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04-19-2005, 04:30 PM
This information is not posted anywhere convient, so here is my contribution to the Stickys :pirate:


What are traits?
Traits are abilities that each Pokemon has. Some, like Intimidate, only work when called into battle, some, like Rain Dish, require special conditions, and some, like Inner Focus, are always working.

So what do these different Traits do?
Air Lock - Prevents Pokemon from being affected by Weather during battle.
Arena Trap - Prevents switching/escaping as long as opponent is not Flying type or has the trait Levitate.
Battle Armor - Prevents Critical Hits.
Blaze - Multiplies power of Fire Moves by 1.5 when Pokemon is at 33% or lower health.
Chlorophyll - Doubles a Pokemon's Speed when the Sun is strong (Sunny Day, etc.)
Clear Body - Prevents Stat Loss.
Cloud Nine - Prevents Weather influence on all Pokemon in Battle. (Rain does not power up Surf, etc.)
Color Change - Pokemon's Type changes to the Type of the Last Attack that hit it.
Compoundeyes - Increases Accuracy by 30%
Cute Charm - 30% Chance to Attract Opponent when hit.
Damp - Prevents the use of Explosion and Self-Destruct by all Pokemon.
Drizzle - When brought into combat, the weather changes to Rain, will continue forever if no one changes it.
Drought - When brought into combat, the weather changes to Strong Sun, will continue forever if no one changes it.
Early Bird - Only Sleeps one turn (even when using Rest).
Effect Spore - 10% Chance for Attacker to be hit with Poison, Paralyze or Sleep when struck.
Flame Body - 30% Chance to Burn Opponent when hit.
Flash Fire - Prevents damage from Fire Attacks and increases power of Pokemon's Fire-Attacks when hit by one.
Forecast - Changes Pokemon's Type depending on the Weather.
Guts - Multiplies Pokemon's Attack by 1.5 when suffering from a Status Condition.
Huge Power - Multiplies Pokemon's Attack by 2.0, but if Trait is swapped, Attack returns to normal.
Hustle - Multiplies Power of Pokemon's Attacks by 1.5, also multiples Accuracy of Pokemon's Attacks by .8
Hyper Cutter - Attack (NOT Special Attack) cannot be reduced.
Illuminate - Increase chance of finding wild Pokemon (Useless in URPG)
Immunity - Prevents Poisoning (but not damage from Poison type attacks)
Inner Focus - Prevents Flinching.
Insomnia - Prevents Sleep.
Intimidate - All opponent's Attack are lowered one stage only when Pokemon with this trait is brought into the fight.
Keen Eye - Prevents Accuracy Reduction.
Levitate - Prevents damage from Ground moves, Prevents Arena Trap.
Lightningrod - This Pokemon always gets hit by Electric moves in Combat (useful for 2on2)
Limber - Prevents Paralyze.
Liquid Ooze - Causes damage to attacker when this Pokemon is Leeched or Drained.
Magma Armor - Prevents Freeze.
Magnet Pull - Prevents Steel Types from escaping/switching.
Marvel Scale - Multiplies Defense by 1.5 when Pokemon is suffering from a Status Condition.
Minus - Multiples Special Attack by 1.5 when a Pokemon with Plus trait is on the field.
Natural Cure - Status Conditions are healed when this Pokemon is switched out.
Oblivious - Prevents Attract.
Overgrow - Multiplies power of Grass Moves by 1.5 when Pokemon is at 33% or lower health.
Own Tempo - Prevents Confuse.
Pickup - Pokemon randomly picks up items after battle. (Useless in URPG)
Plus - Multiples Special Attack by 1.5 when a Pokemon with Minus trait is on the field.
Poison Point - 30% Chance to Poison Opponent when Struck.
Pressure - Decrease PP by 2 instead of 1 when a move is used. (Useless in URPG)
Pure Power - Multiplies Pokemon's Attack by 2.0, but if Trait is swapped, Attack returns to normal.
Rain Dish - Recovers 6.25% Health every turn when in Rainy Weather.
Rock Head - Prevents Recoil Damage.
Rough Skin - Deals 6.25% Damage to Attacker when struck.
Run Away - Pokemon can always escape battle. (Useless in URPG)
Sand Stream - When brought into combat, the weather changes to Sandstorm, will continue forever if no one changes it.
Sand Veil - Evasion raises one stage while in a Sandstorm.
Serene Grace - Doubles the chance for additional effects on attacks (20% Chance to PRZ with T-Bolt instead of 10%, etc.)
Shadow Tag - Opponent cannot switch Pokemon.
Shed Skin - 30% Chance to cure a Status Condition each turn.
Shell Armor - Prevents Critical Hits.
Shield Dust - Protects from additional effects from attacks. (T-Bolt can't PRZ, but Metal Claw can raise Attack)
Soundproof - Makes Pokemon immune to Sound attacks.
Speed Boost - Pokemon's Speed increases 1 stage at the end of every turn.
Static - 30% Chance to Paralyze Opponent when Struck
Stench - Decreases chance of encountering Wild Pokemon (Useless in URPG)
Sticky Hold - Pokemon's Item cannot be stolen. (Useless in URPG)
Sturdy - Prevents OHKO moves (NOT a normal move OHKOing the Pokemon)
Suction Cups - Pokemon cannot be swapped out against it's will.
Swarm - Multiplies power of Bug Moves by 1.5 when Pokemon is at 33% or lower health.
Swift Swim - Pokemon's speed is x2.0 when in Rainy Weather.
Synchronize - When Pokemon recieves a Status Condition (excluding Freeze and Sleep), Opponent does as well.
Thick Fat - Damage from Fire/Ice Moves is x0.5 when used against a Pokemon with this Trait.
Torrent - Multiplies power of Water Moves by 1.5 when Pokemon is at 33% or lower health.
Trace - Duplicated Trait of Opponent.
Truant - Pokemon can only act every other turn.
Vital Spirit - Prevents Sleep.
Volt Absorb - When hit by Electric Attack, Pokemon will heal damage instead of take it (Up to a Maximum of 25%)
Water Absorb - When hit by Water Attack, Pokemon will heal damage instead of take it (Up to a Maximum of 25%)
Water Veil - Prevents Burn.
White Smoke - Prevents Opponent from lowering Pokemon's Stats.
Wonder Guard - Pokemon is immune to all attacks that are not Super Effective.

Okay, so Status Conditions, that is like Paralyze or Confuse, right?
Actually, no. Status Conditions are Burn, Freeze, Paralyze, Poison, and Sleep.

Alright then, how about all those moves that do something when a Pokemon
is Struck... which moves trigger those?
Aerial Ace, Ancientpower, Arm Thrust, Astonish, Bide, Bind, Bite, Body Slam,
Bounce, Brick Break, Clamp, Comet Punch, Counter, Crabhammer, Cross Chop,
Crunch, Crush Claw, Cut, Dig, Dive, Dizzy Punch, Double Kick, Double-Edge,
Doubleslap, Dragon Claw, Drill Peck, Dynamic Punch, Endeavor, Extremespeed,
Facade, False Swipe, Flail, Flame Wheel, Fly, Focus Punch, Frustration, Fury Attack,
Fury Cutter, Fury Swipes, Guillotine, Headbutt, High Jump Kick, Horn Attack, Horn
Drill, Hyper Fang, Ice Ball, Ice Punch, Iron Tail, Jump Kick, Karate Chop, Knock Off,
Leaf Blade, Leech Life, Lick, Low Kick, Mach Punch, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Megahorn,
Metal Claw, Meteor Mash, Needle Arm, Outrage, Overheat, Peck, Petal Dance, Poison
Fang, Poison Tail, Pound, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Rage, Rapid Spin, Return, Revenge,
Reversal, Rock Smash, Rolling Kick, Rollout, Scratch, Seismic Toss, Shadow Punch,
Skull Bash, Sky Uppercut, Slam, Slash, Smellingsalt, Spark, Steel Wing, Stomp,
Strength, Struggle, Super Fang, Superpower, Tackle, Take Down, Thief, Thrash,
Thunder Punch, Tickle, Triple Kick, Vice Grip, Vine Whip, Vital Throw, Waterfall, Wing
Attack, and finally, Wrap.

Wow, let me ask you something else, Sound Moves? Which ones are those?
Grasswhistle, Growl, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Metal Sound, Perish Song, Roar,
Screech, Sing, Snore, Supersonic, and Uproar.

How do I find out what Trait my Pokemon has?
Well, Serebii is an option, as is Netbattle.

My Trapinch can have two different abilities, do I get to choose one each time I
enter battle?
No. According to URPG rules, Trait must be decided when you get the Pokemon,
and just like Gender, there is no changing allowed.

That's fine, now I can get a Flygon with Hyper Cutter!
Afraid not, some Pokemon's trait change as they evolve, Hyper Cutter is not a
valid Trait for Flygon. It is important that everytime your Pokemon evolves, you
verify it's Trait against it's evolved form.

What moves does Sturdy prevent against?
Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold

04-19-2005, 04:45 PM
Location, Location, Location!

In Ru/Sa/Col, Location can be the key to winning. Let's take a look at them. It's also important to understand that Rain is possible in some areas, natural Strong Sunlight is not possible in any, Hail is not possible in any, and Sandstorm is only possible in one.

To determine location (unless Trainers state Location and Weather), roll 1d9.

Below also are the Numbers I use for Random Rain, different refs may vary.

Secret Power is a Normal Type move with 70pow and 100acc, the move has a 30% Chance of an additional effect, listed below are the effects.

Nature Power is a Move that, when used, changes to a different move depending on location.

1- Grass - Your Basic everyday battleground, I roll chance of Rain as 25% Secret Power Effect: Poison. Nature Power: Stun Spore.

2- Tall Grass - Taller grass, which means it has been watered more, I roll chance of Rain at 75% Secret Power Effect: Sleep Nature Power: Razor Leaf

3- Sand - Desert, Sandstorm 100% Chance. Secret Power Effect: -1 Accuracy Stage Nature Power: Earthquake

4- Pond - Fighting on a Pond, nothing big here, Chance of Rain 10% Secret Power Effect: -1 Speed Stage Nature Power: Bubblebeam

5- Ocean - At Sea! Chance of Rain 10% Secret Power Effect: -1 Attack Stage Nature Power: Surf

6- Underwater - It Cannot Rain naturally underwater. Secret Power Effect: -1 Defense Stage Nature Power: Hydro Pump

7- Mountain - High up in the atmosphere means closer to storms, I roll Rain at 20% Secret Power Effect: Confuse Nature Power: Rock Slide.

8- Cave - It can't Rain inside a cave. Secret Power Effect: Flinch Nature Power: Shadow Ball.

9- Normal - Normal Refers to a Stadium like Setting, No Natural Weather is possible. Secret Power Effect: Paralyze Nature Power: Swift

04-19-2005, 06:49 PM

How is 2on2 different from 2vs2?
2on2 refers to four Pokemon being on the field, two controlled by you, two by your

Is there really an advantage to fighting this way?
Advantage? Not really, but there are a few interesting things about it.

Interesting? Like What?
Well. Why don't I tell you.

First, in 2on2, you are made to design new strategies, some of the 1on1 strategies are
okay, but you definately need to take at least a good look at your two Pokemon to make
sure they work well together. For example, when a Pokemon uses Earthquake, all
Pokemon except him on the screen are hit.

With that in mind, Sandslash and Aggron would not be a good 2on2 team, as
Sandslash is likey to faint Aggron with his most powerful Attack.

One more thing to keep in mind about Multiple Opponent attacks is that their Power is
divided among the Pokemon affected, and then damage is calculated. For example,
Sandslash using Earthquake against Plusle and Minun means that Plusle and Minun each
take a 50 Power Earthquake (100/2), not 100 Power.

Sounds neat, now which moves hit all Pokemon except user?
Earthquake, Explosion, Magnitude, Self-Destruct, and Teeterdance

And which moves hit just the two opponents?
Acid, Air Cutter, Blizzard, Bubble, Eruption, Growl, Heat Wave, Hyper Voice, Leer,
Muddy Water, Powder Snow, Razor Leaf, Razor Wind, Rock Slide, Spikes, String Shot,
Surf, Sweet Scent, Swift, Tail Whip, Twister, and Water Spout.

Anything else I should know about moves?
Indeed. A few moves actually hit a Random Opponent, these moves are:
Outrage, Petal Dance, Thrash, and Uproar.