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02-23-2008, 01:35 PM
It was a Monday morning; Solange was just waking up after only one hour of sleep, her long, straight dark black, shiny hair was softly threw out into the air as she stretched, her soft tanned skin was full of spots, but not something a little makeup couldn’t fix. Solange calmly pulled off her bright, deep sky blue coloured covers and inhaled calmly.

"Oh, Mom is so making waffles, I can tell…" She said while inhaling the deliciously sweet aroma from downstairs.

Solange was wearing pink and white striped hot pants, and she was wearing a pink, soft t-shirt with pale green coloured love heart designs on it. Solange’s bedroom was filled with all different sorts of things, posters of rock bands and singers and such, as well as of her favourite Pokémon, Pichu. Solange had a peppy sort of personality, she always cheers for everyone, but when it comes to bug Pokémon she just can’t stand them.

Solange had a little shiny, silver metal watch, and the background on the clock was a small, cute little picture of the electric rodent thingy, Pichu. Solange knew that her Mom was only making waffles as today was the day Solange started her journey as a Pokémon trainer, she knew at four o’ clock it was time to ride her bicycle down to Professor Oak’s lab too.

Solange had bright blue walls in her room; she had small sienna coloured shelves beside her window and her bed. She also had a bright, wooden white drawer next to her bed, it had all of her clothes and items in it. It had a bright yellow lamp on it, as well as some doodles and scribbles and little bits of money here and there. Solange was always concerned about money, she didn't care about what shape it was in, or weather it was damaged or whatever, as long as she had tons of it, she was happy.

Solange walked quietly over to her big white drawer and pulled open the top one. There were so many clothes there, little pink and white bellytops, green and red socks and all sorts of stuff, but she took out something that looked great. Jeans, she took out a bright navy pair of jeans, they had small wrinkles everywhere that made them look stylish and cool. Solange slipped them on her over her bright turqouise hotpants and got ready to go downstairs. She hopped cheerfully over to her clear white door, still inhaling the wonderful smell, she opened the door without hesitation. She stepped out onto the olive coloured carpet and ran down her dark olive carpeted stairs.

"Mom," Solange shouted excitedly, "do you have waffles?" She added sharply.

"No," Her Mom began sadly, "I gave them to the dogs because I didn't think you were up, I'm so sorry dear."

"Wasn't up?" She repeated cheekily, "wasn't up?" she repeated with a louder tone.

"Uh, today is the day I get my starter Pokémon, 'course I'm going to be up." Solange shouted at her Mother annoyedly.

Solange grinded her teeth together harshly, but she had her mouth closed so her Mother didn't see her doing it. Solange walked into the kitchen, the tiles were a pale, mysterious beige colour, while the press's and cabinets were all a bright brown colour. Solange sat down on her sparkling white chair and got comfy. She had two small forks and spoons on front of her on the sparkling white shiny table. She had a round, sea green and white coloured plate. Her mother was leaning over at the oven, all you could see was her blue and white dress, she looked like a maid in it. Solanges Mom turned around with a big, black tray thing, it had some bright yellow and plain coloured crispy toast in it.

"Toast?" Solange asked, twitching her eye up angrily.

"Yes," Her Mother said calmy, "it's a very suffice source of calcium and vitamins." Her Mother added on, but she lied to make Solange eat it. Solange was your averahe fourteen-year-old girl, except she didn't know all of that stuff.

"Well, if you say so." Solange took a huge bite out of the toast, ripping it slowly apart like a carnivour divouring it's prey.

Not done. =3