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I'm just trying something out, not expecting sucsess. My writing is always erm...something!

Pokemon To be caught: Slowpoke

Mystery at the Mineral Mine!

Chapter 1 // The Sulking Psyduck! (Characters so far: 3,263)

At the old mineral mine there was little happening, old worker Pokemon still lurked in it's dank wide caves. They didn't do much but go around and mine, thinking that they might be some use to the outside world of humans. Sixteen year old JD Sater had heard rumors that mysterious and peculiar things were happening in the dwelling of the mine. The Pokemon there pounding any intruders with there fine gold and diamonds, thinking the awaited visitor wanted them, of course the terrified invader would run away like a small baby. The astonished Pokemon would turn away and sigh, thinking their work wasn't good enough, that they should do more. So they would continue to mine and mine.

"JD will you hurry up! We're going to be late" a rasping voice shouted.

"I'm coming Brit, hold on!" JD Mumbled.

JD's precocious girlfriend Britney was being inducted into the Official Pokemon Fan Club! Unfortunately, to JD's dismay, she needed a date to the ceremony. JD never really like the fan club, he thought it was for old geezers that wanted to talk about the grand children's Pokemon. Which in an essence, it was.

"Hurry up, get in the car, I will not be late!" Britney said with a not so amicable tone.

"Oh no, if you think you're driving you're crazy! You just got your permit, I'll drive" JD compromised.

"Whatever let's go!",It was true Britney had only just gotten her license, and was liable to do something wrong.

On the way the passed the old mineral mine, JD saw a hurt Psyduck was lying in front of the mine, covered in bruises. It seemed that the mineral mine Pokemon didn't like intruders that were Pokemon. They thought that the Pokemon had come to steal they're fine jewels that they had put hard work into getting. The Poor little Psyduck seemed to be a baby Pokemon, probably only hatched a few months before this incident.

"What! Why are you stopping?" Britney asked astonishingly.

"Look at that poor little crying Pokemon, he's hurt!" JD exclaimed.

"Leave him, he'll be fine, let's go!"

"Britney go without me! Say I was eaten by a Snorlax, or something!" he said, thinking to himself,'Eaten by a Snorlax?'.

"JD! gosh! Fine, I'm gonna be so embarrassed!" she said, not even thinking about what people would think of her if they knew she didn't help a hurt, innocent, little Psyduck. She drove off, JD was just hoping she wouldn't run over a Stantler or something like that.

JD ran to the little Pokemon, "What happened to you little guy? Did those Pokemon actually do this to you? What gives them the right?!" JD said, he was fired up now!

"Psy-Psy Psyduck!" the little Pokemon exclaimed. Crying in the agony and pain. JD quickly pulled out his bag, of course he wouldn't have it on him normally, but he had taken the emergency one out of his vehicle.

"Shhhh, it's okay, this might sting a little at first, but the pain will be gone in a second!" JD sprayed all over the Psyduck's yellow body. It closed it eyes when the spray touched it, then it opened them up, and fell into JD's arms with ease and relief."Now isn't that better?Brittany will just have to wait, I'm going to put an end to the vicious Pokemon, and see if the rumors are true! First though, I'll take you to the daycare center!"

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Chapter 2 // The Mighty Mine! (Characters so far 2712 + 3263 = 5975)

Rushing the poor little Psyduck to the daycare center, where he knew Psyduck would be taken care of, JD looked in the little guy's eyes. The little Psyduck's dull blank eyes meant everything to JD, and Psyduck looked into JD's pale blue eyes the same way. JD pondered on the subject of whether or not to take Psyduck to the Pokemon Center, or the Daycare building. He was already healed a little, and the Daycare did do minor treatment. It seamed logical to take him there.

"Hello, Mrs. Ella, have this little Pokemon I need you to take care of for the moment, can you?" JD asked in a calm voice.

"Well, we're a little crowded, I suppose we can, just come back for him in a bit!" she said. JD had already began his way out, he didn't feel to bad for leaving the little guy there, because he was going down to the mine!

It seemed the little Psyduck had gotten into the mine through a secret passage or something, because the mine's entrance was covered by a boulder. Which brought up a question to JD's mind, "How did others get in?", he thought. He made an assumption that someone had just covered the entrance, he didn't really care at the time, he needed to get through.

"Come on out Rhyperior, use Hammer Arm!" JD screamed, thinking everyone in the world needs to hear him. The giant creature came out and hit the boulder with such force there was so much backlash of tiny stones that many of them hit JD! JD went into the cave whispering to Rhyperior to be quiet, which would be quite an accomplishment for this massive Pokemon. It seemed calm in the midst of the cave, JD was surprised to see lights in the cave that flickered from time to time. His only thought was that there was an electric type Pokemon powering them, because there was not much chance that power lines came down here.

After about a half an hour JD didn't know what to do, he hadn't seen anything, but a sleeping Persian on a rock. Just when JD was ready to give up on avenging his little friend, a slight roar coming from up the mine tweaked his interest, then Pokemon came, a Bronzor had came and used it's Psychic move to through some very precious jewels at him."Rhyperior, help protect me, use Flamethrower!" the beautiful red flames came flying and hit the jewels, burning them. The freaked out Bronzor fled into a nearby little passageway, that seemed Tailor made for the small dime-like Pokemon.

This continued for two hours before the attacks finally stopped. Then the mine came to a split, one way or the other, and JD didn't know what to do. Rhydon had been hit with a few blows from strong opponents, though most were small and harmless like the Bronzor.

"Wow, I'm surprised you got this far..."

To Be Continued xD