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The Jr Trainer
03-26-2008, 05:01 AM

I - Sneaking. Catching.

I sat on the fluff of my bed, sitting waiting for the lights below to turn off, signalling I could go and live my night-life. I was no perfect and safe kid; I didn't do everything I was told, I just did what I wanted.

The lights turned off! I slowly got off my very old, family-passed-down bed making sure it made no noise. My cold hand held the handle of the doorknob with a crisp grasp. I slowly pushed down the handle, creaking the door open with the stealth of a ninja and slowness of a turtle. A slight crack was opened in the door, my eyes shifted left down the hall through the darkness to check if my parents' room door had been closed, and they had.

I swiftly opened the door, careless of my actions now; I'd done this so many times it's as if my parents had known I'd left each and every night only to come back the next day. I knew they didn't know. Down the stairs, my feet shuffled beneath me, I knew this was so wrong, but it was right at the same time. The bottom stair was old, and very shakey, I jumped over it and landed softly, without fault, without noise.

I grabbed my small, spring jacket off the railling of the stairs, slipped it over my red-name brand shirt. I heard a noise coming from around the corner: the kitchen, whether it was my dogs, or my sister coming down from sleeping to get something I didn't know. All I knew is that I had to open the door with extreme caution so that the excistence didn't know I was awake and leaving.

The door opened, I'd opened it. No noise came from the door, but something did come from where it had come from before. It was my dogs: there were awakened by something. But what? I'd not heard a single noise, unless it was just that. I didn't make a noise, but they sensed me coming... this never happened before. I'll just go! but what if someone was outside; they knew I was leaving each night. Maybe they'd figured out. No. I must go! So I did. I left. No one was outside waiting for me. Maybe I was imagining it.

One last door was left to open. I ran threw the blackness that filled the garage, the door was in view, the spirkles of lights shine off of the window, Make? Will I make it!? The door was covered with thick spider webs, they were gooey and displeasing to touch. But if I wanted to have my night I must go through.

The last task was finally done: opening the last door. This door always had made a slight noise but nothing that was wake up anything that lived near. Now the yard... Make it across the yard. I'd done it before; however at times it seems as if I'm caught before I even make my way out.

Sprinting, sprinting, running, jogging. I slowed my pace and began to walk once I reached the small pond that followed the back yard of my house. Where are they? TJ was supposed to be here right now. My watch, what time is it. The glow of the green-light of the background of the watch showed the time: 10:30 PM.

Something made a noise on the other side of the fence that surrounded my home's yard, which I was now on the outside of now. I heard another noise, Beeps... those are beeps! it must be 'them.' Then I saw a light coming straight from where I stood, looking up I saw the car that was Kylie's... "Nice!" I shouted in a loud, but hushed tone.

Once I appeared next to the jet-black car I opened its slick, shiny door on the passenger side, it was her. "Hey, ready for the night?" she asked, I nodded my head in agreement. Fourth time this week we'd had an "underground" party this week. These weren't just any normal party, but un-guarded; not a person to break us from our fun. They were also... illegal. If we did get caught- since the police (who we hated more than anything) were tight on kids getting to their homes at the right time- would send us the jail since we're too old for juvenile-like jails.