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02-18-2008, 05:12 AM
Running through the heavy rain and the pack of vicious Pokémon, I had panted and panted, looking at my bloody face and bruises that came as aftermath of running through the route. With all the pain I had, I felt weak. It’s been just about the worst pain I ever had. On my way to get a Pokémon, and after seeing all of the Pokémon I had seen today, I didn’t want one. Pokémon in my book now were marked as horrible, vicious creatures. I despised the fact I wanted to get one before, now, if Pokémon would kill me, I shouldn’t even bother.

Yet, with all the Pokémon, I didn’t know how to get home. I was expected home with a stupid, useless creature to come, but I wouldn’t want one, and if I came back without one, and don’t start a Pokémon Journey, my parents would be disappointed. But I had to get one, regardless if I wanted one or not. I wouldn’t want it, but the fact if I didn’t would make my parents mad, I had to get one. I wouldn’t care about it, of course, I would just let it live. I wouldn’t expect it to be trained, or to be used.

Taking the last steps on the now muddy, dirt road, I had stepped on a rock, kicking it around on my way to the door. Once rubbing my hands on my over shirt, I took the knob of the door and pulled it open. I took long strides to go inside of the place, full of a bunch of lab geeks. I couldn’t stand but chuckle at them, forcing the stupid looking people in lab coats to look at them. Thinking they looked weird, I took a glance at myself, and I looked worse. Dirty is all I could explain myself, it was funnier than the nerds.

I had dirt blue jeans, which, as much I cared for, looked as hideous as ever. It had been covered with patches of mud, and also the utter fact of it being torn of and having a blood stain on it, they looked dreadful. I also couldn’t bare but crack up of my red, which was now completely brown and had been bitten or torn, and also had a broken collar. Also, I saw that my glasses had been broken, and had been cracked here and there, which I also needed tape for. I could also feel my shoes ripped in the pinky toe, as I felt it was just the sock when I pressed it on the floor.

The lab, though, was the biggest difference of my house in a regular basis and me. It was clean. It had been shiny, with all the floors, which know were not at all clean in the place I was standing. It had also held nice tables, and had a nice wall, and nothing was on the floor, or sticking out. It was perfect, better than I have ever seen, at least. The people also looked clean, but like I said, they looked so nerdy, and so ugly. I laughed at myself, them, and myself again. I was in a funny mood, until I remembered what I was here for…

I stepped forward, to the eldest man, which I was sure was Professor Samuel Oak himself. I shook his hand, he nodded, and grinned with what I thought was the ugliest smile in history. I gave a chuckle too myself, I wouldn’t want to let him down. Even though I don’t care if he gives me a crap of a Pokémon, I still didn’t want to make him feel weird. He then moved over a little, forcing me to follow. I then saw three red-and-white devices, and then Professor Oak began speaking to me, with such an annoying voice.

“Well, here are the Pokémon. I sent a letter to you regarding the info, no? Yeah, go ahead, take your pick. The order I sent them are the order right now, so I hope you read it,” he said, in a hurry, which was part of how he made his voice annoying. He then moved, waiting me to take his pick. I had to guess, I was in big trouble at the time. I didn’t know which was which, and I had to just randomly pick. With the thinking process of ‘eeny-meeny-miyni-moe’, I had then picked a Pokémon, which was the nearest left. Grabbing it, the Professor spoke again.

“Nice choice, that Bulbasaur is. I picked it when I was young also. Now, grab your starter item kit and Pokédex from the man over there,” he said pointing, “have fun with the Pokémon. I’m running late, bye!” He then dashed, which was funny looking at an old man run, and then I did what he told me too. I walked to the most nerdish person there, and then he gave me a white Pokédex, which I also despised the color white, and also a few of those red-and-white devices, some things in a can, and a belt, which I didn’t know what it was. I stuffed it all in my backpack, the man giving me a strange look, then giving him money.

I wasn’t sure if I had to pay him, but I didn’t care. I was rich, my whole family was, and twenty bucks wasn’t a matter. I took the time outside, and then got the device that held the Pokémon, in my hand. “Come on out, thing!?” I then let it out, forcing out a flash of red light, then me seeing a green Pokémon, a mini dinosaur, with green spots, and a bulb. Cute, it was, but it still was weird-looking. Cute overcame, though. As much as I hated Pokémon, I ran to it, and hugged. I could at least like one Pokémon, and especially my first being so cute. I would keep one Pokémon, and this one was it.

‘Bulba, Bulbasaur!’ the Pokémon said, smiling. The Pokémon seemed to like me, and I liked it myself. I held it in my hands, with a female coming, with her own Pokémon, which looked like Bulbasaur itself. The Pokémon looked at each other, smiling too. The Bulbasaur I owned also smiled at me, and then I noticed the girl, and then smiled at her. I hated all the smiling, as I was never this happy, but I bore with it. But the girl was so pretty. I’ve never seen another so pretty, yet I hadn’t seen many girls in my life.

“Hello, there. I’m Daisy, nice to see a fellow Bulbasaur. Your Bulbasaur looks cute, so does mine. Looks like they like each other. Well, I was going to enter the ‘Newbie Duo Tournament’ and needed a partner. How about it, want to be my own partner? I mean, they have to be new trainers, and I’m sure that’s what be both are. And what’s with the dirtiness,” she said, which I caught after looking at her. I nodded, which I wasn’t sure about, and then stopped staring at her face. I then began to speak up myself, clearing my throat first.

“I’d love to. Although I’m not so keen with this, I need help. I guess if you know how to work Bulbasaur, I can learn too, yes? Well, I’ll do it, is there like a sign up? And when is it held? I need to train a little first, so I need a lot of time. Also, I’m Peter,” I explained. I then put my Bulbasaur down, allowing it to play with hers, which was on the floor. The Pokémon looked cute together; I laughed at them, and then watched as they played around. With them playing, I then waited the answer from Daisy.

She was wearing a clean, velvet vest, which I had liked, and also wearing skinny, or slim, yet I wasn’t sure, which had complimented her skinny legs. I also saw her shoes, which wear sparkly and shiny, which had been sneakers that I thought, was ideal for one of my sisters, which was my age. She also had nice, long black hair, and also hazel eyes, which shined even in the rain. She was just so pretty.

The Pokémon, playing around, were also rather cute. The green little dinosaur Pokémon had a planted bulb on its back. It also several darker green patches on it, which had given it a nice look. The Pokémon had a cute smile, pretty eyes, and something about it made me love it. The Pokémon, battle wise, I wasn’t sure, but I had a feeling, training with Daisy I would learn how it was.

“Great, I have my number and address right her,” she handed a card, “call me tomorrow, and meet me here tomorrow. We’ll have practice when it’s not raining, but that would be nice practice. For now, I’m running late, and maybe you are too. Don’t want to cause trouble!” she said, taking her own Bulbasaur and running towards the opposite side of my house. I returned home to, getting Bulbasaur ready just in case those stupid Rattata, which I despised so much, had attempted to attack me. Bulbasaur was in a nice mood, also.


It went swell. Bulbasaur had scared a few Pokémon with an attack using a vine from its bulb, whipping the foes, with a slender vine. Rattata had been afraid of it, which I loved to see, and Bulbasaur liked to do it. He was smiling the three times he fought them off, and I liked it too. The Pokémon gave me a new look into Pokémon, which was nice. I also expected Daisy to be good also, and I couldn’t wait to train with her. Soon, we would be the best of the group in the tournament, and Bulbasaur would be reliable.

In my house, I had six annoying sisters. Two, older than me, were always on the computer, or on the phone. I lived in such a messy house, but we still were rich and were wealthy. Although I had my own rooming, and being my parent’s favorite as I was the only boy, I still felt my sisters were better. They had been using all of the stuff in the house, for the week before all I had was my cell phone to hang around with. But now, with Bulbasaur, I bet it would be better, because I knew Bulbasaur was great.

I fell asleep that night, along with Bulbasaur, and had dreamt of winning the tournament. I just couldn’t wait, the soft girl, Daisy, wouldn’t be like a drill sergeant, and we would have a peaceful practice. I could also work with Bulbasaur for the first time, us going to be a good duo. Daisy would also probably use her Bulbasaur for the first time, and if she was good, then we would be a great team. I might even have my Bulbasaur to evolve at the end of it all, and it was going to be great all together.


Waking up first thing the next day, I dressed up in much cleaner clothes. I wore my black collared shirt, with my nicest pair of shoes, which were much cleaner than the ones I wore yesterday. I also then wore new jeans, which were baggy, and my favorite sort of jeans. I took Bulbasaur and grabbed him, holding it in my arms, and grabbed the card I got from Daisy. Flashing through it, I saw the house address, which was not at all too far. I grabbed my cell phone, just in case, and Bulbasaur and I were off.

I then walked through Route 1 once more, which was the essence of easiness this time, Bulbasaur doing yet more and more vicious vine like whips toward the Rattata, and even some Pidgey. I then found her house, which was close to Professor Oak’s lab, which smelled like she was cooking. Knocking on the door, I had to just wait a few seconds when she opened the door. Beside her was her own little Bulbasaur, who had seen my own, then playing around together, much like yesterday.

“Hey there, Peter. Well, I prepared a stage for our training. I wanted to start off with teaching you the attacks,” she told me, then smiling, pointing to a little field, which had been prepared, “So, let’s go. I had my brother, a great battler, to help us out in this whole session. He knows his stuff about battling, so you don’t have to worry about it. He has an Ivysaur right now.” We were now walking around, toward the field, where I shook hands with her brother, who was a little weirder looking than Daisy. He still was handsome, and like Daisy, was clean.

“Hey there, Peter, correct? Well, I’m David, and I’m going to help you. Come on out, Saura!” he exclaimed, releasing his own, bigger green dinosaur, which was an Ivysaur, “This is Ivysaur. I know a lot about having a Bulbasaur, and I know all of the attacks. First off, I’m going to start with Razor Leaf, an effective move with Bulbasaur. Instead of telling you about it, I’m going to show it. Come on, Saura, I want you to use a Razor Leaf. Full out! I also didn’t tell you, this was her best move as a Bulbasaur.”

A big leaf, launched from the Bulbasaur’s bulb had been thrown out. The leaf unleashing and coming out from the small, little dinosaurs bulb had come over to the tree it was aimed out, slashing it, nearly knocking it down. Muttering, he told us, “Try it out.” and we did. Coming out from my Bulbasaur’s leaf, it had hit the tree, weakening it so much, and then Daisy’s, hitting it down, knocking it down. All together, the three of them did a well job against it, having it down. The attack, Razor Leaf what David told us, had been smart and easy.