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01-21-2008, 12:04 AM
One day in Pallet town, a Trapinch, who belonged to a pokemon trainer named Pika_Two, was battling a Tauros. As Trapinch used Growl, Tauros gave the boot to Trapinch with his hind legs.
“No!” screamed Pika_Two, as he outstretched his arms in an effort to grab her pokemon, failing and falling to the ground, sulking….

Chapter One

As Trapinch awoke, he found himself face to face with a Pikachu.

“Wh- Wh- Where am I? And who are you?” Trapinch asked, quizzically.
“Hello!” Pikachu spoke cheerfully. My name is Thunder, what’s yours?”
“Jaws, and where are we?” Trapinch asked drowsily.
“Why, the grand and friendly Hoenn region!”
“What’s the problem?”
“The problem is… never mind that! Where’s Kanto?”
“Who is Kanto? A new pokemon?”
“It’s a region!” Trapinch exploded.
“Ohh, that Kanto, two, no, three hundred thousand Wailords away…” Pikachu said thoughtfully.
“Oh no. Oh no no no. I have to get back home….”
“I’ll-” Pikachu started.
“And your gonna help. Yeah..”
“O-kay… can I bring a friend?”
“Hmm? Oh, sure, I don’t see why not.”
“ Follow me.”
After a few minutes of trudging through forest, they came to a tree.
“What is this place anyway?”
“ Oh, this is the Petalburg Woods” replied Pikachu. “Hey Shift!”
“What!” answered the pokemon.
“It’s me, Thunder.”
“Oh, hey.” Shiftry said, while climbing down the tree.

Anyway, the point is, they do get back, and I end up with Pikachu, and Trapinch. Shiftree leaves with a Ludicolo.....