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03-25-2008, 02:39 PM
Note:This is a work in progress! This will only be for the first two chapters, there will be 4 chapters and 4 Pokemon

Pokemon:Poliwag (Chapter I), Buizel (Chapter II), Mantyke (Chapter III), Goldeen (Chapter IIII)
Difficulty:Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple
Characters Needed:20-40k

Chapter I: The Tale of a Tadpole

Ursa walked down a path with his Teddiursa, Ursabear. He was wearing a black shirt with a blue vest over it. His hair was a brown to black mix with a hard hat on. He had dark blue jeans and a back pack on. Ursabear was a light brown color with a white moon on his forehead. He had sharp claws that had the stench of honey on them. He usually had a good mood, but loved battling.

The day was just reaching twelve and the sun started to come above. Ursa lived in a little town called Vernon. They had a mountain in Vernon, named Mt. Vernon. Ursa lived with his grandfather named Ring. He used to be an elite four head but quit when Ursa came to live with him. Ring has a Ursaring and a Politoad, and Ursa has learned everything from him.

Ring knows the tale of Mt Vernon's stream called Lake Vernon. The tale goes like this...

"Abby and Ally, two young coordinators, went to the stream to find a pokemon. They brought with a young Heracross named Scicors. The night was stormy, and the stream would overflow on nights like these. The two young coordinators had no idea about it overflowing, but they went anyways."

"Scicors went to the lake when he was first in the wild and met the young coordinators. They have been friends ever since."

"Ally, come on!" Abby nagged

"I'm coming! Come on Scicors!" Ally said.

"Ally was wearing a pink shirt and had blue jeans on and had brown pony tails in her hair. Abby was the same, as they were twins. The year was 1976."

"Ally and Abby continued on, but when they got there, no Poliwags were there. But then, all they could see was a huge wave coming straight at them. They tried to move away, but were too late. The water sucked them into the lake beforethey could say "Ahhh". The sirens rang and yelled from the dark red fire truck and police car. They searched for years, but Abby and Ally were never found."

Ursa left the house and headed to the lake to find a Pokemon. He found Buizels, Woopers, Piplups and Mantykes. Ursabear wanted to fight, but Ursa told him to stop. The sun started to set for some reason and dark clouds came above. It started to rain and the lake was starting to turn a dark blue. Then, a Poliwag walked up and tugged on Ursa's pantleg. "Ahhh!" Ursa said running away. Visions of Abby and Ally danced in his head. The wave grew bigger, but then everything went black.

Ursa opened his eyes. The Poliwag had dissapeared and Ursabear seemed to have followed. He swam deeper until he saw the bones of two people and a Heracross. He gasped and sucked in water, but then he heard sirens. He heard a bunch of people talking. He also heard a Teddiursa, Poliwag, Ursaring and Politoad chatting.

Ursa woke up in a hospital with a bunch of doctors swarming around him. He saw he was bandaged and had scars everywhere. Grampa Ring walked in with Ursabear in his hands.

"The Poliwag dissapeared." he said. Ursa rose up but the doctors put him back down.

"You aren't ready to get up." the doctor said.

"I have to!" Ursa yelled. He then jumped out of his bed and ran out the door. Ursabear and Grandpa Ring followed. Ursa stopped when he reached the lake.

There were no Pokemon to be found. The lake was deserted and the grass was as soggy as Ring's week old cassarole. Ring and his Pokemon followed Ursa, leading to Ursa saying, "Wow!"

"I know, the Pokemon deserted the place. I know you wanted a Pokemon, but face it, there are none." Ring said.

Ursa frowned, but then, he ran off into the forest, clutching Ursabear as tight as he could.