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Volvagia Master
02-16-2008, 12:56 AM
OK. Last time I wrote a story I had gone for a Piplup and failed and then that psychotic Shinx attacked him and I caught it. So this time I am going for a Buizel as I need a Water Pokemon.

Chapter 1

Lyoko looked around, surveying the wrecked battlefield. The pavement had been scorched in many places, bricks had been zapped off the walls leaving small holes all from Shinx and Pichu's intense battle.
"Pichu..." Pichu squeaked.
Lyoko was worried, that Shinx had been a tough opponent and Pichu had taken quite a beating. Lyoko picked up the Poké Ball and looked at it, amazed at what he had done. He had managed to catch it. Pichu fell down and began to tremble voilently. Lyoko quickly clipped the Poké Ball to his belt and rushed to help his partner. He knew immediately that he had to get Pichu to the Pokémon Centre, so he picked up the small elctric mouse and ran to the Pokémon Centre.

Lyoko arrived at the Pokémon Centre just moments later, to find a small queue of Trainers. Lyoko swore silently to vent out his frustration but unfortunately one of the Trainers heard it.
"How dare you use such foul language. We have injured Pokémon too, you know." He said.
This man looked to be in his 50s. He had short white hair and a white beard to follow. He held a suitcase in his left hand and wore a brown coat that was frayed in some places. He looked like a person you didn't want to cross.
"I'm sorry! It's just my Pichu got badly hurt in a battle against a Shinx." Lyoko said, quickly.
"Hmm. Are you referring to that rouge Shinx that would attack Trainers in Route 202?" The man said.
"Most likely, it followed me all the way to Jubilife." Lyoko replied.
"Tell me, son. Was the Shinx kinda scruffy looking?" The man questioned.
"Well, yeah. I--wait. I recognise you! You're Proffessor Rowan!" Lyoko exclaimed.
Lyoko felt elation grow inside him. He was a huge fan of Porffessor Rowan and had been since he had first read an article by him.
"Yes, I am. Now I believe that we should get Pichu some immediate help or things may get worse for it." Rowan said, before turning away to get some help.
Lyoko stood there, his long blue hair flicking slightly in the wind of the open door holding his beloved partner.
"It'll be OK, Pichu." Lyoko muttered
A Blissey trodded along with a trolley and stopped right next to Lyoko. He quickly placed Pichu onto the trolley and then sat down watching the trolley being pushed away. Rowan sat down next to Lyoko.
"Tell me, Lyoko. Did you capture this Shinx?" Rowan suddenly interrogated.
"Wha-? Oh yeah, I caught it." Lyoko answered.
"Tell me, can I see it?" Rowan asked.

Lyoko walked outside.
"I don't want it attacking people." Lyoko said.
Rowan stepped outside and waited to see the Shinx. Lyoko threw Shinx's Poké Ball up into the air letting out the mouse.
"Shi! Shinx!" Shinx said.
Shinx saw Lyoko and seemed to smile. It's scruffed up fur began to crackle with electricity as it readied itself. It looks positively psychotic, with its fur stuck up and matted and burning red eyes. With out warning, Shinx jumped at Lyoko missing him by an inch. Lyoko started to run as the mad mouse chasing Lyoko.
"I see. Why you came out here." Rowan muttered, smiling with amusement.
"RIGHT! Back into your Poké Ball you crazy mouse!" Lyoko shouted.
Lyoko pointed Shinx's ball at it and managed to get Shinx back into it. He stumbled into the Pokémon Centre, looking shaken.
"Why does that Shinx hate me?!" Lyoko grumbled.
"You don't act very confident around that Shinx. Maybe it's because it's appearance into your life was so abrupt?" Rowan suggested.
"Yeah maybe."

The Blissey from earlier came back and motioned Lyoko to come with her. Lyoko stood up and walked along the corridor, dread pulsing through his veins. What if Pichu was badly injured? What if it was about to die? Many thoughts crossed his mind but none of them were hopeful thoughts. He felt so scared, Pichu was his partner and his first Pokémon. They had spent so long together...he didn't want that to end now. Lyoko stepped into a room full of Pokemon, all asleep, and he spotted his partner. He was ready to discover what was wrong with Pichu and what it needed.