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Blaziken Knight
02-24-2008, 04:20 AM

Welcome To The Twilight Islands Where Darkness Roams The Land

Oh Yes...The Twilight Islands!

Here Is The Map Of Twilight With Info

Extra Info About Region

Twilight Main Island: The island the main character is born in. Also it is the island where gyms 1-6 are located

Nightfall Isle: The isle that is rumored to have started the twilight darkness around the Twilight Islands. Though the rumor is not true people have many complaints though others seem to like the darkness all around the Islands

Starbright Isle: The isle was given its name because the stars there were always the shiniest, it was the best place to look at stars on nights, untill the darkness came

Moonlight Isle: The isle was given its name because the moon looked the brightest there, it was the best place to look at the moon on nights like Starbright Isle, untill the darkness came. 7th Gym Located Here!

Sparkleruby Shore: The best place to look at sand at the beach on warm days when the sun was bright because the sand glittered like a ruby this is half the reason why it got its name. The other half is because rubies are located in some dungeons around the island. 8th Gym Located Here!

Diamondspark Isle: The isle was given its name because of a pokemon known to roam the land that was as sparkly as a Diamond. Legend has it the pokemon created Diamondspark Isle and that it is found in "The Center Of The Heart Of The One Who Is Born With The Strength To Battle Alongside it

Darkmatter Destination: The final destination of your journey. It is an unknown island that has been rumoured to have been made by Team Darkmatter because of its name

About The Region
It was found by a child who could swim underwater from the age of 4. he noticed it while searching the sea when he was 6 and found out it was a region at the age of 12. He also now at the age of 60 knows that now darkness has spread when it is the morning, it is a dark green mossy color and when it is night it is a purple twilight color that brightens the stars. he studied the region before anyone found out about it and he found out by adding some chemicals from kanto where entei, raikou and suicune are found he could blow up the region from below to above water. Which he did. he had no name because when he was born he was left on a lillypad in a pond. butterfrees and beautiflies raised him as their own. He now calls himself Prof.Twilight. And He is currently working on: A Map Of twilight (Night Version)

Questions And Answers
Q: You Dont Have Any ______ (fakemon, trainers whatever it is) will you add any?
A: Yes i will. Dont Worry About It

Q: Why Is The Twilight Islands So Dark-colored?
A: Team Darkmatter spread darkness over the land that is why.

Q: Do You Need Help With The Region?
A: Ofcourse I Do! I Am Not A Perfecto Spriter So Like Yah!

Helper List
Owner: Blaziken Knight
Co-Owner: NONE
Route Makers: Blaziken Knight (Possibly) Elemental Brotherhood (ACCEPTING INFINATE ROUTE MAKERS)
Town/City Makers: Blaziken Knight (Possibly) Elemental Brotherhood (ACCEPTING INFINATE TOWN/CITY MAKERS)

What Job You Want:
Examples: (sprites or if wanting to be co-owner then some things you promise to do)
Why You Want The Job:

Supporter List
Blaziken Knight


#104. http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/8462/sparkensaikl5.png Sparkensai - A Spirit. Shiny As A Diamond. Created DiamondSpark Isle

Soon To Be Added

Blaziken Knight
02-24-2008, 04:22 AM

Blaziken Knight
02-24-2008, 04:22 AM

Elemental Brotherhood
02-24-2008, 04:37 AM
U finished reserving? XD If not, I'll delete post.

Blaziken Knight
02-24-2008, 04:44 AM
im done reserving :P

so...what were you gonna post?

Elemental Brotherhood
02-24-2008, 06:18 AM
What Job You Want: Route Maker/Town Maker. I could also make region maps, if you're not going to add towns to your one.

Town Map (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d73/i_am_a_turkey/Pokemon%20Spriting/Maps/1town.png)
Region Map (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d73/i_am_a_turkey/Pokemon%20Spriting/Maps/regionsofLaSylt.png)

Why You Want The Job: I like making Towns and Routes. o_0

Blaziken Knight
02-24-2008, 06:25 AM

i need my region map finished

starting town nere the bottom left. another town nere it..umm kind of like d/p's one. and i need it d/p styled 6 gyms on the main island. look at the extra info for the other gyms which means they are like cities but not so you know like on pokemon d/p how on an island theres like a yellow square. do that please

i also need a town map. first town
it needs to be dark colors. so make a normal town then darken the colors to look like darkness is around. i need 2 houses and a lab. and a pond down the back. both houses to have a sign on it and the lab to have a sign. make houses dark colors too please.

also im working on a fakemon right now! its a legendary!