enough to support such a creature, but they were indeed. His feet were wide and ended in two toes, each with a smaller, sharper claw than the ones on his fingers. His tail was about three-quarters his length, thick and powerful and ending in a giant club. As Sora studied him, she noticed many chips and gouges in his hide, as well as a sort of gray tinge. He was obviously just as old as Aruseusu had said and, judging from all his “scars,” just as battle-hardned as well. Sora felt apprehension steal through her as she stared at the large Pokemon.
“Now what? Our plan was based on him being awake,” Sora whispered faintly, and Lavender gave a shrugging movement of her shoulders as she swished her tails.

=He is in a deep slumber, the dreamless kind of sleep tha one needs to restore an exhausted body,= the Espeon replied. =He needs it sorely, from what Aruseusu said, so we shall simply wait for him to awaken, and then carry out our plan.=

“Who knows how long it’ll take for him to wake up, though?” Dai questioned. “We could be stuck here for hours, and he’ll get all the rest he needs at the lab, right? I say we take advantage of this, strike while we have a chance. Once he wakes up and gets going, he’s going to be a lot tougher to weaken.”

“That’s true...” Sora mumbled, watching Chuka’s sides moving as he breathed. “But attacking him while he’s asleep might not be the best choice, considering the situation.”

=Shall I wake him then, and keep his mind clouded for a short time while we begin?= Lavender asked, and Sora sighed.

“I don’t know-“ she started, before cutting herself off with a sharp inhale as Chuka began shifting. She held her breath as the Rhyperior slowly pushed himself into a sitting position, yawning and stretching his huge body. As he closed his jaws, his gaze landed on the small group, and instantly he tensed. After a few moments, he slowly got to his feet and let out a long, low grumble, his tail swinging stiffly behind him.

=He asks who we are, and whether we are real or figments of his warped mind,= Lavender said, translating the Rhyperior’s words for Sora, who smiled at the Pokemon and held out her hands, palms up, to show she meant no harm.

“We’re real, and we’re here to help. I’m Sora, and these are Dai and Lavender, two of my Pokemon. We were sent by Aruseusu,” she said, and the Rhyperior eyed her warily as his paws clenched into large fists. He rumbled again, head bowing slightly as his gaze swung over Sora and her Pokemon.

=He wants to know what we can do to help him. He says he’s been stolen from his Trainer, brought to a strange land he knows nothing about, tested on by a maniac, and the memories...= Here she fell silent abruptly, and as she did Chuka’s eyes glazed over heavily. Sora clutched at the edges of her shirt, anxiety stealing through her as she watched the Rock-and-Ground Pokemon.

“What’s...Lavender, what’s wrong?” she asked faintly, and Dai let out a soft hiss as his ear feathers pressed against the sides of his skull. Sora shot him a look to see his eyes widened, staring at Chuka. Something was obviously very, very wrong indeed...
=He is remembering,= Lavender intoned suddenly, the jewel on her forehead flaring, without warning, to a brilliant purple. =Something is happening, something causing it, but...I cannot quite figure it out...= She shook her head, her face creasing in a frown. Then she blinked, eyes growing large as she started trembling slightly.

“Lavender?” Sora inquired, worry thick in her voice. The little Espeon didn’t reply for a moment, and Sora flicked her gaze to Chuka, who was swiping at nothing with his thick paws. When Lavender finally spoke, her voice with strained with fear she was sensing from the stricken Rhyperior.

=There are many of them, crowding in from all sides,= she said. =Most of them are...were...human, and some Pokemon. They are weak, compared to him, and they fall easily under his strength. His hide protects him for the most part, but there are so many, and they keep coming, and he is getting tired and scared. His Trainer has been long dead, and he has relied so long on the human’s help in battle. He wants all of it to end, but keeps having to fight.= She paused her narration of Chuka’s memories for a moment as the Rhyperior whirled, blasting a small rock from the hole in the palm of his left paw at some foe. The stone slammed into a nearby tree and embedded itself several inches in the plant.

=He sees an opening now,= Lavender continued as Chuka started moving, not running, but speedily nonetheless. =He’s sick of fighting, he wants to find somewhere safe and quite so he can rest. But...but now...= And here Lavender stopped, beginning to shake harder. Chuka, too, fell still, his bulk tensing suddenly. Only when he, too, began shivering did she speak again, her voice faint and frightened. =He senses something massive behind him, some horrible presence. He doesn’t want to look, doesn’t want to see the threat, but instinct overrides his will and forces him to turn.= And indeed, Chuka was slowly turning back to face them, raw terror chiseled into his features. His eyes landed on the monster in his memory, and his jaws opened in a silent shriek.

“What is it?” Sora asked, hands sore from holding her shirt so tightly. She didn’t really want to know, but the gravity of the situation had caught her up and was sweeping her along. “What’s there?”

=A Gyarados,= Lavender answered, and Sora gasped. Dai hissed again, just as ensnared in what was taking place as Sora and the others. =A Gyarados, half-rotted and stinking of death. It’s rearing above him, maw open, and...it strikes, and he’s so scared he can’t move, can’t fight back, can’t do anything but watch...It lowers its mouth down over his head, his neck, his chest, his stomach...And then...= Lavender suddenly cried out, and so did Chuka, suddenly waving his arms madly. Sora found her chest hurting and realized with a start she’d been holding her breath, watching Chuka flailing as the imaginary Gyarados did whatever it was doing in his memory.

“What now?” the young girl whispered, tears in her eyes.

=Its jaws snap shut,= Lavender replied, convulsing so hard she was close to falling over. =They close with such force that he is ripped clean in two.= As she spoke, Chuka suddenly let out a horrible scream, collapsing to the ground and writhing. Sora moaned a little, closing her eyes against the sight, wishing she could block the awful shrieks as well. They were second only to the screams Cii and Risa had given when they had been killed by the zombie horde all those months ago. =Pain So much pain and agony and terror He can feel the crushed organs of his ruined body, the blood pouring from him, the life spilling with it = Lavender began shaking her head, sinking to the ground as she gasped and sobbed. =Ooohhhh, dear Aruseusu, please, let it end, let it stop =

Sora was getting ready to recall the poor Espeon when suddenly Chuka fell still again, his breathing heavy and ragged. Silence descended, and Sora let out a grateful sigh that Chuka’s screams had ended. She slowly loosened the grip on her shirt, surprised when her cramped knuckles started hurting as she did. She glanced at Dai, who had scooted closer to her within the past several seconds. Somehow, the fact that he found comfort in being near her gave her some courage and drove back a bit of the awfulness she was feeling now. She started to reach out, planning on placing a hand on his head to comfort him further, then decided against it and drew back. Instead, she folded her arms over her chest and turned her attention back to Chuka.

=And now he is suddenly surrounded by zombies again,= Lavender said wearily moments later. Sora and the others watched the Rhyperior clamber to his feet, head whipping back and forth. =He is so very confused, because he was certain he had just died seconds ago, that a Gyarados had bitten him in two. The confusion makes him more scared.=

As she said it, Chuka’s eyes swept over the group. He blinked, as if coming out of his memory, but then he let out a bellow. Sora recognized it as a warning, as the Rhydon from earlier had made the same noise before executing a Take-Down attacking. Feeling nervous, Sora looked to where Lavender was getting to her paws.

“Lavender...Aruseusu told me we would just appear as more zombies to the Pokemon when they were gripped by their memories, and if that’s true, why does he seem to be focusing on us?” she asked, her eyes lifting back to Chuka. The Rhyperior was glaring at them, though his fierce gaze strayed every so often as he swatted at a memorized enemy.

=We do look like more zombies to him, but for some reason, we stand out more. We seem more...substantial, than the others. He still sees them as a threat, but we are the main targets.=

Dog of Hellsing
01-21-2008, 08:33 PM
Chap One con't

“Targets?” Sora questioned, not at all liking the sound of Lavender’s words. Before the Espeon could explain further, Chuka lifted his paws and held them out to sora and her Pokemon. The young Trainer scowled as she noticed glimmers within the palm-holes of the Pokemon’s paws, unsure of what was going on.

“Can you tell what he’s going to do?” the girl asked Lavender, who shook her head.

=I am sorry Sora, but I cannot focus my mental energies enough. This experience has left me fatigued, I am afraid,= the Espeon responded, and Sora smiled a little.

“It’s all right, you did a great job in helping us understand what happened to Chuka. Take a break now,” she said, retrieving Lavender’s PokeBall and recalling the little green-pelted Pokemon. A beam of red light shot from the Ball’s lock, engulfing Lavender and dematerializing her into her energy form. Seconds later the red light pulled back into the Ball, taking the psychic cat with it, and Sora placed the orb back in its compartment.

/Just as she did, she saw a bright flash emanate from Chuka’s paws. She looked up, scowling, and saw a pulsing gray light gathering in front of the Rhyperior’s outstretched paws. Dai let out a soft growl, stepping closer to Sora and narrowing his crimson eyes.

“Be careful, Sora, he means business,” the Weavile cautioned, and Sora nodded grimly.

“Yeah, I know,” she said, her body tensing. Then, without warning, Chuka roared and swung his arms up, and two gargantuan beams ripped themselves free from the ball of light that had gathered before the Rhyperior. They then exploded outwards with a blinding flash that washed over the area, accompanied by a spectacular explosion. Sora and Dai cried out as the Flash Cannon attack swept over them, throwing them both to the ground.

“Aggghh,” Sora moaned faintly as she laid there, pain throbbing through her body. This was the first time she’d ever been struck by a Pokemon move, and she wasn’t surprised to find she didn’t like it. As the harsh flare of the attack faded and the ringing of the explosion died away, she shakily pushed herself to her knees and glanced around. Her eyes fell upon Dai moments later, and she was shocked to see him already on his paws and looking furious.

“You don’t attack a Pokemon’s Trainer too, idiot ” he yelled uselessly, and Chuka responded by opening his jaws, in which a sparkling, multi-colored orb appeared. It started small, but rapidly increased in size until it filled the Pokemon’s entire mouth. Within seconds, he had prepared the Hyper Beam attack and released it at the smaller Pokemon and his Trainer.

“Dai, look out ” Sora cried, and the Weavile threw himself to the left in an attempt to avoid the attack. Sora, too, flung herself out of the Hyper Beam’s path, hitting the ground and rolling. She flowed to her feet moments later and glanced over at here Dai was crouching, looking thoroughly annoyed. She couldn’t help but feel a little happy that Dai was angry Chuka was attacking her as well. However, now wasn’t the time for such things. She pushed her hair from her eyes, where it had fallen in her tumble, and got down to business.

“Think you can handle him on your own, Dai?” she asked the ice-weasel, who nodded without looking at her.

“Yeah, sure, nothing to it. Just let me know what to do,” he replied. Sora clasped her hands together before her and spread her feet in a sort of horse stance: this was her typical “it’s time to battle” stance, and it made her look like a drill sergeant or something.

“Eh...what moves do you know, exactly?” she asked, watching Chuka closely. After firing his Hyper Beam, he had become preoccupied with the enemies of his imagination. They watched him swing his clubbed tail at some adversary behind him, and Dai took the time to list off as many of his attacks as he could.

“Um, let’s see here...Assurance, Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse, Focus, Punch, Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Blizzard, Protect, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Double Team, Poison Jab, Avalanche, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Counter, Reflect, Bite, Ice Punch, Crush Claw, Agility...” He trailed off as he looked over at Sora, who was deep in thought as she stared at Chuka. Finally she spoke, her voice cool and calm. It was unlike her voice when she normally led a Pokemon in battle, because this one was much, much more serious than most others. There was more at stake here than a little bit of money and some pride.

“Start off with an Agility,” she commanded. “You need to be able to avoid his attacks, seeing as he’s so strong. Once you’ve done that, hit him with a Screech and follow up with a Swords Dance. We’ll work our way from that when we reach that point.” Dai nodded firmly and turned to face his opponent, who had ceased attacking figments and was glaring at the team standing a few yards away.

As Dai closed his eyes and forced himself to relax, Chuka growled menacingly and lifted his tail into the air, then slammed it into the ground with surprising force. The sound made Dai jump, but he remained focused on his current order. He soon felt his muscles loosen up, and he opened his eyes as Chuka once again raised his tail and sent it crashing against the ground. Bits of destroyed flowers and clods of dirt flew from where his tail landed, and Dai narrowed his eyes as the Rhyperior repeated the movement again.

Within several moments, the ground was quaking furiously. Dai danced about, trying to stay on his feet, but Sra was knocked to her knees by the force of the Earthquake. When Dai noticed this, he made his way over to her and stood in front of her, opening his jaws and sucking in a breath. He then released it as a loud, nerve-wracking Screech, which instantly caused Chuka to reel back and end his Earthquake. The stunned Rhyperior shook his head as he tried to get rid of the horrible ringing echoing in his head, and Dai grinned back at Sora as the ground stopped shaking and she stood.

“Great job,” she applauded, and Dai felt pride well up within him at her praise. It was the first time in his life he had ever heard someone appreciate something he’d done, and he was eager to do more.

Turning from his Trainer, the ice-weasel, held his claws before his face and inhaled deeply. As he did, he let his eyes slide half-shut, breathing in and out slowly. Moments ticked by, and then six ghostly shapes appeared before the Weavile. They soon formed themselves into swords, which began to whirl around Dai slowly. As they picked up speed they became more solid, until Dai could hear the clash of metal upon metal and see sparks flying when the blades struck one another. Faster and faster they spun, then suddenly halted. For a heartbeat they were still, then they moved towards Dai as they became translucent once more. As they reached the little Pokemon, they absorbed into his body and giving him a large boost. Dai felt his strength doubling with the Swords Dance move completed, opening his eyes fully to focus on Chuka.

The Rhyperior was still suffering from Dai’s Screech attack, He was tromping about, bellowing something fierce as he flung his arms around madly. Dai shot Sora a glance, and the girl gave a single nod.

“Your Attack is a lot higher than your Special Attack, right?”

“Er, yeah. I mean, my Physical attacks always do more damage than my Special ones,” Dai answered. Sora pondered for a moment, watching Chuka rage.

“All right, here’s what we do now. Get in there and hit him hard with an Ice Punch, then follow up with a Brick Break. If you have the time, maybe a Shadow Claw or a Night Slash as well. Be careful though ” she added, stressing the last three words. Dai said nothing as as faced Chuka and tore forward, his speed increased thanks to the relaxing effects of his Agility move.

“Ice Punch, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Night Slash,” he repeated to himself as he descended upon the befuddled Rhyperior, making the attacks into a sort of mantra. As he reached the large Pokemon, he slid to a halt and leaned back, balling his left paw into a tight fist. He craned his arm back, then jerked forward as ice covered his fist, which he slammed into Chuka’s stomach seconds later. The Rhyperior bellowed in shock, one of his thick arms swinging down in a blur. Dai barely noticed it in time and leapt back, narrowly avoiding a brutal blow to his temple. Breathing fast, Dai then lunged forward, this time pouding an ice-less fist hard into Chuka’s open right side in a Brick Break

The rocky Pokemon let loose an angry scream at this and snapped his head down, his eyes blazing with fury, confusion, and fear. Then he whirled, so suddenly Dai was completely taken by surprise. A metallic silver sheen came over the Pokemon’s tail, which connected hard with Dai’s left arm in a vicious Iron Tail attack. Dai gave a little shriek of pain as he was thrown to the ground and sent tumbling a few feet. As the Weavile hit the ground, Chuka turned away from him and fired a random Hyper Beam at something only he could see. The massive attack hit a tree not far away and completely destroyed it, leaving a smoking hole where the flora had once stood.

“Dai ” Sora hollered worriedly, and he Weavile gained his paws a moment later. He looked rather unsteady, but at least he wasn’t injured. Sora sighed softly as Dai glared at Chuka, rubbing his aching arm as the Rhyperior shook himself and once again swung his large paws at opposition that didn’t exist.

“How long is he going to be caught up in this memory?” Dai mumbled, before remembering that he still had orders to carry out. Without bothering to look to Sora for guidance, he darted forward as inky shadows began to creep from all over his body and surround the claws of his right paw. Soon the wicked talons had vanished with blackness, as if a small void had settled over them. As soon as he was within range, Dai slashed his claws at Chuka’s legs, intent on bringing him down and making him easier to battle. His talons collided with the larger Pokemon’s squat legs, and the impact shoved Chuka’s leg out from under him. Voicing his distress as he fell hard to the ground, the Rhyperior lifted an arm and held his paw at Dai’s chest, firing three large rocks in quick succession from the hole in the palm.

Dai yelped in surprise as the Rock Blast sent him staggering backwards, paws going up to clutch at the sharp pain the small boulders had left upon striking him. The attack hadn’t been very powerful, compared to the one that had hit the tree with earlier, but it was enough to leave a considerable hurt. As Chuka struggled to get back up, Dai bent down and retrieved one of the stones, holding it with both paws as he hurled it as his fallen opponent in a makeshift Rock Throw. The stone landed upon Chuka’s forehead and didn’t seem to hurt him as much as it did annoy him.

“All right Let’s try a Focus Punch now ” Sora called excitedly, and Dai bobbed his head in recognition of his order. He concentrated on the pulse and flow of energy in his body, raw and untamed and waiting to be bent to the Weavile’s will. He began focusing a large chunk of it towards his left paw, which rolled itself into a tightly-clenched fist. As he pushed more and more energy towards it, his fist, then his entire arm, began to pulse with a soft light. It slowly grew brighter and brighter, though, until it was a harsh glare tha lit up the area, even in broad daylight.

By the time Dai had finished preparing the Focus Punch, Chuka had managed to get back on his feet. He swung his head around, slashing his horn at something before him, then threw his head back and let out an earth-shaking roar. Taking advantage of the temporary opening, Dai ripped forward and leapt at the Rhyperior, slamming his shining paw hard into the Pokemon’s chin. He then performed a neat back flip and landed in a crouch about two feet away, watching Chuka stumble backward and slash his tail around. He didn’t fall again, but it was obvious by the way he dropped his head a moment later that he was feeling the strength of the blow. He shook his head drunkenly, grunting loudly as he did and staggering around.

“Great, you’re doing awesome Dai ” came Sora’s approval, and Dai puffed his chest out as his feathers ruffled a little. He felt like charging forward and showing Sora he could battle all on his own, if he had to. He restrained this reckless feeling though, knowing it would only get him into trouble if given the chance. Instead, he watched Chuka closely, muscles bunching beneath his fur in preparation to move if another attack came at him. “Let’s go with another Ice Punch, see if you can freeze one of his legs to keep him down for a while ”

“On it,” Dai replied confidently before vanishing in a blur of color, streaking towards Chuka as he once again curled a paw into a fist. He stopped running seconds before he would have whammed into Chuka, ice coating his fist as he threw it at the Rhyperior’s belly...

...When his opponent suddenly decided to attack a non-existent enemy behind Dai. He lifted an arm and began pin-wheeling it, then brought it ramming against the side of Dai’s head. The Hammer Arm attack was strong enough to send Dai flying several feet to the left, where he then crashed to the ground in a crumpled heap. Sora cried out and rushed to where the Weavile had landed, dropping to her knees beside him.

“Oh God, Dai, are you okay?” she asked desperately, and Dai groaned loudly as he slowly rolled onto his side, wincing.

“Head...hurts...” he mumbled, and Sora noticed, with much anxiety, that blood was trickling from his nose. She placed a hand gently on his forehead to prevent him from standing.

“Stay down,” she said kindly. “Please, you might be hurt and you need to lie still if you are.” Dai muttered something she couldn’t make out and squirmed weakly beneath her hand, but she refused to let him up. “Dai...”

“Gonna...finish...so you can start being proud...of me...like your are of the others...” he slurred. Sora felt her heart ache at his words; he wanted to keep battling, even in his awful condition, just to make her happy. It seemed he truly did wish to be accepted by her, to be forgiven by her. Tears prickled in her eyes as she sighed.

“Oh Dai...it’s okay, everything’s okay. You’ve made me very proud already, but now it’s time to rest. There’ll be plenty of other times for you to show your stuff, ‘kay?” As she spoke, she nervously shot a look at Chuka to find him ignoring them, for the moment. She turned her eyes back down to Dai, who looked like he wanted to keep arguing. However, pain won out over stubbornness, and he twitched an ear feather in acknowledgment of Sora’s words.

“‘Kay,” he repeated, and Sora smiled at him. She then stood and reached for Cii’s PokeBall, releasing her and clutching the Ball tightly as the ice-fox appeared before her.

=I’m battling now?= she asked quizzically, for she hadn’t been expecting to take part. The plan had been for Lavender to use her Psychic powers in order to keep Chuka distracted while Dai chipped away at his strength. Sora bowed her head once and indicated Dai, who, by this point, had Fainted.

“He took an evil Hammer Arm to the head,” she said, worry evident in her tone. Cii looked troubled by the news as she sniffed at Dai’s prone form, then turned her attention to Chuka. She looked angry, which was extremely unusual for the normally placid Glaceon.

=I’ll stop him,= she declared hotly, and it seemed to be out of a desire to avenge Dai’s injury. Sora was taken aback by this; she would have thought the ice-fox would feel more understanding towards Chuka, considering she, too, had been killed by Dai’s forces almost a year ago. Instead, she was defending the creature responsible for the death of she, Risa, and thousands of others. Whether it was because he was a fellow Ice-type, or simply because she was serious about giving Dai a second chance, Sora couldn’t tell. Not that it really mattered at the moment either way.

“All right Cii, he’s been weakened by a Screech, an Ice Punch, and a Brick Break. He might be tough and experienced, but he’s also old, so he should be getting worn down. Not to mention that Rhyperior have some pretty lame Special Defense, if I recall right...”

=What should I do?= Cii asked. Sora assumed her sergeant stance again, eyes narrowing as she considered her options.

“Slow him down with an Icy Wind,” she decided a moment later. “He can move fast for such an ungainly-looking Pokemon, and it kept catching Dai off guard. We don’t want that happening anymore.” At Sora’s command, Cii leapt forward and ran at Chuka, opening her jaws and exhaling an icy breath. She repeated this several times, until Chuka’s movements had become sluggish. By the time this had happened, the Rhyperior had once again become focused on his true opponents. He bellowed angrily at Cii, who crouched low to the ground and waited for her next order.

Before it could be given, though, Chuka’s main horn began to spin. Cii watched it, and Sora vaguely wondered how the horn could rotate as it did. Now was certainly not the time to worry about it, though, for she knew what this attack was. She tensed as Chuka stomped his feet and let out a roar, then charged at Cii with his head lowered. Luckily, his charge wasn’t very fast, and Cii was able to easily avoid the potentially deadly Horn Drill move.

“That’s it Cii, keep moving, and whatever you do, don’t let him hit you with that move ” Sora encouraged. “Now try an Ice Shard ”

=Right = Cii piped, twirling on a paw to face Chuka’s back. The Rhyperior had needed a few moments to halt his hurtling, despite how slow he’d been moving, as his bulk was hard to stop once it was going. Lowering the upper half of her body close the the ground, she drew all the heat out of her fur and replaced it with cold from inside her little frame. Within seconds all the fur on her body had risen into frozen points, and afterwards Cii shook herself vigorously. Crystal shards of ice flew from her frosty pelt, striking Chuka’s back with stinging power. The Rhyperior let out a little bellow upon realizing his rear was being attacked, and he swung around to charge at Cii once again. Even though his head was lowered, his horn was no longer spinning. Sora recognized his move as a Horn Attack, which was considerably less threatening than his prior attack.

Dog of Hellsing
01-21-2008, 08:44 PM
Chap One con't

“Cii, Double Team now. He already thinks there are others around, take advantage of that.” Cii obeyed the command without hesitation, and within seconds she seemed to split into two, four, eight, sixteen separate beings. Of course, it was just her using her speed to create the illusion of more Glaceon, but it was an effective ploy all the same. Confounded by the appearance of over a dozen new targets, Chuka changed direction and ended up plowing through a copy, nearly falling over as his momentum caused him to lose his balance.

This time, though, he managed to stop and turn before getting too far. Without waiting for Cii or Sora to react, he inhaled a huge breath and drew his head back. Then he jerked it down and dropped his jaws open, disgorging a giant blast of red-orange flames in the shape of a five-pointed star. The Fire Blast was huge, bigger than any Sora had seen released by a Pokemon of Chuka’s size, and that alone was startling enough. The real shocker was the fact that the Rhyperior was using such a move at all.

Cii stood, gawking at the attack as it screamed towards her. Sora also watched the blaze with an expression of matching blankness, before snapping out of it and making a decision on the fly.

“Cii, Mirror Coat ” she shouted, her voice pitching higher than usual in her anxiety. Reacting to Sora’s voice rather than the command, Cii shook herself out of her stunned daze and focused the energy in her body. Just as the flames of the Fire Blast reached her, she created a sparkling purple-pink shield of energy in front of herself. Most of the attack was reflected by the Mirror Coat, its power doubled after the energ of the shield combined with it. The rest of the five-pronged move hit Cii in the chest, knocking her to the ground with a yelp as the reflected fire washed over Chuka. His screeching yowl came from within the vortex, which was rather eerie.

As the flames died away moments later, Cii carefully got to her paws. The fur on her chest was singed badly, and Sora suspected by the way she was moving tenderly that the ice-fox had recieved a Burn from the Fore Blast. She took a calming breath as she fixed Chuka with a fierce stare, though it went unnoticed by the somewhat charred Rhyperior. He was swatting at something invisible to Sora and Cii near his right side, and Sora released her breath in a rush.

“Cii, Hidden Power,” she said, suddenly feeling tired. This whole afternoon had been emotionally draining: meeting Dai again, receiving this mission from Aruseusu, Lavender’s unpleasantly descriptive narration of Chuka’s death, this battle, Dai getting wounded...

Cii seemed to read her Trainer’s thoughts, or perhaps she sensed the girl’s weariness. Either way, she, too, seemed ready for the battle to end. Gathering energy from within her body, she closed her eyes and drew it out, forming it into a spiraling ball of dark blue light. After the orb had grown to its full size of about two feet across, it took on a liquid appearance. With a nod of her head, Cii sent the Water-type Hidden Power at Chuka, where it struck him full in the face. The force and suddenness of it caused him to stagger backwards, head shaking viciously as he clawed at his eyes.

“Great aim ” Sora said, unable to keep from grinning. Cii attempted to make a shrugging movement, but ended up wincing as the effort caused her burn to hurt more. She instead settled for swishing her tail.

The admiration of the Glaceon’s aim was short-lived, though. Chuka’s attention was now firmly fixed on Cii, and he let out a loud, angry rumble as he suddenly tore forward. It seemed he had gotten over the chill of Cii’s Icy Wind, and his abrupt increase in speed alarmed Cii, causing her to backpedal so quickly she tripped herself. Sora gave a wordless shout of dismay as the Glaceon toppled to the ground, only to get sent sprawling as Chuka collided with her in a violent Giga Impact attack. The backlash of it caused Chuka to crumple in an exhausted heap, while Cii rolled for several seconds before coming to a halt several feet away from the larger Pokemon. Somehow, she managed to find the strength to stand, though she was shaking and breathing hard.

“Fantastic Cii, you’re doing great This is it, just one more move and it’ll be over, Finish things with an Avalanche attack ” Sora urged, and Cii nodded weakly as she threw her head back. Her eyes glazed over as she used all the will she possessed to force the air above her to freeze, pushing every ounce of chill out of her body. Snow began to fall over the area, faint at first, but then coming down harder and harder. Finally, a giant sheet of it came down, landing on Cii and Chuka before the snow ceased falling. Seconds later, Cii’s head popped out of the now, and she seemed relatively comfortable being buried up to her neck in the stuff. At almost the same time, Chuka stood from where he’d been lying when the heavy wall of snow and ice had descended, staggering away a few steps before collapsing again with a tired, fearful moan.

“He must be so scared,” Sora murmured, feeling horrible for the poor Pokemon. “Here he is, trying to fight something that already happened, and he doesn’t have the energy to even stand...it must seem like he’s about to get ripped apart by the memories he can’t run from now.” Sadly, the young girl shrugged her dark gold pack from her shoulder and shoved a hand inside it, rummaging around until her hand closed around a spare PokeBall. She pulled it out, dropped her pack, and watched Chuka for a second longer before lobbing the Ball at him. It struck his right side and bounced off, opening with that familiar crack-pop noise and allowing the red light to flood out. It surrounded the Rhyperior, who vanished into a mass of writhing red energy that was then sucked back into the red-and-white PokeBall. It snapped shut with a faint hissing noise and fell to the ground where it rocked feebly. Sora watched it with tired eyes as she knelt beside Dai, wondering what would transpire next...


Pokemon Trying For: Rhyperior
Characters Needed: 55-65k
Total Characters: Around 76,600 XD

Hey, for once I didn’t go way over the limit *Does a happy dance.* The battle seems short to me, though. Oh well...

01-24-2008, 04:24 PM
Story Progression/Plot: Well, taken as a whole the entire concept was rather simple, perhaps even a bit too linear; it started out nicely with the appearance of the legendaries, but as the conversations progressed the whole seemed rather simplified; a good read, but still simplified. On the other hand, it quite effective, and enjoyable. Your use of emotions to further the story was a nice idea and executed thoroughly well. The personalities of the characters were also well thought out, and probably one of my favorite parts of the story. That said, Sora didn't seem much involved, there were parts where you could catch glimpses of what she was like but, for the most part it seemed like she took a backseat in this story. As a whole I thought the story was really good, really effective, especially with emotions, but on the other hand it was a pretty simple story for such a complex Pokemon. I guess what I mean is that on paper on theory, the plot sounds really good, but when actually written seems so much more straightforward, there wasn't any strange plot twists or unexpected events it was just really linear from start to finish.

Grammar/Spelling: Not much to say here, the grammar was fine for the most part, with nothing sticking out as clearly wrong one way or another, I suppse that would be preference more than anything else; the spelling however did have a few more mistakes but those were merely typing errors; a missed vowel or something along those lines, nothing major, certainly nothing to warrant a drop in the grade, but just the same I'd use a spell checker to clean up those pesky errors.

Detail/Description: As usual you did a fantastic job, as I mentioned the emotions were especially well done, body gestures, the pokemon themselves and the attacks were of course described remarkably well, maybe a bit too well, as the environment and immediately surroundings our characters' found themselves in, seemed pale in comparison, maybe it was because everything else was done so well, but either so, I really didn't get a feel for any of the locations mentioned, except for where we started. For future reference, I wouldn't worry so much about attacks and such as those will come naturally, and if this story was any indication you have a pretty good grasp on describing the Pokemon in your stories so I wouldn't worry about that either, I would however suggest you find a way to immerse the reader in the environment a bit more than this story did, but that's just my two cents.

Length: Who cares; good enough.

Battle: Well, I guess we'll start with the description of the battle in which you did quite well; everything was described nicely and thoroughly, without making it sound completely boring or making it a chore to read, for that, I commend you. As for the other aspects of the battle; I have to say I didn't really feel like this was balanced all that well, I mean, I realize Rhyperior got his licks in and such, but it seemed like Rhyperior was portrayed as a wild out of control heavy hitter who got in a few good hits. I also realize that in the state he was in that may have been somewhat true but it seemed like he was constantly battling the short end of the stick; now I'll be the first to admit my perspective may be a bit warped by the fact Rhyperior is one of my favorite Pokemon ever, so I won't put to much weight on it.

Outcome: Rhyperior... Captured! I'm sorry if I sounded a iffy on this story, make no mistake it was a great story, but there was just a few things I'm at odds with, mostly having to do with preference rather than right or wrong.