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04-30-2005, 07:33 PM
The repetitive squawking noise of an alarm clock registered in Phantomness’s ears as she slowly groped her way towards consciousness. With a sigh, she reached over towards the alarm clock with one pale arm and hit the off button. As she rubbed sleep-bleared eyes to clear them of any lingering dreams, a quick glance at her watch told her that it was already 9 A.M.
Maybe staying up all last night reading old love letters from her ex-boyfriend John and gorging herself on an entire box of potentially stale – but half-priced valentine’s day chocolates while listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack over and over hadn’t been a good idea, considering she had fallen asleep smack on top of her old laptop. And she still hadn’t sent off her revised application to become a Pokemon Nurse yet!

Phantomness quickly got up from her desk and headed in the general direction of the bathroom, finally locating the light switch and then wondering why she hadn’t simply bothered to open the baby-blue shades on the window above her writing desk so she could actually see where she was going. She had already tripped over a pile of biology textbooks and her favorite stuffed Charmander in the dark…

A few blasts of ice cold water to the face and body quickly woke the trainer-to-be up admirably. Bloodshot golden eyes surveyed her reflection in the mirror, and she shook her head as she walked into the shower. Emerging in a bathrobe, she wrestled her fiery hair into two braids and dabbed some anti-pimple cream onto her face. Ten minutes later, dressed in black jeans and a red sweatshirt depicting a Pikachu, she began hunting through the piles of old homework, CDs, clothing and random manga scattered all over her floor for her blue-and-white sneakers and backpack.

Her new waterproof backpack was finally discovered under her bed, and had to be excavated with a shovel from where it was entombed within the ugly pink sweater Aunt Emily had sent last year, the puce sweater from the year before, the olive green scarf reaching six yards in length, and various other articles of clothing she had banished to the depths of her room, never to be worn. Ever. The sneakers were resting next to two books of Ranma ½ and a failed Spanish test, crumpled in a ball.

She was about to head downstairs for breakfast when she remembered that in her earlier haste she had forgotten to brush her teeth and remove her retainers. Bloody things had another two years to go… the price one pays for straight teeth is never low! With another glance at the clock, now registering nine fifty-five, she hurriedly brushed her teeth, popped the retainers in their carrying case, which she pocketed, and headed downstairs to face her father, who was deeply engrossed in his Latin coursework. Outside, torrents of rain fell, sending miniature white-capped waves dancing over the sidewalk. Maybe this wasn’t a good sign for the beginning of her journey…

04-30-2005, 07:50 PM
Half an hour later, Phantomness stood outside of Professor Oak’s lab, wondering just what impulse on earth had prompted her to get a fire pokemon. She sighed as she popped open her yellow umbrella and began squishing through the ankle-deep mud, intent on returning home and waiting for a clear day to truly start her journey.

Unfortunately, when she arrived back at the house, she found the door locked and the lights off. Her father had already left on his month-long Latin seminar, and she had lost her house keys last week… some Meowth had run off with them.

“Someone up there hates me.” The sixteen-year-old murmured as she took a pair of scissors out of her backpack. Walking to the back of the house, she found the large window opening into the kitchen. Yes… this would work! The window had been carelessly left open – well, purposely actually, she often locked herself out of the house by accident, so…

Application of scissors on the loose wire screen covering the 2 x 4 window yielded the expected results. The wire frame fell off, leaving no obstruction to her entering the house now!

The trainer grinned as she pulled herself over the kitchen table set right beneath said window and then closed the window. First of all, she was changing into more appropriate trainer’s gear. Then, she still had to pack.

Canned food, first-aid kits (2), clarinet and flute, lots of plastic bags, duct tape, collapsible tent, sleeping bag and pillow…

Phantomness frowned. To pack matches or not to pack matches? Houndour – now nicknamed Nova, seemed an amiable enough fire-type, but just in case…

The matches were joined by her water purifier and poke snacks. She tucked her Swiss army knife, tweezers, and nail file in the front pocket and was about to leave again when a buzzing noise came from upstairs.

“Ah! Almost forgot to pack my miniature alarm clock and cell phone! Why can’t I ever remember these things?” She griped as she raced upstairs and threw both items into her backpack.

It was getting quite heavy though, so she decided against taking her extensive comic collection. An extra blanket and plastic tarp were added to the inventory, and then she was finally ready to leave.

Houndour slept in his poke ball for the time being. Rain made him drowsy…

Nodding to herself, Phantomness finished double-checking her supplies. It was finally time to hit the road for real this time.

04-30-2005, 08:30 PM
While packing, the rain had tapered off into a light drizzle and now a magnificent rainbow arched across the horizon, fading swiftly as the sun drove away the ominous rain clouds. Phantomness closed up and re-packed her laptop computer, finished her mug of hot chocolate, and then exited the house, after having securely locked all the windows and doors again.

She had walked perhaps half a mile from Pallet town, when a cloud of wet mud and trampled grass began approaching rapidly. The rider stopped, revealing a strapping eighteen-year old male in a blue muscle shirt with spiky bleach-blonde hair, mounted atop a magnificent Rapidash.

“Hey, girlfriend.” He grinned.

“Don’t you ‘Hey girlfriend’ me, John. You dumped me eons ago. Having a change of heart?” She snapped in response, brushing specks of mud off her clothing.

“Oh come on, we both knew I was drunk….” He pouted.

“That changes nothing. If it had simply been an act of intoxicated folly, I would have forgiven you. However, three *months* without a single word of apology, a single message, a single phone call or e-mail, for Lugia’s sake, were quite enough to convince me of your intentions.”


“In plain English, we are *through*, you bloody idiot!”

“Aw man, you’re just jealous because I have this Rapidash and all you have is some lousy Houndour!”

“Reduced to stalking me, are you?” Golden eyes narrowed in anger. “Be careful, John. Perhaps I ought to contact the Officer Jenny in Viridian. You remember of course, the one who’s bailed you out for public misconduct twice already?”

“You can’t do this! You love me!”

“I was in love with an illusion. I thought you had changed.” The time for tears was past; and sorrow had undergone the alchemical soul’s transmutation into unmitigated rage through a quarter’s time. “I thought wrong! You have played me for a fool once, John. I shall not fall for the same tricks twice, so don’t pull the ‘Oh boohoo now I’m going to repent but please be my girlfriend’ act on me!”

“Don’t act so high and mighty with me, girl! You know that my father is high up in Silph! I could make it so you’ll never be able to shop at a pokemon mart!”

“A petty act of so-called vengeance shall not sway my resolution.” She was about to turn her back on him, when she heard the familiar snap-click sound of a poke ball being released.

“Don’t force me to do something I’d regret, Phantom.” He growled, using her pet name. The Ninetales growled in response.

“Then I shall say the same to you, John. Forcing my hand, or my heart for this matter, is not something the sane would consider.” Ruby light coalesced, as she released her Houndour, at the same time hitting the 9-1-1 emergency button on her cell phone without blinking. He hadn’t noticed, as her cell phone was in her right pocket and not easily visible.

“Ninetails, Confuse Ray!”

Phantomness closed her eyes, to forestall the attack, as Houndour belched out a smog attack, covering the area with noxious gasses.

Nova was a good, loyal pokemon… and then she cried out in surprise as a hand shot out and yanked her towards John. “Sorry, but you’re coming with me.”

She allowed herself a smirk, before she kneed him in the crotch. “I think not.” Just then, an Officer Jenny and her Growlithe raced up in a motorcycle.

“John Dewitt, you are charged with assault and battery, disturbing the peace, harassment…. You have the right to remain silent…”

“How?!” John demanded.

The grin he got in reply was positively feral. Phantomness twisted her gold earring studs, and John was shocked to hear his own voice come out. ‘Aw man, you’re just jealous because I have this Rapidash and all you have is some lousy Houndour’!

“You’re still wearing that obscene belly button ring you got six months ago for your birthday, aren’t you?”

John paled. “You bugged me?”

“I trust no one, and it worked out fine.” She smirked and recalled her Houndour. “Sayonara, John.”

With that, she walked away from the scene.

04-30-2005, 09:19 PM
Yes, she had bugged him. Her earrings glittered lightly as she walked on. Her father had developed them in his spare time – he had been a computer engineer before retirement had caught up and he had decided to become a Latin professor instead. Why people still took Latin was a mystery, but….

It was none of her concern for now. The officers had recordings of John’s life for the past six months, and there had been quite a few damning incidents…

It served the rat right.

So did she work for the police? Not quite, and solely in circumstances where it benefited her. Public charity was not quite her forte.

She felt sorry for Rachel and Minnie – they had been John’s play toys during his three months away from her. Pity the poor souls whose hearts were broken…

He would gain his just desserts soon enough though.

Shaking her head to banish such melancholy thoughts, Phantomness found a small fishing spot by the stream and cast her rod into the water.

A water-type would be nice, to balance out the fire-type on her team…

The sun moved across the sky, surpassing the zenith, and it was a good three hours before a jiggling motion indicated that something had been hooked. Phantomness swiftly pulled the rod out of the water, only to spy a tin can instead of the pokemon she had been expecting. She swore, re-baited the hook, and tossed it into the water again.

Perhaps fifteen minutes passed, before something landed on her head.

She blinked. An acorn?

There weren’t any oak trees nearby. Where on earth had that acorn come from?

As she was thus distracted, the fishing rod gave a mighty lurch and Phantomness went flying into the water, bag and all.

She spluttered as she fought her way to the surface, seeing to her horror an enraged Gyarados…

Lady luck is not with me today, Phantomness mentally sighed, as she slowly attempted to edge away from the atrocious pokemon. It did not quite work.

What to do? What to do?

“Prepare for Trouble!”

“And make it Double!”

Now these two faces were quite familiar. Team Rocket was always on the news after all… such a pity she possessed no electric pokemon to blast them away with.

It appeared at that the Gyarados had been a submarine…

In that case…

She quickly made her way out of the water, making a mental note to do some more studying – obviously she needed more experience if she could not tell the difference between a real and fake Gyarados.

“Meowth, that’s right!”

As soon as the words left his maw, said cat suddenly became quite nervous – a piercing stare froze him in place.

“I hate Meowths.” Phantomness growled. Despite the fact that she resembled a bedraggled bundle of blue, wet cloth, it was still threatening.
Distractions, distractions, enough to keep his eyes off her as she again discretely hit the 911 call button again. She wasn’t about to take on Team Rocket with only a Houndour… but it didn’t seem as if she had much choice.

“So hand over all your pokemon right now, little girl!”

Would running be an option? Waterlogged as she was, she had no desire to engage in another battle. Running it was then.

Phantomness shot to her feet and hightailed it. Team Rocket had not seemed to be expecting this tactic, but soon gave chase.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, they were soon lost in the immense forest that had replaced the grasslands as they neared Viridian…

Phantomness sneezed as she toweled herself off and changed into dry clothes. Luckily her pack was waterproof…

However, all danger was not over quite yet. Now, a step sounded behind her.
Spinning around, she cast her eyes about for her opponent. There. An Eevee…
Very well! It was finally time to battle for real.
“Nova, I choose you!”

The Houndour growled low in his throat as he was released, eyeing his opponent warily. Eevee tensed and also took battle stance.
“Nova! Flamethrower!”
A deep inhale, flames roaring to life in the fire sacs, oxygen fanning embers into blazing reality, now, exhale, and a rush of heat and sound as the opponent staggered back from intense heat…
Eevee was not going to give up so easily though. Stupid weak human thought she could capture her? As if! Ears flattened back, a quick paw to the ground for luck, and then she shot forwards, a brown blur smacking into Houndour’s chest, cutting the Flamethrower short as quick attack connected hard.
Houndour coughed several times, trying to regain his center. He would not lose so easily! Eyes shot to the yellow hue of the spectrum, focusing on the target… watching the movements blur as the unerring stare was held…
She wasn’t sure why she froze in her tracks, but something was telling her not to move, subconscious suggestion, the body obeying on instinct… a warning… move and I shall attack you… but she had to fight, or else she would not get away!
Yes, she had to fight. She darted forwards again and sank her teeth into the opponent’s front leg, drawing blood… luckily, not hard enough to cut to the bone, but…
Anger. Rage. No, had to concentrate, had to win for Mistress, could not lose so easily… poison fog billowed out of his mouth, sickly purple and black and toxic… heard the Eevee cough, gag… run back a few paces to try and escape…. Oh his poor leg…
Her vision was starting to swim. Oh no! She must have inhaled some of that poison… but it was starting to dissipate, wisps of smoke vanishing… she coughed, trying to regain her equilibrium, but now her head was spinning, but she did not wish to lose, never give up! Rushed forwards, another Quick Attack!
Faded from view, reappeared behind Eevee, almost psychic-fast but he was a dark type. Faint Attack connected sent Eevee sprawling… he was angry, his leg still hurt so much! Had to win, had to!
She staggered to her feet, lunging, and suddenly another Bite! Sharp canines gouged into black fur, skin, flesh underneath… blood across her tongue, before suddenly, she was shaken off and then she wailed as sharper teeth sank into her unprotected shoulder, no!
He would not lose, would not… watched as the Eevee’s struggles slowly stilled, and he proudly walked back to Mistress.

Phantomness nodded, she would bandage up Houndour in a second, but first… innocuous red and white sphere produced, as she walked up to the Eevee and dropped the ball on it. It closed, and began to wriggle… once, twice…?

(Off-topic question, but… can we keep all captures in one thread or are separate threads necessary?)

04-30-2005, 10:23 PM
Story- Simple story it's pretty good but not perfect it could have been better. I want to know more about Phantomness explain her a little more.

Reality-Seemed pretty realistic, I can see it happening and It could have had more details.

Spelling/Grammer-It was okay, when you type numbers below ten type them out instead of 2 and so on.

Battle: It was terrible it needs more details and needs to be much longer for Evee.

Outcome- Not Captured.

Tips: Add more details and make the battle a lot more longer and fix the minor grammer mistakes and I'll re grade it.

05-14-2005, 10:25 PM
Yes, Phantomness had bugged John. Her earrings glittered lightly as she walked on. Her father had developed them in his spare time – he had been a computer engineer before retirement had caught up and he had decided to become a Latin professor instead. Why people still took Latin was a mystery, but….
It was none of her concern for now. The officers had recordings of John’s life for the past six months, and there had been quite a few damning incidents…
It served the rat right.
So did she work for the police? Not quite, and solely in circumstances where it benefited her. Public charity was not quite her forte.
She felt sorry for Rachel and Minnie – they had been John’s play toys during his three months away from her. Pity the poor souls whose hearts were broken…
He would gain his just desserts soon enough though.
What was she speaking of? Oh, John was somewhat of a playboy, having fondness for sex but not the emotional attachment. So he went out with girls, flattered them into his bed, broke their hearts, and then moved on. He had yet to be charged, but now, times were changing…
Perhaps this time even his rich family could not bail him out.
She was lucky – she had almost fallen for his charm herself, but then he had gotten carelessly drunk, and well, revealed his true nature by accident. Lucky.
Shaking her head to banish such melancholy thoughts, Phantomness found a small fishing spot by the stream and cast her rod into the water.
A water-type would be nice, to balance out the fire-type on her team…
The sun moved across the sky, surpassing the zenith, and it was a good three hours before a jiggling motion indicated that something had been hooked. Phantomness swiftly pulled the rod out of the water, only to spy a tin can instead of the pokemon she had been expecting. She swore, re-baited the hook, and tossed it into the water again.
The sunlight glittered off her red hair as waves rippled gently over the surface of the stream. Clearish for the most part, although a few spots boasted small articles of refuse – an old tin can here, a plastic bag there…
Did no trainer care for the environment?
A slender, pale arm reached to her black poke belt and released Houndour again. The pokemon tensed in anticipation of battle, but finding none, gave his mistress a quizzical look, brow furrowed, eyes alert. Was there a reason for this?
“Sorry, Houndour. I needed someone to talk to, but since I doubt we’ll run across any other trainers, you’ll have to do.”
Although he could not understand the entire phrase, Houndour caught the gist, and he lay down obediently next to his mistress. Lazy growls of pleasure came as she began to scratch behind his pointed ears, oh yes, that is a good spot, Mistress! Tail twitched in rhythm, while golden beams scattered across night-dark fur. A dragonfly lazily buzzed by as Phantomness began to speak.
“What do you want to know about me, Nova? I’m a pokemon trainer, obviously… but my real dream is to become a Pokemon Nurse, a Nurse Joy. I know that I certainly don’t boast their unique looks, or their affinity for Chansey and the like, but… well, I have a dream, and that’s my dream right there. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?”
The pokémon shrugged. It was really nothing to him.
“I don’t trust people… I don’t know why. It’s probably got something to do with my weird eyes. Society doesn’t like people that are different, Houndour. They try to suppress those who do not fit the norm. I know that I should have started adventuring five or six years ago, like all the other kids, but I *do* like studying. It’s odd, isn’t it? Do you think I’m strange, Houndour?”
Another shrug came from the pokemon as he sniffed at the air lazily.
“I cannot believe I’m talking to a pokemon now, but I talk to my laptop so how is that any different?” She twisted one earring stud a bit nervously as she continued to speak. “I’m love to capture a Chansey, but I doubt my luck is that high, so I’ll just buy one from the Pokemon Mart eventually.” A pause. Phantomness turned, feeling wary… it seemed something was watching them… and if that weren’t bad enough, she’d just been spilling out her guts to her Houndour! Her hands began to tremble slightly, encased in black silk gloves…
What was it?
A twig snapped. Houndour immediately tensed. Phantomness stood, taking a position behind her guard dog pokemon.
“What is it, Houndour?”
He couldn’t speak human of course, so he could not possibly convey his thoughts. He sniffed… it did not smell like a predator. That eliminated Vulpix and Growlithe as a possibility…
Unfortunately, all the enthusiastic sneezing had produced the reciprocated action. He sneezed loudly.
A squeak came from a nearby bush. Without further pause, Houndour dived into the bush, intent on punishing this intruder!
Something brushed by his nose as his miscalculated leap missed. He shook bits of bramble out of his fur, than shot after the smell.
Phantomness sighed as she grabbed her backpack and ran after her Houndour, which was chasing a fleeing… something. Whatever it was, it was a fast-moving blur of speed, kicking up puffs of grainy dust as it fled, and heavy paws hot on its heels…
Hot breaths came from the dog’s muzzle as he finally cornered the pokemon against a rock. He lunged forwards…
The pokemon shot up into the air…
Head impacted upon hard rock as the hound yelped in dismay. Dizzily, he got to his feet, before pain shot through his system.
Electricity arced and danced in white and blue through the air as a small yellow mouse with black-tipped ears landed firmly on Houndour’s back, the smell of ozone still fresh in the air.
“A pichu.” Phantomness noted as she finally caught up with the pokemon. She took a few deep breaths, watching…
Pichu fell over; breathing heavily, yellow fur shaking in obvious exertion. As a young pokemon, it was not used to fighting just quite yet, nor was its control of its electric powers especially refined. Therefore, the Thundershock attack it had just used had taken quite a bit of its strength away.
Dazed, Houndour nonetheless managed to regain his bearings faster than the Pichu, and threw the pokemon off his back with an angry howl. Bits of fur rose in charred segments, sticking up out of his side. He was not pleased…
Pichu impacted the ground in shock, releasing another thundershock as it hit in pure reflex, but luckily, this time, Houndour managed to dodge. He growled, fire sacs heating as he breathed in a lungful of oxygen, before combustion occurred and powerful arcs of red-gold flame shot out in a steady stream towards the small mouse.
Pichu gave the closest expression to ‘Eek’ in pokemon language and hastily rolled out of the way of the stream. However, it did not escape completely as part of a paw was singed. Angrily, the baby pokemon retaliated with… a cute little dance.
Houndour stopped his attack in confusion.
Pichu inwardly grinned. Once a Charm attack was done, the opponent would not attack – or so mother had claimed. Now then…
Cheeks sparked – she ought to be well enough for this – another Thundershock!
Houndour wailed in pain, betrayal evident in his dark eyes as he glared at the pokemon. So be it! He had wrongly interpreted Pichu’s actions as surrender, but now clearly, that was not the case. That small rodent was fast, and if he lost, Mistress would be angry, so…
Pichu blinked as her opponent just… faded away into midair. Where had he gone? She sniffed at the air frantically, little nose twitching to try and find him-.
Smack! Houndour came out of Faint Attack as he hit Pichu heavily, and then pressed his advantage, sinking his teeth into the mouse’s body in a Bite attack…
Wailing, the pokemon shocked the dark type again and again, trying to dislodge him, but his grip held firm as he rapidly shook the pokemon in circles, intent on making the Pichu so dizzy it could no longer attack. However, the repeated shocks were taking a toll on him, especially since they were beginning to do internal damage…
“Houndour. Drop.” Phantomness said. She had been watching from a few paces away, impressed at his tactics, but now, he was being stubborn. Her fingers twitched as she waited, eyes alert…
Houndour growled slightly, but gave in to his instincts and dropped the Pichu on the ground, waiting…
“Back away a few paces and give it a Flamethrower. I doubt it can run now.”
His mistress had good instincts, at least a little, he decided, as he plodded to her side, feeling tired already, and opened his mouth, blowing out a steady stream of brilliant flame once again…
As the flames finally dispersed in wisps of smoke, Phantomness eyed the rat. Pichu might be a baby pokemon, but underestimating one’s opponent could be quite dangerous… indeed, the pokemon still managed to rise and use… Sweet Kiss.
Houndour growled, but as Pichu kissed him on the cheek, his eyes glazed over slightly as he tottered around…
Cursing, that must have been some sort of a confusion attack, she watched as pichu grinned evilly and launched forwards with a volley of lightning… and as Houndour’s movements slowed, but not enough to…
Smoke billowed out of the dog’s mouth, affecting all around him, covering the area with noxious green. The pichu began to cough, and she made her decision, before she wound up poisoned from the Smog as well.
Unclipping a poke ball, she took careful aim and tossed it forwards, watching as it impacted the mouse in the head…
Would it catch?
(Is this any better?)

05-15-2005, 01:31 AM
Ok nice add on out come-CAPTURED. Oh and next time use more paragraphs it's easier to read and looks a lot better.

05-15-2005, 12:45 PM
Yea, try to put spaces in between your paragraphs. It will definately help your grade in future stories.

05-16-2005, 03:01 AM
All right, I'll remember to space the paragraphs here. Apparently when I paste from Word the formatting doesn't get saved. I do have a question. Can I continue catching pokemon in this thread, and do the posts accumulate or do I need new posts for each new pokemon limit?

05-17-2005, 12:36 AM
You can continue catching Pokemon here just be sure to say it.

05-18-2005, 02:02 AM
The blinking red light seemed to stretch on for eternity, though in truth, only bare seconds passed before the sphere finally stopped its vibrating motion and stilled. Phantomness warily reached out a gloved hand and plucked it from the ground, as if she expected the poke ball to bite her. Fortunately, being an inanimate object, it chose not to. She quickly recalled Houndour as well, and began running.
Smog could spread notoriously fast and antidotes did not exactly work well on humans. There were too many missing telomeres in the DNA structure and whatnot, despite the only about 5% difference between the genetic code.
She panted, leaning against a birch tree perhaps thirteen or fourteen minutes later. It seemed that skipping P.E. class for half a year had contributed to adverse effects upon her stamina. She really, really should get back in shape fast. Her breath came in muffled gasps, and her t-shirt was partially soaked with sweat. With a sigh, she slid to the ground, her wobbly legs making a decision to not support her any longer.
At least it seemed that Phantomness had managed to outrun the smog after all. Now that the air was clean, she could get to work on her pokemon.
Houndour blinked sleep from his eyes as he was released. What was wrong? Was it time to battle again? He was still a bit winded from the earlier battle.
Phantomness rooted through her backpack for a moment before her first-aid kit emerged. Stripping off her black gloves and pulling on the disposable yellow rubber gloves that had come with the kit, she motioned Houndour over. “It’s time to get you bandaged up, dear.”
Houndour looked at her sideways, as if not trusting her judgment. Despite the fact that she was his trainer, he still didn’t know her that well…
“Nova, quit giving me that look. I interned at Viridian Pokemon Center for six months. I know at least some basic healing. Besides, it’s not that hard to stick a poke ball in a machine and wait for it to beep.”
But you don’t have a healing machine on you, do you? He seemed to ask.
“No, I don’t… but that’s all right. That’s what the first-aid kit is for.” She gave him a quick once-over, golden eyes scanning quickly. Not too bad, no visible scrapes or broken bones…
She couldn’t see inside though, but from his movements, nothing seriously damaged internally… good.
Houndour waited with mingled dread and anticipation as she finally removed a tube of blue-tinted cream from the first-aid kit. What was that? It didn’t smell poisonous, but he was still quite wary. He danced lightly from paw to paw as he waited.
“Got it.” She murmured. Standing up and walking a few paces over to Houndour, she unscrewed the caplet and began smearing the sticky solution over his singed fur areas. He growled in annoyance, but accepted the treatment silently.
If it made his condition debilitate, he’d never trust her doctoring again! Nonetheless, her motions were soothing and he was even a bit sorry when it finally ended. It was nice being petted.
“Well, I think that’s it.” Phantomness said, finished, as she tossed the soiled gloves into a plastic bag to dispose of later. “Here, you must be hungry.”
A smile graced her features as she dug a chunk of beef jerky out of her backpack. Her father liked it, so there was a large barrel of it at home, and she had grabbed some for her pokemon. It seemed that she had guessed correctly.
He sniffed. It smelled good, if a little different, but still good. He began to chew, his stomach ceasing its rumbles as he wolfed down the entire pile. Feeling better now that his hunger had been sated, he curled up and decided to take a nap. After all, he had already battled today. He deserved a good rest.

One down, Phantomness counted inwardly, as she released her new Pichu from its poke ball. The rodent blinked in puzzlement for several long moments before she decided that there was no danger.
“I’m not making you battle yet, Pichu. I have to patch you up first.”
Pichu gave Phantomness a quizzical look of disbelief. The girl sighed.
“Don’t give me that, I already got it from Houndour.” She commented, idly brushing a strand of red hair out of her eyes as she put on a clean pair of gloves. “Antiseptic should be in the pink bottle…”
Pichu could have run, but she really didn’t feel like it. She sat there meekly and waited as Phantomness dug out a couple of cotton balls and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. The trainer dabbed the cotton balls in the clear liquid and then began cleaning the bite-marks left on Pichu’s back.
The pokemon squealed in pain and shocked her trainer at the first touch of liquid, sending her hair sticking straight up and turning her crispy black for a few seconds, but Phantomness was not deterred. She kept a firm grip on the Pichu’s body as she scrubbed, making sure infection would not set in.
Infected pokemon were not fun. They had to stay at the Center for quite a bit to recover… and if gangrene took over, well that was worse.
Amputated pokemon were quite a sorry sight…
Several agonizing moments later, the job had been completed. Pichu returned to her poke ball for a nap as well, as Phantomness checked the angle of the sun and determined darkness would fall soon.
Unpacking her tent, she began to set it up. She tripped over the poles twice, but in the end, finally, a small blue dome rose towards the sky. Inside, she unrolled her sleeping bag and pillow and stuffed Charmander.
Tonight she would sleep well, exhausted from the journey already.