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03-29-2008, 02:28 PM
{I'm trying to get the insanely easy caterpie. That's 3k-5k characters (I think). It's probably longer than that, but whatever.}

"Raa?" Koko the ralts asked, concerned. Her trainer Blazi was kicking a tree like she'd kick a serial killer, screaming, "Heeeerere, cater-cater-caterpie!"
"Koko, you know what I'm doing!" Blazi said, brushing a stray strand of orange hair out from under her ruby-colored glasses. "Everyone knows caterpie live in trees, and dangle from threads when you kick the trees hard enough!" She grinned brightly, and continued kicking the tree.
"That's a spinarak, you idiot," was the translation of Koko smacking her forehead and saying, "Raalts raa!"
Evidently, though, Blazi was right, because a caterpie wrapped up in silky white threads suddenly fell, dangling from a tree branch.
"CHYEAH!" Blazi cheered, grinning, jumping in the air and doing a heel-kick. "Oh, it's wrapped up in thread. It must have been in the middle of cocooning itself,"
Horror dawned on the easily frightened Koko.
"Raa! Raaa!" Koko cried, watching her naive trainer seal their fate of impending doom.
"Thanks, Koko!" Blazi said with a grin, misunderstanding her only Pokemon and thinking she was being congratulated. But the moment Blazi freed the caterpie, an ariados shot a net-like web at her. Then five more ariados dangled from trees by threads and did the same. Blazi was smart enough to call Koko back to her Pokeball , grab the caterpie and break through the web, running after the first web had been shot.
Blazi, Koko and caterpie had reached a large, empty field. Another more powerful trainer had taken care of the ariados.
"Now that the ariados incident is over, let's catch this caterpie!" Blazi hooted. "Now, you stay over here..." She put caterpie on one side of the field, then ran with Koko to the other side. "And we'll battle you here! Koko, let's catch that caterpie!"
Koko boldly stood in front of Blazi. Caterpie must have known what was going on, because he blasted a string shot at Koko.
"Psychic!" Blazi instructed. Koko did so, using the psychic energy to fling the string shot back at caterpie. It shot another string shot at a branch and brought itself up like a spider, then jumped back down when the string shot was a pile on the ground.
"It's clever, but not clever enough!" Blazi said. "Technique one! Psychic and then psybeam!"
The caterpie had already begun it's attack, though while Blazi was instructing her beloved ralts, caterpie had slammed into Koko with a full-force tackle. Koko screeched, but quickly got back up and trapped the caterpie in the air with psyychic. She released the psychic and blasted a psybeam at caterpie in one swift second. The caterpie whimpered loudly and fell onto the soft, grassy floor. But it was a strong caterpie--it jmped right back upand launched a string shot at Koko. This time she didn't use psychic, and was tangled in the powerful threads. The caterpie grunted, and charged at Koko again, relentlessly tackling her constistantly.
It's weak, but what if it's not weak enough? Blazi thought. I've gotta do something before Koko faints!
"Caterpie!" Blazi cried, pulling out a Pokeball. She threw it and said, "You're mine!"