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Yeah... almost done with this series. D:
I can't think of any real notes to add before the story except... the targeted mon is based after my dog (who sort of looks like a Poochyena), and that this is narrated in the first person... Oh yeah, and if I miss hitting the enter key somewhere and don't catch it before I post it/edit it in, could someone let me know via PM? I'm not used to my new version of MS Word yet. ^^;
Targeted Pokemon: Poochyena
Number of Characters (with/without spaces respectively):
Difficulty: Simple

Chapter One: Agatha's Gift

The Pokeball stopped moving on the ground. I picked it up and began walking over to the knocked down tree. Under it were my Pokeballs, my team of Pokemon was standing behind me, all out of their Pokeballs. I had successfully captured two Pokemon (as you may remember if you read the last chapter), Pichu, and Wooper. My Poketch started to blink, when I looked at it read as followed: “You can not carry seven Pokemon, choose one and shrink it to compact size. The other will go to your PC.” I looked at the two Pokeball in my hand. In the left, was a Net Ball that contained a Wooper, in the right hand was a regular Pokeball that contained a Pichu. I chose the left hand, causing the Pichu’s Pokeball to disappear, to my PC.

“Wonderful job Eevee, it’s another successful capture.” I smirked, and walked over to the tree.

“Anyone mind helping me out?” I asked.

“Spinarak, use Psychic on the tree.” I said.

A green spider-like creature walked up next to me, it had black markings on its back that looked like a smiley face. Its marble sized black eyes glowed blue; the tree began to glow in the same shade of blue as well. The tree was lifted into the air and flung back against one of the rocky walls of the cave I was trapped in.

I looked down and saw five Pokeballs resting on the floor, unharmed. Two Net Balls, in a teal shade of blue with black lines crossing them, a Luxury Ball, a black Pokeball with regal red, silver, and yellow designs painted on it, and two regular Pokeballs with a red top, and white bottom, it also had a black ring around the center. I picked up the Pokeballs and pointed them at my team, Buizel, an orange weasel-like Pokemon with a yellow flotation ring around its neck, two fins were on the backs of its two arms; he stood proudly and smiled, even though he had scratch marks and burn marks on his fur, he looked as though he was telling me that he was fine, even though I knew he wasn’t. Among my other Pokemon were Eevee (my first Pokemon), who’s chocolaty brown fun was soft and shining, two pointed ears jetted out of either side of its head. Spinarak, of course, along with Murkrow, a bird-like Pokemon that looked like it was wearing a three pointed witches hat, its body was covered with black feathers except for its yellow beak and legs, standing next to Murkrow in this damp cave was my Caterpie. His body was an unusual gold color; his black eyes looked at me happily, as did the rest of my Pokemon.

“Come back everyone.” I said, and red beams of light made contact onto my Pokemon. The only one I left out was Spinarak.

“Okay, are you ready Spinarak? You’ve got one last thing to do before I send you back into your Pokeball.

“Use Psychic on me and lift me up through that hole.” I said, and pointed to the hole in the ceiling.

Spinarak’s eyes began to glow again; suddenly I was lifted off my feet and came through the hole in the ceiling above me, which I would now consider a hole in the ground. When I landed, I landed perfectly on my feet with my knees slightly bent.

I pointed my Spinarak’s Net Ball at it; it was still in the cave beneath my feet and looked at me with its head turned sideways, as if wondering if I was going to leave it there.

“Return, Spinarak!” I called, and a beam of pale blue light fired from the Pokeball, drawing the Spinarak back inside.

Something smacked me on the back of the head, right above the neck.

I whirled around to see a blonde haired girl with bright blue, impatient eyes, squinting at me in aggravation. Her face was red with anger as she glared at me; it was my sister Cassie.

“What was that for!?” I demanded.

“That was for scaring me half to death. Can’t you tell I was already scared by being in this cursed swamp!?” She exclaimed.

“Now, now you two, calm down.” An old, but sharp voice said.

I turned around to see Agatha, of the Kanto Elite Four; she was wearing a purple dress and white apron as usual with her old wooden walking stick. Cassie and I had been staying with her in her summer cottage in this odd cave, which inside, held a mysterious swamp. I wanted to stay here longer, just to see if maybe I could try and find a Ghastly, but I knew I had to continue on my journey.

“Tell us what happened, Allan. I heard you calling attacks, and not to mention the odd things flying out of that hole, first a Pichu, then you…” Agatha’s voice drifted off, she looked as if she were about to laugh, but her face suddenly turned serious again.

I began my narration, explaining how when I had fallen in, there were three Pokemon, Shroomish, Wooper, and the “flying” Pichu Agatha had seen. I explained how they had snatched my Pokeballs off of my belt and thrown them into a tree, and then pushed it over with continuous Headbutt attacks. She laughed when I told her how Spinarak had comically thrown the Wooper (who I ended up battling, along with the Pichu) up into the air and then against a wall.

“Well! I would like to reward you for your impressive battles,” She said, and started walking back to her house, “please follow me.”

Cassie and I followed her back to the small, old four room house, when she returned she held two cases in her arms. One holding a gray and black patterned egg, and the other holding a brown and green patterned egg, both were in separate glass cases, and on a small pillow inside. She handed the black and gray one to me, and the brown and green one to Cassie.

“I think I may have a hunch on what’s going to hatch out of these, but it wouldn’t be as exciting if I told you.” Agatha said with a smirk.

I looked at the glass case; on top was a bright red and white Pokeball, obviously to contain this hatchling.

After a long moment of silence I looked at Agatha.

“Thank you.” I said, at the same time as Cassie.

“It’s the least I could do, for getting rid of that obnoxious Murkrow, maybe now I can finally get some sleep.” She grunted.

“You should be on your way now, there is a path leading from here, follow it and it should take you back to the main road.” Agatha said.

We nodded and went on our way, out of the house and through the tunnel leading us out into the open. The sun was just rising over the cliff above us, I realized that I must have been stuck in that hole since at least midnight of last night and hadn’t slept a wink. Suddenly I felt tired and slightly groggy. But Cassie cheered (by that, I mean “dragged”) me along the pathway up the cliff. We had finally made it to the main road. I almost fell to my knees in exhaustion, but I was happy to be there.

Another hour of travel passed, we passed through thick patches of grass with countless Pokemon such as Shellos (which Cassie insisted in trying to catch, but I had to practically drag her away from the one she saw before she finally followed me). We finally reached an old wooden bridge over a rushing river. It was about three yards long and

I bowed to Cassie and made a gesture for her to go first.

“Ladies first.” I said.

“Age before beauty.” She replied and repeated my gesture.

I shrugged and walked along the bridge, she followed my movements almost exactly. Carrying the egg case in my arms, I had to go slower than I usually would, so I wouldn’t trip.

I stepped onto the other bank of the river and looked behind me; Cassie was right behind me as usual.

I looked around at the sheer cliff in front of me, and the pathway leading down a hill to the left, stretching out and going in the opposite direction, up a hill. There was no sign anywhere to be found; only several bushes and a group of four trees.

“Um… which way do we go to get to Floraroma?” I asked.

Cassie slowly turned her head towards me one eyebrow raised, her eyes were half closed, and her mouth looked like a small dot on her face.

“You don’t know…?” She asked in a dry, irritated voice.

A brief silence erupted I looked around and looked back at Cassie.

“Well… no, it’s not like I have a map or anything.” I said with a shrug.

“You… are such an idiot.” Cassie grumbled.

“Well, from my memory, I think we should go this way.” I said and started walking to the left, down the hill.

“Wait a second, it’s the other way!” Cassie replied and yanked my arm backwards.

“No it isn’t, I remember going this way,” I said.


Note: This has sort of been put on the back burner until I get some stuff in real life finished, until then, I'll be working on this when I have the time. :x