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02-05-2008, 12:34 AM
Title: Stolen
Desired Pokemon: Dratini / Swablu
Current Amount of Characters: 3,026 Characters
Amount of Characters Needed: 30,000 - 40,000 ...or... 20,000 - 30,000

Team Blaze Headquarters | 8:00 AM

“Hello? I’m here,” bellowed the soft voice, upon a head shape coming from the wooden door. The female entering fell into the shadows of the dim room, tinted into making people’s shadow cover and not reveal the people, making the chance to the female from anyone’s point of view hard. Nothing was seen from the girl’s face, or body, and no one can see. The door was now locked from the immense slam she had given it, startling the hidden man in what seemed to be a desk.

A click was heard, and the bright light had popped out, revealing three faces. One, of course was the skinny female that had just entered the flashed room. She had a tall structure, and a skinny build, which looked weird. She was small in weight, for sure, but high in height. Her long, blond hair stretched to her waistline, while she spun it around, which had caught the third man's attention. She had green eyes, the only one colored green in the room, and a bubbly grin, which once again, got the third man's attention. Her black torso, a basic long sleeved shirt, and her slim, skinny pants were shown.

The second man had been sitting in the chair behind the desk. He had no hair, the light shining on his head, reflecting it on the female. He himself had a grin, which had looked much scarier than the girl, and glasses on. His brown eyes, which had been barely seen through his tinted glasses, were squinting, and the two people in the room had known he had bad sight. He also wore a tuxedo, which had been colored black, colored much like the uniforms the other two were wearing. He also had a long, black beard stretched down to the lowest part of his chin, which he had been stranding.

The third man, staring at the beautiful girl, was like the man, although he had hair. His hair was long, which had gone to his bumpy shoulders, while also going to his thick eyelashes in the front part. He had a long nose, and a grin as scary as the man, if not even scarier, while he also had familiar brown eyes, like the man beside him. Sitting on the chair in front of the desk and hanging down, the two of the others had seen his white shirt, long, and a nice black smaller shirt in the front. The pants could not be seen, but the female saw a hint of black on it. He had been attracted to the girl, who had just taken the seat beside him.

"Glad to see your here, Cassandra," voiced the man sitting behind the wooden, black desk, still stranding his beard, "Now, Cassandra, I want you to do your next mission. This one will be with a more experienced member, Zachariah. He knows the information, I will not be needing to tell you. Dismiss now, and go to your new dorms. They are on the top floor, and the keys are here. Now, go. Zach, explain the mission to Casey." The man, with a dark, deep voice, had submitted them off, turning off the light when they had left, making the room as dark as it had been before. While the two left, he waited a few seconds, then going outside himself. He took a few steps, and a shriek had been let out, as dark as his voice.