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03-21-2004, 09:27 PM
talk about picks for finals and current news and ifno about the NBA.

I am enjoying this season it has been great i am glad to see that some teams that never have been contenders i.e. grizzlies make it to the playoffs and i am happy that people are seeing that the 76'ers rely way to damn much on Alen iverson.

Tamer Marco
03-22-2004, 01:02 AM
I haven't been watching the NBA games that much anymore. Can anyone fill me in?

03-22-2004, 01:18 AM
Allen Iverson
Why would they make a 3-time Scoring Champion, an All-Star, one of NBA's greatest, be a bench player? I hope Iverson gets traded, he deserves better... even though I dont like him a lot and think he is a selfish player, he still deserves better then what the Sixers are treating him.

East Playoffs

Its good to see the Cavs trying to make the playoffs, good to see teams such as Knicks and Miami back in the playoffs. Although it stinks that teams such as Orlando and Phila got to a bad start early and couldnt make their way back and be a big time contender like in the past. I expect the Nets to take the East this year.

West Playoffs

I am glad Rockets finally get a playoff position. I hope Nuggets and keep their place cause i dont want to see Utah in the playoffs. Sadly, Sacramento or LA will take the West this year. Minnesota has a GREAT team but still dont have the firepower that the other top West teams have. Dallas could beat Minnesota, for lots of different reasons. Dallas is just getting into its roles. They finally figured out that their needs to be role players and there has to be pickup players. Luckily, Mavs can either lose/win their way out of meeting San Antonio for the first round of the playoffs. Hoping Minnesota loses a lot and has to face Mavs. Pretty much because i want the Final Four of the west to be... Sac, LA, SA, and Dallas