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03-16-2008, 04:25 PM
Natalie sat in a small flower field. The wind felt nice on her small face. Her strawberry-blonde hair flapped in the wind. He small nose wrinkled a tad from the chill. She felt pleasant. Beside her, a small Smoochum was sitting happily. Her big lips looked like they were kissing the breeze. Her dimmish blonde hair whipped back and forth. Her pose mimicked her master, legs outstretched with arms supporting her weight in the back. The duo inhaled a deep breath of the brisk air, and loudly exhaled it out. They were in perfect harmony. Their breathing was syncronized. It was a beautiful site.

The sun was setting on the fine day. Natalie regretfully packed up her belongings and scooped Smoochum into her hands. Her mother had warned her not to be home late again. She took one last sigh as she departed home in the explosive colors of the sunset.

Natalie reached her front door within several minutes. The sun had just said its final goodbyes and was gone until the morning. She softly opened the door. Her mother was sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace, reading a book. She crept a smile at her outgoing child. Natalie is finally starting to be a responsible young woman. Natalie's mother thought to herself. Natalie queitly crept up to her room. Several minutes later she returned with a medium sized book. Natalie joined her mother in a chair by the fireplace. Smoochum had cuddled onto Natalie's lap.

After several hours of dead silence, Natalie's mother walked over to her and laid a gentle kiss on the youth's forehead. Natalie smiled a pleasant smile as her mother moved up the stairs. It had been like this for sometime. Since Natalie's father had been an army man, he had to fight during the war. It was difficult times for the family, but they made way. Her mother had taken up a job as a school teacher. Natalie and Smoochum also had done several easy jobs to help as best they could. Natalie knew her mother just wanted a normal life, but unfortuneately it wasn't fit. She sighed as she finished her last page and closed the book. She too headed up to bed.

The sun dully shined on the pretty Saturday morning. The spring had brought plenty of rain to their small town. Natalie happily skipped out the door of their small wooden house. Her dress was covered in floral prints and vines. The dress had been sewn by Natalie's grandmother. It was her favorite dress. Smoochum rushed out of the door shortly after Natalie left. A note was stuck to her head. Natalie picked it off her Pokémon's head and read it aloud, "Don't forget to be home by sunset! I've got a surprise for you." Natalie jumped for glee as she slipped the note into a pocket on the front side of the dress. She scooped up Smoochum and continued her skipping towards the familiar flower field.

Upon reaching the field she let down her little angel of a Pokémon and began to run from flower to flower, inhaling the intoxicating scents. She fell to the soft earth with a light "Thud." She sighed a loud sigh as her small Pokémon jumped onto her stomach. "I wish the world could be as peaceful as this field," Natalie said, half to herself, half to Smoochum. The Pokémon rolled off of Natalie's stomach and crawled up beside her head. The two looked happily at the cloudless sky. Their eyes started to droop as the two of them silently slipped into a deep slumber.

Natalie awoke to a heavy raindrop the splashed her face. She rubbed her forehead where the drop had fallen. Her Smoochum had stirred from Natalie getting up. She pulled herself up as she looked at the sky. Suddenly many drops of rain began to fall from the sky. The duo quickly rushed under a nearby tree. Natalie was soaked. Her dress had been drenched in the rain. Her long blonde hair was dripping small drops of water. Smoochum shook her hair violently to shake off the water stuck in her thick hair. The Pokémon looked up at her master. "I dunno, Smoochum. We can't make it home in this rain. Wanna wait it out?" Natalie yelled over the loud rainfall. The little Pokémon nodded its head solemnly. The two sat and watched the rain fall in total silence.

After what seemed like an eternity, the rain finally began to slow down. As the heavy, fast falling drops were resplaced by softer, much less frequent ones Natalie began to skip around in her beloved field. The wet air wrinkled her nose, but she didn't mind. She jumped around, splashing puddles and stomping in the mud. Smoochum chased after her master and began to follow her around. The two gleefully played in the damp field until a loud noise was heard. Natalie stopped short and looked into the deep cluster of trees on the northern side of the field. A drop of sweat fell from Natalie's face onto the hair of Smoochum whom had also stopped. Smoochum began to rub the top of her head to get rid of the odd feeling. Natalie placed a hand on top of the Pokémon's head to calm her down. A very serious feeling stopped Smoochum. She looked up at her master almost frightened. Natalie wasn't one to be serious. Natalie returned Smoochum to her Pokéball, another odd action, as she ran to her home. It wasn't sunset yet, but Natalie needed to talk to someone.

Natalie barged through the front door with the same stern look. Her mother could instantly tell something was wrong. She noticed Natalie's soaked clothing and quickly grabbed a towel. She handed it to her daught as she sat down in her rocking chair. Natalie sat in her own as she described what had happened. When Natalies mentioned the loud sound her mother's face held an almost creepy grin. Natalie looked curiously at her mother.

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