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03-27-2008, 01:29 AM
Pokemon: Nincada and Natu
Characters Needed:15,000 - 30,000

03-27-2008, 02:06 AM
Rain fell from the sky, like rocks from heaven; the sky was as dark as night, but anyone who could tell time, knew it was noon. Two small Pokémon walked through the thick wet grass and the high speed winds began to get harder.

“Boss, you’re hurt, you’ve got to stop jumping!” The dim grey bug shouted. Rain poured down in Eterna Forest, as a very small, spherical, green bird hopped through the thick wet grass, with a case attached to its small textured wings.

“No, my mother said the letter is urgent, and since she is nursing, she can’t fly, and you tagged along to keep me company, so no turning back!” The round bird yelled.

The winds began to pick up, as the companions were constantly being pushed back by the force.

The small bird was known as a Natu, there evolutions, Xatu, were known to be able to see the future, but, unfortunately, Natu’s were not blessed with that ability.

“Boss, I tagged along, because I thought it would be fun, not a pre death!” The small bug shouted. He quickly flew high into the air to examine the distance between them, and the exit.

“Boss, we’ve got another hour between us-“The bug shouted to his friend, only to find in horror that his friend had passed out. “BOSS!” it shouted with tears and rain in his eyes. It flew over to his friend, fear in his eyes and sadness in his heart. As he reached his friend, a tall dark shadow hovered over them.

“Stay away from him!” The bug Pokémon grunted. Only, the tall, dark figure didn’t understand, because to the figure, it only came out in Pokémon speech.

A dark object engulfed the companions, as a gas sprayed from glass walls, knocking the bug Pokémon out cold.

“Specimen 2177 and 3290, captured,” The figure stated, speaking into some odd machine. The figure walked out of the forest with a dark red umbrella in one hand, and a glass container in the other, laughing with pride.