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Kanto - [AQUA]/[The Renegades]
Johto - [Fellowship of Everlasting Shadow]
Hoenn - [League of Urban Dragons]
Orange Islands - [Fellowship of Everlasting Shadow]
Sevii Islands - [AQUA]
Orre - [The Renegades]
Fiore - [Fellowship of Everlasting Shadow]
Sinnoh - [League of Urban Dragons]
Poketopia - [Undisputed]
Allumia - [Undisputed]

A Guide to Maridias

Maridia Prime - Our World and Inaccessible
Maridia 0 - Team RP IV: Proving Grounds
Maridia 1 - WAR Season 1-3 2/3 RPs
Maridia 2 - WAR Season 4 RP
Maridia 3 - WAR Season 6 RP
Maridia 4 - ToD: Crimson Dawn II/Team RP I: Mortal Divergence
Maridia 4.5 - ToD: Crimson Dawn I
Maridia 5 - WAR Season 5 RP/Team RP II: Forsaken Bounds
Maridia 6 - ToD: The Four Stones I
Maridia 6.5 - ToD: The Four Stones II
Maridia 7 - Trial of Juno/WAR Season 7 RP
Maridia 8 - Team RP III: The Unleashed Enigma
Maridia 9 - ToD: (Medieval) I
Maridia 9.5 - ToD: (Medieval) II
Maridia 10 - Tides of Darkness
Maridia 11 - Quista: Children of Lugia I
Maridia 12 - Quista: Children of Lugia II
Maridia 13 - Pokemon Anime (Japanese)
Maridia 14 - Pokemon Anime (English)
Maridia 15 - PokeSpecial Manga
Maridia 16 - Pokemon Manga (English)
Maridia 17 - Pocket Monsters Games
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Marida 69 - Elf-Land
Maridia 99 - Dimension Diabora Controls

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Anti-Quasi/Unknown Attack & Elimination Force Fleet and Army Listings

Naval Fleet

AMS Deathwing (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/CVN-78_Artist_Image.jpg) (Modified Supercarrier, Flagship)
Pilots of the Purple Twilight
Purple Twilight I
Purple Twilight II (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/0/0f/ArmadaSkywarp_toy.jpg)
TwilightX Stealth Fighters
AMS Molon Labe (http://www.gram.pl/upl/artykul/20070318160601.jpg) (Diamond-Class Submersible Aircraft Carrier)
AMS Crusader (Diamond-Class Submersible Aircraft Carrier)
AMS Seawing (Supersub Underwater Flagship)

Zephyr-Class Battleships (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/b/b1/Siren_insitu.jpg)
The Zephyr-Class Battleships incorporates the speed and power of a Battleship with the modern technology of an Apocalypse Cannon, lasers, and a three-barreled Gatling Gun.
AMS Zephyrus (Zephyr-Class Battleship)
AMS Seafang (Zephyr-Class Battleship)
AMS Seatooth (Zephyr-Class Battleship)

ZephyrII-Class Battleships
While the look hasnít changed, the ZephyrII goes on to improve the hull strength and upgrade the Apocalypse Cannon to Plasma ammunition.
AMS Devil's Trident (ZephyrII-Class Battleship)
AMS Neptune's Trident (ZephyrII-Class Battleship)
AMS Caligula (ZephyrII-Class Battleship)

ZephyrIII-Class Battleships (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/6/6c/Galaxy_insitu.jpg)
ZephyrIII-Class Battleships keep the same properties of the ZephyrII, but improves the hull strength once again, and adds a large Particle Cannon.
AMS Thunderwing (ZephyrIII-Class Battleship)
AMS Firewing (ZephyrIII-Class Battleship)
AMS Icewing (ZephyrIII-Class Battleship)
AMS Falconer (ZephyrIII-Class Battleship)
AMS Artisan (ZephyrIII-Class Battleship)
AMS Engager (ZephyrIII-Class Battleship)

Pearl-Class Stealth Battleships (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/b/bf/Trident_insitu.jpg)
Pearl-Class Battleships are the ultimate in seafaring stealth. Incorporating the Renegades ECS with black paint and a fog generator, the Pearl-Classes are almost undetectable to radar and sonar as well as sight. Fighting them when they are only a shadow in the fog is difficult as well. They carry all of the ZephyrII-Class Weapons, along with a Railgun.
AMS Nightwing (Pearl-Class Battleship)
AMS Brimstone (Pearl-Class Battleship)
AMS Consul (Pearl-Class Battleship

PearlII-Class Stealth Battleships (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/4/47/Salem_insitu.jpg)
PearlII-Class Stealth Battleships have the same weapons and capabilities of the Pearl-Class Battleships, but now can sprout legs and can walk on land, and have two built in Proton Cannons.
AMS Astral Voyager (PearlII-Class Battleship)
AMS Valhalla (PearlII-Class Battleship)
AMS Doomweaver (PearlII-Class Battleship)

Diamond-Class Submersible Aircraft Carrier
The Diamond-Class is a new innovation among the AQUAs, which combines the features of an aircraft carrier and a submarine. The Diamond-Class can go underwater and hold 30 jets at the same time. It has front mounted torpedoes and SAM Launchers, with several Apocalypse Cannons on the sides and a front-mounted Railgun.

Eclipse-Class Stealth Submarines (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/3/3a/A_Tigershark_surfaced_to_attack_a_damaged_Beacon_a s_it%27s_torpedo_is_ineffective.png)
The Eclipse-Class is a deadly type of Submarine designed for underwater stealth. It has two Nanite Torpedo Launchers, and a main proton cannon.
AMS Equalizer (Eclipse-Class Submarine)
AMS Requiem (Eclipse-Class Submarine)
AMS Avenger (Eclipse-Class Submarine)

All Clown Squadron of Fun Units
Naval Units

Azure-Class Aircraft Carrier
The Azure-Class has several Apocalypse Cannons and one main Plasma Apocalypse Cannon, with the ability to store 50 jets.
AMS Harlequin (Azure-Class Aircraft Carrier)

AzureII-Class Aircraft Carrier (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/3/3f/Command_class_insitu.jpg)
The AzureII-Class keeps the same properties of the Azure-Class, but adds an Ion Cannon to the mix, as well as increases the storage capacity to 60 Jets.
AMS Wildcard (AzureII-Class Aircraft Carrier)
AMS Killing Joke (AzureII-Class Aircraft Carrier)

Air Units

ACSF Skywing & ACSF Stratosfear (http://images.wikia.com/tardis/images/d/df/Valiant.png)
The Skywing is a flying Aircraft Carrier that soars above the clouds. In order to not be seen from the ground, the bottom is covered in Camfoil. It can carry thirty jets, has Apocalypse Cannons, and a Railgun. The Stratosfear goes on to equip Proton Cannons mounted at the ground in order to deliver deadly shots from the sky.

Amethyst-Class Motherships
These motherships deploy from the Skywing, and have several lasers and railguns attached. The Motherships can also hold ten jets each, bumping up the Skywing's total jet count to fifty.
ACSF Jokerís Wild (Amethst-Class Mothership)
ACSF Harlequinade (Amethyst-Class Mothership)

Spade-Class Fighters (Lead By: Chib Crocket)
These were fast little buggers with minimal shielding, but armed quite nicely. Its main Apocalypse Cannon was made for hit and run tactics, and that was what the Spade was designed for. Its most notable feature was the Kamikaze Function, that once the pilot's vitals confirm that the pilot is dead, instead of crashing harmlessly, it would crash on the current target.

Hearts-Class Carriers (Lead By: Domonn Kassu)
These were designed to carry troops onto and off of the battlefield. It could comfortable carry one hundred troopers, or five vehicles, and was armed with two Plasma front mounted guns. At the center was a chaingun designed to take out any dragons in its way. The Hearts-Class was designed to break up into many pieces to keep its cargo safe upon the compromising of the vehicle's integrity.

S-Diamond-Class Fighters (Lead By: Georg DeSan)
They were all about defense, and were made of the toughest stuff we could safely put on a jet. While a little slower, they could survive a few flame breaths from Dragons. They were armed with a single Plasma Apocalypse Cannon, in which to annihilate anything in its way.

Clubs-Class Engagers (Lead By: Sye Saici)
It was the powerhouse of the four new types of jets. It was armed to the tooth with just about all of our current technology. Front and rear Apocalypse Cannons, Plasma Cannons, Vulcan Cannons, Gatling Guns, and missiles. They were our Anti-Dragon Forces, and would pose the greatest threat to Dragons with their flame retardant, ice repelling, Anti-Short Circuit covering. Obviously, we'd have very few of these guys around, but where we had them, they would pay for themselves tenfold.

Joker-Class Fighters (Lead By: Janus Orrey)
Joker-Classes employ their incredible speed and armor strength to annihilate the enemy before they can strike. It is equipped with twin Apocalypse Cannons, as well as a chaingun on the front. There as a Plasma Cannon on the back, and an EMP Grenade launcher designed to disable other jets in the air.

Ground Forces
T4X-Overlord (http://games.dantri.com.vn/Uploaded/hunganh/SupremeCommander-ss2.jpg) (Spiderbot)
AQUA Troops
Sword Corps
Chuckington Norrisey's Beard Squad
Spartan Forces
Abrams Tanks

Rhyperior-Class Tanks (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/0/01/Rhino_insitu_1.jpg)
An upgrade to the Abrams tank with heavy armor and a particle cannon.

Hunter-Class Walkers (http://images.wikia.com/supcom/images/5/51/Hunters_insitu.jpg)
Spam-Bot Walkers that are meant to either swarm the enemy, or divert the fire of them. They are armed with Apocalypse Cannons.

Phaedra's Law
Project PHAEDRA, or as its known now, Phaedra's Law, is the research done to turn vehicles into robots by only a push of a button. These vehicles are called Transformers, and are heavily armed, as well as incredibly stealthy. Attempting to tell if a vehicle is a Transformer is a next to impossible task, and would be even harder if its built in ECS and Camfoil were activated.

Transformer Army Listing
ACSF Shuffle Ace I (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/b/ba/ArmadaThrust_toy.jpg)
ACSF Jack of Diamonds (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/5/5d/Armada_SS_toy.jpg) (Advanced S-Diamond-Class Fighter/Transformer)
ACSF Queen of Spades (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/9/98/Classics_Skywarp_toy.jpg) (Advanced Spades-Class Fighter/Transformer)
ACSF King of Hearts (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/1/16/Cyb_Sky_Shadow_toy.jpg) (Advanced Hearts-Class Carrier/Transformer)
ACSF Black Joker (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/8/8f/SidewaysCybertron.jpg) (Advanced Clubs-Class Engager/Transformer)

Beowulf (Advanced Hummer H3 Transformer)

AMS Black Thunder (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/9/98/Energon_Tidal_Wave_toy.jpg) (Advanced AzureII-Class Aircraft Carrier/Transformer)
AMS Dark Pirate (http://images.wikia.com/transformers/images/e/e6/Micron_Shockwave_toy.jpg) (Advanced AzureII-Class Aircraft Carrier/Transformer)

Neo Emolga
03-12-2008, 10:45 PM
The League of Urban Dragons Standings


Infantry Devision

- Dragon Ascension
No longer possible.

- UDSF - Urban Dragons Special Forces
Specialized infantry trained for assassination, demolitions, and other ground special tactics that can not be performed by dragons. However, the UDSF will still rely on Dragon Ascension in case of pressure.

Armored Division

- UDA Soulfire Series (http://www.myninjaplease.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/mech_808.jpg)
Production line of heavy assault walker mechs. Carries two gattling vulcan cannons and two MFRLs (Multiple Fire Rocket Launcher).

- UDA Relinquished Battle Tank Series (http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/27/others/tank2.jpg)
Heavily armored land tank with heavy cannons, AA armaments, and Overlord Artillery Cannon.

- UDA Avenger Mech (http://www.gamesetwatch.com/ac4_promo_5.jpg)
Heavily advanced UDA Mech capable of flight and air combat, made as a counter-operative machine to the Renegades Mech ordinance. Attacks with two Viperlash SMGs or a Vindicator Minigun with an Inferno Grenade Launcher attachment.

- Neo AXON Tiamat (http://mgs3.bonusweb.cz/index/pix/metal_gear/rex.jpg)
The original Tiamat supermech reborn post-abortion.


LOUD Submarines
Three currently decommissioned submarines no longer in use for LOUD.
UDN Sea Dragon
UDN Tide Dragon
UDN Aquatic Dragon

UDN Nightfox Aircraft Carrier (http://images.wikia.com/cnc/images/9/9d/GDIAircraftCarrier.jpg)
Specialized multi-purpose aircraft carrier with THURST Cannons and Firestorm AA guns.
UDN Enlighten
UDN Salvation
UDN Powerfist Battleship (http://images.wikia.com/cnc/images/c/c0/NodBattleship.jpg)
Advanced Battleship series, armed with Vortex cannons, and side Turbo machine guns.
UDN Realization
UDN Synergy
UDN Vigor
UDN Severence
UDN Colossus
UDN Gladiator
UDN Windslasher Frigate (http://images.wikia.com/cnc/images/e/e8/Battleship.png)
Advanced Frigate series designed as anti-air and anti-undersea ordinance. Also capable of direct combat with other naval vessels.
UDN Essenceflare
UDN Spiritwind
UDN Forcebreaker


- UDN Dragonite and Flygon
Decommissioned series of aircraft fighters and bombers for LOUD.

- UDAF Blaze Striker (http://www.halowars.com/images/HW_1280x1024_7.jpg)
Small, fast, and evasive fighter for the UDAF. Serves mostly as an anti-infantry vehicle, and can out maneuver many enemy crafts.

- UDAF Indigo Shadow Stealth Fighter Series (http://images.wikia.com/cnc/images/5/51/Vertigo.jpg)
Advanced role-assigned stealth craft that serves as a fighter or bomber.

- UDAF Latios & UDAF Latias (http://www.halowars.com/images/HW_1024x768_6.jpg)
Structural and performance enhancement on the two previously retired aerial carriers and bombers. Modifications include speed, armor, weaponry, and versatility.

- UDAF Grand Cross (http://www.novenadimensio.net/img/vicviper.png)
Mothership of the Urban Dragons resistance. Armed with a massive RIOT Cannon, which unleashes a charged electric blast to penetrate deep into conductible hulls.

Sent Reglay
03-13-2008, 01:39 AM
Air Forces

Werewolf UCAV- An Air-to-air UCAV. Without the needed systems for a pilot, it can carry more missiles than a traditional fighter. Armed with 6x AIM-11 Sidewinders, 2x AIM-21 Adders, 2x Babylon ADM, and 4x FRAGHEAP Precision Strike Munition. (In Production)

Zombie UCAV- An Air-to-ground UCAV. Armed with 8x FRAGHEAP Precision Strike Munition, 1x 1000lb bomb(DD-TSAB, conventional bomb, bunker buster), 2x 500lb Cluster bomb(multiple submunitions).(In Production)

Ghost F-UCAV- A fully-automated(F-) UCAV. It delivers munitions based on spotting and sattelite/GPS guidance. Armed with 4x FRAGHEAP Precision Strike Munition, 2x Hellfire-3 Missile, 1x 1000lb bomb, 2x 500lb bomb, 6x 250lb bomb. (Still Theorectical)

Ground Forces

Gator AAV- A tracked amphibious assault vehicle. Armed with a 4 barreled beam cannon, 3x 1 barreled beam cannon with automatic grenade launcher, and 1x AT TOW/FAF Rocket Launcher with a dual impact bolo projectile to defeat reactive armor. The turret assembly is modular and compatible with the larger Hunter IFV turret designs. (In Production)

Hunter IFV- A heavily armored IFV with armor that far surpasses most modern MBTs. Has a modular turret system, and many different main weapons. (In Production)

Shaowstalker Stealth Tank- Using a cutting edge Coilgun primary weapon, this MBT is able to fire 155mm rounds a speed that is FAR greater than that of regular tank guns. It is very quiet, and the entire main gun measures only 5 meters long. The main gun combines standard tank round launching methods with a coil gun thats boosts the speed of the round by about three times. The depleted uranium penetrator combined with its high speed allows it to defeat even reactive armor by piercing before the armor explodes. Multiple stealth mediums are used to make this vehicle almost invisible. It has lighter armor, but this lowers it's weight considerably allowing it to be airlifted by standard transport VTOLs. (about to start developing)

Assault Drones- Automated drones about twice the size of an RC car. Equipped with either a 3 barreled 7.62mm minigun or a two barreled beam rifle.(finished, approximately 1000 in service)


RRS Trebuchet- An artilley ship armed with 6x MLRS batteries and 6x 255mm coil accelerated howitzers. Can lower Howitzers for ship-to-ship combat.(in production)

RRS Ballista- An aircraft carrier. It has a single runway. UCAVs are launched from large scale rail chambers. VTOLs are launched from the opening bays near the back of the ship. The bridge is between the runway and VTOL bay. The ship is covered with various AA emplacements. These emplacements consist of a 20mm airburst minigun, 8x AIM-13 Cobra SAMs, and 2x Babylon ADMs.(in production)

RRS Ram- A staging ship capable of storing and launching 200 Gator AAVs or 100 Gator AAVs and an entire armor company for later deployment. The top of the ship is heavily armored to protect it from bombers. It is littered with AA emplacements. It has six 105mm Coilguns. 4 on sides, 2 on front. The high speed of these weapons make up for the small projectile size. They are capable of punturing heavy ship armor and detonating to let water in.(In Production)


DD-TSAB- Stands for "Droid Deployed Three Stage Air Blast". A fuel air bomb that is massively powerful.(4 completed, 3 posts for a new one if I want to begin production again)

Babylon Anti-Dragon Missile- A missile that latches onto a slow moving air target with titanium teeth, then uses cold explosives to launch a spear of ice into the target. The last stage is detonation, this sends pieces of ice flying around and uses them as shrapnel. The blast is significant to down a heliicopter on its own. Only effective against slow movign aircraft.(In Production)

03-13-2008, 07:28 AM

Projects and Statistics

Ground Force-based Projects

-Steel Rain
A system that will allow guns to fire bullets at 1 million rpm while also giving and maintaining phenomenal accuracy. It is also applied to grenade mortars, which are able to fire 3000 grenades a minute; accuracy for mortars with such a powerful firing rate must take that into account when aiming.

-Laser-induced Light Infraction Shield
This shield system uses a chunk of the Star of Oblivion to function. By energizing the crystal and sending that laser energy outwards to infract and basically solidify the light and combine it with this laser energy, it creates a sphere of invulnerability around the user; different sized shield generators were made for different-sized machines using them, from tanks to Qinglong. This shield is able to function for up to 20 consecutive minutes of invulnerability before having to cool off for an hour, to keep the crystal from becoming overcharged and exploding. This shield lets nothing in, but also lets nothing out of the radius of the shield generator, save for air.

-Z-Series Smart Missiles
The pride and joy of Zela Kang, leader of the now defunct Hoenn Branch of FOES. This missile is the ultimate in smart missile technology, able to "see" incoming objects and bulletfire to avoid it in an attempt to get at the target. It is nearly absolutely impossible to down one of these missiles before the target is reached, what with the sensory system and the advanced kind of maneuvering it applies. It also holds a large amount of fuel, so outrunning it is nearly out of the question.

-AG-0X Mechanized "Mobile Suit" (http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs23/f/2007/319/a/4/High_mobility_mech_by_V2Buster.jpg)
A human-shaped robot piloted by a single man. Is heavily armored, especially in the cockpit area, and totes weapons such as the MD-HC Assault Rifle, a huge version of the O'Dwyer VLE pistol, and two laser-edged blade weapon; both guns are equipped with Steel Rain technology. An optional sniper unit will replace the MD-HC with an ALRA Sniper Super-Rifle. Models could also be outfitted with the Z-Series Smart Missiles. Also able to fly at speeds of several hundred miles per hour, and are now about as maneuverable as the AG-04.

-AG-03 Super-Armored Tank
A tank with many tempered layers of steelanium (a steel-titanium alloy created by FOES) that is able to resist many explosions and even direct laser blasts. Very few weak points to take advantage of, but is not invincible. Also contains a slight hovering ability to avoid being stuck in foxholes or ditches.

-AG-07 Armored Personnel Carrier
Other than the tough armor and a hovering ability similar to that to the AG-03, it is a simple APC.

Air Force-Based Projects

-AG-02 Flying Fortress
An absolutely massive piece of machinery, this flying saucer is the size of a small city. It is built to house not only aircraft within its thick hulls, but it is mainly meant as a siege and attack weapon. all around it, it carries Anti-Air guns, while on it's flat underbody protrude many menacing ground attack weapons: ASM (Air-to-Surface Missile) launchers, super-caliber Vulcan and machine guns, and bomb bay doors. It hovers and flies by using massive magnetic drivers and massive air vents to siphon air naturally moving across its surface downwards to give it more lift to stay airborne. Its armor is topped only by that of the armor around the AG-0X's cockpit.

-AG-04 Supersonic Fighter Jet
A heavy-duty fighter jet capable of conducting combat at up to Mach 5 without severe consequences to the pilot. Sports a large supply of Z-Series Smart Missiles and AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles.

-AG-05 Jet Helicopter
An Apache-class helicopter with jet boosters and the ability to transform into something like a jet, using it's huge, bulky double-rotors as wings, and able to fly as fast as a modern F/A-20 Raptor, and is just as maneuverable. Also armed with Z-Series Smart Missiles and AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles.

-Apocalypse Attack Satellite (http://www.gpara.com/comingsoon/acecombat5/img/040913/009.jpg)
A low-orbit aerospace plane that the Johto government had made before the Star of Oblivion ever hit Maridia. The Apocalypse makes use of advanced engine technology such as stable fueled rocket booster and combined cycle engines which can safely carry the necessary fuels in space for a prolonged period of time. It otherwise must occasionally dive into the atmosphere to make use of friction for course correction. It is outfitted with a laser system that can use two types of charged particle beams accelerated and charged through a chunk of the Star of Oblivion. Attack type one is a highly charged, extremely focused beam of charged protons. This is powerful enough to rip through metal like a hot knife though butter, but it is also accurate enough to be able to disable cruise missiles, nukes, and other highly explosive missiles mid-flight. Attack type 2 uses two charged particle beams of lesser power and focus. These beams on their own are harmless to anything they would pass through. However, when the beams are crossed, they create a reaction on an atomic level, causing an extremely powerful, yet condensed explosion to rip apart buildings, ships, and other large targets.

Navy-Based Projects

-AG-01 Super Battleship
One of the biggest models of a ship on the planet at nearly two times the standard aircraft carrier, it is equipped with Steel Rain mortar technology and Z-Series Smart missiles, besides the ten 16-inch/50 caliber Mark 7 Naval cannons and 8 5-inch/38 caliber Mark 12 cannons (the former for sea battle with other ships, and the latter for anti-aircraft measures), among other anti-aircraft guns.

-AG-06 Battleship
Merely a smaller version of the AG-01, it totes a smaller number of guns, but is nearly just as deadly with the same kinds of armaments.

-Nova Scinfaxi-Class Submersible Carrier and Burst Missile Deployer (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/c/cb/Scinfaxi.jpg/200px-Scinfaxi.jpg)
A huge machine, it is about one and a half times larger than your average carrier to make room for the extra things needed to make such a craft submersible. Aircraft launch from a runway inside the front end of the Nova. However, it is not merely a huge aircraft carrier/sub, but it is also armed with deadly burst missiles ; a single missile will explode very high above the target into several smaller pieces, which will them explode in huge bursts and, in the words of one caught in the blast, can be described as "molten steel raining down on everything below it." It explodes in a huge area and destroys almost anything within it's area under 5000 feet above the surface.


Ground Forces

FOES Infantry Troops
AG-0X Mitternacht (Leader Mech) (http://www.xgam.org/xenogears/img-archive/movies/id_gear/014.jpg)
AG-0X Infantry Class
AG-0X Sniper Class
AG-03 Tank
M1 Abrams Tank
Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV)

Airborne Forces

AG-02 Grunder
AG-02 Europa
AG-02 Nightwish
AG-04 Supersonic Fighter Jet
AG-05 Jet-Propelled Helicopter
Apocalypse Attack Satellite
F-35 Lightning II
F-117A Night Hawk
MQ-9 Reaper UAV

Naval Forces

Nova Scinfaxi-Class Submersible Carrier and Burst Missile Deployer (Navy Flagship)
FNS Blackthorn (AG-01, former Navy Flagship)
FNS Petra (AG-01)
FNS Juggernaut (AG-01)
FNS Twilight (AG-01)
FNS Superior (AG-01)
FNS Blade (AG-01)
FNS Ultimate (AG-01)
FNS Sigma (AG-01)
FNS Harpoon (AG-06)
FNS Spearhead (AG-06)
FNS Infinity (AG-06)
FNS Fearless (AG-06)
FNS Valor (AG-06)
FNS Hrinni (AG-06)


Frostune (formally Articuno)
Voldeux (formally Zapdos)
Infertres (formally Moltres)

03-13-2008, 08:16 AM
And I have a lot of tech? Wow.

Silver Etherlight's Bag of Toys

Knightmare Frame:
Coming in at about four metres tall, the Knightmare is a speedy close combat machine. Moving on Landspinners, a tool somewhat similar to rollerblades, the Knightmare was easily one of the fastest land weapons ever made. Innovations spearheaded by the Knightmare include the Slash Harken, a rocket propelled anchor used both as a deadly weapon and a grappling hook. Rendered obsolete since the creation of the Mobile Weapons.

Models Used:
- Prototype Unit Ganymedes [Not used in RP]
- Mass Production Unit Glasgow [Not used in RP]
- Second Generation Mass Produced Unit Sutherland
- Second Generation Limited Production Unit Gloucester

Arm Slaves
A little more than twice the height of the Knightmare, the Arm Slaves trade mobility and small size for staying power and operating time. Using a modified Motion Trace System, the Arm Slave magnifies the pilot's movements about thirty times, such that twitching a finger is enough to fire a full burst of ammunition. Armed with a nuclear fission reactor, the sheer amount of power in the unit allowed it to equip the ECS, or the Electronic Cloaking System, a high end camouflage system that renders the unit completely invisible with only two known weaknesses. Rendered obsolete since the advent of the Mobile Weapons.

Models Used:
- Prototype Unit Savage [Not used in RP]
- Mass Production Unit M6 [Not used in RP]
- Second Generation Mass Production Unit M9
- Custom Unit M9D Daimos, for Gallium Etherlight's exclusive use
- Custom Unit M9C Char Custom, for Silver Etherlight's exclusive use

Mobile Weapons
The combination of Knightmare and Arm Slave technology and design, these units take the best of both worlds, though leaning more to the brutal power of the Arm Slaves, as the Spartan Powersuits had essentially made miniaturising unit unnecessary. Coming in four models, the Char, Blast, Saurus, and Gar Types, the units were hastily completed, but with a sound enough design that they continue to be put into production. These units were only possible with the introduction of magical, or Getter Energy to be used in the transmutation of hydrogen into the Hydrogen-3 Isotope in large quantities, thus allowing for the creation of nuclear fusion reactors, the most efficient form of energy production to date.

Models Used:
- Mass Production Unit RX-77-1 Char Type
Capable of atmospheric flight propelled by a series of rocket thrusters, the Char Type was made to achieve two things: aerial and close combat domination. It is armed with two pairs of beam sabres mounted on the back of each wrist, made to resemble claws, a pair of beam rifles on each hip, and a Fire Hurricane mounted in the mouthpiece.

- Mass Production Unit RX-77-2 Blast Type
A defensive monster, the Blast Type was made to fight underwater and to hold important locations. Armed with a pair of modular cannons allowing it to quickly change between ammunition types, it is generally armed with beam cannons and pulse cannons. With a fullerene shell and a pair of carbon alloy shields, it is extremely difficult to destroy, but is still possible nonetheless.

- Mass Production Unit RX-77-3 Saurus Type
Made for combat on land, the Saurus Type is a moving weapons platform. With a body structure more resembling an Arcanine than a Venusaur, it can run at extremely high speeds without a need for wheels, giving it nearly unmatched terrain accessibility. It also had limited hover ability, should it ever be in a situation where it needs to fight over water. True to its name, it has weapons sprouting everywhere on its back in a circular formation, and though generally somewhat modified from unit to unit based on pilot preferences, is normally two beam cannons on either side, an SAM site, and laser turrets.

-Limited Production Unit RX-77-4 Gar Type
A true stealth unit, the Gar Type was made for electronic warfare. Built to be completely hidden, it has a permanently activated ECS and is nearly impossible to detect. This is especially so as it only has extremely silent weapons with not even a muzzle flash, such as the Monomolecular Knife and Slash Harken. However, its true purpose is as an all purpose jamming platform, emitting a high power ECM and EWACS pulse.

- Limited Production Unit RX-77-1S Char Type Schneider
Made for melee combat, the Schneider takes the frame of the original Char Type and vastly improves on it. Changing the entire wing structure to allow for more thrusters instead of aerodynamics, it gives the Schneider more speed and the ability to fight at full power in a vacuum. Also, it now mounts beam-edged swords on both arms, legs, and on its tail which when folded away, reveals a beam rifle hidden under it. The Fire Hurricane has now been shifted to the tail as well, and the mouth now mounts beam vulcans instead.

- Limited Production Unit RX-77-2J Blast Type Jaeger
Made for high power penetrative runs, the Jaeger subtly changes the combat style of the original Blast Type in order to make it more dangerous. Adding high power thrusters to the rear of the cannons, it can now move forward at extremely high speeds while firing. It also boasts Gatling guns mounted around each wrist, and an Ice Hurricane in its mouth along with a head-mounted blade for Skull Bashing things with.

- Limited Production Unit RX-77-3P Saurus Type Panzer
Made for strafing runs, the Panzer heavily powers up the original Saurus Type by giving it a slew on new weapons. Now armed with micro-missiles in its tail and legs, a beam sabre-cum-shield on each side, and on its back, two pairs of beam cannons, and a small railgun. It's main weapon however, is now the Battleship-class Plasma Apocalypse Cannon in its mouth.

Using magnets as a propulsion system is something that has always been in use, starting with the Kanto-Johto Bullet Train. Railguns are a technology that is almost ancient, but has long been considered to be impractical, due to power usage. With the advent of small scale nuclear reactors however, this technology has now been perfected and is predominantly used by the Renegades' allies, AQUA on their naval forces.

Spartan Powersuits
The Spartan Powersuit's design concept is small, but deadly. Adding about fifty centimetres to the user's height, and adding half a ton to his bulk, it was powered by a Bacterium Fission Reactor for the original, and an Ultracompact Fusion Reactor for the Mark II. The former is now being phased out of usage after the advent of the Spartan Mark II, which can single-handedly take down a pre-Meteor battleship if left to its own devices. This is very much due to the power of its main weapon, the beam shotrifle, a large gun mounted on the unit's back at rest and placed under the right arm when deployed. The beam shotrifle has two modes, it can fire a spread shot for close range and anti-personnel combat, and a focused blast for long range and anti-machine combat. It is also armed with a laser edged blade, though both of these weapons can be easily switched when deployed underwater.

Models Used:
-Mass Production Unit "Spartan"
-Mass Production Unit "Spartan Mark II" (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/soltekkaman.gif)
-Mewtwo Exclusive Use Unit "M2"

Yggrassil Class AeroSubmarine
Capable of carrying two hundred Mobile Weapons and the same number of Spartans, the Yggdrassil Class is a unit capable of both flight and undersea travel. Sparsely armed and preferring instead to rely on the Mobile Weapons for defence in case of emergency, the Yggdrassil Class is little more than a glorified transport ship, except armed with stealth capabilities as well. Only one unit was completed, the Estoc, but it was destroyed in the ECLIPSE blast. Subsequent units are in production, for usage by Orre's standing army.

Yggdrassil Mark II Class AeroSubmarine
Gigantic and deadly, the Yggdrassil Mark II heavily expands on its abilities as a carrier, holding more than ten times as many units as its predecessor. Looking like a gigantic hemisphere, it is powered by five fusion reactors, three for the thrusters and two for other functions. It is as of yet, incomplete.

The product of the G-weapons project, the Getters are the most powerful machines ever created. Each powered by a Getter Core, a concentrated magical reactor ten times more powerful than simply using a piece of the Star of Oblivion, the Getters are unmatched in combat.

- Getter-1 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/getter1.jpg)
Armed with a pair of axes, Getter-1 specialises in aerial combat. However, its most powerful weapon is its Getter Beam, a pink blast of pure heat and kinetic energy capable of ripping anything in its way totally apart.

- Getter-2 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/getter2.jpg)
Armed with its distinctive drill, Getter-2 specialises in ground combat. It can fire out its drill in an attack known as the Drill Missile, or fire out blasts of green energy similar to Getter Beam from its drill, in an attack known as Getter Hurricane.

- Getter-3 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/getter3.jpg)
Armed with a pair of missiles on each shoulder and smaller missile launchers in its fingers (hidden away when not in use), Getter-3 is made for aquatic combat. Its deadliest weapons are its extending arms, with are capable of summoning up a whirlwind when they spin around a target in an attack known as the Daisetsusan Oroshi.

- Black Getter (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpjswEaBuno&feature=related)
After the destruction of the original three Getters, all the remains of the units were dragged in and patched together to create the Black Getter as a temporary safeguard against enemy attacks. It has a slightly greater structural integrity than the original Getter 1, due to the omission of the planned Getter Change System. It is markedly different from the Getter 1 it was based on in several aspects. It now uses a tomahawk instead of a battleaxe as its main combat weapon, and mounts spikes and blades on its knuckles and forearms.

Charizard Michelle
03-13-2008, 03:36 PM
Trainer's Junk

Boomings- These quick subs can fire a fury of laser and each one has two heavy missiles that can rip though the hull of ships now that they are rotating drill missiles. They are unable to move when firing these missiles and now have a ligth shield that can be use for defense.

Slims- Flying sauser that use two fans and magnetism to float. All are equip with Operation Music Verse Two weaponary and have lasers. Due to the 'air pressure' created by the fans and the magnetism they can defect most projectiles. Because they are a bit bulkly they are slow but have become faster and can attack with a swift and scatter shot laser.

WraiftV2- the fastest jets in the Trainer arsonal with T turrets for the main use of rapid firing. The WraiftV2 can also drop scatter bombs that are timed to blow up inorder to avoid hitting the ground.

Operation Music
Verse One- A radio wave that once plays on the radio of anything that doesn't have a patch will begin to make the current that power the radio to fry the wires and soon spread to disable the device that has the radio. The radio wave can be picked up by anything that takes radio waves. The transmittion of this radio wave is sent by a Slim unit which basically stays hidden by transmitting the 'song' by various transmittions.

Verse Two- A sound wave that can be used for defense and offensive purposes. The offenisive verson of it can be shot to break weak armor and crack strong armor but the main purpose is to destory the inside mechanics like the engine of the device to make it useless. The defensive version of Verse Two is a denser sound wave that can capture projectiles and then slam into a solid like a shield made of diamonds.

10 unnamed ships that were made prior to the RP but were worked on in the begining of the RP that are station at Hoenn. 6 of them were station at Hoenn, 4 of them went to Hoenn after the Battle of Kanto. Each ship can shoot a scatter shot of projectiles.