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03-19-2008, 12:17 AM
[FFK &TK collaboration- Meowth and Teddiursa]

The soft smell of rain trickled down through the evergreens. Sitting beneath one of the spiky trees, a small Teddiursa reclined. The misty air was thick and warm, despite the dripping rain and starless sky. It was dark, and the ground was cold. The moon lit in the night sky made the Illumise dance in the twilight.

Across the clearing, strands of smoke rose towards the moonlight. Though Teddiursa spent a lot of time playing beneath the large, sharp-scented tree, his family had once lived in a wooden den. Now, however, the humans had reclaimed their abandoned hut, and chopped it into firewood to heat them as they tracked down the animals of the forest. Though the fire had gone out hours ago, Teddiursa dared not return to the place his home had once been on, lest the humans returned.

In the distance was a humble Meowth. The creature was hiding in an enormous tree just south of where Teddiursa was. The Pokemon was watching the Teddiursa, waiting for an exact moment in which she would unravel her devious plan. After all, she, too, had recently lost a home. Unlike Teddiursa, however, she had lost more than just a location. Her family had always roamed the forest, without naming any one place as their den. Now, however, her parents both lay dead, and her siblings were all captured, certain to meet a similar fate. Meowth was sure it was the bear clan's doing, and wanted revenge. The unsuspecting Teddiursa was totally unaware of the calamity that he was about to undergo.

'Serves the self-absorbed monster right,' Meowth thought. After all, she'd grown up on tales of how the Teddiursa foolishly angered the humans, bringing them to the forest for revenge. There had been a body found on the forest floor only a sevenday ago, and Lessa was positive that the Ursaring of the forest were responsible.

As to the Teddiursa beneath the tree, well, she didn't know him, but she knew of him. His name was Flar, and unlike herself, he had actually been in several fights. He'd even had some training- though that didn't surprise her. Meowth might tussle as youngsters, but Lessa had heard that Teddiursa were actually seriously attacked by their elders, to teach them to fight. That these rumors might not be true had never crossed her mind.

Still, she had one hope remaining. While destroying him would not bring back her family, she had, like all the other Meowth, heard the tales of how leadership was decided among Teddiursa. If she could best him in a traditional 'Challenge', he would treat her as his leader. Perhaps she could take control of the Teddiursa who remained, and use them to drive out the humans, and save and serve the rest of the Meowth around. On the other hand, if she was unable to beat Teddiursa in a challenge, then the tides could be reversed, using the simple minded Meowth as a slave to do their bidding. Alas, Meowth decided it was a consequence she had to risk.

As Flar began to stir, Lessa leapt forwards. To her surprise, however, the little bear wasn't going far. Instead, he lifted from the ground a small, unusual looking green rock, staring at it mournfully.

Seeing that Flar wasn’t going anywhere, Lessa took a moment to pause and think over her plan again. The thought of having to obey Flar if she lost gave her reason to pause. However, a solution soon sprung to mind. If she was forced to work with him, she would likely remain relatively unharmed, and she would have a good chance to corrupt the surviving Ursaring’s plans. The best way to take down the enemy is to exploit their flaws, after all. This resolved, she turned her focus back to the Teddiursa, who was staring at an unusual rock. This rock could possibly be special to the Teddiursa, but then again, it could just be a rock.

Fixing an innocent look on her face, she crawled out of the tree, and slunk through the shadows towards Flar. Though she doubted sympathy would work, if she wanted a chance of getting to challenge the Teddiursa before it killed her outright, she had to convince it she, too, was helpless and hurt by the humans.

Lessa snuck up on the little bear and began to put on an act. She had rubbed dirt on her fur, and ruffled it as well. Lessa really looked like she had been in some kind of battle. The Teddiursa glared at her momentarily, and then fixed his concentration upon the rock again, ignoring the Meowth.

“What's that?" Lessa asked, getting her courage up and moving closer. Though she acted relaxed- as though she wasn't conversing with her mortal enemy- she was tense and alert. Her eyes were half lidded, but her muscles were tensed and ready.

"It's mine," The Teddiursa responded with a somewhat squeaky growl. Clutching the gem to itself, it stood shakily, extending its claws. Though her fur bristled, Lessa tried to control herself. Focusing, she reached out with an inexplicable tendril of energy.

"We're the only ones left," the Meowth whispered softly, flicking rain off herself. Oh, how she hated the wet. "Please..."

"You did this to us." Looking away, Flar tried to keep a straight face. However, before he had time to do much more, he jumped, dropping the rock. Only inches away, a much larger Pokemon was sneaking up on them. While Lessa might not be able to 'convince' him that she wasn't guilty, he didn't have time to think twice. Before the beast could throw itself at the two, he leapt in front of her, firing off a fury swipes attack.

The beast stood there and took the attack as Flar charged with eyes closed. Flar immediately ran into a tree directly behind the monster. "What? I know he was there.." Flar looked up to see a ghostly figure standing before him.

Peering around the tree and Flar, Lessa eyed the beast with suspicion, and not a small amount of terror. Weakly, Flar waved a paw to keep her back. Used to working with a clan, where the weaker were always protected, he habitually fell into the role of trying to keep Lessa safe, especially with the mental influence she was trying to exert on him. Lessa, however, was more interested in surviving than in winning him over. Desperate for a way to stop the ghost, knowing that Flar's attacks and many of her own would not hurt it, she snatched the small green rock, hoping to throw it to distract the enormous Banette before them.

As the rock touched her hand, however, it began to glow. To her dismay, this distracted her, and seemed to snap Flar out of his tree-to-head induced stupor.

"Only Ursaring can use the Fyri Stone!" he yelped, attempting to hit it from her hand. His protests aside, however, she certainly seemed to know what to do. Funny, when she'd never seen it before.

Feeling almost entranced, Lessa raised the stone. A bright light erupted from it. As it hit Banette, the Pokemon's mouth opened in a silent howl. The dark energy that kept the Pokemon alive spilled out from its mouth, leaving only a speck of darkness still within the Pokemon. It fell to the ground, unconscious.

"I told you only Ursarings were allowed to use the Fyri Stone!" Flar yelled at Lessa, ignoring the fainted Pokemon on the ground.

"I don't need your permission!" Lessa snapped back, waving a paw in his face "I don't obey you. You savages are the reasons the humans killed my family!"

"I'm not talking about permission, you liar," Teddiursa responded sulkily, smacking her paw out of the air with ease. While Meowth was more nimble and a bit taller than he, he was stronger, and had a far bigger evolution to look forwards to. "No one's ever been able to use the Fyri stone except for Ursaring clan leaders. I couldn't even use it, because I haven't evolved yet. How did you do it?"

Roars could be heard coming from the distance. Flar decided to worry about it later and went to investigate the commotion. A shocked and fearful face was then put on the bear. "Oh no. We have to go," He said as he trembled in fear. Lessa asked him why and he simply replied, "Ursaring sense as to when the Fyri Stone is used, and if it is being used right or by who.”

"They aren't dead?" Lessa mused; too absorbed in wondering how they'd survived to wonder why Flar was trying to help her escape his own kind. "Then- it was their fault we're being attacked!"

Grabbing Lessa roughly by the shoulders, Flar shook her. "We have to GO!" he told her, in a rough whisper. "And shut up, before they hear us."

The two quickly rushed into the woods, hoping to put distance between themselves and the Ursaring. "The only reason I'm helping is because if they find out that is my stone, they will more than likely kill me too."

A moment of silenced passed, then Lessa asked, "Then why couldn't you just explain that I did it on my own free will? Obviously they lied to you if they said that only Ursaring can use the stone."

Flar replied, "I'm different. I'm like a diamond in the sand, but you can't tell the difference on a beach full of rhinestones."

Lessa paused for a while, trying to absorb all she’d heard. "That's deep, for such a tiny little bear," she responded scornfully, to cover the pause as she thought. “Are you sure you’re not angry that I can use the stone and you can’t?”

Flar, however, might be on her side, but he wasn't one to put up with nonsense. He growled softly, warning her off. As she sank back on her haunches, he sighed in exasperation, and urged her up again. Finally, she hurried along, following right behind him. They waddled their way toward a cave just big enough for the both of them.

"We should be safe here until this all blows over." He glanced around the dark cave with a little apprehension, but seeing no better option, Flar slowly stepped inside.