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Well, yes, some of you may remember me. I haven't been on this forum for a while so I have no clue what my last story is about or what it is. So I decided to create a new character and story. Anyway, here I go!
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~Dakota's Pokemon~

Glaciero the Male Snover. Dakota's first Pokemon and is very powerful with its attacks.
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Dakota Justice is a fourteen year old boy who was born in Sunyshore City, Sinnoh and just started his Pokemon journey with his first Pokemon, Glaciero. His dad wanted Dakota to be a lawyer like him but Dakota refused and left the town. While traveling in Mount Coronet, they a member of Team Galactic trying to steal a mysterious Lucario and Dakota and Glaciero seems to be the only one that can help. Will Dakota and Glaciero save the Lucario from the clutches of Team Galactic? Watch the story and find out.

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First chapter! And yes I know it looks like a fan fiction but it's a Pokemon story where Dakota will hopefully capture the Lucario.:O
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Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

April 22nd, 2008 at 5:48 A.M.

Dakota Justice ran off after a small fight with his dad but he left without telling him. His dad wanted him to be a lawyer and let Dakota's brother, Dan, do the Pokemon journeys. But Dakota doesn't want to be a lawyer. He wants to be like Dan who is trying to find more about the legend of Arceus at the Spear Pillar right now. He sneaked out of the house around at five and is now traveling to the Spear Pillar where he wants to tell Dan about his dream and hopefully Dan won't tell his dad. Glaciero is walking beside Dakota but however, on the way there about three hours later, Dakota discovers a crowd of people gathering around a Pokemon battle in Hearthome City.

"Now, Munchlax, use Shadow Ball!" a boy yelled. He has white hair with two strands of hair in front of his blue eyes and he is wearing a blue cap backwards with a blue and white stripped short sleeve collar shirt, dark blue shorts, blue sandles, and a necklace shaped like a raindrop. He's also wearing a blue and black headband. He's versing another trainer which his Croagunk is versing the other boy's Munchlax. Munchlax suddenly opened his mouth and all the sudden, a purple ball with a black core came flying out and at an impressive speed, it hit the Croagunk before its trainer can tell it to dodge. It engulfed it in smoke and when it cleared, the Croagunk is found in a fainted state.

"Croagunk is unable to battle. Munchlax wins! The winner goes to Lucas Brooks and his Munchlax! Congrats! Can anybody stop his winning streak?" a person asked which must be the referee. Dakota looked at Glaciero and he nodded.

"We can!" Dakota shouted over everybody. The crowd then stopped talking and looked at him. Dakota can hear them whispering.

"He doesn't look that tough."

"I seen better Snovers."

"Must be one of those noobs that actually thinks they can be a Pokemon master."

"Hey! How much badges do you have?" a person in the crowd asked Dakota.

"Uh. None at the moment," Dakota answered. The crowd laughed and Dakota feels he should just walk off. He was about to when Lucas shouted to him.

"Hey, come on! Just ignore the crowd! Let's see what you got!" he shouted, waving his hand into the air. Dakota can't see him with the crowd in the way but he could see his arm in the air.

"Sure. Let's go, Glaciero!" Dakota replied. Glaciero nodded and followed Dakota to the crowd. Both arrived at the battlefield which looks like somebody made it with chalk.

"So, what's your name, squirt? My name is Lucas Brooks," Lucas asked Dakota.

"Dakota Justice!" Dakota replied loudly. The crowd just can't shut up.

"Hmm, that sounds catchy. Anyway, show me what you got, Dakota," said Lucas.

"Let the battle between Dakota's Snover and Lucas's Munchlax begin!" the referee yelled. Glaciero's Snow Warning then came into effect and a blizzard covered the stadium, making the crowd shiver a bit.

"Munchlax, Shadow Ball!" Lucas shouted, ignoring the blizzard.

"Glaciero! Icy Wind!" Dakota shouted. Munchlax launched a purple ball with a black core out of its mouth and chilling wind came out of Glaciero's arms and fused into one. Both attacks raced at each other but exploded when they collide.

The force of the attacks sent both Pokemon a couple feet backwards but both know, this is the beginning of the battle.

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Can anyone PM a link to a character count please? Please and thank you.

Chapter 2: Dakota's Battle

April 22nd, 2008 at 8:47 A.M.

Despite the fact this is Dakota's first battle against another trainer that he doesn't know, Dakota trained Glaciero usually late at night(he doesn't want his dad to see or else he will yell at him, saying he should become a lawyer speech again to him). Glaciero knows some powerful attacks so just because he hasn't battled a trainer except for Dan before he left, it doesn't mean Glaciero is weak.

"Glaciero, Ice Shard!" Dakota yelled. Glaciero suddenly fired shards of ice out of its arms and began firing at Lucas's Munchlax like a cannon.

Can't counter, Lucas thought to himself.

"Munchlax, defend yourself!" he ordered. Munchlax raised out his arms and put them in an X position. The shards began hitting him but when they were all blocked, it doesn't seem to have done much damage. To Munchlax, it felt like it tickled.

"Oh yeah, Munchlax has a special ability known as Thick Fat. Fire and Ice attacks do 50% less damage and since he was blocking it, it barely did any damage to Munchlax. Now, Munchlax, Metronome!" Lucas shouted. Munchlax's fingers then glowed white and he began waving them back and forth. Suddenly, he stopped and pointed them at Glaciero.

It's an Attract attack but it has no affect on Glaciero since they are both males. Plus, Glaciero's Snow Warning ability is causing Munchlax to lose more damage.

"Glaciero! Grasswhistle!" Dakota yelled to Glaciero. He nodded and pulled out a leaf out of the ground. He then put it to its mouth and began blowing on it. It made a beautiful tune and Munchlax yawned and fell asleep flat on its back.

"Munchlax! Wake up!" Lucas begged. But Munchlax is snoring on the ground. Some people in the crowd booed and threw soda cans at the Munchlax which isn't really waking him up. The referee warned the crowd not to throw anything after that and they all stopped.

"Glaciero! This is your chance! Use Razor Leaf and then Ice Beam!" Dakota ordered. Glaciero nodded happily and fired a leafs spinning at incredible speeds and is racing toward Munchlax. Glaciero then fired an Ice Beam from its arms and it froze the leaves. The point icy leaves began racing toward Munchlax and all of them hit the sleeping Pokemon. It did damage to him but it woke Munchlax up. The blades are stuck to him but he easily removed them.

"Munchlax! Use Shadow Ball!" Lucas yelled. Munchlax fired a purple ball with a black core out of his mouth and it's incredible speed shocked Glaciero. He got a direct hit from the attack and both Pokemon are exhausted.

"Glaciero! Ice Beam!" Dakota yelled.

"Munchlax! Metronome!" Lucas reacted to Dakota's attack. Both prepared and fired their moves. The Ice Beam raced toward Munchlax as his fingers stopped glowing and suddenly, a bright green beam came out of Munchlax's mouth. It was a Solar Beam. Both moves collide and an explosion occured between them. Both Pokemon look like if they take one more attack, it's over.

"Munchlax! Quickly use Shadow Ball!" Lucas yelled, noticing the smoke between the two Pokemon. Munchlax fired another Shadow Ball and Glaciero has no clue where is it going to come from. But it went through the smoke and by the time Glaciero saw it, he had no time to dodge. It hit him with a direct hit and sent him flying back. He landed near Dakota and Glaciero seems to be in a fainted state. The referee looked at him and made his decision.

"Snover is unable to battle. Munchlax wins. Another victory goes to Lucas and his Munchlax!" the referee announced. Dakota sighed sadly and returned Glaciero to his Pokeball. Lucas returned Munchlax to his Pokeball after complimenting him. He began walking to Dakota.

"Okay, guys, that's enough for now," Lucas told the crowd. The crowd moaned and soon all of them were gone.

"Hey, that was a great battle. You had me worried for a few moments in the battle. Anyway, what are you going to do after this?" Lucas asked. Dakota hesitated but answered.

"To the Spear Pillar." Lucas nearly dropped the Pokeball that he put his Munchlax in.

I knew it. He thinks the place is too strong for me, Dakota thought to himself.

"Listen, I'm going there to meet my brother, Dan Justice, where he should be camping up near the Spear Pillar. He's there because he's trying to find out about the legend of Arceus," Dakota explained.

"Hmm, well, I was just going to say that I'm going to head over there to because I been seeing Team Galactic hanging out over there lately. I'm kind of one of there enemies since I always stop their plans. They probably consider me a nuisance. Anyway, we can go together. Let's go," Lucas replied.

"Wait, who's Team Galactic?" Dakota asked.

"You don't know, Dakota? They're one of Sinnoh's top wanted group of criminals. They are known to steal Pokemon and are popular Pokemon thieves around here. But that won't stop us! Right, Dakota?" Lucas asked.


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Chapter 3: The Riolu Hatching Ground

April 22nd, 2008 at 9:24 A.M.

"Dakota? Are you still there? Hello?" Lucas asked. Dakota didn't like the idea of going to the Spear Pillar when theres Pokemon thieves inside which could steal Glaciero. But Lucas said he delt and stopped Team Galactic before so it shouldn't be a big problem for Lucas.

"Uh, yeah, let's go," Dakota replied. Both of them then walked out of Hearthome city where they should eventually run into Mount Coronet. Dan should be resting near the Spear Pillar and he is expecting to see members of Team Galacitic.

"Umm, let's see. It's spring and Riolu should be hatching in Mount Coronet. Lucario always hide them in a secret room and I think Team Galactic is trying to capture the Riolu and Lucario, Dakota. I bet it's why I saw them at Mount Coronet. We have to find the Riolu Hatching Ground before they do, Dakota. Let's stop walking and hurry it up, Dakota!" Lucas yelled. He suddenly started running and Dakota sighed and followed him. Eventually, they both arrived at Mount Coronet but two Galactic grunts are guarding the entrance. Both of them hid in the bushes and Dakota wonders what is Dan doing with all Team Galactic in the mountain.

"Dakota, they will probably recognize me if I go talk to them. You go talk to those guards," Lucas told him.


"Yes! You! Now, go ask them why are they here!" Lucas replied. He pushed Dakota out of the bushes and into the open. Dakota sighed and looks like he has no choice to shut Lucas up. He wished he never came here with him because he now has a chance of losing Glaciero to Team Galactic. Dakota walked to one of the guards.

"Sorry but no people are allowed at the moment," the guard told him.

"Why?" Dakota asked.

"Uh, a boulder collapsed and is preventing people from going to the upper floors of the mountain. No people are allowed for safety reasons as our team is trying to get rid of it," the guard answered.

"But shouldn't you need a crane or something to get rid of the-"

"Go!" the guard shouted, interrupting Dakota. Dakota ran away and went back in the bushes with Lucas.

"So what did they say?" Lucas asked.

"They said a boulder fell and they are trying to get rid of it but are preventing people from entering for safety reasons," Dakota answered. Lucas sighed and turned around. He then stepped out of the bushes.

"Hey, guards, do you remember me?" Lucas asked, running in front of the guards.

"You! You have been a nuisance lately to our plans! Well, I'm not going to let you get away this time! Go! Dustox!" the guard yelled, throwing a Pokeball in the air. The Pokeball opened and a Dustox popped out. The other guard also threw a Pokeball and a Croagunk came out.

"Quick, Dakota! Get your Snover out and we'll take care of these two grunts!" Lucas yelled, pointing a finger to the bushes which means now the guards know somebody else is in the bushes. Dakota slapped himself in the forehead and walked out.

"It's you! Great, he sent a spy," one guard reacted to Dakota's appearence. Lucas then threw a Pokeball in the air and his Munchlax popped out, refreshed and in perfect condition. Dakota then threw his Pokeball in the air and Glaciero popped out but he is worried that Glaciero could still be a bit tired from his last battle.

"Munchlax, use Shadow Ball on Dustox!" Lucas shouted. Munchlax fired a purple ball with a black core out of his mouth and it came racing toward the guard's Dustox at an impressive speed.

Great. I somehow got myself wounded up in this mess, Dakota thought to himself.