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Crystal Pikachu
03-17-2008, 12:21 PM
Mmk. =3

Pokemon aiming for: Swablu
Ch # needed: 20k

Crystal Pikachu
03-17-2008, 12:31 PM
Chapter 1 -- True Friends...

It was a terribly cold day in Cerulean City, the gym leader there, Misty, the quick witted, bad tempered little `rebel´as everyone calls her. She sat down in the beautiful blue coloured Cerulean Gym, the walls looked like they were made out of shiny clear crystals. Misty's long, smooth, orange hair hung low into the beautiful pool of blue in the middle of the gym. She was in her old mermaid suit, it had deep sky blue coloured scales on it, her eyes were just a perfect match with it. Misty was a poor, misunderstood girl, everyone hated her after she tried to protect a round, navy coloured Poliwag at the round, slick, white coloured fountain, and then broke it. She spent most of her time waling away in the gym, just hoping someone would give her a chance. It was the afternoon, she was usually with her sisters at that time, but she was too depressed to do anything. She jumped into the big blue pool in the middle of the gym, and sang soothing melodies to herself.

“If only people knew the real me, they'd see...” She cried softly, with her shrill voice fading away.