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02-14-2008, 01:20 PM
I'm thinking we could do with a directory kind of thread in which people who are looking to get involved in RPs can come in and tell eachother which roles they're looking for in a story, whether it is just as an RPer only interested in certain genres, maybe you are willing to let someone come to you with their basic RP ideas and you will help them creatively, or you could be looking for a role in which you can help with the running of someones story, be it a gym leader or some other important non-trainer character, or last but definately not least you may be able to help with the gfx side of things, create banners, sigs, sprites etc for someones story.

I think this topic would be of great use also to the people who start the RPs, as a person who is working on an RP myself I am not sure where to start in my search for people to help with the creative side of my story, or whether or not I'm gonna have a hard time of finding people to cover the roles of gym leaders and pokemon professors, it would be alot easier having somewhere I could come and see if there's such people out there. This would also help people interpret the kind of people they are catering their RPs for, and whether or not an idea is even gonna get off the ground before they post it.

Thanks for your time.

Here's a general idea of what I was thinking.

RP Experience: I've had a large amount of experience in roleplaying, but not much in Pokemon roleplaying. Mostly I have been a participant in other peoples RPs, never as yet created my own.

Roles you're interested in: I am currently working on my own RP, but I am willing to help anyone if they need it with the creative side of their story, if they need help with figuring anything out etc. Also I may be willing to take up the role of a gym leader or other such character who does not need to RP maybe as much as a trainer or some other main character.

Type of RPs you're interested in: Only Pokemon ones for now.

ll Legend ll
02-14-2008, 11:02 PM
We basically have Role Play Idea Centers and Role Playing Guides. So theres no point to this.

Lord Celebi
02-14-2008, 11:30 PM
Oh, the E-Drama. Both are incredibly pointless.