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03-27-2008, 05:57 AM
“Now… smile!”

Brooke smiled; with glee. It was now the time that she, a little Piplup, has grown older. She waited for this time for a while, this being a major part in her life, as she was old enough to follow her parent’s dream.

She was receiving her Team Card, which enabled her to join a team. Despite the fact she didn’t like doing rescues, she wanted to fulfill what her parents wanted her to do. Getting recruited into a good team was tough, though, but the practice Brooke had done would benefit a lot. This was so much for her; she couldn’t be happier than she has ever been.

As she followed the man with her card, she waited patiently, embracing her parents who were beside her. Brooke’s father looked so relieved and delighted; he held her so long. The man passed the card to Brooke’s mother, who was the one with available hands. When her father saw it, he let go, and squished in beside the Prinplup he had married, glaring at the card.

“Nice work, Brooke,” said the two Prinplup’s in sync.

“Thanks so much!” That’s all she could say, though, as her parents were off to the car.

She followed along, not seeing her card. She peeked up a little, though she was too short to look over the head of her parents. She frowned, a stubborn look, as she threw her car door opened. Her parents both got in the front, and passed her the card. She looked at it with a glance; a glance that took the whole car ride home to stop watching.

As usual, she ran for her computer. She went up to her room, and signed in to her computer. She caught up with a Virtumon Chat, with another fellow water Pokémon she was friends with, Squirtle. The Squirtle, Adrienne, was younger than Brooke, and was proud of Brooke. Despite her envy, Adrienne was happy.

She logged off, with the sudden shock of her door opening.

“Hi Brooke, glad you got your card, right? Well, I want you to get a team as soon as possible, so we’re going to the recruit center, tomorrow! It’s fantastic there, I found my team there!” he exclaimed, taking a breath, “You’re mom is fine with it, she might tag along too. Sound good?”

“Sure. I guess I’ll catch some sleep then!” she said excited; while she tucked herself in after her father left.

That night, her dreams didn’t go swell. She doubted herself; she knew she couldn’t get a team. She wasn’t good enough; she was a bad battler, runner, everything people from a Pokémon Team need to do! Her father was good; why couldn’t she get the trait!? Was it her mom’s fault; was she the bad battler? Brooke never saw her mom battle, but how could she know! She was too slow for a Piplup; a Prinplup is slow; but her dad was fast! Once again, was it her mother? She tossed around, and the next morning, she would hate to see her not get a team.


Her horrid dreams might’ve stopped at night; but she didn’t know. She changed for the Recruit Center; and got in the car again. Her mother didn’t want to tag along; she said she had to do something. Her father understood; as he was waiting in the car. She jumped in, her father having the car ready to go. He backed up a little, took a turn, and rode past the street.

The place looked familiar; but Brooke didn’t know where they were going. Her father took a left, and there it was; ‘The Recruit Center’. She and her father got off the car, and walked inside.

She saw several Pokémon there; mostly parents along with kids her age. She saw stands with teams, but some were exclusive. Some needed only grass Pokémon, the team next to that one had all strong Pokémon, and the other were a bunch of weak looking people. Brooke didn’t look like she wanted any so far; but they kept going ahead.

“Here we go; the non-exclusive teams!” her father exclaimed.

“Nice, I’ll go find one,” she replied, looking at the fascinating groups she could’ve joined. People were telling others to go to their team, but the little Piplup wanted to find her own best team. Her dad was caught up in a chat with his friend or something; but Brooke kept looking.

“Oi!” a sudden voice exclaimed.

Brooke got up from a fall, bumping into a Pokémon, a Mudkip. The Pokémon was on the ground; but Brooke helped it up. They cleaned dust off their shirts; and Brooke saw the Mudkip was in a team. The shirt was entitled ‘Blasted Renegades’. It had a bunch of Pokémon on it; Mudkip, Gastly, Turtwig, Pichu, and much other basic, small Pokémon. Brooke had a fascinated face.

“Blasted Renegades is your team? Sounds cliché, but I sound interested. You have a recruiting booth here, I might want to check it out!” she let out her hand out for him to shake. “I’m Brooke, by the way! Seems rude not telling you and all.”

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