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Camping with Corrie

Alright, peoples. This will be a multi- capture story. I'm going to seperate it into chapters, about 11 of them, thus catching about 10 or 11 Pokemon, alright?

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Chapter 1 - Out Of Gas?

Pokemon to Catch: Hippoptas (Spelling?)
Characters Needed: 20k +
Characters have so far: 18k

Dear Diary

“My brother is becoming a real pain, he is always jumping about. He stuck his toothbrush down the toilet, and blamed me. I’m tired of getting in trouble because of him. Any suggestions? I know you’re not a real person, but everyday when I release my deepest dark secrets to you, I feel you’re a person. Anyways, since my brother’s name is Corry, he decided to lie to me, and said he owns ‘Corrie Marmalade’. I was so outraged when he said that. Grr!! I feel like I could scream. But I wont. I’m in my room right now; I just got home from school. Yeah, and I have to go on a camping trip tonight with my brother, my mom and my dad. I have to go for a whole month. I’ll still write though, don’t worry.”

Jane lifted her head out of her book. It was a plain pink book, with light pink pictures and scribbles on the cover. She grabbed the book and leaned slightly over, she laid the book on the ground, made out of solid wood, and pushed book beneath her big bed. She hopped up and lay back on her bed, she sighed in sadness. “I’m going to be stuck in a forest for a whole month…” She said, with sad tone to her voice. She lay on the bed, the soft white covers where fluffy. “Jane! Jane!” A voice gasped loudly. Jane jumped up off her bed, alarmed by the voice. “Yeah! I got you good!” A voice teased. “Oh, Corrie…Get out of my room.” She said angrily.

“Fine, grouch.” Corrie muttered. Jane sat on her bed sadly. “I don’t even have anything to do!” She grunted. “And on my last day of freedom!” Jane walked towards her window, glaring outside. It was a beautiful sunny day. The sun was gleaming down through her window, straight at her. Her crystal blue eyes glared at the sun, and then closed. Chocolate brown hair fell to a little bit below her shoulders. Her small, pretty face was down, and looking sad. She slightly opened her eyes. She turned around to her big light blue bedroom. With nice and smooth, white and blue wallpapers.

“Jane…?” A voice said. Her clear white bedroom door opened, her mother came in. “Jane, are you alright?” Her mother asked her, concerned about her. Her mother’s bright blonde hair, with brown tints in lay on her bed. Her mother comforted her. “Jane, honey, are you alright?” “Mom, I’m so sick of dad coming up with these freaky idea’s!” Jane shouted loudly. “Honey, dad wants you and Corrie to spend some time together,” Mom said worriedly. “It’s so you’ll become better friends.” She added sharply. “Listen, Mom, Corrie is an annoying runt!” Jane twitched sadly. “Honey, please, I need you to do this.” Mom announced.

Mom walked out of the room, gently pulling the door behind her. Jane sat on the bed, and inhaled deeply. “Should I, or not?” She asked herself. Usually when she’s in stress, she turns on the Television and watches some shows to calm her down. Instead, she refrained from taking the small remote, and walked through her door. She sighed slowly on the way out, and coughed a little. “Jane!” A voice shouted from downstairs. There was a small fog at her door window. The nicely decorated sky-blue door had a fog on its window. “Alison?” Jane questioned curiously. Jane ran down her creaky wooden stairs step by step. She came to the end of the stairs. She grasped the doorknob and pulled it open. “Hi Jane!” Alison exclaimed happily, “Uh…Hi?” Jane answered, nervously twitching at her.

“Hi Jane, how are you? Coming the park now?” Alison asked excitedly. “Eh…Why would I go the park?” Said Jane demandingly. “Let’s just say we made a deal. Eh?” Alison answered sharply. “Alright, let’s go then.” Jane said enthusiastically. Jane and Alison walked outside, gently closing the door behind them. “So, have you seen the new issue of ‘Buzz’?” Alison asked curiously. “Yeah, I so have,” Jane answered strangely, she had a stutter to her voice, not knowing what Alison had planned for her at the park, “Did you see Amelia left Dean?” Jane added quickly.

“Yeah, it was so heart-breaking, Dean cried for hours.” Alison said sadly, “I always thought Dean was a sweetheart.” She added with a twist to her voice. “Yeah, I bet you like Dean.” Teased Jane. “I do not!” Cried Alison. They had walked up the polluted pathway to the park, the pathway was a dull grey colour, and there were small creaks all over the path as well. They both came to the entrance of the park. It had an old-style looking black gate, with dangerous spikes on the top of it. They were so no one would dare break into the park at night.

Alison started to walk fast, her face started to go red. “Hey, wait up!” Jane grunted, “Why are you walking so fast?” Jane panted. Alison ran ahead, the park was filled with lush green trees, alive and dead ones. The dead ones had autumn coloured leaves, such as dark orange and red. The other ones were a beautiful lush green colour; the leaves on these trees were bushy and soft. Children were prancing and playing in the park, weather it was with their red hula-hoops, or their black and white soccer ball, they still had tons of fun.

Alison ran past a small fountain, the water was crystal clear and lovely. Jane then rapidly caught up with her, Alison turned another corner in the crowded park, and it led to a bunch of people, which happened to be all of Jane’s friends. “Jack? Debbie? Lauren? Pyre? Kelsey? Killian?” Jane said, filled with joy. “Guys, what’s going on?” They all had a red and white blanket on the soft grass, it was chequered blanket. It had stacks of food on it, there was a patched brown basket filled with sandwiches and snacks. “Soda?” Asked Killian, “Sure, if you say so.” Replied Jane happily.

Killian was wearing a chocolate brown tracksuit for the special occasion. The pants were decorated with stripes placed in random places. “So, what’s this for?” Asked Jane delightfully. “We set up this party, you know, to see you off.” Announced Killian and Pyre in unison.
“Yeah, your deserve it.” Jack and Debbie replied happily. Everyone sat down and picked things from the blanket, Jack picked up a sandwich filled with green and indigo coloured salads, bad enough he spilt some on his bright blue t-shirt, and his dark grey pants.

“So, are you going to keep in contact with us?” Muttered Kelsey nervously. “Yep,” Jane said joyfully, “I sure am!” They all snacked down slowly to enjoy it. They all chatted about random things for an hour or two, Jane was happy to be surrounded by her friends. Especially after thinking she wouldn’t be doing anything fun on the last day before she hit the road to camp.

It was getting late, the bright red sun had set, and it was behind a big green hill in the distance. The sky was a bright navy colour. Some small shiny stars were out as well. Everyone had gone home except Jane and Alison, they slowly walked home from the park, it was dark out. So they wouldn’t have gone by themselves. As it was a little bit scary out. “Burr….” Shivered Alison, “I’m cold.” Alison twitched and shivered while she was walking. “Are you ok Alison?” Jane asked worriedly, “Oops, look at the time, My dad said we were leaving at eight pm, but now it’s twenty minutes past eight, I got to run.” Jane started to walk a lot quicker, but she turned around and seen Alison wasn’t going to run with her.

“Alison, I’ll help you.” Jane smiled. “Ok, but I won’t be able to run much, I think I caught a cold.” Alison replied while blowing her nose. Jane and Alison started to run slowly, but got quicker as they progressed further. They ran through many dark and damp alleys, Jane and Alison were both afraid.

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They continuously ran, until the got to Jane’s house, the dark orange and red bricks looked scary at night, Jane ran to her door and banged against it two times, “Who is it?” Mom asked worriedly, “Don’t worry Mom, it’s me.” Smiled Jane, the door was pulled open and Jane was about to go in. But instead, Jane turned around and waved her hands gently to Alison, whose house was just a little further up. Jane went inside her house. “Honey, your late.” Mom grumbled. “I’m sorry Mom, I had such a good time!” Muttered Jane. “Alright, honey, just go and get packed.”

Jane ran up her stairs quick as ever. She slammed open her door, and ran into her room. She hopped onto the wooden floor and peaked under her bed, she took out a dark blue bag, along with her frilly pink diary. She put the bag on her white duvet, and put her diary in first. Beside her bed there was a small shelf, she took some green paper off the shelf, along with some gold and silver coins. It was the money she’d saved up for this trip. She put the coins and paper into a small side pocket on her bag and zipped the pocket up.

She then went over to a dresser; it had a medieval look to it. Jane opened the top press, and took out some t-shirts, there were all sorts of colours and designs on them, she stuffed them all into her bag. Then she closed that press, and opened the second one. She took out pairs of genes and pants. There were all different jackets she took out too. She threw them all into her bag.

Then, she finally took out 12 sets of white socks; some had little pink poke dots on them though. “Ah, I believe I’m finished.” Jane smiled with satisfaction. “Now, the finishing touch, my Skitty.” She added happily. She’d had Skitty for a while, and played with her regularly, they just never battled much. Skitty was a strong Pokemon and was willing to fight for Jane, since the two got along so well. They both loved looking pretty, they both had good personalities, and they always picked the same strategies for everything.

She picked up the red and white spherical orb, which held Skitty inside, and put it into her bag. “Honey, nearly time to go!” Mom shouted loudly from downstairs. Jane lifted up a jacket, which lay, on her bed; it was white around the chest and navy around the arms and stomach.

She put the jacket on her, and pulled the zip up. The jacket was fluffy and warm inside of her. “Mom, I’ll be down now!” Jane shouted loudly.
Jane grabbed the back, and put the two straps around her shoulders. It looked like she was prepared for her first day of school. She pulled her door opened quickly, and then ran down her wooden stairs. She carefully walked into her sitting room, as the house was quiet. “Jane, come over here, honey.” Said her Dad’s squeaky voice. Jane quietly skipped over to her Dad, “What’s up Daddy-o?” She said with a happy voice.

“Well, I’d like you to know I’m sorry for dragging you on this,” He apologised, hoping that Jane wouldn’t be too angry with him. “Oh, Dad, It’s alright, just try to be cooler next time.” Jane smiled happily. “Thanks honey.” Dad smiled joyfully, knowing no one was angry with him for doing what he did.

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Jane, Mom, Dad and Corrie all walked outside the house. There were small yellow lights buzzing around the air, they were fireflies. The streetlights were on, and shun down upon the dark streets. Everyone got into Dad’s mint coloured car. It had scratches here and there, and little dints, but it was good enough to drive. They had to drive to an RV rent first, so they could have somewhere to sleep besides a car.They all hopped into the car, the seats were grey and cushiony, along with small black patterns.

There were gadgets and gizmos in the car, like the small air freshener, the extra seatbelts and such. “Dad, this will be so… Awesome!” Corrie said happily, trying to make Dad feel less guilty about forcing them to go.

The car started making rusty noises; the engine sounded like it was chopping metal or something. It had made a loud noise, it sounded like someone farting after eating fish, and even the fishy smell came around. There were bits of black smoke coming out of it. Each had a stuffy smell to it; the clouds floated slowly past the car windows, Jane watched them. “Can we go, Dad?” Jane asked persistently.

“Oh, sorry Jane.” Her Dad smiled with relief, for once, Jane was eager to get out of civilisation, and out to the wild. “No problem Dad!” Jane said enthusiastically. They drove by many streets; it was late at night, so all the lights were turned off inside houses. The streets were dark and lonely. You could see the small shadows on the streets, usually shadows from people without homes.

As they drove along the road, the florescent yellows ‘cat eyes’ were like little lights switching on and off the closer you get to them. Jane sat back, and took a small grey device out of her pocket. It was an iPod. She took two long light grey wires that were hanging out of the iPod, and put them up to her ears. They had small phone like things at the top; the music came from there. She put on some reggae music, since it had headphones; no one could hear the iPod. Which left Jane in peace.

A ghostly white fog crept up to the window. It looked like dry spit. “Ugh!” Jane said, disgusted by the fog, “Dad, did someone spit on our window?” She asked, with an angry face on her. “No, dear,” He said politely, “its just some fog.” He added calmly. “Oh, alright.” Jane smiled. They drove on non-stop. Corrie yawned loudly, his eyes were trying to stay open, but they slowly closed. He dozed off to sleep.

Driving down the road slowly, Jane spotted a small green spec. “Dad, the rental shop!” Jane shouted happily, “Alright, kids. Let’s go!” Dad replied with happiness. They drove towards the bright spec, and as they got closer, big chunky yellow letters spelt out “R-entals E-veryday”. It was on a luminous green rooftop.

They got to the RV rentals. It was mainly a florescent green and white colour scheme at the shop. There small billboards in the window of the shop. A man walked out of the shop, he looked like a teenager. But he wasn’t. He had navy blue dungarees; they had patches and rips everywhere in them. He had a khaki coloured t-shirt, with damp coffee stains on it. He was truly a dirty man. His hair was long and black. It was a mess; there were tangles and knots in it. His butt was sticking out when he bent over too.

He came over towards Jane’s car, and tried to be helpful, “Uh… Hey, you folks need an RV?” He asked helpfully. “Um… Yeah, sure. “ Mom said, agreeing with the man. “Would you and your… uh… Children mind stepping out?” He asked rudely. “Alright.” Replied Mom politely. Everyone stepped out the car and walked towards him. He showed them to a white RV. It had a dark green stripe going across the side of it. It was huge, it had 5 stainless glass windows, and they were all in a modern fashion.

Jane pulled open a small white handle, and entered the RV. It was a pretty big RV. It had a nice white leather sofa, it looked like whipped cream. There were small chocolate brown press’s made out of wood. There were two rooms at the back. One was a small male room, as it had a picture of a dinosaur on the wall. The walls were pained a nice blue colour.

The windows were clear and had no ghostly fog on them. “Sweet!” Said Corrie loudly, running into the RV. He walked over to a huge white refrigerator. It was made of metal and gave you a small shock, especially if you had no socks on when you touch it. Corrie pulled the fridge wide open. Inside, there was a fridge full of delicious beverages and food. It was like a rainbow of food, as there were so many colours and bottle wrappers and such.

Corrie took out a small green and grey bar. It had a picture of a green dinosaur on it; the dinosaur had two purple horns. Corrie ripped the wrapper quickly off, and there was dark brown chocolate inside. Corrie munched on the chocolate loudly, sucking on it then to get the sweetness. Dad and Mom walked towards the sales man, and whispered to him nervously. “Ah, this is a great RV, but how much?” Mom and Dad announced nervously to him. “Ah, for you people,” He exclaimed, “I’ll let you rent it for 300 dollars a week, deal?” He asked loudly. “Ah, sure.” Mom said, with a strange tone to her voice.

The rude sales man took a small set of grey shiny keys out of his pocket. “Here you go Madam and Sir.” He said politely for once. “Thank you very much, sir.” Dad replied with gratitude. Dad took some green paper out of his pocket, it was money. He handed over the first three hundred dollars.

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Corrie, Mom, Dad and Jane all entered the RV. Jane walked slowly towards the leather sofa, and sat down. She stretched her arms all the way out, and slowly went to sleep. Dad sat in the driver’s seat. There were buttons and charts there. Dad wasn’t sure what to do. But then, he had seen a small keyhole. He inserted the key the sales man gave him into the keyhole.

He turned the key continuously; the RV wouldn’t start for Dad. He tried it one last time, and it worked. The RV was off. Mom was sitting in the small pink room at the end, and Corrie was playing with his black Nintendo DS in the blue room. The trip had started, going along the rigid roads; that had tons of holes in them. The day dragged by, as Jane was bored out of her skull. It was 10 O’ clock, and Jane was so bored, she was sucking a small, plastic white bottle cap. It came from a soft pink yoghurt drink.

“Kids!” Dad shouted loudly in relief, “Who wants McDonalds?” Dad added excitedly. Corrie ran amazingly fast from the bedroom, he jumped at Dad. Jane hopped off the couch, “I do!” They both screeched in unison.