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Pokémon: The Stories of Bradley
By Volcanflame

Part One: The Cold Celadon
That day was the last day of December, and the climate was freezing cold. The small, white, snowflakes were pouring down from the sky, covering every side of the town. Everyone’s in the atmosphere of New Year; the City halls were full of crowded people, who were buying things they needed to welcome the New Year’s eve celebration. Some people were playing small firecrackers in the small alleys in the town; between two buildings. At the night, there will be held a firework festival in the Celadon City Square. Everyone is happy.

But it’s not for someone who lived at the edge of the town, between the city of Celadon and Lavender. He was not really too fond for this New Year’s Eve. He’s still concentrated on his new invention. He had spent almost six months in his laboratory, no one knew what he was doing exactly, and some rumors said that he died because of he ate too much pineapples. But two people knew, a little about what the man’s doing, he gave them clue about what he’s doing six months ago.

Dear Duncan,

Hey there Duncan! How are you? I hope you’re just as okay as six months ago, you still remember when we met last time? Yep, it’s last summer holiday, do you remember we went to the Safari Zone, and if I remember correctly, you captured the Chansey of your dreams!

Duncan, I’m now on a real grand project – yep, really grand. I’m very sure that I’m the first one to do this, and if I succeeded on this project, Duncan, my name will be written in the history! Oh, and no, no, inserting my name in the history is not my intention, no. I only want to create something useful for everybody in the world, especially for Kanto. The side effect is, the name of Kanto will be sky-rocketing in economics and astronomy if I succeeded, hopefully.

Hm, maybe you are wondering why I’m exactly doing, or in better word, making? Tee-hee, you won’t know it until this end of year! Yep, I predicted it’s the time I will finish creating my invention. I’m very enthusiastic in this grand project, and I hope I can finish this as fast as possible – I hope this can be faster than the record for riding Tauros around Johto-Hoenn! But I’m gonna give you a clue about this project, like what I said earlier, I am ‘making’ something on this project. Something that has never been thought by anyone in the world. I’ll make sure that you – and Johanna will be the first person to see my grand masterpiece.

Reply quickly!

That was the letter sent to his favorite nephew, Duncan by the Pidgey Post. The other one was sent to Johanna, Bradley’s niece and Duncan’s cousin. Bradley had gotten both replies from them – with almost the same letter, written shortly, and didn’t show any little interest to Bradley’s grand project. But judging from the letters, both must have tried so hard to show Bradley that they’re very impatient to see the result; and this fact, of course, made Bradley happy, that someone would admire his grand masterpiece.

In his gloomy laboratory, Bradley was putting in a red-coloured microchip to something that was really hard to see because of the fact that the laboratory was dark and gloomy. When the microchip touched the core of the thing, the small lamps around the core, and in every side in the thing’s body were turned on at once, lighting Bradley’s blue bloodshot eyes which were covered in glasses. Now he looked satisfied, smiling. His face that was looked pale and gloomy, now it looked healthy and smooth, even it’s covered in dust. Bradley rose, he was not very tall, starring at his grand masterpiece with prideful, he turned back, pulling out a big, white scarf, which was hanged on the wall, and then turned back to his masterpiece, covering it with the scarf.

Bradley walked to the green door near him, holding the steel knob and turned it around, and the door was opened as he entered the room. The room was small and narrow, only lightened by a flashing small lamp with dim light, which didn’t seem to last for any longer. A single-sized bed was placed at the right corner of the room, beside it; there was a table with an empty vase on it. Beside it again, an old, brown dresser stood on it own. At the left side of the room was a working desk, with tattered workpapers on it.

Bradley walked toward his working desk, and sat on the chair, cleaning up the tattered workpapers. Among the papers, he was searching a clean, unused paper that he needed to write a letter on. Then he took out a yellow pencil from the drawer and started scratching the empty papers, words by words. The lamp kept flashing, as the light was getting dimmer and dimmer. Bradley stopped writing for a second, disturbed by the flashing lamp. He looked up and thought for a while, and then, from his pocket, he pulled out a red-white small orb. He pushed the white, circle button on the center of the orb as the orb grew larger. Professor Bradley threw it upward, and then, the orb opened. A yellowish, bright light went out from the orb, forming a body of a small Pokémon, sending out the magnet-shaped creature. The Pokémon had one big eye, with a tiny dot in the center of the eye. The enlarged orb fell down as Professor Bradley caught it quickly with his right hand.

“Gear”, said Professor Bradley, glancing at the Magnet-shaped Pokémon. He raised his right hands, pointing the flashing, small lamp on top of the room. “Give it a little Thundershock, keep in mind, just a little, if you give too much electricity, I’m afraid you’ll create a total fiasco; the lamp may explode and shatter and I’m not gonna be happy, remembering that I didn’t buy a warehouse-full lamp stocks.”

“Magnemite!” replied Gear, the Magnemite. It seemed to have understood and sure about what Professor Bradley commanded it, could be seen from its expression, truly confident. It moved the two big magnets – that were bigger than its round body – that were equipped on both side of its body. Directing them to the flashing lamp, and from the red and blue end of the two magnets, it shot a weak electricity toward the lamp, made it flashed very brightly. This made Professor Bradley sighed; he thought that Gear had given too much electricity to the lamp. But, the lamp dimmed a little, and the light was now in a normal state; not too bright and not too dim, and had stopped flashing.

Bradley smiled a little, he was satisfied seeing his command was done very nicely, which actually had made him sighed a while ago. “Good job, Gear!” praised Professor Bradley. He gave Gear a smile that was not seemed too beautiful. He directed the red-white orb at the Magnet-sized creature, and from the small circle in the center of it came out a bright crimson ray, which sucked Gear in. Gear’s little eye shaped an upside down “u” and let off a screech that indicated happiness before the ball sucked Gear in.

Bradley turned back to his working desk, now with a better lightening. He continued writing his letter in silence. Sometimes he stopped writing, thinking for a while, and started writing again the next minute. In five minutes, the only sound could be heard was the sound of Bradley’s yellow pencil, which had been scratching on the letter. He put down his yellow pencil, and raised the letter to read it.

Dear Duncan,

Guess what? I have just finished my masterpiece! Right at the end of the year, 31st of December – like what I have predicted before. I really hope you can come and visit me tonight, I don’t wanna know how, you can borrow an Alakazam from your father – I know this seems a little forcing, but I really want you to see my masterpiece. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I’ve just caught a Pidgeotto yesterday, with only a single Thundershock from Gear, my Magnemite, tee-hee. So, I don’t need any services from Pidgey Post, which has been reducing my money to buy stuff for this masterpiece. My Pidgeotto, actually, seemed to have an experience in sending letters; this will be quick and cheap!

Oh yeah, inform Johanna too! I want you two to visit me, at least, tonight. I’ll demonstrate you some tricks my invention – which I have not thought of the name – do. I bet both of you will be impressed, tee-hee.

Reply quickly,

He reread the letter again quickly, before folded it up. He took an envelope from his drawer. The envelope was a little bit dirty, with blue lines in every edge. He opened the envelope and inserted the letter he wrote into it. He pulled out a Pokéball from his trouser’s pocket; the letter was in his left hand, while the ball was in his right hand. He pushed the tiny circle button in the center of the ball; between the red part and the white part, as it became larger. “Open up,” Bradley said firmly. The ball opened, and a bird-shaped creature was sent out from the ball, standing on its feet, as it widened its wings in pride and started flowing in the air.

“Send this letter, Fili,” commanded Bradley, putting the letters amongst Fili’s feet. “Send the letter to Saffron City, it’s northeast from here, the person who will receive this letter is the son of Saffron Gym Leader. His house is located right next to the Saffron Gym. Just try to seek the Gym first, it’s in the middle of the city, once you found the gym, then you’ll quickly find the house too. Give the letter to Duncan Sapphire.”

“Pid-Geott-o!” Fili cried, looked up and extended its wings wider than before. Like the Magnemite, Fili seemed to have understood what Professor Bradley had commanded to him. Fili flapped its big wings quickly, the letter was still strongly held in his feet.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Bradley said, tapping his forehead. Then, leading Fili, Bradley moved to the empty corner beside the working desk. He touched the wall, trying to find something and found a very small black-coloured button. He pushed it with his thumb, and some parts of the wall was divided into two; only small parts, creating a square-shaped window. Professor Bradley could see the situation outside, trees were surrounding his house, and they’re covered in white snow at the branches and leaves. The tiny snowflakes were still drifting slowly and elegantly from the white sky to the snow grounds, some landed on trees and house roofs. Fili flew off to the cold day. The sky was dark already.

Bradley turned to the right and left, ensuring that the situation was safe, and then, pulled his head from outside into the house, pushed the black button, which was now red. The window closed itself, back to its previous state, a plain wall. The reddened button was now turned back to black.

Professor Bradley went back to his working desk, the table was now empty, and looked a little clean. He sat on the blue chair and pulled the drawer. Inside the drawer, he was searching something again; but now he could not find it. “I thought I put it here some days ago,” muttered Professor Bradley, looked confused. Once again, he searched out the drawer, touching every side of the drawer really carefully, and once again, he could not find it.

Bradley rose from his blue chair and walked around the narrow room. He walked toward the bed, searching under the pillows, blanket and the bed itself, at the space between his bed and the table that had an empty flower vase on it, and around the dresser; but he could not find it. He opened the drawer, and it was fairly dark inside. Only some sets of clothes were there, hanged. Bradley searched under the hanged clothes, and still could not find the thing he had been searching for. And for the last time, he searched his room for the thing, eventually, he still couldn’t find it, until he came to a conclusion that the thing was not in his room.

“It can’t be here,” said Bradley to himself, tapping his white, short hair. “Oh … my precious brain, I am becoming so forgetful these days. Maybe I’m too busy with my masterpiece; even I forgot where I have put my journal book. Oh, just goddammit, I’d better go outside and prepare for my demonstration.”

Then he entered the room he previously was in, his laboratory, where he had been working on his project. The room which was full of chemistry utensils was twice as big as his own room. This thing showed that he loved his laboratory much better than his own room; or maybe, he was suffering claustrophobia so he could not spend his time working on his project in a small room. Professor Bradley slowly walked to his covered invention. He opened the big, white scarf he used to cover it, but no one could tell what the thing was because the lamps were turned off. Bradley raised the thing with both of his hands, and then walked toward the other green door, and opened it. A cold climate welcomed him outside, and the snow was now drifting faster, falling down to his hair. If it’s not seen from nearby, someone could not tell that there were snows on his hair, because Professor Bradley’s hair was as white as snow.

It was dark outside, night time. The night was only lightened by the soft, blue moon. Bradley walked toward the big, empty yard near his house. Even though the night was cold, Bradley’s thick lab clothes protected him from under zero Celsius temperature. He put down his invention on the snowy grounds. Now the details could because the moon’s soft light. The thing was very similar to duck, designed like robots. It had a blue, beak-like part in front of the face. Both its eyes were closed, creating little, curved lines. Its head and top side of its body was soft pink, while its chest was sky blue. The thing had something that looked like legs, triangle-shaped, which function was maybe for movement. In the back, there was a blue tail which had length almost half of its body.

Professor Bradley once again glanced at his invention with a great satisfaction, he was sure that he had succeeded, he was sure that his name would be written in history, as the first people to –

“Uncle Brad!”

Bradley turned back. He found two kids, with Alakazam holding them in his yellow, thin, long hands. The first one was a boy wearing glasses with blue shirt put on, plum-coloured trousers. The other one was a girl with black ponytail hair style; she wore green shirt and blue jeans trousers. Both was in the same age; almost same in tall, maybe twelve or thirteen. Professor Bradley smiled at them, and slowly walked toward them. The kids ran their way to reach their uncle, Professor Bradley, all three of them hugged. They let go the hug some seconds later. “Thank you, Alakazam.” Alakazam only let off a hard, deep voice and nodded simply in return.

“Uncle Brad, we want to see uncle’s new invention!” said the boy, a little bit enthusiastic.

“You will be shocked when you see it, Duncan, you will be amazed!” said Professor Bradley happily, smiling. He tapped the boy’s left shoulder with his right hand.

“Lucky I was in Duncan’s house, if not, you both will need to wait approximately 2 hours, I was in Grandfather’s house in Lilycove, previously,” said the ponytail girl, her expression was plain, not showing any enthusiasm. “We were about to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Uncle Billy’s house in Saffron with Barbeque Party, but it seemed like I cannot join it now … oh, I was on dibs to eat the most delicious fried sausage made by aunt Jessica.”

“Oh, Jo, this is not going to last too long,” replied Bradley. “Follow me,” he said. Bradley, Duncan and Johanna went through the snowy grounds, leaving trace of their footsteps on the ground, walking toward the invention, which was now snowy too.

“What is that?” asked Johanna out of curiousity, pointing at the robotic duck.

“It looks … simple,” Duncan said, disappointed.

“You won’t say that when I have demonstrated the use of that thing, Duncan,” Professor Bradley told them, smiling.

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Part Two: The Tales of The Official
The snow was drifting even faster, the wadding snow were now getting thicker as the air temperature reducing fast, making the city freezing cold. Five small figures were outside of the house; Professor Bradley in his white lab clothes, Duncan in blue T-Shirt, Johanna wore a green shirt with a big, circular smiley on it, and the Bradley’s invention, which has not been named, and Alakazam, standing firmly on its legs, glancing at the three people from the back.

“Quick, show us the thing’s ability!” cried Duncan impatiently. He’s staring at the robotic duck his Uncle invented. His hair was full of small, snow spots, which had been landing softly on his thick, short, black hair. “Well, I actually hoped that that thing will not disappoint me, the shape has disappointed me very badly, and it’s ugly.”

While Duncan looked very enthusiastic to see the robotic duck’s ability, Johanna looked plain simple; she didn’t seem too interested about the invention, and only scratching her small fingers. Professor Bradley walked some steps forward, passing the fair white snowy grounds, toward his invention, which was now covered in snow. He cleaned it up.

“You won’t be disappointed, Duncan, I can guarantee it,” said Professor Bradley, entrusting, as he touched the bottom side of the thing’s blue beak. Some seconds later, there was a low, almost soundless click from the thing, and the duck’s eyes were now opened. It was hexagonal, with tiny little dot in the center of the white eye; perfectly similar to Gear’s eyes, just differed in shape. It started moving, its head turning right and left, both of its triangular legs moved forward and backward, and the prism tail moved upward and backward, making it completely a robot. The thing was alive.

“The thing – the thing is moving!” shrieked Duncan in hysteric, grinning at the robotic duck in a great disbelief. The pink and blue robot was now looking up toward Duncan, who was some inches taller. Professor Bradley smiled simply. Johanna, who was not interested in this rendezvous, now has walked some steps forward, to get a clearer vision of the moving robot. Alakazam stayed still, but he also was looking at the pink and red robotic duck, without any expression.

“Very true,” said Professor Bradley. His smile’s growing wider now, as he took a piece of tissue from his lab coat, taking off his dark-blue glasses, and wiped the snows out of the glasses using the tissue. Now, his glasses were clean, and he wore it again; even though later on, the glasses would be once again covered in snowflakes. “And I have thought of its name. Good evening, Polygon.”

“Good evening!” Polygon replied quickly. This thing made Duncan even more shocked, his eyes enlarged in shock, did not believe that the thing named Polygon had just replied Professor Bradley’s good evening greeting. Johanna looked interested.

“Wow … it – it; I meant, Polygon, it could speak!” Duncan said rigidly. He’s totally amazed; firstly because the invention named Polygon could move, and secondly, just because Polygon said “Good evening!” in return of Professor Bradley’s greeting. “I – I want to talk to it, is it possible?”

“Well … Polygon can only answer some simple questions – which I have defined before,” told Professor Bradley, wiping out some snows on his glasses with his right index finger. “For instance, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening; and some others. Frankly, I’ve forgotten what questions it could answer. You can give it a try, though.” Duncan looked at Bradley, happy.

“I will try!” Duncan said firmly, looking up, thought for some seconds, scratching his head, and turned back to Polygon. The question just came into his mind that way. “Hey, Polygon. Who are you really?” For a second, Duncan thought that Polygon must not be able to answer the question, because the question’s pretty difficult for robots to answer.

But unexpectedly, Polygon answered quickly. “I am Polygon, the first ever Pokémon invented by human. Professor Bradley Silph was the one to make me. He has given all of his skills and talents to make me real, to make me alive. Professor Bradley’s main intention of making me real is to gain money and fame, even though in fact, he made me so as to help all of the humans in the world, especially all of those who live in Kanto Region. I am made for Economics and Astronomic growth.” Polygon ended up its long sentence, which pretty much had been prepared from a long time. Duncan now looked very amazed, while Johanna, her expression was mixed up. First, like Duncan, she was very amazed. Second, she felt a little bit disgusted of the fact that Professor Bradley invented Polygon just because he wanted to gain money and fame. While Professor Bradley himself, looked a bit worried; there could be error happened and Polygon could have given out the secrets of its making; which was Bradley’s privacy.

“Hm … didn’t it say that it is a …” said Johanna, cutting her sentence for a while, glancing at Professor Bradley’s blue blood-shot eyes suspiciously before continuing her sentence, “Pokémon?” Looked like Johanna was definitely cleverer than Duncan, she gulped every word stated by Polygon. Bradley looked at Johanna in return. “You didn’t mean to make Polygon a truly, real Pokémon did you? If you really did, then only small chance that this can be accepted, you know.”

“Yes, this is the main reason I invited you here, Johanna, this is the reason why I liked you so much,” Professor Bradley told her, “because you are a very intelligent girl, you have the intelligence your grandfather, or in the other word, my father, Albatross had. You have thought things that are much further than kids in your age can think of, Jo.” Professor Bradley glanced at the blue eyes – the same colour of Bradley’s eyes – Johanna had through his snowy glasses.

“And you have spoken too far,” Johanna replied. Both of them glanced at each other, their expressions were plain, what things in their minds could not be guessed. At the same time, Duncan, who didn’t seem to be interested in this conversation, was now talking to Polygon; who talked him back calmly and quietly.

“Yes, yes, I know that,” replied Bradley, nodding. “The thing that made me wondered is, when you said ‘only small chance that this can be accepted’, I wonder what you were thinking. You looked very sure that … that I am going to –”

“Register Polygon to become a real Pokémon,” Johanna connected the sentence. Professor Bradley’s eyes were still fixed on Johanna’s, he looked satisfied.

“Yes,” answered Bradley simply. “I intended to register Polygon to become a real Pokémon, I will try The Official.”

“The Official?” said Johanna in a disbelief tone. “They who have limited the usage of Pokémon? They who made themselves the only organisation that can rule the lives between Pokémon and humans? I read about them in their book called The Official: The Official Book. They were used to be a group of people that think that Pokémon should not be used more than they are should be, should not be used more than ‘the limit’, like people centuries ago used their Pokémon. When I was reading that part, I admitted that they are right.”

“Same here,” Bradley said.

“But they have contradicted the statement they made themselves,” Johanna said impatiently, looked angry. “They used their Pokémon to win the King selection while ago, and replacing King Lyon’s position, from what I’ve heard, they have also changed King Lyon’s systems – changed it to their own system called … ‘official’ system.”

“You recalled it perfectly.”

“I think they are losers,” said Johanna. “Hey, they used their Pokémon to win the King position! Pokémon must not be used to get King Position, at least I think so! And King Lyon’s status has been unknown …”

“While I agree with you that Pokémon must not be used for political things,” Professor Bradley said, “I disagree at the same time. Well, not only they used Pokémon for political stuff, they have also used it for a really nasty stuff. They killed King Lyon, The Official.”

“Can’t find it in the book,” replied Johanna, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course you can’t,” answered Bradley. “Do you really think that they would break their own reputation in their own book? That contained a big, fat lies?”

“Well, of course not,” Johanna replied. “Wait, wait, you said that they killed King Lyon?”


“LOOK! LOOK!” said Johanna, losing her temper. She’s now totally angry. “They have used Pokémon, more than the ‘limit’ they defined themselves! Now LOOK! They’re totally idiots! They’re really losers! I wonder why people can still accept their regime! The world has messed so badly now!” Johanna grinned angrily at Professor Bradley, who gave her a peaceful glance; which looked a little bit annoying. Bradley took another piece of tissue from his pocket, took off his glasses and once again cleaned it up, and wore it again. Now he raised his head to see Johanna’s angry face, and still, with a peaceful glance and simply plain expression.

“Listen,” said Professor Bradley calmly, lowering his voice. “King Lyon was not as good as you might think, Johanna. But he was not all bad either. I myself really cannot accept the rule he applied that time, old times, which forced all of Pokémon to listen to their trainers command without complaining. This rule, of course, had made Pokémon suffered for a very long time, and because of this, caused The Official intended to change King Lyon’s system to their system, that I think is better than King Lyon’s. They think that should be a limitation of the usage of Pokémon; that I have to admit that they eventually broke their own system.” Johanna listened to him in silent, her anger was now reducing.

“It was night time in year 1903,” Bradley recalled, taking a deep breathe. “Five founders of The Official were on their way to King Lyon’s castle; that was previously located in Pullet Town – Pallet Town now – previously, and was broken down in the year 1915. The five founders intended to have a conversation with King Lyon, they wanted to delete King Lyon’s rule and change it to a better system. They arrival, was welcomed harshly by the castle guards, creating a mini chaos around the castle and eventually was heard by King Lyon’s himself. King Lyon decided to go down and handle the chaos himself. Unexpectedly, King Lyon allowed the five to enter his castle weaponless, which means that they had to leave all of their Pokémon to the guards temporarily.”

There was a quick pause. Professor Bradley tried to recall deeper, while Johanna, holding her lips with her fingers, seemed to be thinking hard until she opened her red lips to speak. “You said that there were five founders of The Official, but what I have read in the book, there are only four of them.” Bradley, who seemed to have predicted this question, quickly answered the question, remembering that Johanna could recall perfectly what she had read.

“Once again I’m telling you, The Official is not a group of idiot people, they don’t want to show their bad reputations to other people,” Bradley said. That made Johanna even more confused. “One of the founders was found dead, of course, murdered. Yeah, to shorten this tale, I better conclude that the meeting between the five founders and King Lyon didn’t make a satisfying result – for the Official. King Lyon still kept his own rule. Even he thought that The Official’s act was a really bad thing to do, he thought that The Official wanted some percents of his power. In fact, The Official wanted to ‘steal’ King Lyon’s position and receive all of his powers to rule the world – in this case, Kanto Region.”

They remained in their places.

“The five founders left the castle disappointedly and on the following weeks they left the castle, they were trying to find out a way to steal King Lyon’s position and power. The crazy idea came from one of the founder; he said that to steal King Lyon’s position could not be done the nice way, because King Lyon had the power to refuse all of suggestions from anyone, well, King Lyon had refused to accept The Official’s suggestion, and until the very end of his regime, he would never accept it, ruining all of the five founder’s hope. The plan was to kill King Lyon.”

Professor Bradley took another deep breathe. “The other four eventually agreed with this idea. There are no other ways. Until one day King Lyon left his castle to go to Johto Region. He was only guarded by three guards. Maybe he thought that nothing bad would happen in his trip, even though out there, there were five people who planned to kill him. Maybe the way he took to go to Johto had been sterilised, so none would be able to disturb King Lyon’s trip – but this is impossible, because of the fact that the five founders of The Official had been able to follow King Lyon from the day he left the castle.

“The trip had only lasted for five days until the five founders decided to attack King Lyon and his guards. It was night time, well, a really perfect timing to do the plan. The three guards were easily swept, but King Lyon wasn’t that easy. He had a magnificent and very powerful Pokémon. Without knowing what Pokémon it was, all of the five founders thought that the Pokémon must have come from other Region – but it didn’t matter. Even though King Lyon’s Pokémon was strong, but in fact, the Pokémon was facing five strong Pokémon of the five founders which was co-operating to knock out King Lyon’s Pokémon. Until ultimately, one of the five founders’ Pokémon called Ninetales tried to attack King Lyon’s Pokémon by using Flamethrower. King Lyon’s Pokémon dodged the attack easily and the attack hit King Lyon who was standing behind his Pokémon, which burned it.

“King Lyon died after trying to set down the fire that would burn out his body. His Pokémon had successfully fled, and the five founders and their five Pokémon left out with the dead King. After they recalled their Pokémon, they decided to burry King Lyon’s corpse in faraway land. Until then, a rumor spreaded that King Lyon was killed by a wild Pokémon in his trip. Finally, The Official had taken King Lyon’s position and changed almost all of King Lyon’s regime system. No one suspected the five founders, as they won the election fairly – well, using Pokémon was allowed in the election, I have to admit that they had successfully demonstrated their skill as Pokémon Trainers, and also what they call as Pokémon Defenders. Though before they decided to do a King election, it was suggested that King Lyon’s only son should take the King position, but unfortunately, he refused it. The other children of King Lyon were girls, and according to the rule King Lyon made himself, girls must not be a King in anyway. The Official was wonderful in their first ten years regime, though.”

Professor Bradley ended up his story by cleaning up his glasses again. Johanna glanced at glassesless Bradley’s blue blood-shot eyes, her expression could not be guessed.

“You know so much of it, and very detailed,” said Johanna, suspecting. Professor Bradley, who had decided to not wearing his glasses and put it in his pocket, was now looking at Johanna. The blue eyes met, without an unexpected expression.

“Johanna,” said Bradley softly. “The names of the five founders were Marietta, Diego, Seamus, Nania –”

“They were the four founders mentioned in the book.”

“True,” agreed Bradley. “And the other one, who was found dead ten years later, was Albatross. Albatross Silph.”