View Full Version : A Skater's Dream

Zombie Muse
03-23-2008, 11:18 PM
Chapter 1: Oh Lovely Snow

The sound of the metal blades at the bottom of the skates, slicing across the fresh ice could be heard through out the entire massive ice arena. The walls around the ice rink had advertisements for bands of skates, soda pops, labels of foods, and accessories. The snake bar, right of the ice rink, was full of people chanting out orders for their food as other people behind them waited for their turn. The skaters on the ice rink glided gracefully across the smooth, slick, ice as if they were flying.

A little girl rested her small head on her crossed arms as she watched the skaters. Her blue hair was mostly tied up in a long pony tail with a beautiful blue ribbon, but her bangs were hanging out on top of her forehead and ended at her eyebrow line. Hey eyes were a dark hazel nut brown and glistened in the light. She wore a black and sapphire blue leotard with a thin translucent blue to-to. Her white skates went up to her ankles and the black laces did go off the skates. The blade was a reflective silver that shinned brightly.

Next to the girl was a brown and white fluffy Pokemon. Its collar ruffled out like a Boa on a rich woman. The Pokemon’s ears were long, slim, and sharp, a lot like an elf. Its brown and white tail was huge, due to the fact that it was mostly hair; the actual tail was like a rat tail. Its small tiny paws kept the small Pokemon up as it smiled adorably at the girl.

“Someday, Eevee,” the girl said, “me, Rose O’Rilley, will become one of those skaters, but I will have a cute Pokemon, like you by my side.” Rose smiled as she watched the skates fly by like Pidgioets flying back to their nests.