View Full Version : EVE-Online. Come try it out.

01-21-2008, 11:10 PM
....Or if you already play it put your name, what corporation you belong to/alliance.

Anyways, if you don't play it. Its essentially a Space Sim that is a MMO. There is literally anything and everything you can do, the entire game, including its storyline, is run by how the players do things.

There are about 5000 star systems that you can go to. And there are even large clusters of systems controlled by alliances(groups of clans that group together)and are faught over by other alliances.

Its very dynamic and political. And its not a level crunching game like WoW or Guildwars or any of those. You train skills to fly certain ships, do certain things.

You can be a complete pain in the butt and pirate other people by killing them when they go into systems where you can kill people. Or you can build ships and sell them for money.

Pretty much anything you want to do.

My name in the game is Riken Vorkovin. If you would like to try it go to www.eve-online.com and download the trial. You can also checkout the trailers. Also, in the trailers, all ships seen are flyable by people. You can fly any ship, there are even ships five miles long that people fly.