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01-21-2008, 05:33 PM
(Still under construction)

Ninetales@Shell Bell

Flare Blitz, Energy ball, Extrasensory, Fire Spin

Ability: Flash Fire

Nature: Rash

EV's: 255 SpAtk, 125 DEF, 130 SpDef

Not really mush behind this one...I just really like my shiny Ninetales...move pool's not bad, either...


Gyro Bell, Hypnosis, Stealth Rock, Dream Eater

Ability: Levitate

Nature: Sassy

EV's: 252 DEF, 252 SpDef, 6 ATK

Somewhat of a wall/Stealth Rocker, Hypnosis/Dream Eater for healing.

Latios@Soul Dew (or Wise Glasses for those who consider Latios with Soul Dew an Uber)

Luster Purge, Thunderbolt, Draco Metor, Recover

Ability: Levitate

Nature: Quirky

EV's: 252 Def, 252 SpDef, 6 SpAtk

Sp.Atk Sweeper with enough defense to get by...

Breloom@Toxic Orb

Facade, Focus Punch, Spore, Seed Bomb

Ability: Poison Heal

Nature: Brave

EV's: DEF 255, SpDef: 255

Physical sweeper, but there's more to it. Toxic Orb means it can't get burned, frozen or paralyzed, and Poison Heal means it gains HP from the toxic instead of losing it. And of course, the infamous Spore-puncher...

Milotic@Jaboca Berry

Surf, Ice Beam, Aqua Ring, Recover

Ability: Marvel Scale

Nature: Modest

EV's: def 252, SpDef 252, SpAtk 6

Offensive and Defensive. Excellent Sp. Def, and because of the berry, a physical attack that hits it hurts the user, too. Plus it can recover continuously.


Mean Look, Perish Song, Shadow ball, Confuse Ray

Ability: Levitate

Nature: Bold

EV's: DEF 255, HP 255

Mean Look, then Parish Song...not mush else to say...

Well, that about sums it up...what do you think? 1? 10? Tips? Feedback? Whatever