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03-01-2008, 08:00 PM


Characters Done: 2,111
Required Characters: 10,000 - 20,000
Status: Incomplete
Pokemon Wanted: Roselia

Celine felt as if her garden was the best. Although she loved making flowers, she was one herself. The beautiful, little Pokémon, which had been a Roselia, had strangely kept her own garden. Despite the fact she loves it so much, she has a bit of a problem with the garden, having to balance her two loves, and not keeping one left out. The Roselia’s life had been difficult, but for sure, Celine had kept a perfect garden. With roses, daisies, lilies, all of it, Celine loved the ending product of her garden, and if she wanted it to win the biggest gardening competition in Eterna, then she would have to keep it the same.

But growing roses and daisies was not Celine’s only talent. The rose Pokémon had been an efficient battler, and had done well to serve her good, and giving her Pokémon Trainer his first badge. After all of this, the Pokémon had still had to work on her garden, battle, and keep herself safe. Although this seems much too easy, this Pokémon gives it off as hard work, making her life perfect. Celine, a lovely Roselia, had to work hard, and despite the fact she hated doing it all, it was her life.

“Celine, come back! Time for a little bit of treats after a day’s work!” said Antonio, Celine’s owner. He had kept three Pokémon, with one of them including Celine as one of his Pokémon. It had been his favorite, also, being the first ever Pokémon, starting off as a Budew. He had allowed her a garden, whereas he gave his Buizel his own swimming pool, also giving a sauna to his Vulpix. Having a rich owner was a great thing for Celine, as she made a beautiful garden with the wealth of buying seeds, water, and much of all of Celine’s equipment.

‘Yes, Antonio. I’ll be there!’ Celine exclaimed, picking up her equipment and walking over to her tool garden. Of course, Antonio didn’t get Roselia’s talking, but he understands what she did by her actions. Celine was also a very smart Pokémon, but her talking sure was just a bunch of sounds, including the words in her name, like ‘Rose’, and ‘Ellia’. But that was pretty much all Antonio could hear from a Pokémon, sounds of Roselia’s name.