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Big Lennys
03-23-2008, 03:04 AM
@ Lum Berry
Adamant | Clear Body
252 Attack, 132 Defense, 126 HP
- Meteor Mash
- Bullet Punch
- Earthquake
- ThunderPunch

My lead. The Lum Berry is for leads carrying Hypnosis. They put me to sleep, I wake up and serve up a STABed Meteor Mash to the face. I follow up with Bullet Punch if they survive it. Earthquake for Steel-types, such as other Metagross. ThunderPunch over Ice Punch because I see Gyarados leads more often than Salamence leads, and STABed Meteor Mash does fine against Salamence anyway. My bulky EV spread allows me to survive an Earthquake from many things, such as Dugtrio, Slaking, and Tyranitar.

@ Life Orb
Naive | Levitate
252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 6 Attack
- Psychic
- Flamethrower
- Thunderbolt
- Explosion

My main Special Sweeper. STABed Life Orb'd Psychic hurts a lot. Flamethrower for Steel-types, and Thunderbolt for Water-types and unexpecting Gyarados. Explosion for a last resort and/or Blissey.

@ Leftovers
Impish | Sand Veil
252 HP, 204 Defense, 52 Speed
- Aerial Ace
- Roost
- Taunt
- Swords Dance

My Physical Wall. STABed Aerial Ace is my only attack, and it hurts after 1 or 2 Swords Dances. Roost for healing and lowering my Ice-type weakness, and Taunt for shutting down walls/tanks so I can Swords Dance.

@ Leftovers
Careful | Thick Fat
252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 6 Defense
- Crunch
- Body Slam
- Curse
- Rest

My Blissey that isn't a Blissey. Takes Flamethrowers and Ice Beams like no other. He's also my status taker. After a few Curses, this beast is hard to take down. Body Slam for my main STABed attack, and Crunch for Gengar who would wall me otherwise.

@ Occa Berry
Brave | Levitate
252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 6 Attack
- Gyro Ball
- Reflect
- Hypnosis
- Stealth Rock

My supporter. Gyro Ball hits hard and stops Weavile in it's tracks. Reflect raises my team's Defense and makes Bronzong terribly hard to take down. Hypnosis for sleep-inducing and hopefully switching, and Stealth Rock for indirect damage. The Occa Berry is so I can survive a Fire-type attack if necessary.

@ Lum Berry
Jolly | Inner Focus
200 Attack, 200 Speed, 110 HP
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Fire Punch
- Dragon Dance

My beloved Dragonite. He sweeps up whatever is left of my opponent's team. I outspeed Weavile after 1 Dragon Dance. Outrage for maximum damage, Earthquake for coverage, and Fire Punch for Steel-types. The Lum Berry ensures that sleep, burn, freeze, paralysis, and poison don't ruin my rampage. It can also allow me to continue sweeping by healing Outrage's confusion.

Rate or hate.

Like I said any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.

Stubby Boardman
03-31-2008, 02:31 AM
I like the team.

Dragonite I think should go with dragon claw instead of outrage because confution can break a battle for you.

I heard that curse with snorlax isn't that good so I saw try it out and see what you think.

I am also just wondering what occa berry does?