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03-16-2008, 09:44 AM
All Galaxy Fans Here!
Well, d'you have SM Galaxy? Addicted to it? Enjoy it? Wanna share your epic victory with the rest of us? Well, Project: Galaxy's gonna be the thread that you can't get enough of. Our main goal in the project ois to make sprites of all below (a lot) and, well, use 'em, I guess... :oops: Well, this is the liist so far:
Luma (Yellow)
Luma (Blue)
Luma (Green)
Luma (Red)
Luma (Black, Rosalina's)
Luma (Hungry)
Luma (Merchant)
Luma (Pranskter)
Red Toad (Brigade Leader)
Yellow Toad
Purple Toad (Mailtoad)
Penguin (Ordinary)
Penguin (Adult)
Penguin (Oldest)
Worker Bee
Queen Bee
Mario & Luigi
Mario (Normal)
Bee Mario
Ghost Mario
Rainbow / Invicible Mario
Fire Mario
Ice Mario
Red-Star Mario
Cosmic Mario
Luigi (Normal)
Bee Luigi
Ghost Luigi
Rainbow / Invicible Luigi
Fire Luigi
Ice Luigi
Red-Star Luigi
Cosmic Luigi
Jr. Bowser
King Kaliente
MinI - Bosses
Big Bad Bugaboom
Major Burrows
Dino Pirahna Plant
Fiery Dino Pirahna Plant
Baron Brrr
Launch Star
Pull Star
Sling Star
Power Stars
Power Star (Yellow)
Power Star (Green)
Power Star (Red)
Grand Star
1-Up Mushroom (http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc53/HarounsAlbum/1-UpMushroom.png) ~ Spherical Ice
Health Mushroom (6 HP)
Collosal Goomba (On first Level)
Blue Mini Kaliente Guys (Dunno their names)
Pink Mini Kaliente Guys (Same as above)
Kaliente Guys (Same again)
Operator Mole
Red Koopa
Green Koopa
Robo Koopa
Pirahna Plant
Purple Pirahna Plant
Topman (Red)
Topman (Green)
Baby Topman (Yellow)
Spider (Brown)
Spider (Brown, with string)
Spider (Purple)
Spider (Purple, with string)

Once you have 120 Power Stars with Mario, go and talk to Rosalina, when she asks you to go and battle bowser, say yes, and once you've beaten him, the credits roll and a cutscene finishes, you may play as Luigi . Luigi can jump a lot better, but if you run, he won't stop, he'll slip and then slow down.
When you go up against Cosmic Mario / Luigi, to get a boost, when the countdown is on, hold down UP. When it gets to 2, hold down a, and when it says GO, press Z, but be careful you get it right, or you'll end up performing a backfilp, giving Coismic Mario / Luigi an advantage.
Ordinary ground pounds are boring, no? If you miss, it's just a waste of time. What if there was a homing ground pound? Well, there is. The Super Ground Pound. To perform it, jump in the air, and whilst you're in mid-air, spin and ground pound, it'll aim and the enemy, but you have to be within a certain range, try it out yourself!
Wanna know how to unlock Red-Star Mario / Luigi? Well, once you've completed The Fate of the Universe AND the Engine Room; you'll unlock the Garden and a hovering dome, go to the hovering one, it's called the Gateway to the Starry Skies, or just Gateway Galaxy, ring a bell? Well, go in their and go to that colosseum-like thing were you met Rosalina, and talk to her. Once she's finished speaking, you'll begin to speak to a Red Luma, follow his instructions, and once you have, you'll be able to use Red-Star Mario / Luigi in the Obsevatory whenever you like.

Power Star Checklist
For those who can't keep track of all the levels, here's a Power Star Checklist, yeah, I just got it from IGN, but, heck it's useful.
Battlerock Galaxy
Battlerock Barrage
Breaking into the Battlerock
Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
Topmaniac's Daredevil Run
Purple Coins on the Battlerock
Battlerock's Garbage Dump
Luigi Under the Saucer

Beach Bowl Galaxy
Sunken Treasure
Passing the Swim Test
The Secret Undersea Cavern
Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
Beachcombing for Purple Coins
Wall Jumping up Waterfalls

Bigmouth Galaxy
Bigmouth's Gold Bait

Bonefin Galaxy
Kingfin's Fearsome Waters

Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
Racing the Spooky Speedster

Bowser Jr's Airship Armada
Sinking the Airships

Bowser Jr's Lava Reactor
King Kaliente's Spicy Return

Bowser Jr's Robot Reactor
Megaleg's Moon

Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Darkness on the Horizon

Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
The Fate of the Universe

Bowser's Star Reactor
The Fiery Stronghold

Bubble Blast Galaxy
The Electric Labyrinth

Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Through the Poison Swamp

Buoy Base Galaxy
The Floating Fortress
The Secret of Buoy Base

Deep Dark Galaxy
The Underground Ghost Ship
Bubble Blastoff
Guppy and the Underground Lake
Ghost Ship Daredevil Run
Plunder the Purple Coins
Boo in a Box

Dreadnought Galaxy
Infiltrating the Dreadnought
Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons
Revenge of the Topman Tribe
Topman Tribe Speed Run
Battlestation's Purple Coins
Dreadnought's Garbage Dump

Drip Drop Galaxy
Giant Eel Outbreak

Dusty Dune Galaxy
Soaring on the Desert Winds
Blasting through the Sand
Sunbaked Sand Castle
Sandblast Speed Run
Purple Coins in the Desert
Bullet Bill on Your Back
Treasure of the Pyramid

Flipswitch Galaxy
Painting the Planet Yellow

Freezeflame Galaxy
The Frozen Peak of Barron Brrr
Freezeflame's Blistering Core
Hot and Cold Collide
Frosty Cosmic Mario Race
Purple Coins on the Summit
Conquering the Summit

Gateway Galaxy
Grand Star Rescue
Gateway's Purple Coins

Ghostly Galaxy
Luigi and the Haunted Mansion
A Very Spooky Sprint
Beware of Bouldergeist
Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run
Purple Coins in the Bone Pen
Matter Splatter Mansion G-Z

Gold Leaf Galaxy
Star Bunnies on the Hunt
Cataquack to the Skies
When it Rains, it Pours
Cosmic Mario Forest Race
Purple Coins in the Woods
The Bell on the Big Tree

Good Egg Galaxy
Dino Piranha
A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
Dino Piranha Speed Run
Purple Coin Omlet
Luigi on the Roof

Gusty Garden Galaxy
Bunnies in the Wind
The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows
Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble
Major Burrow's Daredevil Run
Purple Coins on the Purple Cube
The Golden Chomp

Honeyclimb Galaxy
Scaling the Sticky Wall

Honeyhive Galaxy
Bee Mario Takes Flight
Trouble on the Tower
Big Bad Bugaboom
Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
The Honeyhive's Purple Coins
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom

Hurry-Scurry Galaxy
Shrinking Satellite

Loopdeeloop Galaxy
Surfing 101

Loopdeeswoop Galaxy
The Galaxy's Greatest Wave

Matter Splatter Galaxy
Watch Your Step

Melty Molten Galaxy
The Sinking Lava Spire
Through the Meteor Storm
Fiery Dino Piranha
Lava Spire Daredevil Run
Red-Hot Purple Coins
Burning Tide

Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets

Rolling Green Galaxy
Rolling in the Clouds

Sand Spiral Galaxy
Choosing a Favorite Snack

Sea Slide Galaxy
Going after Guppy
Faster Than a Speeding Penguin
The Silver Stars of Sea Slide
Underwater Cosmic Mario Race
Purple Coins by the Seaside
Hurry, He's Hungry

Sling Pod Galaxy
A Very Sticky Situation

Snow Cap Galaxy
Star Bunnies in the Snow

Space Junk Galaxy
Pull Star Path
Kamella's Airship Attack
Tarantox's Tangled Web
Pull Star Path Speed Run
Purple Coin Spacewalk
Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance

Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Rocky Road

Toy Time Galaxy
Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
Mario Meets Mario
Bouncing Down Cake Lane
Fast Foes of Toy Time
Luigi's Purple Coins
The Flipswitch Chain

Project: Super Mario Galaxy's Staff:
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