View Full Version : A Pokemon RP loosely based on one of the regions?

02-13-2008, 04:43 PM

I've been considering for a while the possibility of starting an RP set in Kanto. Basically the idea I had was to take that region and put my own spin on each town/city and make a few changes as far as gyms are concerned, the pokemon available to be caught etc. The storyline would be set as starting from early 2008, when new trainers would be freshly signing up to become.. trainers.

It would have to have some originality, so I'd have new gym leaders with no ties to the previous ones, maybe drop an original gym or two and go with new ones in different places. I'm not sure how the gym leaders would work, I'd like them all to be RPed by people on here, but I doubt that many people would sign up to begin with and I have never been a fan of having more than 1 character at once per person. Also I am not yet sure on the villains, but I'd like to create a new faction of some kind.

The point to this RP would be telling our stories from rookie trainers, battling through the gyms on the way to the Pokemon League where all the RPers would face off against eachother in a 1 vs. 1 knockout tournament to find the one winner.

This RP is only in early development stages, and I am looking for people on here who may be interested in the idea and are willing to get in contact and help me sort out the creative side. At the moment I've only got my own ideas to go off, I am of the opinion that the more people working on it , the more ideas that are gonna be thrown out there, the more originality that can be put in there while keeping the basics down, the better this RP is gonna turn out.

Thank you.