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01-28-2008, 08:11 PM
Hi im new here, and i was wondering how good my team is. i have battle revolution, and i use the first 3 pokemon usually, unless i get bored. Anyways, heres my team:

Alakazam Lv.100 - itm- mind plate
modest nature
sp atk:341
sp defence:202
(note that all my pokemon have maxed out stats :smile: )

moves:psychic, psybeam, substitute, toxic

Lucario lv.100 - fist plate
calm nature
sp atk: 254
sp def: 206
speed: 240
moves: close combat, extreme speed, dark pulse, swords dance

Drapion lv.100 - dread plate
impish nature
sp, atk: 147
sp. def: 185
speed 238
moves: crunch, brick break, cross poison, poison fang

Typhlosion lv. 100 - flame plate
mild nature
atk: 186
def: 182
sp atk: 287
sp def: 224
speed: 251
moves: eruption, flamethrower, lava plume, flame wheel

Abomasnow lv. 100 - icicle plate
brave nature
def: 196
sp atk: 219
sp def: 189
speed 146
moves: sheer cold, blizzard, wood hammer, avalanche

Rayquaza lv 100 - draco plate
docile nature
atk: 330
def: 228
sp atk: 356
sp def: 299
speed: 225
moves: hyper beam, outrage, fly, extreme speed

Moderator Notes: You obviously did not read the stickied threads, my friend, or else you would have noticed that only simulated COMPETITIVE teams are allowed here. If you have any questions regarding my approach to this problem then feel free to private message me, and I am sure will make an arrangement. Until then, happy posting!

By the way, place Battle Revolution teams here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=76) for the time being, since Battle Revolution is considered Wi-Fi.