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Phantom Kat
02-23-2008, 03:49 AM
This URPG story was inspired by my cat, who recently died, Mocho. =)

This one is for a Rotom and if I manage to capture it, it would be the first owned Rotom in the URPG. =o


From Beyond the Grave

Part 1: The Prelude to an Ending

Destiny Snow put the chewed pencil back on her ever-bobbing ponytail, hazel eyes never leaving the journal she held in her left hand. The worn, leather bound cover felt warm in her grip, a combination from the Cerulean sun overhead and the fact she had not slackened the hold of her journal since she left school. She walked down the cracked sidewalk towards her home, fourteen-year-old mind only focused on the words in the journal pages etched in pencil.

“The Montague and the Capulet feaud was old when the story began,” she recited, flicking a lock of chocolate hair from her face. Once the image of two feuding families from the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” sunk into her brain, she continued reading, “The two star-crossed lovers, however did not join into this aged quarrel…”

“Bucktooth wonder, think fast!”

Destiny’s head shot up, her eyes very similar to that of a scared rodent, causing her sneaker-covered feet to give a few stumbles forward. Her arms flailed at her sides when she felt her feet get caught on something. This caused her to both scream and drop her English journal. On instinct, she put her hands in front of her to lessen the impact of the fall. Landing almost face first, Destiny met the cement hard yet not as hard as she would have at first. Picking herself up, she noticed that her knee was stinging and throbbing in pain. Moving away the now dirty skirt, she noticed a trickle of scarlet blood staining her leg. Behind her, she caught sight of her book bag lying in a crumpled heap.

The teenager looked around, ignoring buildings new and old alike that towered over her, and found the culprits of her anger. The boy that had thrown the football that distracted her was laughing hysterically, wiping tears from beneath his jet-black bangs. The second male, the one who had hidden and tripped her, only had an all-knowing smirk.

“She actually reacted to ‘Bucktooth wonder‘,” the first chuckled and once he looked to the wobbling girl’s direction, broke into a new chortle, now directing his words at her, “Man, if I thought you had problems before… If I tell you you’re a bookworm desperate for social life, would you go and laminate that?”

“Josh, come on,” the taller male next to him said nonchalantly. Sweeping a hand over neatly combed, raven hair, he smiled silkily. “You know you just insulted every respectable bookworm.”

Destiny bristled, both from the insults that was thrown straight at her face and the fact that Marco, the one who had just spoken, was riffling through the pages of her notebook. Handsome, blue eyes sweept over the notes she had painstakingly written down, a look of deep concentration planted on his tan face.

“Seems this page has too little notes,” he commented, licking a finger and grabbing the page in his digits. He made a move to tear it until he heard a pathetic wail of protest. Seconds later, Destiny was hobbling over to him, hands outstretched to grab back the journal that was unjustly taken from her. Unfortunately, her limping leg made her too slow to snatch it; Marco just slid to the side and kept on reading her notes to himself, eyebrows shooting up as he question a scribbled sentence.

“What soft through yonder window breaks? Sounds old school, don’t you think?”

“Give it back!” Destiny screamed at him yet her voice faltered by breaking. Her eyes stung with tears of frustration and anger but she bit her lip and held them back; this would only give them another reason to cackle and hoot in amusement. Even though they didn’t see her shining eyes, they still let out a laugh when she almost fell again.

Bracing herself against one of the building’s concrete walls, red bricks scratching against her exposed forearms, she saw Josh on his knees, one hand against his heart and the other as an offering to Marco.

“Oh, Marco, would you tear that journal apart as a symbol of my undying love?”

Feigning the same sweet voice of his friend, Marco swept his bangs back, held the journal above him, and said, “Oh, Josh, I accept this request. May the fallen pages represent the tears this nerdy student will soon leak…”

Destiny clumsily ran towards them, face splotched with red, and knocked Marco to the ground. The boy grunted, the wind knocked out of him, and turned his head to find Destiny standing up and making a reach for the journal that was once again on the floor. Marco growled in annoyance and shot a look at the startled Josh. Knowing his best friend’s look like the back of his own hand, Josh scurried to stand and grabbed a scarlet and opaque sphere from his spiked belt. With the other hand, he swiped the journal from the ground and threw it high in the air.

“Polowhirl, soak that journal with a Bubblebeam!”

Destiny looked up with a choked sob, the Poke Ball already splitting in half to reveal a column of ruby light. Before she could scramble in desperation to retrieve her English journal, imagining all those precious notes succumb to a wet mess tugged at her heart strings, a great, beige blur bounced in front of her. The strange creature grabbed the journal in its jaws and bounded towards the girl’s side jut as a stream of bubbles erupted from the newly formed Water Pokemon. The water crashed into the pavement and dispersed in all directions, making all three students cover their eyes.

Once the foam and flying, translucent bubbles cleared, Destiny looked to her right and saw the Persian who had snuck his Poke Ball into her backpack earlier that morning. He wagged his stub of a tail, whiskers wiggling on his smirking face. Dropping the saved journal safely next to Destiny, the feline turned towards the Poliwhirl and the two boys with a menacing glare (Marco had scrambled towards his pal when he glanced the Persian’s sharp claws and fangs).

Grabbing the Poke Ball that had rolled out of her school bag, Destiny leaned against the wall again, a smile replacing the tears that had started to trail down her cheeks…

… With a pang of pain, Destiny woke up, a squeak emitting from her dried lips. The spot in where she hit her head was cold to the touch and as she rubbed her aching forehead, she noticed that most of her leg and arm muscles were extremely sore. Blinking the haze that was the sleep still remaining in her eyes, Destiny deduced that she had dreamt it all.

She was still curled up in the alcove of her room that overlooked the window; the violet pillow she had put against her back to rest on was now on the carpeted, ebony floor. Across the room, beyond the messy, oak desk and twin bookshelves of the same wood, her bed was still a mess of covers and sheets. Her lone Meowth plush toy was on the verge of falling over the edge, a sign that the girl had experienced a restless sleep hours ago.

Destiny ran a hand through her tangled hair, remembering as to why she was there. She had tossed and turned all night until finally, when rain started to pour and the sound of distance thunder began to reverberate, decided to ponder the recent events. That is, until she fell asleep and woke up again after Mew knows how many hours.

Destiny put her head against the window pane, the sounds of the rain shower outside amplified to twice its volume. Letting the coolness now soothe her, she cursed herself for waking up just as found solace from her sadness.

Mocho, the Persian that was always by her side even when she did not know it, had died two days ago from poisoning. He had been left with her aunt while he was healing from a broken leg (with all of their energetic cats, he would surely not heal appropriately), a nice and peaceful home. Robbers apparently thought it was the perfect home to strike and to stop the only Pokemon that could possible foil their plans, planted concentrated poison in her pet’s food.

“…And they killed him,” she spat quietly, hands fists in her lap. Destiny bit her lip, memories of that day she recently dreamed on flooding back in a tidal wave. He was always so courageous and there for her, even when she did not ask for his companionship, he would be there to comfort her from any depression she would be in. Her head swam with bits and pieces of times they spent together from they day he was found near a busy restaurant as an infant Meowth.

The heartbroken teen looked through the window that was being bombarded with rain pellets. Through the haze of the rain shower and the lack of light, she could make out a misshapen mound at the back of their property. Though there were more than a dozen other dug graves in their half-acre backyard, this one seemed to stand out above the others; maybe it as fact that she secretly favored Mocho above all of their feline Pokemon or that he died so suddenly and cruelly. As she thought of his body being covered by dirt, forever sealed away for Mother Earth to take care of, a new stream of tears came to life. She swallowed this wave of sadness, the lump in her throat not exactly cooperating at first.

The brown-haired girl got the nerve to look away and walk back to her bed, feet nearly dragging under her. Fluffy, sapphire slippers that matched her silk, blue lagoon pajamas made a scratching sound on the old carpet that she more than accustomed to. Eyes were heavy with the need of sleep but her mind was still wide awake. The shadows that danced on her bedroom walls were constant visitors, especially when the night was plagued with thunder and rain.

For a moment, she expected to see a curled up, cream lump invading her bed, completely oblivious to the girl that nearly stumbled on her own feet. Destiny was disappointed when reality settled again; there was no elegant feline sleeping soundly on her sheets.

Fingering the oak bedpost of her bed, the familiar flower designs bringing some comfort to her rattled thoughts, Destiny concluded with a heavy heart that this was going get some getting used to.

The hard thing was, she did not want to get used to a life without the comfort and protection of Mocho.