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05-01-2005, 06:57 PM
Chapter one: Well, now I’m lost…

Here I am, walking through a forest with my four Pokeballs in my pocket. Inside each of them is a Pokemon. I have a Flygon, he is my strongest Pokemon, and I often fly on him. I have a Houndoom to, he is my blazing starter. Then there is my Manetric, which I cough in Goldenrod. And I also have my recently cough Treecko. Who am I? I am Ball, I am from New Bark Town, I travel alone through Johto. My friends live in New Bark, and they don’t even have Pokemon. My goal isn’t to become the best trainer, I just try to become really good. Where am I now? I wouldn’t be lost, if I would know it… All I know, is, I am in a forest close to Ecruteak.

Fly! This word ran in to my mind, why not? I took a Pokeball out of my belt, with Flygon in the Pokeball.

Go Flygon, I said, and threw the ball up.

The ball opened, and a big dragon came out of it. In the start he was cowered with a red light, but after a second the light disappeared.

Fly up, I said to the huge dragon, and got on his back.

The dragon flied up in a huge speed, dodging all the trees. He wasn’t struck by them, but lets say, a few sticks stroked me. Some of them even had thorns. Ouch… When the painful way upwards had ended, and trees were below me and the Flygon, birds started flying towards us. When the birds got closer, I understood that these are Feerovs, a lot of Fearows. One of them started to flap its wings, and create a powerful wind. The wind made Flygon twist, and I fell of. While falling, I saw, that the trees are coming closer.

Not again, I though, but the Flygon cough me, and I was flying on him again. Dragonbreath, I ordered.

Flygon opened his mouth, and blew a bunch of powerful flames out. The flames went towards one Fearow.

The Feerov easily dodged the attack, and quickly flied, towards me. He pecked me, and flied past us.

I managed to hold on, and not fall.

Then another Feerov opened his mouth, and blew a huge beam at me. The beam stroked me, and I felt, that I together with Flygon am falling. No, the trees, mind come in my head, and then, I fainted… I woke up on the ground, Flygon was next to me. I took a Pokeball, and fired a beam at the Flygon. The Flygon turned red, and was sucked in the ball. Where am I question was still in my mind.

05-04-2005, 01:09 PM
Chapter two: the lake of… water

Knowing, that, that I can’t fly my way out of the forest, I started walking. I realized, that changing directions won’t help me either, because I just may go in a big circle, so I went without changing directions.

I wish I would brought that map in the mart. There was the writing that no one without a map has ever returned from the forest. I though, I just wanted to catch myself a Polivag, but no, I have to get lost in a huge forest, with no food supplies, and a bunch of aggressive Feerow.

A man, I shouted.

I had saw a man. I ran, to him, but he suddenly disappeared.

What? Where? Why? I shouted.

Then the man appeared in the air.

So this place is hunted too? Nice day, I though, hunted?

Go Houndoom! I shouted, and threw a Pokeball in the air.

The ball flashed, opened, and dog like creature come out of it. In the start, the dog was cowered with red light, but then the light diapered, and a Houndoom was revealed.

Use Odor Sleigh, and find out, if there are some ghost Pokemon.

The Houndoom sniffed, and jumped up in the air, and bitted the air.

A ghastly appeared in the Houndoom mouth, the ghastly, flinched in pain, and slipperier out of the Houndooms mouth, and flied away, up in the air. Then the Feerows started to attack the Ghastly. Ghastly fought, till he fainted, then he fell down somewhere near by.

I started to walk farther, and I though, to bad I didn’t think about catching him.

The trees started to become less, until they broke up. A lake revealed.

I went closer to the lake, and though, …

05-04-2005, 01:29 PM
Chapter three: Poliwags live in lakes.

…Poliwags live in lakes.

I started running closer to the lake, until I reached it.

Polivag, Polivag, Poliwag, where is a Poliwag, I though, and watched to the lake.

Here it is…, I shouted, I had spotted a Polivag, Manetric, go, you’ll have a type advantage, I said, and threw a Pokeball in the air.

The Pokeball opened, and a red dog like creature come out of it. After a second, the creature wasn’t red anymore, it was back in his normal color, yellow. It was my Manetric, which I cough near Goldenrod.

Manetric, zap that pol… I said, but someone interrupted me.

Don’t catch that Poliwag, they are becoming less, and less in this lake each day, you cant do it, this lakes name is Poliwag lake, and if here wont be anymore Polivags, what then, said a lady in a red dress, and a yellow hat.

So I cant get a Poliwag, I asked.

No you cant, replied the lady.

But if Il get the Polivags back to the lake, I didn’t stop.

Well, there is a way, I cant do it alone. There is a river, witch comes in the lake. Polivags usually swim in, by that river, but the river has been blocked, and me, or my Meowth cant move them off. If you have a big, and strong Pokemon, which can move the blocking sticks, or, burn them, I will let you battle a Polivag, the lady said.

I have a Houndoom, it can burn things with his Flamethrower, I said.

Ok, lets go, the lady said, and started walking.

Ok, I replied, and followed her.

We went around the lake, until we reached a dry river.

Here said the lady, and pointed to a bunch of fallen trees, you must remove them, to battle the Poliwag.

05-04-2005, 01:49 PM
Chapter for: Poliwrath, Beabrevraths.

We went closer to the fallen trees, but then two Poliwraths jumped in front of us.

I tried to get closer, but one of the Poliwraths fired a bunch of water at me.

I fell down.

We must fight them, I said to the lady.

Ok, replied the lady, and threw a Pokeball in the air, go Meowth, she shouted.

The lady’s Pokeball opened, and a red cat come out of it. After a moment it wasn’t red anymore, and it growled, mmmmmeeeeeoooowww.

Go Manetric, I shouted, and threw my Pokeball in the air. Manetric come out of the Pokeball.

Lady suddenly tolled me, Il use water gun, but you combine it with a Thunder, that should take care of them.

Ok, I said, Manetric, use Thunder.

Use water gun, said the lady.

The combined deadly beam hutted, one Polivrath, and then the other.

They both flinched, and fell down from the blockade. They started swimming, in the other side of the trees, and soon they were gone.

Now, get these trees away, the lady said to me.

Ok, I replied, and threw a Pokeball in the air.

A black dog come out of the ball.

Use flamethrower on those trees, and burn them, I said to my Houndoom.

Houndoom opened his mouth, and blew a bunch of hot flames at the trees.

The trees burned, and after a minute they were gone.

Can now I battle the Poliwag, I asked to the lady.

05-04-2005, 02:12 PM
Chapter five: the belly whirl.

Yes, now you can, but you cant use one of your fully evolved Pokemons, you must use a Pokemon, which is in the first stage, the lady replied.

Ok, Treecko will do? I asked.

Yes, it will do, and there is a Polivag right now, she said, and pointed, to a polivag, which is sitting on a rock.

Go Treecko, I shouted, and threw Treecko’s Pokeball in the air.

Treecko come out of the ball, and loyally looked at me.

Its time, I said to the Treecko, use Giga drain.

Treecko threw a seed at Polivag, but the Poliwag easily dodged it.

Then the Poliwag jumped in front of Treecko, and started slapping it with its feather like tail.

Slam, now, I said to Treecko.

Treecko, dodged a few slaps, and then jumped on the Poliwag.

Poliwag was hurt, but then he Jumped up in the air, and his belly started to spin. The spinning made Treecko sleepy, and after few seconds Treecko was sleeping. Then Poliwag unleashed a powerful blast of water, at Treecko. The blast woke Treecko up, but it also hurted him pretty much. Then the Poliwag started slapping Treecko again.

Treecko, Giga drain, now, I shouted.

Treecko Threw another seed at the Poliwag. This time the Poliwag couldn’t dodge, and the seed hurted him. After that the seed fell on the ground, and Treecko ate it, the seed made Treecko feel a little better.

Poliwags belly started spinning again, but this time I knew what to do.

Treecko, pound the Poliwags belly, I said. Treecko Jumped, and pounded the Poliwags belly. The belly stopped to spin, and the Poliwag was hurt.

Now is the time, I though, and took a Pokeball from my belt. I threw it at Poliwag, and it sucked him in. The ball began to shake.

Daniella Defines Divinity
05-04-2005, 03:04 PM
Story- Very simple but quite nice, although it lacked originality.

Grammar/spelling- I know english isn't your first language, but with so many trainer storie's around and pokemon you'd think you'd be able to spell pokemon names right and get some of the more common words. cough= caught. Have you got a Latvian to english dictionary at home? That may be better to use to find the right words than using the word spell check

Realism- That thing with the gastly seemed really out of place, but aside from that it seemed quite realistic.

Battle- I know Treeko has a type advantage, but that was really short. All pokemon in the URPG are level 100 so the battles are quite hard, add some more attacks to make it longer.

Outcome- not captured, we've already talked on AIM so you know what to do ^_^

05-04-2005, 03:24 PM
Chapter six: The breakout

The ball continued shaking, but then suddenly, it stopped. Then it opened, and the Poliwag come out of it.

How can this be, I was amazed, it broke out, but I must keep on fighting, and I must catch it.

Treecko, try another Giga drain.

Treecko threw another seed.

The Poliwag was weakened, but for a surprise, it managed to dodge the seed. Then the Poliwag started to punch hiss belly with his feather like tail. It seemed, that the attack is hurting himself, but then the Poliwag jumped in front of Treecko, and started slapping him. The slaps seemed to be more powerful than the last time.

Treecko, slam, I shouted, nervously.

Treecko tried to jump on the Poliwag, but he quickly jumped aside.

Then the Poliwag started spinning, and shooting big beams of water.

The attack hut Treecko. Treecko flied in the air, and hut a tree. He wasn’t moving.

Treecko, are you ok, I shouted.

Treecko slowly got up. He started glowing. A seed again appeared in his hand, but this time it was bigger. He threw the seed at Poliwag with a huge power. The seed flied really fast, and Poliwag couldn’t dodge it.

The seed fell down from Poliwag, and Treecko ate it. After Eating the sead, he stopped glowing.

Poliwag tried to get up.

Treecko, don’t let him to, I shouted, pound him, now.

Treecko run to Poliwag, and punched him.

Poliwag flied from the punch and landed on a rock.

Maybe now, I though, and threw another Pokeball from my belt at him. The ball landed on the rock, and sucked the Poliwag in. It started shaking…

Daniella Defines Divinity
05-04-2005, 03:37 PM
You're garrmer is a lot better in that last post, try to keep that up ^_^

Anyway the battle has been lengthened to my satisfaction and your grammar and spelling has improoved so it's caught ^_^