View Full Version : Dust Yourself Off, and Try Again, Try Again

~* Esper *~
04-18-2005, 09:25 PM
... "No, not again. Why does this keep happening," Esper thought to himself. "Every time I try to throw a pokeball at that same Abra, it keeps teleporting. I guess I should've expected that," he said as he puckered his lips in a frowny type of way.

With the same faint frown on his face, which is pale from get mad and depressed, he started to turn around. Esper walked towards the thrown, empty pokeball pushing tall branches and weeds out the way, and from his face. Bending over as if he were to bow, his black with some blond highlighted hair fell into his face, so he pushed it away and grabbed the red and silver ball. He placed it into his black, leather one strap bag, and placed the strap on his right shoulder. He slowly looked upward into the partly clouded sky noticing the bright sun, as its effect makes is shadow pop on and off the sandy, rock and gravel ground. Picking up a few small gravel rocks with his telekinesis, he project the dark purple energy outlined rocks away from him in separate directions as he went to spin around and head toward Goldenrod City not too far away.

"Ow, that hurt, '' someone said from beyond Esper's sight with an old, cranky, and rustic voice. As Esper went to turn back around, he heard some rustling in the bushes, and then realized it was coming his way. He put his hand on his Poke belt, and was about to grab one as a little old lady came out. She was dressed in a flower pattern Red Riding Hood looking shawl with a light lilac dress underneath.

"Why did you do that ," she grouched, smushing her already wrinkled face to look like a pug.

"Oh, I'm sorry Ma'am, I wasn't aware that anyone was out there. My sincere and humble apologies," Esper muttered as he slightly smiled.

''Ma'am ? Who you callin' Ma'am ? Boy, I could run faster than you any day, and I have severe arthritis," she responded with dry wit, and a twist of a subtle smirk.

"Heh you know, you're probably right about that," Esper said looking down without a scent of happiness.

"Why young man, whatsoever could you be poutty about on such a nice, no gorgeous day, " she cheered raising her head and arms in the air with a smile, while twisting and turning.

"I don't know, I keep trying to get this one Abra, and every single time I got to throw the pokeball, which is faster and faster, it teleports away quicker and quicker,'' he said kicking up the dirt and gravel.

"Well, sonny, that's what they do. Thatís' the only thing they know how to do,'' she lightly said, trying to use a bit of positive reinforcement.

"I guess your right, I just get so flabbergasted when this happens,'' he called out thrusting his arms together, folding them tightly.

"Well, darling, come to the house and calm down a bit and get some rest,'' she urged telling that he needed to get a nap or something to eat. "My tea should be ready by now," she continued.

"I don't know, maybe. I should start to go home,'' he responded resistantly.

"No, no I insist. You must. You can just use my phone to call your mom,'' she continued to insist.

"Oh, alright, I guess,'' he muttered under his depressed breath.

"Honey, why don't you let out your Pokemon so they can get some air and stretch their legs, or claws, or whatever they have,"she chuckled with a faint smirk.

"Well,.. I guess your right. Go Gardevior, Dudkull, and Poochyena," Esper exclaimed.

As he took out three the balls from his bag, they grew to the larger size and he thrusted them in front of him. The balls hit the ground, swirling up some dirt, and bounced up a bit, opening. Out of the left ball came a bright red light forming into the shape of a faint, gaseous form. As the red darkened to a midnight black, the appearence of a white skull shaped mask, and a bright red eye between the skull's two holes made it apparent that that was Duskull. From the middle came to same bright light, except this time it molded it a white flowing dress, with beautiful light green hair and a orange triangle shaped pendant on its chest. With its sparkles and joy, Gradevoir arrived. And last but not least, from the right ball came, as always, the same, common red light. As the light started to form into four separate legs, with black and silver fur, and a wet nose, with a spiked, bushy tail, and a howl, Esper and the Old Lady knew it was his Poochyena.

"Why, they are so cute and pretty," the Old Lady glissfully chirped with a twinkle in her eye...