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04-20-2005, 02:45 AM
Author's Note:
-I got the Storm Badge by defeating Brad in a battle reffed by Marth, I am not just giving
myself badges from the story.
-The Heracross Syas "caught" was bought in the Pokemart with cold, hard cash.
-I am writing for one Pokemon, though the way I intend this story to end, it may appear
as if I am writing for two.
-In an effort to spruce up my stories, and distinguish between Dialogue a bit better,
I have assigned colors, the key is below (but all should be obvious when reading).

Syas speaks in Royal Blue, and thinks in Navy.
Syas' Pokemon speak in Green.
Dalton speaks in Dark Red
Nurse Jennifer speaks in Plum
Nurse Jennifer's Plusle speaks in Dark Orchid
Daniel speaks in Red
Undeveloped Characters (shop clerks, random trainers, etc.) speak in Sandy Brown

If you would like to read about the events leading up to this story, or Syas, Jennifer, and
Dalton in general, check out my three previous capture fics:

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Without further interruption, we return you to our story.

04-20-2005, 02:49 AM
“Syas…” the cherubic voice called.

“Syas…” it repeated, the sweet sound seeming to caress his ears.

Opening one eye, Syas looked toward the owner of the voice, who had busied herself clearing the
curtains from the window as the harsh sunlight beamed in toward the awakening Trainer.

“Breakfast is going to get cold, and I am going to get upset.” She cheerfully chastised.

Yawning, Syas stretched before finally giving in and waking up, met with Nurse Jennifer’s
brilliantly smiling face, silhouetted by the sunlight streaming into the room, an angelic aura of
daylight making Syas happy to be where he was.

A month or so had passed since that rainy night where Syas had acquired the three Tyrogues, and
in that time, Jennifer and Syas had traveled from the Hoenn nation to the Johto nation by ship.
The bed he lay upon was that of a hotel for Trainers, he and Jennifer had been able to book their
last two-bed room.

The last few days had been long for them both; Not only had Syas captured a Heracross in this
new land, but he found that the city they had come to was Cianwood, a town known throughout
the world for their Fighting Pokemon Gym. Upon hearing the news, Syas looked to Jennifer, and
after discussing it over dinner, decided he was ready to challenge his first Gym the next morning.

Entering the Gym, Syas had been surprised to find no students or Trainers within the building,
just a single man, about his age, sitting on a stool and complaining about his horrible luck.

Looking up at Syas as he entered, the man, who Syas later learned was named Brad, looked up
and smiled widely.

“You don’t look like much!” he taunted egotistically, reaching for a few Pokeballs on his belt,
“This is the start of my new Good Luck streak, rules are 3 Pokemon vs. 3 Pokemon, choose
wisely… not that it will matter.”

When all was done however, Syas had a peacefully sleeping Heracross, and a triumphant Dodrio.
Brad had kept his mind on the win, but Dodrio’s Drill Pecks left Poliwrath, Primeape, and
Breloom unable to fight. Syas pulled out his wallet, and removing his Trainer Card, watched the
Storm Badge symbol appear on a small display at the bottom.

“One down…” Syas had said as he turned to leave Brad to his sulking. Turning around right
before the door, and looking back to the Gym Leader complaining once more about his luck,
Syas was physically sickened.

“Fighting Pokemon respect Effort, not Excuses.” He had said plainly as he left.

That had been the scene yesterday, and news had spread fast about Syas’ victory. Jennifer had
even sprung for a celebration feast, where Syas had eaten much more than he probably should
have, going to bed early last night, Syas hadn’t heard Jennifer come in, but rather slept the entire
night through.

10-09-2005, 02:25 AM
Standing up, Syas looked over to where Nurse Jennifer had turned to the window, looking out
over Cianwood, a truly beautiful town in the autumn. Not wanting to disturb her, Syas quickly
threw his white cotton t-shirt on before grabbing his blue fleece vest. Jennifer had crafted a very
elegant and sturdy white gi for him, however that was part of what she called his ‘Battle Costume’,
and not suitable for every day.

Sitting down at the small table, Syas watched Jennifer turn to him before walking over and sitting
down across from him, picking up her silverware. Digging into his food, Syas remained silent as
he poured food into his mouth, eating quickly.

Shaking her head with a light giggle, she watched Syas eat as though it was his last meal, gorging
himself hungrily on the steaming plate of potatoes.

“I suppose battling takes a lot out of you” she commented, stifling a light snicker.

Looking up as a little boy in trouble with his mother might do, Syas’ eyes met hers for a brief
moment before he polished off the rest of his breakfast. Standing and stretching, Syas yawned
briefly before turning to his companion.

“So what are we going to do today?” he asked her, wondering what she had in mind.

“Well, as soon as I bring this plate down, you will be escorting me to the market.” She said in a
sing-song matter-of-fact way.

Chuckling, Syas grabbed his blue beanie and pulled it over his head as Nurse Jennifer left the
room, bringing their plates down to the small kitchen in this old inn. Slinging his messenger bag
over his shoulder, Syas checked to make sure he could see all six Pokeballs inside, just in case
Dalton should happen to show up, Syas wanted to be ready.

Nodding to himself, he walked toward the door of their small room, and down the light oak
staircase that led to the first floor where he found Jennifer waiting for him.

“Ready?” she asked, hooking her arm through his and dragging him out the door before he could

10-09-2005, 04:32 AM
The morning had gone rather quickly it seemed. Syas had escorted Nurse Jennifer to the market
so that she could browse the various wares, looking each trinket over for quite a while before
moving to the next and starting the process over again.

Like most days in the lives of Syas and Jennifer, it did not stay as calm as it started. Syas had
been browsing through a shop of sparing equipment, probably made popular by the Fighting Gym
here, when a squeal alerted him to trouble.

“HELP!” the voice cried, resonating in Syas’ mind for a minute before he realized the voice
belonged to Jennifer.

Running out of the store, Syas found his companion a few yards down the street, a boy with
scuffled black hair running from her, darting in and out of the crowd. Running up to Jennifer,
Syas raised an eyebrow at her antics before she finally filled him in.

“The little boy just stole my bag, it has all my money and everything we bought in it” she
explained, her eyes softly begging Syas to do something about it.

Nodding wordlessly, he removed a single Pokeball from his bag, and allowed it’s inhabitant to
take form in front of them.

“Med,” a tranquil voice spoke, resonating in the energy released from the Pokeball.

As Medicham appeared, Syas watched her scan the area, looking for an opponent, perplexed, she
turned her gaze back to her Trainer, and after only a moment nodded, reading Syas’ intentions for
her from his own thoughts.

Clasping her hands together, Medicham began teleporting away, her movements similar to the
ninjas portrayed in those Anime shows Jennifer liked so much. Satisfied that Medicham was
taking the left, Syas ran right, desperate to find the boy.

After running for what seemed like hours, Syas felt out of breath and dehydrated, seeing the
PokeCenter ahead of him, he made a last breath effort to make it through the doors to the store,
intent on finding liquid. As he walked to the back of the store where the lemonade machine
hummed softly, Syas noticed a familiar ruffled head of black hair at the counter, a pink purse
slung around his shoulders.

“What do you mean I need a parent?” the boy huffed at the PokeCenter employee, “This is
STUPID!” he finished as he turned to leave the store, only to find Syas blocking his exit.

“Alright kid, give me the purse and I might not tell the Cops what you do in your spare time,”
Syas said, trying to sound authoritive and adult-like.

“You wouldn’t understand!” the boy shouted as he kicked Syas in the shin, trying to move past

Sighing softly to himself as he picked the kid up by the back of his shirt, Syas wondered how
he always managed to get himself into situations like this.

10-09-2005, 04:55 AM
“Try me,” Syas said softly, acutely aware of Medicham appearing behind him in a brief flash of
light, the Teleport obviously catching the kid off guard.

“No!” he shouted defiantly, “Let me go!”

Shaking his head, Syas held the kid higher, sizing him up. Although covered in muck, Syas could
make out bruises littering his small form, the boy, eight or nine at most, had eyes that betrayed a
life of less than happy moments.

“Alright Kid, you gonna tell me why you snatched my friend’s purse?” Syas asked, trying to read
the child’s eyes, “Or do you enjoy just hanging here?”

Huffing another note of insubordination, the child crossed his arms, remaining silent for a number
of minutes as Syas stared at him, his eyes stern but caring. After what must have been a lifetime
in the child’s mind, he hung his head and admitted defeat.

“I wanted to buy a Pokemon” he muttered, embarrassed for whatever reason was rational to one
of his age.

“Buy a Pokemon?” Syas said, smirking though he knew the child could not see his face, “Why do
you want a Pokemon?”

“There are some… bullies… they use their Pokemon to play jokes on me and make me look like
a fool. If I was a strong Trainer, I could show them a thing or two!” he said, his defiant fire

Shrugging, Syas hooked a thumb under Nurse Jennifer’s purse before dropping the boy to the
ground. As he slipped out of the purse, he made a loud thump as his posterior connected with the
hard floor.

“So you gonna turn me in?” the kid asked, trying to mask his fear of being caught and punished.

“No,” said Syas as he pulled his wallet from his back pocket, removing the money he had won
from his Gym Battle the day previous. Whispering something softly to the clerk, he handed her
the money and took a bag in return.

Looking up in wide-eyed disbelief the Boy stared at the bag, “You bought me a Pokemon?!?”

“No.” Syas said, his voice still authoritive but hinted with warmth, “I bought you a Pokeball.”

“Well what good is that?!? I need a Pokemon for it!” the child stated, obviously believing that
Syas just didn’t understand how it worked.

Smirking a bit, he looked at the hot-headed boy and chuckled, handing him the Pokeball, “Well
we will catch you one, on three conditions…”

“I knew there was a catch,” the disgruntled youth muttered.

Sighing, Syas shook his head, “It’s easy, first, no more stealing… anything, no matter what.”

Nodding, the boy silently agreed to Syas’ first demand.

“Secondly, you are going to apologize to the nice lady whose purse you stole,” Syas continued.

Grimacing a bit, the boy nodded again.

“Finally, you’ll tell me your name.” Syas finished, trying not to sound too soft on the child he
was already a bit fond of.

“Daniel…” the boy said softly, “My name is Daniel.”