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Llama Commando
02-23-2008, 11:10 PM
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Foolishness Does Not Reward: The Dangers of Iron Island

Target Pokemon: Onix and Zubat
Difficulty: Hard and Simple – 25 to 40k needed

As the sun rose high above the majestic lands of Sinnoh, brilliantly showering the young world with light and color, all was calm. Snow whistled through the emerald trees high on Mount Coronet, the waterfall of Victory Road shone with a mighty radiance, and the three lakes of Sinnoh were placid and well. However, if one were to venture into Canalave City, more specifically The Canalave Institute for Aspiring Trainers, the difference in tension with the rest of the region would be startling.

“Give me back my Charmander!” a small boy yelled, tears welling up in his eyes as he watched his long-hated bullies throw around his Pokeball. Staring upward, his bright blue eyes as wretched as those of any, young Tommy Howe began to wail as the 8th graders continued to play keep-away with his best friend.

“Give back Buddy!” Thomas Fairfield pleaded again, though his words meant nothing to Shane and George Fair, who continued their game of catch. Luckily for Tommy, his homeroom teacher, old and frail Ms. Jeanne Traylor happened to be strutting back from the bathroom at this time and briskly walked over to the spectacle.

“George, Shane, what do you two insolent fools think you are doing?” Though he could not decipher the meaning of every word she said, since she was using what she called her ‘big kid voice’, Tommy could only guess at what she asked. Regardless, he felt obligated to answer in place of the two who stood before him. Looking amazingly scared in their low-riding jeans and leather jackets, George and Shane prepared to relinquish their prize as Tommy retold:

“Well, first I was playing in the sandbox with Arthur.” Apparently looking for confirmation of this, Ms. Traylor turned to look where the first-graders were huddled, scared, in a corner. Slowly and shakily, a redheaded boy with large glasses nodded his head, as if one false movement could kill him.

“Go on,” the old shawl-clad woman encouraged, as Tommy was very nervously counting the tedious seconds until his Pokemon was returned to him.

“Well,” he stuttered, trying to hold back the fearful tears that had engulfed him but moments before, “those two meanies came over and stole my Buddy!!” At this point young Thomas could no longer hold back the cascade that was so forcefully imposing itself upon him, and began a most loud and unpleasant wail.

“M-make them give it back!!!” he screamed, loud enough to be audible on the other side of the school. Shaking profoundly in his small denim overalls and red shorts, eyes as terrified as ever, he awaited his teacher’s decision as if it were a court trial; his entire life depending on the outcome.

“I must say, you two are acting far more brutish today than I have ever seen you!” Ms. Traylor shrilly declared, causing the two twin boys much difficulty in suppressing giggles.

“Return this boy’s Pokemon at once!”

With a lackluster attitude, though definitely not distraught, George handed the crimson and white orb over to the small boy, whose bright blue eyes grew large and quickly reached out to retrieve the Pokeball which held his prized Charmander.

-Not yet finished-