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DrAgOn DrEaMeR
03-08-2008, 08:29 PM

Pokemon Targeted: Togepi,
Characters Needed: 20k
Difficulties: Hard
Characters Achieved: 6,304 (So far)



Six year old Daniel walked slowly along the library wall. He was in a large room full of tomes and books. A few columns strode up from the wooden floor into the stone ceiling above. A few stone chairs were knocked down all over the room. A few old wood tables were stocked with tomes and books. He was surrounded by books. He wore a black t-shirt with a black outline of Giritina. He wore his favorite jeans and his 'Trainer Gloves'. he had sparkling blue eyes and neat, trimmed blond hair.

He was walking over the marble floor bare foot so he made no noise at all. He held his pokeball tightly in his hand. He didn't want to loose his pokemon... He couldn't do that. Could he? No... He gazed up the tall oak bookshelf and saw an interesting book.


He looked around the book-covered library. No one was in sight. The blue-bound book was three shelves up. Much too far for a 6 year old. But this was a brave six year old. he had fought pokemon himself... Well... tried too.

He used his nimble hands to start scaling the bookshelf. he grabbed onto shelf after shelf. His palms were soon beading with sweat. "Mother will be so mad..." He said thinking to himself. He didn't know why- but he felt that now the book was drawing him to it.

No book can do that. Not a book this boy had ever heard of. but this was no ordinary book. It started his adventures. Finally he felt his warm, sweaty hand wrap around the old, blue book. He clasped onto it. Without thinking, he jumped down onto the marble floor. Feet first of course. He landed on his feet perfectly. He was a very athletic boy. And he was very sharp! He sat down on one of the many old, wooden chairs and opened the blue book. Then his life was changed. A course of fire and light and darkness was spread through the room. Reds, blues, purples, greens, blacks, yellows, and every other color whirled around the room in a fiery motion.

He was in another world. He didn't know yet- but soon he would. He looked around and saw many odd plants of different colors. He saw odd trees with yellow spherical fruits. He saw liquid-like grass the color of blood. He saw leaves the color of purple.

he was in another world. He didn't scream- He just said, "Oh my."

And that was all. For he was not a scared person. he may have been six! but he was not scared of teleportation.

DrAgOn DrEaMeR
03-09-2008, 02:40 PM
Chapter One

Daniel was tromping over the rough, red grass when he started to see something odd. A few cloudy, gray bubbles were floating through the red, grass from below. They had a few yellow sparks trapped in them. He had read the book of transportation...

He suddenly heard a piercing scream over the odd land. He looked far to the west past the purple and yellow trees. He walked over the liquid like grass. It was just solid enough to sustain weight. But how much? Across the way he saw a large, huge forest of purple and orange. In the middle of the joyous forest was a large mountain. The mountain was blue. Two crystals jutted out of the top of the mount.

He wondered what lived here.

The boy was ready to find the source of the screams. He walked towards the purple forest. All of a sudden a spurt of the gray bubbles popped up from out of the scarlet ground. IN one of the largest of the gray bubbles was a small Sentret. The small rabbit-fox thing was stuck trying to get out. As soon as the bubble was in the air, it popped open and the Sentret fell down onto the scarlet floor below.

Daniel rushed over to the Sentret. Oddly, he understood it.

"Sen-sen-tret, tret! (I am Senni. I was stuck by the Erain!!)"

The Sentert chattered on.

"Sen, sen, sen. TRET, tret-tret. (The Erain is bad! He captures pokemon in bubbles.)

What is the Erain? Daniel thought. But the Sentret went on.

"Sen, sen. Sen-tret tret teret tret. SENSEN! (The Erain lives on the mountain. He hates pokemon and I escaped from underground. It is a dungeon. The Erain rarely goes down to attack the poor pokemon there!)"

"Oh my..." Was all Daniel could utter.

The Sentret started to lead him. He decided to follow it. He couldn't go anywhere else! So he watched the small fox rabbit thing as it walked onto a path behind one of the purple and orange trees. Before Daniel turned to the path, he looked at the forest and the crystal mountain in its center.

When he looked back, Senni was on a yellow stone path.

"Sen (Come)."

So Daniel was on the road to the starting of his first journey. Senni wobbled down the path that went down leading down the red hill he was on (But he didn't know he was on a hill.) The hill dipped into a valley. It was surrounded by the hill they were on and a few others. At the bottom of the valley was a yellow, gassy lake. Around the lake, on the red grass, were many large dusty, brown houses. The houses looked like giant pots.

Soon, he saw a person come from one of the houses. A short man with a red, beard and a giant black and red viking hat. He wore gray and black chain mail and he had on leather gloves. By his side, was a Rhyhorn.

"Sen. (Come.)"

Daniel followed him down the hill towards the short man with the red beard and Rhyhorn. When they were down there, the short man turned to them.

"Hello... Who are you...?" The man said.


"I am General Sparks. Obviously you are not from this world. This is a world in danger. Most pokemon are in a dungeon underground... I am a dwarf. That is the only humanoid species here in the land of Castonland."

Daniel gasped... Another world. Oh well... He'd get back... Later.

"We are going to free the pokemon today... You can help... I guess... As long as we know you aren't a traitor."

"I don't know... I don't even know this Erain, if thats who you are talking about."

"Yes, that is. You can come with us."

Then out of the other homes, came many other dwarves.

"Quickly Daniel. We have to get to the forest- and quick."

But before they could, something incredibly horrible happened. The first twist in this tale of Daniel. A ferocious Electivire came out from the gassy, yellow lake.

He was surrounded by sparks and sizzles. He used Thunderbolt right at the dwarf....

But the boy was quick. He knew what was going to happen.... He dove at the dwarf knocking him down. The yellow bolt soared over the tackled dwarf and the boy. The bolt his a clay home. The home was sliced into pieces by the mere impact. Shards of clay and rock flew everywhere. The dwarves outside, men and women and even children, ran struggling to get to the top of the hill.

"The Erain must have known we were coming today... He sent this pokemon who is loyal to him- out of fear. I feel bad for it. Now we have to-" But he was cut short. Another bolt soared over him, luckily, he was still on the ground and it hit the red, grassy hill dissolving in the grass.

"ELECTIVIRR!" The beast roared. But the boy understood the pokemon again. How could he? It had said, "KILL!" So Daniel asked the dwarf.

The dwarf got up and said, "Here everyone can understand pokemon. We lived in harmony giving us the gift of hearing and understanding other languages. Now, we have to get him down... Rhyhorn Rock Tomb!"

A few rocks soon had the beast caved in. But he struggled and the rocks dissolved in the gassy water.

"What is that water?" Said Daniel.

"It is nuclear energy. And it is also mixed with electricity."

"You drink it?"

"No... We have our own supply. Its clear water. White and pure and clear... We have a well in a house over there." He pointed out a particularly large house.

Then the Electivire shot a Charge Beam. Not at the boy or dwarf. At the rhino. The Rhyhorn though, had a few sparks around it when the yellow beam hit. Then the sparks were gone. Nothing had happened.

"Rock Throw!" The dwarf said to the rocky rhino.

A few rocks appeared and were hurtled by the air to the electrical beast.

DrAgOn DrEaMeR
03-16-2008, 10:17 PM
Chapter Two:
Solving the Mystery for the Odd World

Daniel thought the whole thing weird, but he the dwarf and Senni were already running for their poor, pathetic lives.

He wanted that Sentret though, no he was only eying the Sentret the whole time they were questing. All of a sudden the Electivire was down. Rhyhorn had won.

"Now what?" Daniel said.

'We must get Erain."

"I don't want to help!"

"Erain can be defeated simply be a gaze of a human."

"Then let me see him."

Out of the sky came a flying thing. It looked like a black Charizard. It looked vile and dark. Its eyes were ablaze with rage. As soon as Daniel saw it though... It was gone.